"You Have a DISORDER!" - Wife's Harsh Words to Sleepy Spouse Spark MAJOR Drama 😱

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🚨 Buckle up, folks! We've got a juicy relationship drama on our hands. 💑 Meet our exhausted stay-at-home mom, juggling three kids and one seriously sleepy boyfriend. 😴 For 11 years, she's been battling the morning madness, trying to wake up her snoozing sweetheart. 🗣️ But now, with a newborn in the mix, things are reaching a boiling point! 🍼 Will she lose her cool and diagnose her man with a sleep disorder? 🤔 Or will she just have to suck it up and accept her fate as the eternal alarm clock? 😫 Let's dive into this relatable tale of love, sleep, and morning mayhem! 😱

🚨 Relationship Drama Alert: 11 Years and 3 Kids Later... 😱

repulsive-worth5715 | repulsive-worth5715

😴 The Struggle is Real: Waking Up Mr. Sleepyhead 💤

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🗣️ From Gentle Whispers to Loud Yelling: The Morning Routine 📢

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😡 Arguments Galore: The Never-Ending Morning Battle 🥊

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🍼 Stay-at-Home Mom Struggles: Is Sleep Too Much to Ask? 😴

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😠 The Morning Madness: "I AM up!" ... Zzz 💤

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🤱 Nursing Nightmares: Startled Baby and Painful Latches 😖

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😤 Frustration Boils Over: "You Have to Have Some Sort of Sleep Disorder!" 🤬

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😲 Shocked Hubby: "Who Talks to Someone Like That First Thing in the Morning?!" 😳

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😒 Grumpy Grumbles and Shower Escapes 🚿

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🙄 Snarky Comments and Crying Meltdowns 😢

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🤔 Am I the A-hole? Doubting My Actions 😕

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The Verdict: Is She the A-hole for Calling Out His Sleep Struggles? 🤔

Our poor, sleep-deprived mama is at her wit's end, trying to juggle a newborn, two other kiddos, and a boyfriend who just won't wake up! She's tried everything from gentle whispers to loud yelling, but nothing seems to work. And now, in a moment of frustration, she's dropped the bomb: "You have to have some sort of sleep disorder!" Ouch! But is she the a-hole for reaching her breaking point? Or is her boyfriend being a bit of a sleepyhead jerk? It's a tough call, but one thing's for sure: this relatable drama has us all on the edge of our seats!

Partner's sleep disorder causing drama, commenter suggests tough love approach 👊

Propofol_Totalis | Propofol_Totalis

Spouse unfairly blames partner for his work ethic and privilege.

iwanttoquitposting | iwanttoquitposting

No excuses for not waking up as an adult. #NTA 👍


NTA but let him take responsibility for waking up on time 🙏

Suitable-Cod-1381 | Suitable-Cod-1381

Encouraging comment to seek medical help for sleeping disorder. ❤

hello_friendss | hello_friendss

Sleepy husband needs medical checkup for safety, NTA suggests.

Boliele | Boliele

Heavy sleeper husband needs to take responsibility for waking up 💪

K-no-B | K-no-B

Let him sleep! NTA comment advocates for respecting spouse's rest.

waxillium_ladrian | waxillium_ladrian

Sleepy spouse causing major drama. NTA suggests video proof.

hisowlhasagun | hisowlhasagun

Separate bedrooms may solve morning routine conflict. Don't be harsh.

Salty_Hedgehog5874 | Salty_Hedgehog5874

Sleep apnea can be deadly, get your loved ones checked ASAP ⚠️

chickauvin | chickauvin

Take charge of your own life, stop being his alarm 👍

PepperPhoenix | PepperPhoenix

NTA, but communicate with him about his sleep issues 👍

breathemusic14 | breathemusic14

ESH. Wife reached breaking point after years of unaddressed issue.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Support for sleep disorder and NTA judgement. 👍

That_Bet7416 | That_Bet7416

Wife's harsh words spark drama, commenter supports sleepy spouse. NTA!

OhShiny_ | OhShiny_

Don't be his servant, he's a grown man. NTA 👍

RaceyRee3 | RaceyRee3

Spouse can't handle mornings, wife tired of being a mom 👋

Bigtoes2 | Bigtoes2

NTA. Kindly suggest him to see a doctor for help.

DinaFelice | DinaFelice

Sleepy spouse has a disorder. Wife's concern sparks drama.

BlueBumbleb33 | BlueBumbleb33

Let him wake up 2 hours late for work 😂

Zarahemnah | Zarahemnah

Enabling a spouse's behavior can be a slippery slope 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Being a stay-at-home mom is a full-time job, not a privilege 💪

janewithaplane | janewithaplane

Not the a**hole! Leave him to wake up by himself 😂

missteacher2 | missteacher2

A helpful suggestion for a struggling spouse's sleep schedule ✌

Striking_Description | Striking_Description

Suggests a NAH approach to let spouse sleep but offer support 👍

scarletteapot | scarletteapot

Don't be his mother! You're ESH. Sit down and talk 👍

meagancavell | meagancavell

OP's spouse is lazy and disturbing the child's sleep 😴

Puzzled_Juice_3406 | Puzzled_Juice_3406

ESH. Spouse needs to wake up, but why be a martyr?

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sleep-deprived couple needs medical help for his sleep disorder 😴

[deleted] | [deleted]

Concerned partner suggests a letter to help boyfriend's health. NTA.

meifahs_musungs | meifahs_musungs

Sleepy spouse drama: commenter defends spouse's sleeping habits in NTA comment.

MerryE | MerryE

Encouraging advice for addressing potential sleep disorder. #NTA

AttemptedAdult | AttemptedAdult

Suggests medical deficiency as cause for spouse's sleepiness. 🤔

N7twitch | N7twitch

Sleep apnea suspected, but communication breakdown causes morning drama 😕

atleasticanthink | atleasticanthink

Narcolepsy or sleep apnea? It's serious! NTA advises sleep study.

OnyxRaven13 | OnyxRaven13

ESH, but addressing the issue calmly and maturely is key 🙌

InnerChildGoneWild | InnerChildGoneWild

Sassy solution and sleep study suggestion for exhausted spouse. 😴💦

Decent_Bandicoot122 | Decent_Bandicoot122

Tips for waking up when it's hard due to potential disorders. ☕

mkat23 | mkat23

Encouraging comment validates and supports OP's actions to help spouse 👍

stefaelia | stefaelia

Partner's sleep schedule is their own decision, not wife's responsibility. Children should not be involved.

CiaMcWhatever | CiaMcWhatever

Could the husband be hiding something? 🤔

olivebuttercup | olivebuttercup

Heart condition causing sleepiness? Pacemaker solved it for my sister 🚡

Friday-Cat | Friday-Cat

Sleep-deprived mom gets pass for possible disorder diagnosis. 😴

SeePerspectives | SeePerspectives

Supportive comment suggests taking a break from 'stupid' spouse. 😊

CampaignDangerous632 | CampaignDangerous632

Sleep disorder or just lazy? NTA mom cares for kids.

MM-dot-AU | MM-dot-AU

Partner struggles with sleep disorder, wife suggests sleep study consultation

ChapelGr3y | ChapelGr3y

Spouse's sleep disorder causes drama, commenter suggests ways to help ✨

pixp85 | pixp85

Record his wake-up attempts and let him oversleep a bit 😎

Ruckus_Riot | Ruckus_Riot

Taking responsibility for a disorder, tough love advice 🤜

Professional_Math_87 | Professional_Math_87

NTA. Tough love may be necessary for him to grow up 👍

ITSlave4Decades | ITSlave4Decades

Stay-at-home parenting is not a privilege, it's hard work. 💪👏 #NTA

ginsengtea3 | ginsengtea3

Supportive comment to a struggling SAHM. Don't blame yourself! 👏

colo28 | colo28

Don't villainize, research together - sleep disorders are real 😊

calaakla | calaakla

Supportive comment encourages spouse to prioritize mental health and reconsider relationship.

NerakYak | NerakYak

Make him get himself up! NTA, and yelling isn't normal 😱

puppiesrunamok | puppiesrunamok

11 years of being his alarm clock? NTA for sure 💯

MikkiTh | MikkiTh

Let him adult and get an alarm clock! #NTA 🙌

Dallaswolf21 | Dallaswolf21

User suggests a solution to spouse's sleepiness problem. NTA 👍

crystallz2000 | crystallz2000

Wife's harsh words lead to creative solution involving ice 😂

Nancy2421 | Nancy2421

NTA. Suggestions for sleep aid devices and seeking professional help.

Which-Month-3907 | Which-Month-3907

Wife's harsh words spark drama; comment suggests solution with empathy.

Lizlizerd | Lizlizerd

Partner is a deep sleeper but wakes up easily, NTA 😊

immadriftersbody | immadriftersbody

Recording attempts to wake spouse with disorder could help him understand. NTA.

young_coastie | young_coastie

Sleep disorder doesn't justify being a child. NTA 👍

biiiiigsuuuuuuuuc | biiiiigsuuuuuuuuc

Struggling with sleep disorder, commenter advises seeing a doctor 💤

Ssnnooz | Ssnnooz

Taking care of the home and kids is a tough job. 👏

ComprehensiveBand586 | ComprehensiveBand586

Wake-up revenge tactics: NTA suggests air horn or consequences

Pale_Pumpkin_7073 | Pale_Pumpkin_7073

OP's partner needs to take responsibility for waking up. NTA 💯

GhostEchoSix | GhostEchoSix

Advice for frustrated spouse on dealing with sleep issues. 🚤

Ride5000 | Ride5000

Partner should take responsibility for waking up, NTA advice. 👍

Hot-Tie8062 | Hot-Tie8062

Partner's sleep behaviour can lead to resentment, suggest sleep study. 😴

AdMaleficent4473 | AdMaleficent4473

NTA for being angry - frustrating to live with a heavy sleeper 😔

Old-Elderberry-9946 | Old-Elderberry-9946

Encourage sleep study and set boundaries for oversleeping blame.

MariaInconnu | MariaInconnu

Partner's struggle with ADD in the morning and resentment addressed. 🙏

dwegol | dwegol

Wife calls out husband's sleeping disorder, NTA suggests medical help ⏰

Horror-Cranberry4456 | Horror-Cranberry4456

Encouraging comment suggests getting sleep disorder checked by specialist.

ArcheryOnThursday | ArcheryOnThursday

Spouse needs help waking up, NTA for being concerned 🚡

[deleted] | [deleted]

Let him grow up! 🌱 NTA but don't be controlling 👩‍👦

Cute_Yogurtcloset_72 | Cute_Yogurtcloset_72

Living with a sleep disorder can be frustrating for everyone. •••

bellyscritches | bellyscritches

Stand up for yourself and NTA. Don't enable childish behavior. 👍

axa645 | axa645

NTA. Encouraging personal responsibility and health care for partner's sleep.

WednesdayBryan | WednesdayBryan

Don't take responsibility for their sleep, they're adults! NAH 😊

trazism | trazism

Spouse's laziness is not a disorder, NTA for setting boundaries 👍

HappyElephant82 | HappyElephant82

Tips for better sleep hygiene and routine. NTA.

hilfnafl | hilfnafl

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