Family BANS Stripper from Wedding - Now She's BOYCOTTING Christmas! 😱🎄

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🎭 Get ready for a wild ride, folks! 🎢 Our leading lady went from a stressful white collar job to shaking her money maker as an exotic dancer! 💃 She loves her new gig, but things got awkward when she ran into a family member's man at the club. 😱 Now, with a wedding on the horizon, family drama is heating up hotter than a strip club stage! 🔥 Buckle up, because this story is about to get bumpy! 🎢

🙅‍♀️ From White Collar to Pole Dancing: A Career Change Story 💃

srirachanips | srirachanips

😱 Awkward Family Encounter at the Strip Club 🙈

srirachanips | srirachanips

🤐 Shhh... It's Our Little Secret 🤫

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👀 No Touching, Just Looking! 😏

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💒 Wedding Bells and Family Drama 🔔

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❓ The Mystery of the Spilled Secrets 🕵️‍♀️

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👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Parents Stand by Their Daughter 💕

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🤔 Feeling Bothered by Family's Reaction 😕

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💭 The Family's Unspoken Agreement 🤐

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❄️ Skipping the Family Christmas Gathering ☃️

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🤷‍♀️ Am I the A-hole for Avoiding Christmas? 🎄

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😱 Stripper Scandal Leads to Wedding Snub and Christmas Conflict! 🎄

Well, well, well... looks like our exotic dancer's past caught up with her in a big way! 😱 The family's reaction to her career choice has left her feeling more excluded than a kid picked last for dodgeball. 🙅‍♀️ First, she's snubbed from the wedding, then her siblings still attend without a care in the world! 😤 Now, she's skipping the family Christmas gathering, and suddenly everyone's all concerned about her absence. 🤔 The internet has some thoughts on this scandalous situation, and they're not holding back! 🗣️ Let's see what juicy responses await us... 🍿

Supportive comment defends stripper's exclusion from wedding and Bob's issues

Hazbomb24 | Hazbomb24

Defending the stripper and calling out family's double standards. 👏

tariland | tariland

Being a stripper doesn't make you the a**hole, NTA 👍

LelandHeron | LelandHeron

Calling out sexist double standards in wedding stripper ban. 💪

Odd_Task8211 | Odd_Task8211

Double standards at play in wedding stripper ban. #NTA

noncit | noncit

A stripper is banned from a wedding. NAH. Bride and groom decide.

slackerchic | slackerchic

Keep doing you! NTA. Don't let their judgment kill your vibe. 👍

midwest-honey | midwest-honey

Supportive comment. Stand up against hypocrites 👏

New-Comment2668 | New-Comment2668

A comment suggesting the issue may not be about stripping.

Usrname52 | Usrname52

NTA, family member excluded stripper but not male patron, hypocritical.

mynameisnotsparta | mynameisnotsparta

Stripped of wedding invite, boycotted Christmas due to hypocrisy.

HalcyonDreams36 | HalcyonDreams36

Cutting off toxic family is the way to go. 🙅‍♀️

AndSoItGoes24 | AndSoItGoes24

Don't take it personally, it's their wedding. Let it go. 🤷‍♀️

Antelope_31 | Antelope_31

Defending her profession and asserting her rights. NTA 👏

Nurse_1308_ | Nurse_1308_

Invited stripper banned from wedding, now boycotting Christmas. ESH.

cuervoguy2002 | cuervoguy2002

Don't assume your siblings banned you from Christmas too! 🤔

kipsterdude | kipsterdude

NAH in terms of attending Christmas with extended family. Don't hold grudges. 🎄

Kakfins | Kakfins

Respectful response to being excluded from family events.

DrummerAutomatic9523 | DrummerAutomatic9523

Support for stripper's decision to boycott Christmas after wedding ban.

Personal-Listen-4941 | Personal-Listen-4941

NTA. Love that your parents are ready to support you.

heyuinthebush | heyuinthebush

Double standards much? NTA for calling them out 👏

Inevitable-Slice-263 | Inevitable-Slice-263

Stripped from wedding, but family's attendance wasn't *about you* 😕

Elros22 | Elros22

Wedding drama leads to Christmas boycott. Family feud escalates 😱

ccrush | ccrush

Savage comment shuts down family drama. NTA wins.

CupertinoHouse | CupertinoHouse

Respectful guest reminds everyone of personal choices at weddings and holidays.

hello_reddit1234 | hello_reddit1234

Defending a stripper's actions at a wedding. 👏

hardcandy8923 | hardcandy8923

OP's family member defends bride's decision to ban her from wedding 💍

Jmovic | Jmovic

Ex-stripper banned from wedding for disrespecting bride, ESH.

Grrrmudgin | Grrrmudgin

User calls out misogyny and corporate greed in wedding drama.

JForKiks | JForKiks

Uncovering the truth: Did everyone really ban the stripper?

jbuckets44 | jbuckets44

Stripper judged unfairly for doing her job, hypocrisy exposed.

GoodIntelligent2867 | GoodIntelligent2867

Double standards? NTA, but strip clubs are weird 🤔

Nedonomicon | Nedonomicon

User is called out for being TA for boycotting Christmas 🎄

excel_pager_420 | excel_pager_420

User calls out stripper for overreacting to wedding invite snub.

ToxicEnabler | ToxicEnabler

Decide if family is worth it. Spend time with parents instead 🙌

Exotic-Praline4026 | Exotic-Praline4026

Groom's family bans stripper from wedding, bride wants exclusivity.

JJengaOrangeLeaf | JJengaOrangeLeaf

Respect their wedding rules, but you set the Christmas boundaries 👍


Supportive comment applauds stripper's talent and career choice. 👏

jersey8894 | jersey8894

Woman receives support for being banned from wedding for being a stripper.

Pretty_Fairy_Queen | Pretty_Fairy_Queen

Missed at wedding, called hypocrites, NTA. Drama queen?

DoIwantToKnow6417 | DoIwantToKnow6417

Occupation creates unfortunate situation, bride has a point 🙏

mspooh321 | mspooh321

Being a stripper is a job like any other. NAH.

Sailor_Venus_99 | Sailor_Venus_99

Supportive comment defends stripper's exclusion from family wedding.

sharkbiscut | sharkbiscut

Bob has the right to choose his wedding guests. 😊

vibe--cat | vibe--cat

Exclusion of stripper from wedding is unreasonable and sexist. NTA.

ginger_ryn | ginger_ryn

Wedding exclusion ≠ Christmas obligation. NTA, everyone has a choice. 🎄

Consistent-Ebb-3943 | Consistent-Ebb-3943

Keep the peace and enjoy the holiday season with family 🎄

Impossible-Action-88 | Impossible-Action-88

Assuming Beth's discomfort with stripper's past involvement in wedding.

manacle101 | manacle101

Being a stripper may trigger insecurity in some people's relationships. 🤔

bbutter55 | bbutter55

Embrace your body and hustle, don't let others shame you 💪💰

60s_girlie | 60s_girlie

NAH suggests telling extended family that job isn't something to be ashamed of.

Professional_Fee9555 | Professional_Fee9555

Body-shaming groom gets called out and deemed not the a**hole

Little_Penguin13 | Little_Penguin13

Empathetic response to unfair treatment and supporting independence. ✊

ugh_idfk | ugh_idfk

Respectful judgement on bride's decision. NAH.

iforgotmyedaccount | iforgotmyedaccount

Questions raised about exclusion from wedding and Christmas with family.

chula198705 | chula198705

A commenter defends the tradition of visiting strip clubs 🕺💃

unrepentantrebel | unrepentantrebel

Ex-stripper excluded from wedding, boycotting Christmas over family drama.

Suchafatfatcat | Suchafatfatcat

Untangling the nuances of exclusion from a family wedding 👀

Character-Toe-2137 | Character-Toe-2137

Consider if your family is really on board with this ban 😕

pppjjjoooiii | pppjjjoooiii

Exclusion at weddings can have consequences. NTA, but family drama.

Oneoldbird | Oneoldbird

User suggests groom might be a frequent strip club visitor 🤔

Subject-Driver8127 | Subject-Driver8127

Redditor acknowledges no one's the a-hole in wedding conflict

DiverFriendly4119 | DiverFriendly4119

Excluded stripper boycotts Christmas, says NTA. Drama continues 🎄👀

Pauscha580 | Pauscha580

NTA feels excluded from wedding, but may be reading too much into it. Encouraged family to attend anyway. Rise above and spend holidays with family.

gniwlE | gniwlE

Former stripper calls out hypocrisy and gives advice on confrontation.

TheScarlettLetter | TheScarlettLetter

Live your best life and show no guilt for your career! 😎

Acrobatic-Duck7738 | Acrobatic-Duck7738

Understanding the context behind the exclusion, NTA in situation.

DukeRains | DukeRains

Supportive parents win! NTA and no stripper drama at wedding! 👏

leviathianlaroux | leviathianlaroux

Pole dancing is a workout, but not allowed at weddings? 🤔

alicat0818 | alicat0818

Defending against double standards with sarcasm 😏

Midlife_Crisis_46 | Midlife_Crisis_46

NTA commenter calls out family for not calling absent member

Bhimtu | Bhimtu

Sex workers face double standards while customers go unscathed. 😒

IAmTheLizardQueen666 | IAmTheLizardQueen666

Supportive comment about family accepting exotic dancer sister.

Fancy_Introduction60 | Fancy_Introduction60

Ex-stripper excluded from wedding sparks outrage - NTA!

Useful-Anywhere3091 | Useful-Anywhere3091

Wedding drama spills over to Christmas dinner. NTA.

manilenainoz | manilenainoz

Family bans stripper from wedding, stripper boycotts Christmas 🎄

uberkintar | uberkintar

Standing up to family's double standards. Good for you! 👏

Zealousideal_Safe542 | Zealousideal_Safe542

NTA in the comment section understands the bride's decision but advises the stripper to move on and spend time with family 👍

MissJoey78 | MissJoey78

Family excludes stripper from wedding, asks for bigger person at Christmas

Wise-Ad8633 | Wise-Ad8633

Stripper excluded from wedding, boycotting Christmas due to unfortunate situation.

Jinx_X_2003 | Jinx_X_2003

Supportive comment shows empathy for OP's situation. 👍

WantToBelieveInMagic | WantToBelieveInMagic

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