I'm DONE Being Responsible for My Brother... Now My Mom HATES Me 💔

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🚨 Buckle up, folks! We've got a juicy family drama brewing between a 14-year-old sister and her 17-year-old brother with nocturnal epilepsy. 😱 Mom's playing favorites, and our girl is fed up with being her bro's personal caretaker. 🙄 She's dreaming of the day she can break free from this family circus, but Mom's got other plans! 🎪 Is she a selfish a-hole for wanting to live her own life? 🤔 Let's dive into this sibling showdown and find out! 🍿

🚨 Family Drama Alert: Sister vs. Brother Showdown! 😱

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💊 Medication Mayhem: Mom Blames Everything on Vimpat! 🤦‍♀️

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🧠 Smarty Pants Brother Just Won't Study! 📚

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🎉 Straight A's? No Reward for You, Sis! 😒

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🌍 At Least I Can Name All 7 Continents! 🤷‍♀️

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😡 Brother's Mood Swings: Nice One Minute, Mean the Next! 🙄

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🚌 Stuck on the Creepy Dude Bus! 😬

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😴 Sleepy Brother Yells When I Try to Wake Him! 🗣️

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🙅‍♀️ No Way I'm Taking Care of Him Forever! 🚫

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🏃‍♀️ Can't Wait to Get Away from My Family! 🎉

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😠 Mom's Pissed: Am I a Selfish A-hole? 🤔

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💊 Remembering Meds: Easy at Night, Harder in the Morning! ⏰

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The Sibling Caretaker Rollercoaster: Will She Ever Get Off?

Our 14-year-old protagonist is stuck in a never-ending loop of taking care of her 17-year-old brother with nocturnal epilepsy. Mom's constantly babying him, and she expects our girl to be his med reminder and creepy bus buddy for life! But this sassy sis is ready to break free and live her own life, even if it means being labeled a selfish a-hole by her mom. Will she ever escape this family drama, or is she doomed to be her brother's keeper forever? The internet has some thoughts on this sibling saga, and they're not holding back!

Don't let your parents' bad parenting ruin your life 👍

-MadSci- | -MadSci-

Being a sibling, not a parent, NTA 👏

round_robin959903 | round_robin959903

Don't blame yourself. Seek help and set boundaries with family. 🙏

Smiley-Canadian | Smiley-Canadian

Sibling responsibility boundaries: NTA for refusing to enable.

thesedigs | thesedigs

You didn't ask for it. NTA. They can hire someone 👍

AnArmAndaPlague | AnArmAndaPlague

Taking responsibility for medication is crucial in managing epilepsy. NTA 👍

kaitcav | kaitcav

Sibling responsibility: consent is key, NTA 👍

gwacemom | gwacemom

Sibling responsibility boundaries. 🙅‍♀️

ShortStreets | ShortStreets

Fighting epilepsy and achieving success despite struggles 💪

nolechica | nolechica

NTA. Focus on your success and leave the caregiver role. 👏

oylaura | oylaura

Don't sacrifice your future for your brother 👍. NTA.

Zolivia | Zolivia

Take control of your life✡️. You don't owe your family anything.

BenjaminaPugsington | BenjaminaPugsington

Encouraging response to sibling conflict, nicely done! 👍

Elfich47 | Elfich47

Mom wants 15yo to go to college w/ 18yo brother? NTA!

DontMessWMsInBetween | DontMessWMsInBetween

NTA, but taking care of a new sibling at 14? 😩

BillScorpio | BillScorpio

Taking care of your brother's medication is not your job. NTA 👏

PartyPorpoise | PartyPorpoise

Study hard, get a full ride and avoid sharing with brother. 👍

Dark_Phoenix25 | Dark_Phoenix25

Brother with Aspergers needs to take responsibility; NTA 👍

DanniByrd | DanniByrd

Understanding the origin of overprotective behavior to be NTA 👍

FuuHouhouji | FuuHouhouji

Not your problem! Keep studying and living your life 👏

jennyirvine | jennyirvine

Breaking free from toxic family dynamics and taking control 🙌

OurLadyofMorningStar | OurLadyofMorningStar

Take care of yourself! Your mom needs to face reality 🙏

BigFitMama | BigFitMama

NTA, but convincing your mom won't be easy 😓

[deleted] | [deleted]

👏 NTA! Parents shouldn't force parental duties on siblings 👏

ThatAstrologyHoe | ThatAstrologyHoe

NTA- 14 y/o shouldn't be responsible for brother. Epilepsy not excuse. 😠

juliechho | juliechho

Confused yet supportive comment. 🤔👍

Djhinnwe | Djhinnwe

Not the a**hole. Being parentified. Check r/raisedbynarcissists for help. 👍

singingsox | singingsox

Suggests a device for epilepsy and encourages to not stress out.

6a6ylam6 | 6a6ylam6

Don't sacrifice your life for your sibling. NTA 👏

Harvest_Moon_Cat | Harvest_Moon_Cat

Insightful comment sheds light on medication side effects for epilepsy.

catloving | catloving

Don't sacrifice your life for others. NTA. 😢

shontsu | shontsu

Breaking free from responsibilities, NTA. 🙌

maddy7448 | maddy7448

You're not responsible for your brother's medical problem 🙌

Just_not_Myself | Just_not_Myself

Siblings shouldn't be responsible for each other. NTA 👏

nan1ta | nan1ta

Sibling caretaking can lead to unfulfilled potential. NTA 👏

Hung1039 | Hung1039

14-year-old forced into caretaker role, seek guidance counselor's help. #NTA

karmagrl31276 | karmagrl31276

Taking responsibility for a sibling without consent? NTA 👍

YankeesLady44 | YankeesLady44

Encouraging independence and responsibility 💪

henchwench89 | henchwench89

Plan for independence quietly and don't engage with mom's criticism.

periwinkle_cupcake | periwinkle_cupcake

17-year-old brother's responsibility? NTA, stick to it! 💪

legitimatelyclueless | legitimatelyclueless

Living with epilepsy can be tough and accepting help is personal.

colonelchaos92 | colonelchaos92

Don't let your mom guilt you into sacrificing your future 💪

Copenhagen65 | Copenhagen65

Study abroad to be independent and avoid being dumped on 🌍

Savethedance | Savethedance

Encouraging words to a bright young adult ❤️

MikaleaPaige | MikaleaPaige

You're in control of your life, not entitled to family.

whoknows-who-cares | whoknows-who-cares

Standing up for oneself and setting boundaries as a responsible daughter 👍

babybellcheeserounds | babybellcheeserounds

Daughter rightfully rejects being turned into a parent. NTA 👍

scarletteapot | scarletteapot

Being a young caregiver is tough, NTA for setting boundaries 👏

666POD | 666POD

Take care of yourself first. NTA for setting boundaries 💪

AWard72401 | AWard72401

Debunking misconceptions about epilepsy and addressing responsibility boundaries. 🧐

[deleted] | [deleted]

Valid point, where is the dad in all this? 🤔

himit | himit

Recognizing parentification and offering support to OP. 👏

raychini | raychini

You're not the a**hole, your parents are responsible 👏

ValiantCharizard | ValiantCharizard

Misdiagnosed epilepsy turned out to be obstructive apnea, causing seizures.

Fraerie | Fraerie

You're not responsible for your brother. NTA 👏

kt-bug17 | kt-bug17

Family is important, but not at the cost of your life. NTA.

RagaMuffinSun | RagaMuffinSun

Prioritizing yourself is not selfish. You're NTA 👍

commissionerdre | commissionerdre

You're not responsible for him 👍, personal responsibility is key

sreno77 | sreno77

Don't let family guilt you into unnecessary responsibilities! 👍

lamb6814 | lamb6814

Mother calls 14yo daughter selfish a**hole; commenters appalled 🤯

miss_dasey | miss_dasey

Stand firm and don't let your mother treat you unfairly 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Get that scholarship and fly away! 🚀

sparklesparkle5 | sparklesparkle5

Being siblings doesn't mean you need to baby him 👍

jao812 | jao812

Balancing family responsibility can be tough 😖

ulalumelenore | ulalumelenore

Don't let your mom make you responsible for your brother 👊

Wintersmight | Wintersmight

NTA and a literal child. Family therapy could fix this 🙏

HighCdownLow | HighCdownLow

Family shouldn't burden each other with caretaking duties. NTA 👏

stirfriedcassi | stirfriedcassi

You're not at fault for wanting a better life 👏

Doesnotfempute | Doesnotfempute

Don't be a parent to your sibling. NTA for setting boundaries 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA is right, you and your brother both deserve freedom ❤️

Wolfy-Corpse | Wolfy-Corpse

NTA, but comment reminds to take epilepsy meds 😊

youngcatlady1999 | youngcatlady1999

Encouraging comment to prioritize own life and future goals 🌟

alt-tuna | alt-tuna

NTA. Siblings shouldn't have to care for each other. 🙏

Bambers14 | Bambers14

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