First Date DISASTER: Controlling Mom SABOTAGES Son's Love Life 💔🚨

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🚨 Buckle up, folks! We've got a doozy of a first date story that'll make you cringe, laugh, and maybe even call your own mom (but please, not every 30 minutes! 😂). Meet our unlucky-in-love protagonist, a 27-year-old woman who found herself on a date with a certified mama's boy. 👦 Get ready for a wild ride filled with constant phone calls, awkward recaps, and a whole lot of secondhand embarrassment! 😳 Let's dive into this dating disaster and see if our girl handled the situation like a boss or if she might be the a-hole in this story! 🤔

🚨 First Date Fiasco: Mama's Boy Alert! 📞

mbj19758 | mbj19758

📞 Mama's on the Line... Again! 🙄

mbj19758 | mbj19758

30 Minutes Later... Another Update for Mama! 😳

mbj19758 | mbj19758

🚨 Red Flag Alert: 5 Calls in 2 Hours! 🚩

mbj19758 | mbj19758

🤦‍♀️ "I'm a Mama's Boy" - No Kidding! 😒

mbj19758 | mbj19758

🙅‍♀️ Thanks, But No Thanks! Moving On... 👋

mbj19758 | mbj19758

🗣️ Spilling the Tea: Sharing the Mama Drama! ☕

mbj19758 | mbj19758

😡 Mama's Boy Lashes Out: "You're a Racist!" 🤬

mbj19758 | mbj19758

🤔 Racist? We're Both Indian! Make It Make Sense! 🙄

mbj19758 | mbj19758

🚩 Severe Codependency: A Major Red Flag! 🚨

mbj19758 | mbj19758

😬 Am I the A-hole for Spilling the Tea? ☕

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🚫 Update: Mama's Boy Blocked! 🙅‍♀️

mbj19758 | mbj19758

😒 Bye Felicia... I Mean, Jack! 👋

mbj19758 | mbj19758

🚨 The Verdict Is In: Mama's Boy or Misunderstood? 🤔

Well, well, well... what a wild ride this dating disaster turned out to be! 😳 From the constant phone calls to the awkward recaps, it's safe to say that this mama's boy took things to a whole new level. 📞 But the real question is, was our unlucky-in-love protagonist in the wrong for spilling the tea about this cringe-worthy date? 🍵 Some might say she crossed a line by sharing his private business, but others would argue that his severe codependency issues were a major red flag that needed to be addressed. 🚩 One thing's for sure, though: calling her a racist was a low blow, especially since they're both of Indian descent! 🙄 Let's see what the internet has to say about this messy situation... 👀

Overprotective mom sabotages son's love life 🤦‍♂️

Full-Neighborhood908 | Full-Neighborhood908

NTA. His rude behavior on the date justifies your decision.

General_Relative2838 | General_Relative2838

Saving a stranger from a controlling mom, NTA strikes again 👏

chlorenchyma | chlorenchyma

Dodged a bullet! NTA. Olympic-level gymnastics to paint you racist 🚩

Robyn85 | Robyn85

The commenter sympathizes with the poster and finds the guy's behavior rude. Hopefully, he learned his lesson. 😞

[deleted] | [deleted]

Speak your truth! NTA has every right to vent 👊

TheBravePorg220 | TheBravePorg220

Heroic girlfriend warns others of controlling mom's dating sabotage 🙌

o_blythe_spirit | o_blythe_spirit

Dodged a bullet 💥👀. Beware of mama's boys

ForbiddenMeatStick | ForbiddenMeatStick

Block the a**hole and warn your friends about his behavior 🚨

momoalogia | momoalogia

Setting boundaries on a first date 🙌 NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mom defends son's first date disaster with a refreshing take.

Jennjennboben | Jennjennboben

Privacy hypocrite? NTA calls out guy's mom interference.

Iamnothingnew | Iamnothingnew

Dodged a bullet! TLC's "I'm dating a Mamma's boy" nightmare. NTA 🙌

slimedewnautica | slimedewnautica

NTA: Oedipus Complex Alert 😳

AdequateEddy | AdequateEddy

First date ruined by mom's controlling behavior. NTA for speaking up.

jdragonz | jdragonz

No a**holes here. The commenter shares their dating experience.

buildabridgeoutofher | buildabridgeoutofher

NTA. Overbearing mom ruins son's date with constant interruptions. Strike three!

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA explains why the guy's date story is a red flag 🤔

debegray | debegray

Public shaming for a controlling mom's sabotaged first date. 🙅‍♀️

jdogx17 | jdogx17

NTA, but a hilarious idea to avoid a controlling mom 😂

coffeecoffi | coffeecoffi

Disastrous first date with a phone-obsessed date. #NTA 😭

Wian4 | Wian4

You have the right to share your dating experiences! NTA 👍

BabyBlueDixie | BabyBlueDixie

Privacy invasion or just close with mom? 🤔

asianingermany | asianingermany

Codependent husband's family ruins marriage. NTA saves women.

No-Map672 | No-Map672

Hilariously cringeworthy first date, but a public service performed! 😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

Addressing controlling behavior before dating. 👍

CermaitLaphroaig | CermaitLaphroaig

Overbearing mom ruins son's love life. Will she stop?

rileys_01 | rileys_01

Cut the apron strings or be single forever! 💯

Olderandwiser01 | Olderandwiser01

Controlling mom ruins 30-year-old son's first date. Commenter sympathetic. 💔

SnooRadishes5305 | SnooRadishes5305

When Mama's Boy is too much to handle 🤯

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mom's controlling behavior ruins son's chance at love 💔

Fizzelen | Fizzelen

Breaking free from controlling Indian parents and their 'Raja betas' 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mama's boy gets exposed, potential incubators beware! 🤪

BeenThereT | BeenThereT

NTA. Commenter empathizes with Jack and questions OP's actions.

Bullshit_Conduit | Bullshit_Conduit

Mom's control crosses the line; NTA for setting boundaries 💯

CantChangeThisLater0 | CantChangeThisLater0

Brutally honest commenter calls out mama's boy. NTA confirmed.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Texting friends about controlling mom during date. NTA.

jennaisbusy | jennaisbusy

Dodged a bullet on a first date with a controlling mom 💯

smcclos | smcclos

Mom's control backfires, commenter approves with NTA verdict ✌

[deleted] | [deleted]

No one wants a 3-way marriage with the spouse's mother 🙄

Huge_Industry_1259 | Huge_Industry_1259

Avoiding the Momager: Surviving Controlling Parents on First Dates 😱

Active-Pen-412 | Active-Pen-412

First date ruined by controlling and racist mother's intrusion 🚫👩‍👦

lookingforassist | lookingforassist

First date reveals man's true colors. NTA for being honest.

DoingMyLilBest | DoingMyLilBest

His controlling mother is a red flag. NTA for warning.

NotYourMommyDear | NotYourMommyDear

Women looking out for each other is important 👏

cinekat | cinekat

Laughing about maniacs and bad dates with friends 🤣 #NTA

Independent_Ad9670 | Independent_Ad9670

Avoiding a mama's boy 💓 NTA's comment warns women to steer clear

wanderleywagon5678 | wanderleywagon5678

Girls beware: controlling mom ruins son's love life. NTA.

Capital-Temporary-17 | Capital-Temporary-17

Dodged a bullet and helped another woman too 🙌🏻

Flail_Mary | Flail_Mary

Empathetic response to NTA's suggestion for anonymous book delivery 👍

thetaleofzeph | thetaleofzeph

🙅‍♀️ NTAs unite! Controlling mom sabotages son's love life. Community service FTW!

Kindly_Fig6609 | Kindly_Fig6609

Setting boundaries with mom on first dates 😉

donotmow | donotmow

Friends suggest scandalous date to expose controlling mom's behavior 😎

Aspen_Pass | Aspen_Pass

Mommy dearest ruins son's first date with overbearing behavior 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

You have the right to share your bad date experience 😏

Wonderful_Horror7315 | Wonderful_Horror7315

A cringe-worthy scenario with an overbearing mother 😩

Realistic-Animator-3 | Realistic-Animator-3

Mama's boy on first date 😒 NTA gets the win.

No_Stage_6158 | No_Stage_6158

Protecting future partners from a controlling mother. NTA 👍

GlumPie8709 | GlumPie8709

You dodged a bullet with this culturally insensitive guy 🎯

Abstract-Impressions | Abstract-Impressions

Date ruined by controlling mom's incessant calls, NTA for sharing.

BeastOGevaudan | BeastOGevaudan

Mom's boy reveals too much, blames date's friend. 🤦‍♂️

crazyunicorns6 | crazyunicorns6

No secrets allowed: Mom ruins first date, boyfriend betrays trust.

Gutter_Twin | Gutter_Twin

Self-proclaimed 'momma's boy' gets a reality check. NTA.

ramsrude | ramsrude

Controlling mother ruins son's love life, warning to fellow womenfolk 👏

Final_Figure_7150 | Final_Figure_7150

Savage suggestion to mess with the controlling mom and son 😂

Every_Caterpillar945 | Every_Caterpillar945

Support for OP's imperfect date, advice to move on. 👍

QutieLuvsQuails | QutieLuvsQuails

Codependency on mom is a turn off for women 👍

teresajs | teresajs

Controlling mom sabotages son's love life, commenter supports the OP.

jRobinsonsWife | jRobinsonsWife

Breaking free from controlling parents is tough. 😢

tomatojumpy2323 | tomatojumpy2323

Sharing a date experience with a friend, NTA. Time to grow up.

Remarkable_Buyer4625 | Remarkable_Buyer4625

Strong reaction to a controlling mother's interference in dating life 🤨

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