REAL LIFE DRAMA: Student Lets Group CRASH & BURN In French Class 🔥

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🌍 Bonjour, mes amis! Buckle up for a wild ride through the depths of a French class fiasco that'll have you questioning the sanity of mermaids and the fate of our planet! 🧜‍♀️😱 When a simple climate change speech turns into an underwater catastrophe, one brave soul must decide whether to sink or swim with her classmates' crazy ideas. 🌊 Will she stand her ground or succumb to the siren song of embarrassment? 🎤🙈 Dive in and find out! 🐠

🌍 Climate Change Catastrophe: A French Class Fiasco! 😱

millienna | millienna

👥 Grouped Up with Strangers for a Crucial Task

millienna | millienna

🧜‍♀️ Mermaids to the Rescue? A Fishy Idea Surfaces! 🐠

millienna | millienna

😳 An Awkward Opening Line: "Have You Ever Thought About Being a Mermaid?"

millienna | millienna

🌊 Riding the Waves of Compromise: Finding a Better Idea

millienna | millienna

😲 Shock and Betrayal: The Mermaid Speech Returns! 🧜‍♀️

millienna | millienna

🎤 Pressure to Present: The Ultimatum

millienna | millienna

💣 Bombing on Stage: A Mermaid Misadventure 🐚

millienna | millienna

🤨 Teacher's Reaction: An "Interesting" Speech

millienna | millienna

😅 No Grade Impact, But Embarrassment Galore! 🙈

millienna | millienna

🧜‍♀️ Mermaids, Mayhem, and a French Class Fiasco! 😱

In this tale of underwater woe, our protagonist finds herself caught between a rock and a hard place (or should we say, a coral reef and a climate summit? 🌊) when her classmates decide to turn a serious speech into a mermaid melodrama! 🧜‍♀️😳 With the pressure mounting and the embarrassment looming, she must choose between presenting a disastrous speech or letting her classmates sink faster than the Titanic. 🚢💥 In the end, the speech bombs harder than a depth charge, leaving everyone shocked, chuckling, and questioning the sanity of mermaids. 🐠🙈 But hey, at least there were no grade impacts, right? 😅 Let's see what the internet thinks of this fishy fiasco! 🌐

Watching a group bomb after they made a drastic change 😎 #NTA

gangindisbitch | gangindisbitch

Stand up for yourself! 🙌 NTA for refusing their idea.

sentimentalkid | sentimentalkid

Refusing to humiliate oneself in class, YTA or not?

whoriasteinem | whoriasteinem

Nostalgia aside, commenter defends OP's NTA verdict in college drama 👍

AldenDi | AldenDi

You can't save everyone from themselves 💩

lankeyboards | lankeyboards

Excluded from group project and given bad grade, not the a**hole. 🙅‍♀️

ZenDendou | ZenDendou

Standing up for oneself: Student refused to give bad speech 💪

WinterCherii | WinterCherii

NTA takes no blame for group's failure in French class

GreatWhiteNorthExtra | GreatWhiteNorthExtra

NTA. Group member changed project title without consulting others 😠

MyMistyMornings | MyMistyMornings

Solo presentation after group project went off the rails. NTA.

Missie-my-dear | Missie-my-dear

Embrace the awkwardness! NTA, it's just French practice 👍

cho_seul_lin | cho_seul_lin

Justice served: Group's sneaky move backfires on them. #NTA 💯

mai___ | mai___

Being a mermaid would make you TA, but NTA here 😆

WeDoDumplings | WeDoDumplings

Empathetic comment about presenting a bad idea in class.

lavasca | lavasca

Skipping group presentation? Here's how it affects your grade 🤔

talking-cabbage1 | talking-cabbage1

The comment is hilarious, but really, what does it have to do with the situation? 😂 NTA wins!

lariet50 | lariet50

Teacher gets called out for assigning pointless work 💯

AnotherUser256 | AnotherUser256

Sometimes it's best to let a sinking ship sink 🚢

Northern-lurker1 | Northern-lurker1

Group project gone wrong. NTA lets them take the fall 👍

Vagrant123 | Vagrant123

Student stands up for themselves in group project, avoids embarrassment 💪

Eezo | Eezo

NTA saves themselves from group embarrassment 👏

crazybitchgirl | crazybitchgirl

College freedom: NTA doesn't have to deal with group anymore 👏

333222444 | 333222444

NTA wisely counseled group, but were they trying to set up?

Tinnitus_Maximouse | Tinnitus_Maximouse

NTA for letting them crash & burn with mermaids speech 🤷‍♂️

historyguru1776 | historyguru1776

Avoiding the mermaid speech: NTA wins this drama 🎉

iambicmitchum | iambicmitchum

Redditor praises OP for not letting group project fail. Playful tone.

KBunn | KBunn

Friend asks for unreasonable favor, commenter not the a**hole 👍

rhymesnocerous | rhymesnocerous

Standing up for yourself and avoiding humiliation. Definitely NTA 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Group changed project without consent, tried to blame student. NTA.

moose036 | moose036

Student not at fault for group's unrealistic expectations in French.

MostSystem | MostSystem

Mermaid project flops, NTA student saves self from sinking group 🤣

brazentory | brazentory

Not the a**hole for not covering for irresponsible group members 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Savage reply to a failed group project. NTA wins.

Pink-socks | Pink-socks

Not the a**hole for letting the group crash and burn 😂

maddymsays | maddymsays

NTA for letting group fail, but teamwork is important 👍

mangymapache | mangymapache

Group project gone wrong, but NTA for refusing to present.

ChimoEngr | ChimoEngr

University students baffled by bizarre French class tangent. NTA.

calliatom | calliatom

Avoiding group assignments like 🤮, but if you must, set boundaries 👍

biologicallyblue | biologicallyblue

NTA calls out unprofessional behavior in university and job market 👏

Unpleasant-Peasants | Unpleasant-Peasants

NTA stands up to group trying to humiliate them. 💯

lu-mitzy | lu-mitzy

Don't take the blame! NTA shut down group's excuses 👏

kostis12345 | kostis12345

No regrets in letting a group crash & burn in French class 😎

Aladdin_Caine | Aladdin_Caine

Sometimes it's best to let people sink their own ships 🚢

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't let your group drag you down! 🚫👥 You're NTA

Luvagoo | Luvagoo

Group changes topic and expects presentation, NTA owns embarrassment 💯

Anxious-Spaghetti | Anxious-Spaghetti

Standing up for good presentation skills pays off! 💪

Urbanyeti0 | Urbanyeti0

Creative suggestion to improve a failed French class presentation 🐬

StanielBlorch | StanielBlorch

Student executes perfect petty revenge on bullying group. NTA!

realistSLBwithRBF | realistSLBwithRBF

Standing up for oneself and facing group ignorance. 🙌

Ak40-couchcusion | Ak40-couchcusion

You're NTA for calling out their messy idea. 🤷 They crashed.

B_Alcamo | B_Alcamo

Standing up for yourself in French class ✊

eeapd | eeapd

NTA, group conspired behind OP but plan backfired. 🤔

MgoSamir | MgoSamir

Taking charge & avoiding embarrassment – NTA for not presenting 🙌

Artistic_Inflation | Artistic_Inflation

Student lets group fail in French class, perfect karma 💯

[deleted] | [deleted]

Own up to your mistakes and learn from them.

DongusMaxamus | DongusMaxamus

Presenting mermaids in uni class? NTA says it's cringe 😬

[deleted] | [deleted]

Changing group project without consent is manipulative behavior. NTA.

HonestScience | HonestScience

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