Mom's 'Family Tattoo Event' Leaves Dad FURIOUS 😠 (Wait Until You See It)

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🎨 Tattoo family drama alert! 🚨 This dad is in a sticky situation with his inked-up clan. His daughter got a tattoo without his blessing, and let's just say it ain't no Mona Lisa. 😬 The ex-wife and her hubby went behind his back, and now the s**t has hit the fan. 💩 Should he have kept his mouth shut about the subpar body art? 🤐 Let's dive into this juicy tale of tattoos, family feuds, and teenage rebellion! 😈

🎨 Family Tattoo Tradition

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😎 Tattoo Artist Extraordinaire

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🙋‍♀️ Daughter's Tattoo Dreams

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⏳ Waiting for Adulthood

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🤐 Sneaky Family Tattoo Event

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😱 Horrible Tattoo Reveal

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🤢 Genuinely Bad Ink

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😞 Disappointed Dad

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👵 Honoring Great Grandma

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🙅‍♀️ Silent Treatment

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🤐 Should I Have Stayed Quiet?

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📞 Phone Drama

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🙏 Lesson Learned

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😅 Close Call

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🎓 Tattoo Wisdom Gained

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🎭 The Tattoo Tale: Family Feud Edition! 🔥

Well, well, well... looks like this tattoo-loving family has found themselves in quite the predicament! 😱 Our heavily-inked dad wanted his daughter to wait for the perfect tattoo from his expert cousin, but the ex-wife and her man had other plans. 🙅‍♀️ They snuck off for a secret family tattoo sesh, and now the daughter is sporting some not-so-stellar ink. 😬 Dad couldn't hold back his disappointment, and now he's getting the silent treatment from the whole crew. 🙊 But wait, there's more! He even pulled the "I pay for your phone" card. 📱 Yikes! After some soul-searching (and a little help from the internet), dad realized he messed up and apologized. 🙏 Phew, crisis averted... for now. 😅 Let's see what the internet thinks of this inked-up family drama! 🍿

Parenting advice on talking to daughter about permanent tattoos 👨🏻‍💻

Head-Meaning2741 | Head-Meaning2741

Ex-wife's poor parenting led to daughter's bad tattoo, soft ESH

imisspeaches | imisspeaches

Letting go of control and entitlement is key for healthy relationships 👍 (NAH)

HappySummerBreeze | HappySummerBreeze

Parent sets tattoo rules for kids, encourages caution and hygiene ❤️

Sad_Construction_668 | Sad_Construction_668

Tattoos at a young age - a decision you'll regret? 🤔

EthereumJesusBro | EthereumJesusBro

Debate over tattoos for teens, but both parents share blame 👀

Achterstallig | Achterstallig

Subjectivity of tattoos and parenting advice for minors' tattoos.

Bobcat_Acrobatic | Bobcat_Acrobatic

Advice on how to express disappointment without hurting feelings 👍

MfBenzy | MfBenzy

Redoing tattoos is common, NTA offers to fix daughter's tattoo.

BustAMove_13 | BustAMove_13

A sympathetic comment suggests covering up the tattoo later in life 🙏

Ok-Lock73 | Ok-Lock73

Co-parenting gone wrong 🤷‍♂️ Discussing tattoos with minors is important.

Classic_Might_7087 | Classic_Might_7087

Honesty is the best policy, especially with a 16-year-old. 💉

AffectionateSky6744 | AffectionateSky6744

Reflecting on control issues in parenting, but mom still wrong 🙄

Ok_Mulberry4199 | Ok_Mulberry4199

NTA. Parenting is about being truthful and teaching your children.

Icyyy_Bear | Icyyy_Bear

First tattoo memories and parental disapproval. NTA. 😠

penishaveramilliom | penishaveramilliom

A parent's brutal honesty leads to a beautiful tattoo 😅

mudshakemakes | mudshakemakes

Encouraging honesty with loved ones 👍 NTA comment

DaisySam3130 | DaisySam3130

A cautionary tale of bad tattoos and parental wisdom 👍

Nulleparttousjours | Nulleparttousjours

A sympathetic comment about parental responses to body modification.

slutforchocolatemilk | slutforchocolatemilk

Co-parenting gone wrong, daughter caught in the middle 😞

Maitreya83 | Maitreya83

A sympathetic NTA comment on regrettable tattoos 🤦‍♂️

is_this_earth | is_this_earth

Defending OP's dad's reaction to 16-year-old daughter's tattoo 😬

rowshiibiff | rowshiibiff

Parenting advice: NTA. Offer to laser off tattoo and pay for professional artist.

drashaman | drashaman

Honesty is the best policy, even with tattoos. 😎

MoomahTheQueen | MoomahTheQueen

Dad's ex-wife gets daughter tattooed without his consent 😠

Louhlilo | Louhlilo

Embrace your bad tattoos, they tell your story 💎

jaye-tyler | jaye-tyler

Dad upset over secret tattoo event for daughter. NAH?

Celestia-Messenger | Celestia-Messenger

Don't be a tattoo snob, respect her bodily autonomy 😒

UncommIncense | UncommIncense

NTA commenter offers empathetic advice to father dealing with childish ex and daughter.

hadMcDofordinner | hadMcDofordinner

ESH except daughter. Ex and her BF suck most. Can it be fixed? 💉

Alwaysaprairiegirl | Alwaysaprairiegirl

NTA comment advocates for laser removal of bad tattoo.

Inevitable_Geometry | Inevitable_Geometry

Why wait for a tattoo when a scratcher might mess up? 🤔

Reduncked | Reduncked

Parenting advice: apologize to your daughter and make peace 👨🏻‍💻

captaincopperbeard | captaincopperbeard

Personal experience with disapproving parents and body mods; NTA

kitkatcurlybird | kitkatcurlybird

NTA dad needs to be humble and turn this into a teachable moment 👍

coderedmountaindewd | coderedmountaindewd

Teenage daughter gets tattoo without dad's support, commenter advises compassion ❤️

AutomaticBroccoli898 | AutomaticBroccoli898

Don't let your resentment towards your ex affect your daughter. YTA 😒

fishfacedmoll | fishfacedmoll

Experienced dad defends daughter's safe tattoo experience against selfish ex-wife 😊

PaxUnDomus | PaxUnDomus

Dad gives well-meaning advice, mom goes behind back. Who's TA?

Mgsx13 | Mgsx13

Supportive comment urging to apologize for wife's tattoo, with a touch of humor 😂

Cross_examination | Cross_examination

Tattoo artist criticizes underage tattoos & lack of professionalism 😓

LuckyErro | LuckyErro

Parenting is a team sport 🏖. Ex-wife is the major a-hole here.

radarsteddybear4077 | radarsteddybear4077

A helpful response advocating for teamwork and communication 👍

iosonostella13 | iosonostella13

Tattoo regrets unite us all 🤦‍♂️

kniterature | kniterature

Ex allows minor child to get tattoo without consent, NTA

SigSauerPower320 | SigSauerPower320

NTA's spouse gets a tattoo behind their back, regrets it later 😬

TheMadGreek31 | TheMadGreek31

Dad regrets speaking up about 'Family Tattoo Event', offers solution 😊

UnicornFarts1111 | UnicornFarts1111

Tattoo regret is real. YTA comment reminds us of that.

MelodicCarpenter7 | MelodicCarpenter7

NTA exposes ex's irresponsible parenting with teenage tattoos 🤦‍♀️

Ok-Entertainment1123 | Ok-Entertainment1123

Debate over a hidden family tattoo event turns sour. ESH.

UrFaveHotGoth | UrFaveHotGoth

Tattoo opinions are subjective, YTA for not respecting hers 🙄

modernpinaymagick | modernpinaymagick

Parent's misstep takes glitter off daughter's social moment 💎

Particular-Try5584 | Particular-Try5584

Tact is key! YTA should have kept their mouth shut 😬

Relevant-Poetry8479 | Relevant-Poetry8479

Ex is the real a-hole for not getting permission from dad 👎

BubbaC619 | BubbaC619

Parent concerned about underage tattooing seeks advice, suggests cover-up

Snaggl3t00t4 | Snaggl3t00t4

Co-parenting gone wrong? ESH but dad could've communicated better 😕

Prestigious_Time_138 | Prestigious_Time_138

Tattoo criticism turns into personal insult. YTA confirmed 😑

MindingTheMadness | MindingTheMadness

Insightful comment on tattoos and parenting with a touch of humor 😂

thirdeyesblind | thirdeyesblind

Tattooed commenter sympathizes with dad's frustration over daughter's bad tattoo.

StraightMain9087 | StraightMain9087

A potential compromise for a bad family tattoo idea 👍

Frazzled_adhd | Frazzled_adhd

NTA dad disappoints in mom's family tattoo event 😢

doraforyou | doraforyou

Suggests constructive approach to fix tattoo issue with daughter. 👍

Setting-Remote | Setting-Remote

Parents disagree on family tattoo, but shaming daughter isn't helping 😞

Otigan | Otigan

Dad's advice on how to handle Mom's tattoo event 👍

Critical-Quiet-7867 | Critical-Quiet-7867

The unwritten rule of bad tattoos: Keep your opinions to yourself 🙈

MiddleAgeCool | MiddleAgeCool

16-year-old daughter gets a tattoo: NTA advises accountability and responsibility ⚠️

michaelpaoli | michaelpaoli

Parent criticized for controlling behavior in YTA comment.

StinkieSloth | StinkieSloth

Support and positivity over opinions. YTA too. 🙌

LetItRaine386 | LetItRaine386

Defending getting a tattoo, emphasizing importance of quality and consequences.

error404echonotfound | error404echonotfound

Compassionate NTA advises against criticizing a bad tattoo 😂

PhantomGhostSpectre | PhantomGhostSpectre

Advocating for honesty and damage control after a regrettable tattoo experience. 🚨

Adventurous-travel1 | Adventurous-travel1

Dad's actions upset daughter, Reddit delivers YTA judgement.

Consistent-Annual268 | Consistent-Annual268

Honesty over aesthetics: commenter disapproves of family tattoo event.

mickyhaze | mickyhaze

Father admits to being TA, advises to apologize to daughter 🙏

Weekly-Chest-3943 | Weekly-Chest-3943

Teaching responsibility: 17 y/o gets adult reaction to tattoo decision 👨‍💻💎

MusicianExtension536 | MusicianExtension536

Predicting a future realization for daughter's tattoo event.

Few_Employment5424 | Few_Employment5424

NTA parent disapproves 16-year-old's tattoo, but now focus on repairing relationship. 👍

JeffLynnesBeard | JeffLynnesBeard

Dad apologizes to daughter but ESH for going behind his back 😠

IntroductionPast3342 | IntroductionPast3342

Daughter's tattoo fail earns NTA commenter's sympathy and prediction.

isabelle365 | isabelle365

Being honest but kind pays off in giving constructive feedback. 👍

SilverStreaky | SilverStreaky

Be patient and kind with your daughter. Apologize for hurting her.

goosebumples | goosebumples

Dad's reaction to daughter's tattoo could have been better 😕

WorldlinessHead6921 | WorldlinessHead6921

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