😢💔 "They ERASED Her" - 17-Year-Old's Heartbreaking Plea to Parents Who Hid His Mom's Death

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🙋‍♂️ Hey there, Facebook fam! I've got a doozy of a story for you today. 😳 Imagine losing your mom just days after being born, and then your dad whisks you away to start a new life with a new mom. 🏃‍♂️💔 But wait, there's more! Your biological family is left behind, and contact is limited to just once a year. 😢 As I grew up, I started to reconnect with them, but my parents weren't too thrilled about it. 😠 Now, I'm caught in the middle of this emotional tug-of-war, and I've got a tough question for my parents. 🤔 Buckle up, because this story is about to get intense! 🔥

😢 A Tragic Start: Losing My First Mom

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🏃‍♂️💔 Dad's Painful Decision: Leaving Everything Behind

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👩‍❤️‍👨 A New Mom Enters the Picture

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🙅‍♀️ Mom's Struggle: Not Wanting to Share the Role

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😞 Dad's Unresolved Pain: Burying the Past

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🌞 A Mostly Happy Childhood, But...

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📞 Reconnecting with My Biological Family

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😠 Parents' Disapproval: Not Liking the Extra Contact

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👵👴 Grandparents' Rights: Not an Option

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😡 Parents' Feelings: Painful and Less Important

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🤔 The Tough Question: Putting Themselves in Others' Shoes

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😶 Parents' Refusal to Answer

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🙊 The Silent Treatment: Demanding an Answer

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🤝 Siblings' Understanding: Posing the Same Question

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😤 Parents' Persistence: Avoiding the Answer

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😱 The Ultimatum: No Talking Until I Get an Answer!

Alright, Facebook fam, here's the tea. 🍵 I've been trying to get my parents to put themselves in my biological mom's family's shoes. Like, how would they feel if they died and their only child was kept away from them? 😢 But they just won't answer the dang question! 😤 So, I hit them with the silent treatment. 🙊 No talking until they give me a straight answer. My siblings are starting to see where I'm coming from, but my parents are still being stubborn. 😠 They want to talk about everything BUT the question at hand. 🙄 Can you believe it? Let's see what the internet has to say about this emotional rollercoaster. 🎢

NTA, heartbreaking story of a child seeking to know his family ❤

Comfortable-Sea-2454 | Comfortable-Sea-2454

Encouraging response to NTA comment with positive outlook 👍

PolesRunningCoach | PolesRunningCoach

Stepmom is loved, but OP wants to be part of family. ❤️

Still_Actuator_8316 | Still_Actuator_8316

Encouraging NTA comment suggests family counseling to resolve conflict.

majesticjules | majesticjules

Stepmom shouldn't expect to be the only person you talk to 💁‍♀️ NTA

DeerBest3901 | DeerBest3901

Denied a maternal family, OP urges to push back against AH.

Pleasant-Koala147 | Pleasant-Koala147

Grandparents are not the a**holes. Forgive your dad and step-mom.

TheWhogg | TheWhogg

Having more people who love and support your kid is important❤️

lawful_lolobug | lawful_lolobug

Heartbreaking comment on the long-term consequences of hiding a death. 😢

Hungry-Book | Hungry-Book

NTA. Embrace your mom's memory and don't hide stuff 🙌

Comicreliefnotreally | Comicreliefnotreally

Supportive reply encourages conversation and empathy with family members. 👍

BaldersTheCunning | BaldersTheCunning

NTA. Building a relationship with biological family is important❤️.

uberprodude | uberprodude

Stepmom shares heartbreaking experience, supports OP's relationship with bio-mom's family ❤️

MelG146 | MelG146

Inconsiderate 'parents' ignoring son's feelings 😔

Dangerous-Peace-3467 | Dangerous-Peace-3467

NTA commenter empathizes with OP's loss and criticizes father's actions.

Jollydancer | Jollydancer

NTA. Father's actions are a slap in the face to bio mom's memory 😡

MainEgg320 | MainEgg320

Stepmom deserves love too ❤️, but you need your family too.

Still_Actuator_8316 | Still_Actuator_8316

NTA- They should support you having a relationship with all family 🙏

CallingThatBS | CallingThatBS

Step mom is family too 💕 Spread love, not hate.

Still_Actuator_8316 | Still_Actuator_8316

Asserting oneself is important; NTA did what was necessary.

WhyCommentQueasy | WhyCommentQueasy

Engaging reply advocating for love not being finite. 🙌

Andravisia | Andravisia

Encouraging NTA comment advises to communicate with parents respectfully.

aita0022398 | aita0022398

Heartbreaking story. Commenter provides empathetic support and wise words. 👏

mast3r_watch3r | mast3r_watch3r

Family is family. Blood is blood. 💜

pripaw | pripaw

Parents hid mom's death, don't want contact with her family. NTA.

Corodix | Corodix

NTA. Encourage your parents to seek therapy to work through issues.

Enough-Process9773 | Enough-Process9773

Heartbreaking comment on emotional immaturity and family rejection.

Loopstahblue | Loopstahblue

Father and stepmom were selfish. You were not the a**hole.

little_monster_dino | little_monster_dino

User sympathizes with OP and calls out hypocritical parents 🤯

Braitzel | Braitzel

Heartwarming comment about family and loss ❤️

Comicreliefnotreally | Comicreliefnotreally

Advocating for fair treatment in adoptive family. 💪🏻

Maria_Dragon | Maria_Dragon

You are NTA for wanting to know your own story ❤️

justforthis2024 | justforthis2024

Sad that they can't comprehend love from others. 😢

Turbulent-Fan-320 | Turbulent-Fan-320

NTA. Father and adopted mother tried to erase half of you 👍

Hoplite68 | Hoplite68

Heartbreaking plea for birth mother, NTA comment shows support.

Merunit | Merunit

Heartbreaking story of adoptive parents erasing biological mother from son's life.

bookreader-123 | bookreader-123

Putting their needs above yours: NTA comment section 😢

Thecatisright | Thecatisright

Heartbreaking suggestion for dealing with unsupportive parents. 😢

Porongas1993 | Porongas1993

Adoptive mom should have stood up for you ☝️

sarahmegatron | sarahmegatron

NTA commenter advises family therapy for healthy healing and bonding. 👍

Mustng1966 | Mustng1966

NTA. The scarcity model of love is sad and unfair. Try to teach your mom that love is not a zero sum game and be nice to her, but you have a right to meet your other family.

stainsofpeach | stainsofpeach

NTA and a brave move to hold up a mirror 📺

Glowie2k2 | Glowie2k2

Stepmom competing against ghost, NTA needs grief counselor 💔

BiblachromeFamily | BiblachromeFamily

Empathetic commenter supports teen, calls out selfish parents. ❤️

seeemilyplay123 | seeemilyplay123

Don't let adoption hold you back from knowing your family 💔

Dizzy_and_Depressed | Dizzy_and_Depressed

Don't erase her memory, NTA commenter stands up for OP's mom 👏

youlikemango | youlikemango

NTA, advice given to embrace maternal family despite parents' mistake.

dualsplit | dualsplit

NTA, your parents are being selfish. Prioritizing mom's insecurity over you 👏

Mewtul | Mewtul

Heartbreaking story of a family's loss due to selfish reasons 💔

TimeEnvironmental687 | TimeEnvironmental687

Encouraging support for a 17-year-old seeking his roots. 👏

Lofteed | Lofteed

NTA at 17, your parents have failed you. Push for therapy! 💪

Hefty_Suggestion6648 | Hefty_Suggestion6648

NTA. Prioritizing insecurity over family is unacceptable 👏

momokplatypus | momokplatypus

Encouraging response to NTA comment, recommends therapy for healthy boundaries.

L3aMi4 | L3aMi4

NTA. Seeking birth family is normal. Family counselling may help.

TangyZizz | TangyZizz

NTA. It's unfair to expect you to pretend your mom never existed. Consider therapy to help navigate the situation.

icenthorns | icenthorns

Family prioritizes stepmom's side, NTA for wanting relationship with mom's.

yuzucremebrulee | yuzucremebrulee

Heartbreaking comment on erasing the memory of a birth mom.

Froggie949 | Froggie949

Curiosity and concern for the commenter's situation 🤔

JForKiks | JForKiks

Stay strong, what would you want your child to do?

EnvironmentalBit8769 | EnvironmentalBit8769

Reconnecting with birth family after mom's death, NTA shines through.

Performance_Lanky | Performance_Lanky

Heartbreaking story of a teen seeking connection with his late mom's family ❤️

archaeominx | archaeominx

Supportive comment offers empathy and advice. 🤝

camkats | camkats

"You will lose me" - Heartfelt plea to parents 🥺❤️

chronberries | chronberries

Bio mom's family is not a threat to your parents. 👏

meowmeowmeow723 | meowmeowmeow723

NTA. The commenter empathizes with the writer's situation.

Piavirtue | Piavirtue

It's not about them, it's about finding people who love you ❤️

RetroKida | RetroKida

Adoption and entitlement at play, NTA's biological mother deserves respect.

Emaribake | Emaribake

Encouraging response to NTA's handling of difficult situation 👏

fnaaaaar | fnaaaaar

Heartfelt reply acknowledges mother's sacrifice and condemns erasure.

tumunu | tumunu

Closed adoptions can rob families of years together. 👏

yumvdukwb | yumvdukwb

Heartbroken teen accuses parents of cruelly hiding mom's death. NTA.

AethericOwl | AethericOwl

Empathetic comment supports 17-year-old's emotional maturity and boundaries. 👏

Eastern_Delay_3148 | Eastern_Delay_3148

Encouraging NTA comment suggests therapy for healing and advises to get to know bio mom's family.

Popular-Payment-4966 | Popular-Payment-4966

Empathetic reply to grieving teenager's plea for independence. 🙏

KailSaisei | KailSaisei

Grandchild calls out grandma for favoritism. 👏

Imaginary-Art8109 | Imaginary-Art8109

NTA. Reconnecting with your birth family is a positive experience. Your adoptive parents are selfish and pathetic for hiding the truth.

VulgarPandas | VulgarPandas

Heartfelt reply from someone who lost their mom as well.

laitnetsixecrisis | laitnetsixecrisis

Adopted person shows support towards 17-year-old who found out about family.

StarbuckWasACylon | StarbuckWasACylon

Sometimes it's best to just let go and move on 🙌

chortle-guffaw | chortle-guffaw

Heartfelt empathy for OP, sharing similar experience and offering support.

NHaitani | NHaitani

Encouraging response to NTA's desire to know bio family. 👍

Piali123 | Piali123

Bonus mom's insecurities hurt son. You deserve to know the truth. 👏

Careful-Laugh-2063 | Careful-Laugh-2063

User advises a teen to seek help from maternal grandparents. 👥

Grandmapatty64 | Grandmapatty64

Heartbreaking situation, but the OP is NTA. Stepfamily doesn't care.

No-Pop7740 | No-Pop7740

NTA. Family isn't just blood, it's anyone we love and sacrifice for 😊

TheManchuCandidate | TheManchuCandidate

Lacking empathy, selfish parents. NTA. You deserve a loving family. 💜

cheesychopstix | cheesychopstix

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