Landlord REFUSES to Make Stairs Accessible for Disabled Tenant 😡

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🏡 Buckle up, folks! We've got a juicy tale of a young landlady and her wheelchair-bound tenant that's sure to get your wheels turning! 🦽 When this 21-year-old inherited her great aunt's house, she never imagined she'd be living with a stranger... but desperate times call for desperate measures, right? 💸 Enter Brian, the 26-year-old paralyzed tenant who's stirring up some serious drama. 😱 Let's dive into this wild ride and see if our sassy landlady is really the a-hole her brother thinks she is! 😜

🏠 A House Divided: The Wheelchair Dilemma 🦽

throwawaylandlord43 | throwawaylandlord43

🪑 Upstairs, Downstairs: A Tale of Two Floors 🪜

throwawaylandlord43 | throwawaylandlord43

💰 COVID Strikes: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures 💸

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🦽 Enter Brian: The Wheelchair-Bound Tenant 👨‍🦽

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😅 Confession Time: Feeling Safer with a Disabled Roomie? 🙊

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🪜 The Stairway to Heaven... or Hell? 😈

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🤔 AITA? Brother Thinks So! 😬

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💪 Plot Twist: Powerlifting Landlady vs. Paralyzed Tenant 🥊

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💁‍♀️ Don't Mess with This Landlady! 😤

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💸 The Tenant's Domain: What Brian Pays For 🏠

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🍽️ Midnight Munchies: The Upstairs Mini-Fridge 🌙

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🔥 Wheelchair Wars: Landlady vs. Tenant! 🏠💥

Well, well, well... looks like our feisty landlady has found herself in quite the pickle! 😅 She's got a paralyzed tenant who's itching to get his wheels on the second floor, but she's not having it. 🙅‍♀️ I mean, can you blame her? The downstairs is already wheelchair-friendly, and she's not about to give up her personal space! 😤 But wait, there's more! Turns out, our girl is a former powerlifter who could totally take on her tenant if push comes to shove. 💪 Talk about a plot twist! 😲 So, what does the internet think of this wild situation? 🤔 Let's see what kind of drama unfolds in the comments below! 🍿😏

Disabled tenant not the a**hole for requesting accessibility. Landlord warned of ableism.

GothPenguin | GothPenguin

Landlord justified in not making personal space accessible for tenant. NTA 👍

kiggles7 | kiggles7

Tenant not at fault for inaccessible stairs. Get legal advice. 🚫

lovebeinganasshole | lovebeinganasshole

Disabled person defends tenant's decision not to baby them 👏

BreathoftheChild | BreathoftheChild

Tenant is NTA for refusing to make upstairs accessible. 🙅

rose_glass | rose_glass

Disability discrimination with unfounded assumptions and dangerous advice 😠

nova9001 | nova9001

Important details to consider before judging the situation 🤔

Mister_Nancy | Mister_Nancy

Tenant defends denying stair accessibility to disabled neighbor.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Landlord's motives and tenant's needs questioned 🤔

PrincessKong | PrincessKong

Sexual assault can happen to anyone, regardless of their ability.

AndiT16 | AndiT16

Downstairs amenities sufficient for disabled tenant, NTA comment section.

whitewer | whitewer

Misleading title! NTA. Tenant doesn't need access upstairs based on lease.

dpmcanada | dpmcanada

Disabled tenant's safety concerns dismissed in landlord dispute. 😢

MistressLyda | MistressLyda

Know your rights as a tenant and seek legal advice 👇

premiumPLUM | premiumPLUM

Disabled tenant's upstairs access denied by landlord. NTA.

knikol7 | knikol7

Landlord denies disabled tenant accessibility, commenter says NTA

emotional-hedgehog | emotional-hedgehog

Tenant stands up for their rights in accessible housing dispute

SunlitFable | SunlitFable

Landlord advised to provide written response denying stair accessibility request 👍

MickiBlueEyes | MickiBlueEyes

Landlord refuses to make stairs accessible for disabled tenant, suggesting rent increase. 😒

thedaybefore1 | thedaybefore1

Tenant not at fault for upstairs inaccessibility, lease renewal suggested

princessofperky | princessofperky

Landlord refuses to make stairs accessible for disabled tenant, commenter advocates for caution and eviction, citing safety concerns. 😬

DodgersChick69 | DodgersChick69

Advise to clarify rental agreement with landlord, NTA 👍

ninaa1 | ninaa1

Landlord suggests renting out the whole house instead of accommodating disabled tenant

Glittering-Vehicle41 | Glittering-Vehicle41

Disabled tenant's landlord faces backlash for refusing accessibility accommodations.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Tenant stands up for their space against ableist landlord. NTA 👏

MadameMimmm | MadameMimmm

Being in a mobility device doesn't make him harmless 🤔

hunybuny9000 | hunybuny9000

Disabled tenant's roommate has no right to use second floor 👍


Landlord defends against entitled tenant demanding accessibility. 😏

Danny_Mc_71 | Danny_Mc_71

Tenant with disability wants stairs access but NTA landlord disagrees

[deleted] | [deleted]

Tenant not at fault for inaccessible stairs, confront landlord 👀

Just_a_reader_ | Just_a_reader_

Why this person thinks NTA in a clever analogy 🚪

AdarshTheGreatGamer | AdarshTheGreatGamer

Landlord refuses to accommodate disabled tenant 🙄

Caitmk | Caitmk

Landlord accused of creepy behavior towards disabled tenant

Korlat_Eleint | Korlat_Eleint

Landlord's creepy intentions behind inaccessible stairs theory 😑

XxmouthrunnerxX | XxmouthrunnerxX

Landlord refuses to make stairs accessible for disabled tenant. Commenter says not the a-hole and argues that the landlord doesn't have a legal case, and the stairs are like a locked door to the tenant's space. They also caution against assuming a wheelchair makes someone harmless.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Landlord refuses responsibility for disabled tenant's accessibility. 😒

gozba | gozba

Install a lockable door at top of stairs for safety 🙌

haelesor | haelesor

Tenant stands up to landlord's discrimination 💪

153799 | 153799

Get legal help to ensure lease agreement is sufficient 👍

dr-sparkle | dr-sparkle

Respect for privacy doesn't excuse discrimination against disabilities. 😠

HelloKiks | HelloKiks

Landlord refuses to make stairs accessible for disabled tenant. NTA

wariowars | wariowars

Tenant doesn't have right to access landlord's living quarters. NTA 😊

NicolasGirl | NicolasGirl

Tenant stands up to ableist landlord, takes matters into own hands

iluvcats17 | iluvcats17

Clear and concise response to tenant's request 👍

PsychologicalWeird | PsychologicalWeird

Disabled tenant labeled dangerous, but commenter defends landlord. 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Tenant in wheelchair not entitled to inaccessible areas. NTA 👍

anngrn | anngrn

Landlord may be YTA if terms were not disclosed clearly 😐

bruiseyed | bruiseyed

Tenant with disability faces discrimination from landlord. Commenter suggests drastic solution.

officerfluffybottom | officerfluffybottom

Empowering reply to ableism against disabled tenant 💪

Throwaway41790a | Throwaway41790a

Be careful, protect yourself and your privacy! 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

At first judgment but changed mind after reading. NTA 👍

Hubsimaus | Hubsimaus

Tenant seeks clarity on landlord's lease and access rights.

markroth69 | markroth69

NTA for not making stairs accessible. Concerns raised about father's behavior.

CitrusyDeodorant | CitrusyDeodorant

Disabled tenant denied access to stairs, just stay downstairs? 😕

throw_away_800 | throw_away_800

Tenant's landlord denies accessibility for disabled tenant 🤔

Lisaa8668 | Lisaa8668

Make it explicit in writing that upstairs is not included. #NTA

JesseIrwinArt | JesseIrwinArt

Landlord defends inaccessible stairs, commenter says NTA.

lily_hunts | lily_hunts

Set boundaries and stand up for yourself as a tenant 😊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Landlord refuses to make stairs accessible, commenter defends decision.

tabatharocks | tabatharocks

Tenant doesn't need to go upstairs, NTA. But concerning situation 🤔

seba_make | seba_make

Landlord rented wheelchair accessible rooms, denies stairlift installation. NTA 🚫🪜

squarebear221254 | squarebear221254

Clear rental agreement and creepy request. NTA wins.

Froken_Boring | Froken_Boring

Young landlord stands up for disabled tenant's rights 💪

factsnack | factsnack

Tips for defining boundaries and communicating rental arrangement 👍

eagles52w | eagles52w

Tenant's disability doesn't justify access to landlord's private space. 🙅

[deleted] | [deleted]

Curious why Brian insists on upstairs when downstairs is accessible 🤔

JordyGordyabcdefghij | JordyGordyabcdefghij

Tenant not at fault, but commenters overreacting with paranoia 🤔

MarcinIlux | MarcinIlux

Roommate boundaries crossed, NTA for setting locks 😏

Snackpack40 | Snackpack40

Tenant accused of setting up landlord for lawsuit. 🤔

BlAcKaT94 | BlAcKaT94

Consider if the upstairs is necessary before dismissing accessibility needs 🤔


Tenant's brother defends inaccessible stairs, sparks debate. NTA.

RasaraMoon | RasaraMoon

Tenant's assumption of the landlord's irrationality and advice to be cautious.

lizarrrds | lizarrrds

Tenant not obligated to make building accessible for landlord's mistake 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Landlord's refusal to make stairs accessible for tenant deemed reasonable.

SassyPants5 | SassyPants5

Landlord refuses to accommodate disabled tenant, commenter thinks NTA.

squeaktoy_la | squeaktoy_la

Landlord refuses accessibility for disabled tenant, defends decision.

randomnurse | randomnurse

Landlord asserts control over accessible space. NTA.

bloodrose_80 | bloodrose_80

Landlord refuses to make stairs accessible for disabled tenant. NTA.

StormingBlitz91 | StormingBlitz91

Landlord's request for access gives creepy vibes. NTA.

krazy-krysy | krazy-krysy

Tenant not at fault for landlord's lack of accessibility empathy 😠

Iaim2msbehave | Iaim2msbehave

Disabled tenant's landlord refuses to make stairs accessible - NTA.

jairatraci | jairatraci

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