"She's EXHAUSTED Taking Care of Their Child ALONE" 😡 Girlfriend Stirs Up MAJOR Drama

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🚨 Buckle up, folks! We've got a juicy story that's sure to get your blood boiling! 😠 When a messy divorce collides with a new friendship, things are bound to get complicated. 🤯 Our protagonist finds himself caught in the middle of his friend's nasty divorce drama, and his girlfriend's unexpected bond with the ex-wife is only making matters worse! 😱 Get ready for a wild ride filled with passive-aggressive jabs, awkward encounters, and a whole lot of tension! 💥

🚨 Trouble in Paradise: A Messy Divorce Unfolds! 😱

exhaustedwithppl | exhaustedwithppl

💔 Attraction Issues & Monotony Lead to Divorce Drama! 💥

exhaustedwithppl | exhaustedwithppl

💸 Child Support & Alimony: A Complicated Mess! 🤯

exhaustedwithppl | exhaustedwithppl

🤔 Unexpected Friendship: GF Bonds with Friend's Ex-Wife! 😲

exhaustedwithppl | exhaustedwithppl

😠 GF's Passive-Aggressive Behavior Causes Tension! 😤

exhaustedwithppl | exhaustedwithppl

🏠 Ex-Wife Invades My Home: An Awkward Encounter! 😬

exhaustedwithppl | exhaustedwithppl

🎮 Eating Edibles & Playing Video Games: Ex-Wife's Jab at the Boys! 🙄

exhaustedwithppl | exhaustedwithppl

🏠 My House, My Rules: GF Tries to Frame the Situation! 🤨

exhaustedwithppl | exhaustedwithppl

🛋️ GF's Living Situation: Staying at My Place! 🏠

exhaustedwithppl | exhaustedwithppl

😤 GF Crosses the Line: Bringing Ex-Wife Drama into MY Home! 🏠

Our protagonist is at his wit's end with his girlfriend's behavior. 😠 She's constantly taking jabs at his friend, bringing up the unfairness of the divorce settlement, and even inviting the ex-wife over to his house without his consent! 🙅‍♂️ To make matters worse, she's trying to frame the situation like he's the bad guy for not letting her see her friends. 🤨 But let's be real, this is HIS house, and he has every right to set boundaries! 💪 Let's see what the internet has to say about this sticky situation... 👀

GF calls out friend's abandonment of wife and child. YTA.

thequejos | thequejos

User calls out guy for leaving wife and controlling girlfriend. YTA.

Momtotwocats | Momtotwocats

YTA for not allowing girlfriend's friend over, hypocritical and insensitive.

iwant2fuckstarscream | iwant2fuckstarscream

Friend defends cheater's behavior and blames victim for being unfriendly 😒

embopbopbopdoowop | embopbopbopdoowop

Choosing sides in a breakup ruins friendship. Relationship is over. 😡

Doormatjones | Doormatjones

Friend's girlfriend called out for entitlement and defending deadbeat dad

mandym347 | mandym347

GF empathizes with friend's ex and calls out deadbeat behavior 🤷🏻‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Ouch! A blunt comment about a friend's questionable company. 😱

notmappedout | notmappedout

Friend's divorce reason raises eyebrows among commenters 🤔

m1kasa4ckerman | m1kasa4ckerman

User calls out friend for being a deadbeat dad. 👏

AlannaAdvice | AlannaAdvice

Enabling a deadbeat dad? YTA according to commenters 😕

pacazpac | pacazpac

GF hears story of cheating husband and edibles, BF gets defensive 😒

SquishyBeth77 | SquishyBeth77

Partner condones vile behavior and won't support girlfriend. YTA 🤢

drtennis13 | drtennis13

YTA friend's behavior is horrid, and you're making excuses 🤦

MollyRolls | MollyRolls

Friendship boundaries and perspectives cause conflict. Yikes 🤨

amberlikesowls | amberlikesowls

Capitalization of MY in MY house triggers Ross Geller-style outrage 🤯

embopbopbopdoowop | embopbopbopdoowop

YTA for trying to control your girlfriend's visitors 🙄

bookworm-monica | bookworm-monica

Friendship and loyalty questioned, YTA called out. 😕

leenkathb | leenkathb

ESH commenter supports OP's neutrality, but calls out possessive behavior.

Aestro17 | Aestro17

Does Anthony help take care of his kid? 🤔

LightningVole | LightningVole

Unhappy friends and ex drama. Relationship is done. 😡

journeyintopressure | journeyintopressure

ESH, but understandable reaction from girlfriend. Drama ensues. 😡

RiotBlack43 | RiotBlack43

Let her have her friend over, YTA for not allowing.

Tired-mama-of-one | Tired-mama-of-one

Redditors call out OP for controlling behavior in relationship 🚨

choptopfiesta | choptopfiesta

Messy drama ensues as GF questions friend's cheating and boundaries. 🤷🏼‍♀️

OutlandishnessNo9868 | OutlandishnessNo9868

Friend cheated on Carly, girlfriend passive-aggressive, everyone sucks except Carly 😒

HannahPoppyMommy | HannahPoppyMommy

Harshly criticizes Anthony's poor character and lack of responsibility.

Peskypoints | Peskypoints

Entitled person tries to brag about paying their own utilities 😒

Significant_Win6431 | Significant_Win6431

Friend is an a**hole, girlfriend has a right to voice opinion

swzslm | swzslm

OP has the right to choose who enters his home 🙌 NTA.

Accomplished-Mud2840 | Accomplished-Mud2840

User defends the ex-wife and criticizes the cheating friend. 👏

no_rxn | no_rxn

🤔 Are you setting a good example for your partner?

Etiacruelworld | Etiacruelworld

Friend sucks, GF is right, listen to her! 👍

Emotional_Act9488 | Emotional_Act9488

Being nonchalant about a cheating friend and lacking empathy makes YTA 😒

m1kasa4ckerman | m1kasa4ckerman

User calls out commenter's double standard, labels them YTA.

Grumpykitten36 | Grumpykitten36

Friend's parenting is questionable, girlfriend's concern is valid. ESH.

Remarkable_Buyer4625 | Remarkable_Buyer4625

NTA for wanting girlfriend to move out, won't work out 🙄

AilingHen69 | AilingHen69

GF should pay rent, but Anthony doesn't sound great either 🤷‍♀️

ValleySparkles | ValleySparkles

YTA prioritizes arguing over supporting girlfriend raising child solo. 🤨

SepsSammy | SepsSammy

Debate over nepotism and drama over ex leads to relationship troubles 🙄

anonanoobiz | anonanoobiz

Friend defends cheating dad and tries to control partner's home. YTA. 🤯

Oh-shih-tzu | Oh-shih-tzu

A comment on poverty and minimum wage in the US

luckyduckie90 | luckyduckie90

Friend defends cheating spouse, called out for bad behavior. YTA 😡

[deleted] | [deleted]

ESH for associating with a cheater who abandoned his family 😡

mali-girl | mali-girl

NTA's friend is a jerk, but NTA could lose relationship.

Mundane_Bike_912 | Mundane_Bike_912

No room for negotiation, clear boundary set. End of discussion. 👍

Backlashwaves | Backlashwaves

Friend is a deadbeat dad and girlfriend stirs drama. ESH. 🤷‍♂️

whatjjread | whatjjread

User calls out friend and defends girlfriend's actions. Yikes.

lilyofthevalley2659 | lilyofthevalley2659

Messy drama with multiple a-holes involved 👎🏻🤯

PhePheLaFrou | PhePheLaFrou

Divorce drama and friend betrayal with ESH judgement. 🤷‍♀️

s-nicolexo | s-nicolexo

Friend's lifestyle questioned, drug use and abandonment criticized. Yikes.

I_Call_It_A_Carhole | I_Call_It_A_Carhole

Man leaves wife for coworker, neglects child, and friend defends? YTA 😒

AmbushedByFishPolice | AmbushedByFishPolice

ESH for not communicating and handling their problems maturely 💔

memechante | memechante

Friend's boyfriend neglects child, withholds support, and OP is TA 😡

smokymtnsorceress | smokymtnsorceress

Ouch! The comment calls out the poster's entitlement. YTA.

lusamuel | lusamuel

YTA called out for being obtuse, facing consequences.

sumthingsumthingblah | sumthingsumthingblah

Compromise is key in a relationship! YTA, suck it up 😒

ChancePark1971 | ChancePark1971

NTA guy is blind to friend's cheating, gf considering breakup 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

A scathing comment accuses the poster of being morally bankrupt. 🙄

Mother_Heifer | Mother_Heifer

Not a good look. Commenter calls out Anthony's behavior.

Sputnik918 | Sputnik918

GF's passive-aggressiveness is putting the relationship at stake 🤭

Able_Pomegranate7596 | Able_Pomegranate7596

Girlfriend stirs drama in **your** home, NTA calls her out.

take_the_reddit_pill | take_the_reddit_pill

Red flag alert! Commenter calls out selfish boyfriend, YTA.

RobinhoodCove830 | RobinhoodCove830

Set ground rules to avoid drama when inviting friends over. ESH.

Dude-Duuuuude | Dude-Duuuuude

Harsh reply to irresponsible partner, advocating for birth control. 😱

drywitforbrains | drywitforbrains

NTA shuts down drama and defends gifted house, positive vibes 😊

SepoJansen | SepoJansen

Choose your friends wisely. YTA.

Kaiphranos | Kaiphranos

OP is called out for supporting a deadbeat dad. YTA 👍

zigwaldo | zigwaldo

NTA but GF should reconsider forced interactions. Be respectful to all.

SaucyGooner79 | SaucyGooner79

NTA accuses YTA of being "asshole adjacent" for defending cheater 🤔

ThreeDogs2022 | ThreeDogs2022

Tenant/visitor debate results in judgement of friend's character. YTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

GF exposes boyfriend's true colors, YTA for neglecting responsibilities.

SnarkyBeanBroth | SnarkyBeanBroth

User calls out friend for cheating and not supporting child. YTA.

harryhardy432 | harryhardy432

Savage comment puts entitled friend in his place 💯

teratodentata | teratodentata

ESH, but enforcing boundaries is reasonable. GF should communicate better 👍

knapen50 | knapen50

Opinions clash as commenter calls out friend's attitude 🤔

Top-Passion-1508 | Top-Passion-1508

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