🎄🤯 40-Something Gets CHILDISH Yarn Bracelets In Pricey Xmas Gift Swap

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🎄 It's the most wonderful time of the year... or is it? 🤔 Gather 'round, my friends, for a tale of Secret Santa gone awry! 😱 When a group of 40-something besties decided to do a $250 gift exchange, expectations were high and the excitement was palpable. 🎉 But little did our protagonist know, her Secret Santa had a few crafty tricks up her sleeve... and not in a good way! 😬 Buckle up, because this holiday story is about to take a handmade turn for the worse! 🎨😳

🎄 Secret Santa Surprise! 🎁

Striking-Sir7168 | Striking-Sir7168

💰 The $250 Expectation 💸

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👜 Designer Gifts Galore! 🛍️

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🧣 Dior Delight for My Secret Santa 🎀

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🎉 Excited for My $250 Gift! 🥳

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😱 Handmade Horrors! 🎨

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🤨 $250 for This?? 🙄

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💭 It's the Thought That Counts... Right? 🤔

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🗑️ Gifting Me Junk?? 😤

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🤷‍♀️ Everyone Else Got Good Gifts! 😒

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🎥 Too Many Crafty YouTube Shorts! 📱

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🎁 Handmade Heartbreak: A Secret Santa Saga! 💔

Well, well, well... it seems our Secret Santa had a few crafty surprises in store! 😱 While everyone else was unwrapping designer delights, our poor protagonist was left holding a bunch of handmade horrors. 🎨😬 Resin coasters with bubbles, friendship bracelets fit for a tween, a crocheted turtle (because who doesn't want that?), and a watercolor painting that won't be gracing any walls anytime soon. 🙅‍♀️ Talk about a gift-giving goof! 🤦‍♀️ But wait, it gets better! When confronted about the $250 budget, the Secret Santa claimed her crafty creations were priceless. 💰🤨 Priceless? More like price-less! 😂 Now, the internet is abuzz with opinions on this handmade heartbreak. 🗣️💔 Let's see what the masses have to say about this Secret Santa snafu! 🎄😳

Unimpressed with cheap arts & crafts gift in pricey exchange. NTA.

effie-sue | effie-sue

NTA, receiving all handmade gifts is not fair in gift swap 🎁

Worth-Season3645 | Worth-Season3645

Setting expectations for gift swaps and the dollar amount limit 💰

suziespends | suziespends

Craft kits not age-appropriate, and badly used, NTA. 👍

Literally_Taken | Literally_Taken

NTA. Gift lacked thought for $250, just giver's pet projects.

No_Peach_2660 | No_Peach_2660

$250 gift exchange!? That's a lot, but is OP TA?

PugGrumbles | PugGrumbles

Handmade gifts should still be of good quality. NTA.

Lisascape | Lisascape

Handmade gifts are great, but thought to your tastes matters 👍

Expensive_Shower_405 | Expensive_Shower_405

Handmade gift not personal enough, NTA for feeling disappointed 🤷‍♀️

halster123 | halster123

Recipient not the a-hole for not liking thoughtless gift 🎁

bittyberry | bittyberry

NTA. Kits mean it wasn't done well. You pay for skill 💪

Grand-Corner1030 | Grand-Corner1030

Crafty gift leads to gift swap drama - NTA defended.

Capable_Ad_976 | Capable_Ad_976

Crafty commenter shares NTA verdict and self-promotion of superior skills 🍪

Rachel1578 | Rachel1578

Re-gifting sentimental handmade products is tactless, but refusing is weirder 🤔

LeFrenchPress | LeFrenchPress

Homemade gifts are special and thoughtful, not childish. #NTA 👍

One-Confidence-6858 | One-Confidence-6858

Can't afford the gift, can't afford the consequences 😑

LookAwayPlease510 | LookAwayPlease510

Craftsperson defends thoughtful gift giving etiquette with sincerity ✂️

wamale | wamale

Personalized gifts or lazy guesses? The importance of thoughtful giving.

wildmishie | wildmishie

Skilled artist defends reasonable gift for coworker in pricey swap.

kingcowboyy | kingcowboyy

Handmade gifts are great but they should fit the gift exchange vibe 👍

I-hear-the-coast | I-hear-the-coast

Expensive gift exchange turns into a handmade gift disaster. 😠

gillebro | gillebro

Disappointed recipient calls out friend for overpriced, childish gift exchange.

RetroKida | RetroKida

Suggesting a better way to do secret Santa 🎅

life1sart | life1sart

NTA gift-giver acted immaturely, gifted childish yarn bracelets

swish82 | swish82

Regift those pricey yarn bracelets next year 🤔

ilaughalldaylong | ilaughalldaylong

Gift swap backfires, commenter advises skipping next year's exchange.

timmyturtle91 | timmyturtle91

Feeling underpaid? This commenter spent less on all gifts 😅

Misten808 | Misten808

Disappointed gift recipient calls out bad gift giver 🎁😒

milliepilly | milliepilly

Handmade gifts are great, but not appropriate for pricey swaps 😕

Pauscha580 | Pauscha580

Crafting your own gift doesn't make it a gift for them 😑

PlauntieM | PlauntieM

NTA commenter criticizes high gift limit and suggests handmade gifts.

scdemandred | scdemandred

NTA for expecting $250 gift in pricey Secret Santa game.

AbbeyCats | AbbeyCats

Crafty comment defends OP's annoyance at unthoughtful gifts 🎁

Pisum_odoratus | Pisum_odoratus

Receiving childish gifts is no excuse for making a scene. NTA

TheDarkHelmet1985 | TheDarkHelmet1985

Crafty NTA defends pricey gift limit, calls out friend's lackluster present 🤯

RubyRosebone | RubyRosebone

Friend gives cheap, childish gift and gets called out 👍

Used_Arm_1389 | Used_Arm_1389

Is $250 too much for a gift swap? Share your thoughts.

Weary_Locksmith_9689 | Weary_Locksmith_9689

Yambd strikes again! Overspending on secret Santa leads to disappointment 😒

Danominator | Danominator

Expensive gift swap turns childish; NTA, avoid cheap friend and lunches.

MrAlpacaSpit | MrAlpacaSpit

Gifter bought themselves a gift and gave OP the product 😒 #NTA

CodenameJinn | CodenameJinn

Crafting takes time and effort, not just startup supplies. NTA.

GirlL1997 | GirlL1997

Expensive Secret Santa goes wrong, commenter calls out everyone's idiocy.

BluJayMez | BluJayMez

Receiving unwanted handmade gifts - NTA and frustrating 😒

babygorl_illa | babygorl_illa

Secret Santa can be disappointing when budgets/efforts don't match. NTA

barbaramillicent | barbaramillicent

NTA: Secret Santa rules were broken with childish gift.

katie-kaboom | katie-kaboom

NTA. The gift budget was $250, so the expectation was higher.

JaydedXoX | JaydedXoX

Friendship bracelets at 40? NTA for feeling disappointed. 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't join a Secret Santa if you won't spend the set amount 💰❄️

BodyBy711 | BodyBy711

Handmade gifts should be more personal and thoughtful 🤔

garbagesarah | garbagesarah

Avoiding gift swaps with rule-breakers 🙅‍♂️

BigFShow | BigFShow

NTA. Handmade gifts should be thoughtful, not trash. 👏

Adoration0x | Adoration0x

A childhood Secret Santa gone wrong 😔

Neon-Plural | Neon-Plural

The dreaded rule-breaker ruining gift swaps 😒

candjpalmer | candjpalmer

Gift giving isn't about the price tag, but fairness matters too 😊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Handmade gifts should be of high quality materials and effort. NTA 👍

cutecuddlyevil | cutecuddlyevil

NTA- She gave you leftovers and ruined the potential fun 😔

Dream_Alchemist | Dream_Alchemist

DIY gifts are the way to go 👍

Honest-Bumblebee-166 | Honest-Bumblebee-166

Handmade gifts from a skilled artisan are amazing, junky discards are not 🎁

CJ_Boiss | CJ_Boiss

Setting expectations for gift swaps is important and $250 is excessive

HaveMercyOnMe_007 | HaveMercyOnMe_007

NTA, outraged by friend's trash gift, refusing to swap, hilarious

[deleted] | [deleted]

💰$250 for Secret Santa? Not cool. But OP is NTA in this party of a**holes.


Accept gifts graciously, even if they're bad. ESH but 70% friend / 30% OP. 💁‍♀️

TinyLittleWeirdo | TinyLittleWeirdo

Gift-giving without rules is risky business, ESH.

lrampartl | lrampartl

Gift exchange with a $250 limit results in hurt feelings.

Justforfuninnyc | Justforfuninnyc

NTA, but $250 limit for gift swap is too much 👎

Public_Dot5536 | Public_Dot5536

NTA for being disappointed, but YTA for vapid worship.

Cauth_Bodva | Cauth_Bodva

Don't be a Grinch! YTA for asking about gift price 🚫

hazelmummy | hazelmummy

Defending the value of handmade goods in pricey gift exchange 💰🎁

araralc | araralc

Handmade gifts should either be high quality or budget-friendly. NTA.

Raksha_dancewater | Raksha_dancewater

Professional artist shares opinion on handmade gifts in gift swaps. NTA.

yetzhragog | yetzhragog

NTA. The gift giver put zero thought into the present 🎨

Nancy2421 | Nancy2421

Friendship ended over a Poundland makeup gift. 💄💔

kajinkqd | kajinkqd

Eco-friendly approach to wrapping paper waste, NTA wins.

Whitdobe | Whitdobe

Handmade gifts may not be appropriate for price-limited gift exchanges.

Tilas | Tilas

Crocheting is an art, not a cheap hobby 🤷‍♀️ NTA

fuggleruggler | fuggleruggler

Handmade gifts aren't always appreciated 😞

passionforsoda | passionforsoda

Handmade gifts should be thoughtful, not random craft kit shit. NTA 👍

marshmallowest | marshmallowest

Gift swap gone wrong with homemade presents instead of pricey ones

Middle--Earth | Middle--Earth

Thoughtful handmade gifts > meaningless junk. NTA 🎁👌

SouthHopper | SouthHopper

Art degree holder suggests better gift plan for $250 exchange.

Unexous | Unexous

Would the value of the gift change your opinion? 🤔

LifeSpecial42866 | LifeSpecial42866

As a part-time Etsy artist, NTA. Practice items aren't fair.

raedyn_greatdyn | raedyn_greatdyn

NTA for being upset with $250 childish yarn bracelets gift.

cuppycake02 | cuppycake02

NTA- Violated gift exchange ethos. Suck it up, refuse next time.

seemebeawesome | seemebeawesome

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