Coworker's JAW-DROPPING 😮 Reaction to Man's Missing Wedding Ring

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🚧 Buckle up, folks! We've got a wild ride ahead. 🎢 Meet our cement-slinging, number-crunching hero, a 41-year-old family man juggling two jobs and a missing wedding ring. 💍 Enter River, the new accountant with an OnlyFans side hustle, ready to stir up some drama! 🌊 When a simple misunderstanding leads to accusations of hookups and name-calling, things get messy real quick. 😱 Is our protagonist the a--hole for calling it like he sees it? 🤔 Let's dive in and find out! 🏊‍♂️

🔧 Cement & Rings Don't Mix! 💍

throwheraw | throwheraw

🧮 Part-Time Number Cruncher 🖥️

throwheraw | throwheraw

🌊 Enter River, the New Accountant 🌊

throwheraw | throwheraw

🕰️ The Juggling Act: Cement & Spreadsheets ⚖️

throwheraw | throwheraw

💍 The Case of the Missing Wedding Ring 🔍

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👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family Man Talks Shop 🏗️

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🙏 Wishing River Well in Her Man Hunt 🔍❤️

throwheraw | throwheraw

😢 River's Sob Story: BF vs. OnlyFans 📸

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🎥 Invitation to Make "Content" Declined! 🙅‍♂️

throwheraw | throwheraw

💍 The Cement Ring Curse Explained 🚧

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😲 Hooker Accusation Sparks Outrage! 😡

throwheraw | throwheraw

🤣 Cement Man Calls It Like He Sees It 💁‍♂️

throwheraw | throwheraw

🔥 Cement, Spreadsheets, and OnlyFans Collide! 💥

Well, well, well... looks like our cement-slinging accountant found himself in quite the pickle! 🥒 All he wanted was to crunch some numbers and keep his wedding ring out of the cement mixer. 🔧💍 But when the new accountant, River, mistook his kindness for flirting, things took a spicy turn! 🌶️ She invited him to make some "content" with her, but our loyal family man shut that down faster than you can say "accrual basis." 📉 When he explained his ringless situation, River accused him of wanting to appear single. 😲 Our hero fired back, calling her a hooker for selling her body on OnlyFans. 💁‍♂️ Shots fired! 🔫 The internet is buzzing with opinions on this juicy drama. 📱 Let's see what the masses have to say about this cement vs. OnlyFans showdown! 🥊

NTA until unnecessary and cruel response. Justified later due to harassment.

Jbwest31 | Jbwest31

Defending against sexual harassment at work: NTA. 🙌

wi11forgetusername | wi11forgetusername

NTA for insulting coworker who insulted first. Double standards?

darkyoda182 | darkyoda182

Man accused of hitting on coworker, but NTA in situation 🙅

Turbulent-Top8500 | Turbulent-Top8500

Defending calling out a sex worker's proposition for money. 👏

Scr0tat0 | Scr0tat0

Defending NTA's response to coworker's assumptions with tactful insult.

Rohini_rambles | Rohini_rambles

Gender double standard highlighted in workplace harassment situation 👩‍💻

Either_Or25 | Either_Or25

Defending against sexual harassment, gender bias addressed. NTA wins 👊

Puerhitea | Puerhitea

Coworker attacks man for not wearing wedding ring, gets shut down. 👊

wifeofamarriedman | wifeofamarriedman

Wedding ring safety concerns discussed in NTA comment section 😮

NorCalMikey | NorCalMikey

Skeptical comment shuts down creepy proposal with expletives.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Double standards in the workplace? NTA gets applauded 👏

KneecapTheEchidna | KneecapTheEchidna

Standing up to workplace sexual harassment. NTA 👍

PinkdreamsandGlitter | PinkdreamsandGlitter

Bluntly shutting down inappropriate coworkers 🙌

NiceShark3 | NiceShark3

Welded the lost ring to her own. 😍 True love prevails.

notodumbld | notodumbld

Calling it like it is: NTA shuts down suggestive coworker 😎

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, but cursing lost moral ground. HR mention recommended. 👍

_A-Q | _A-Q

Not everyone can wear a wedding ring 💍. Misread signals = her problem 😜

Only_Meal_19 | Only_Meal_19

Woman accuses coworker of harassment in pushy request. NTA.

Anxious_Mycologist96 | Anxious_Mycologist96

Inappropriate proposition at work, NTA's response was necessary 😱

butterfly_cats | butterfly_cats

Fierce support for man facing sexual harassment at work 💪

destiellover9187 | destiellover9187

Man faces unprofessional behavior and possible sexual harassment at work. 😡

garboge32 | garboge32

Wearing wedding rings at work: NTA or YTA?

WikkidWitchly | WikkidWitchly

Saying no to sexual harassment, but now what? 🤔

Creative-Impact-244 | Creative-Impact-244

Coworker's double standards and insecurity leads to toxic behavior. NTA.

Mardanis | Mardanis

Sexual harassment is never okay, regardless of gender. #StopHarassment 🚨

SomeOldGuy117 | SomeOldGuy117

Married Redditor defends not wearing wedding ring in construction job 💍

FarCommand | FarCommand

Redditors defend man's harsh but justified words against coworker's harassment 🙅‍♂️

PekenPL | PekenPL

Missing ring leads to unprofessional behavior and name-calling. ESH. 🤯

Good_From_70 | Good_From_70

Coworker propositioned for sex at work, commenter calls for consequences. 🔥

violent13 | violent13

Wearing a wedding ring doesn't determine commitment, shutting her down 👍

Irishviking716 | Irishviking716

Avoiding trouble at work with HR 👍

poorladlemonadestand | poorladlemonadestand

Standing up to a harasser and being called a pig 🐷

Reefermaniabruther | Reefermaniabruther

Standing up to sexual harassment at work. NTA 👍🏼

unicornhair1991 | unicornhair1991

Wedding ring allergy turns into NTA discussion 🤩

[deleted] | [deleted]

Defending marriage against coworker's advances. NTA 👍

Gralb_the_muffin | Gralb_the_muffin

Skeptical comment calls out fake story and stereotypes.

BigGittyTothGF | BigGittyTothGF

A debate on the definition of prostitution 🤔

Entire_Ad_7597 | Entire_Ad_7597

Safety over symbolism: tradespeople often skip wedding rings.

No-Names-Left-Here | No-Names-Left-Here

Standing up for oneself against inappropriate advances. NTA 👍

Rattimus | Rattimus

Declined coworker's proposition due to marriage, still called ESH? NTA.

Pestyballs | Pestyballs

Protect your hands and don't let anyone ring-shame you! 💍

Chrissygirl1978 | Chrissygirl1978

Standing up for yourself but remember to report to HR 👍

SailorSpyro | SailorSpyro

NTA's dad avoided danger, buddy lost finger. Wise decision! 🙌

Bearliz | Bearliz

Marriage isn't defined by a ring 💍

AcademicContract | AcademicContract

Gender bias called out for NTA in workplace proposition incident 😍

TerminatorARB | TerminatorARB

Wedding rings aren't mandatory. NTA for not wearing it 👍

swkrMIOH | swkrMIOH

Double trouble: Commenter calls out both parties' bad behavior 😬

wroughtironfence | wroughtironfence

Misunderstanding OnlyFans proposal: NTA but wrong terminology used 😂

HistoricalFashion | HistoricalFashion

Husband and father's ring safety concerns at work. NTA.

LittlestEcho | LittlestEcho

Fear of losing ring doesn't mean lack of fidelity 💜

lizzycupcake | lizzycupcake

Document everything and avoid her completely to prevent issues 🙌

Traditional-Rain-574 | Traditional-Rain-574

Respectful boundaries - Being single doesn't mean being available 🙌

iAmHopelessCom | iAmHopelessCom

Woman shares her experience of women hitting on her ringless husband 🤣

Middle-Purple-1541 | Middle-Purple-1541

Make a complaint before office drama takes over 😩

Kind-Wait-2432 | Kind-Wait-2432

Going against the norm: NTA for not accepting 'cool' behavior 😕

natalud7 | natalud7

Man breaks finger, takes off wedding ring, still married ❤️

drink-beer-and-fight | drink-beer-and-fight

Coworker accuses man of wanting hook up, but he's NTA 👍

Crazyandiloveit | Crazyandiloveit

Wedding rings aren't mandatory. NTA. 💍

Round_Spartan | Round_Spartan

Wearing a wedding ring at work - necessary or not? 😍

bazilbt | bazilbt

Coworker crosses the line, gets shut down. 💯

Jolly_rancher987 | Jolly_rancher987

Concrete conversation takes unexpected turn in wedding ring story 🤣

motsanciens | motsanciens

NTA coworker asked for spicy content, response was justified 😉

Haunted-Biscuit | Haunted-Biscuit

Married men don't wear rings, no need to justify it 😊

Unndunn1 | Unndunn1

Wedding rings don't stop cheating, some even wear it to attract.

xmrschaoticx | xmrschaoticx

Mechanic husband refuses to wear ring, wife insults him over side hustle 🤷‍♂️

KuramaReinara | KuramaReinara

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