Bride Tells Scarred Bridesmaid: Cover Up or DON'T COME 😤🚫

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🚨 Buckle up, folks! We've got a bridesmaid drama that's about to unfold! 💍 Meet our stunning protagonist, a 21-year-old woman with vitiligo and some fierce scars. 😍 She's embraced her unique look and is ready to rock any wedding... or so she thought! 😱 When her cousin's fiancée asked her to cover up for the big day, things took a wild turn! 🙊 Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions, because this story is about to get juicy! 🍿

🌟 Meet the Stunning Bridesmaid with a Unique Look! 😍

Numerous-Ambition-13 | Numerous-Ambition-13

😮 Scars Tell a Story, But They Don't Define Her! 💪

Numerous-Ambition-13 | Numerous-Ambition-13

🙌 Embracing Her True Self, No Matter What! 🌈

Numerous-Ambition-13 | Numerous-Ambition-13

💒 A Wedding Invitation Turns into a Surprising Request 😲

Numerous-Ambition-13 | Numerous-Ambition-13

👰 Bridesmaid Duties Come with a Catch... Cover Up Those Scars! 🤔

Numerous-Ambition-13 | Numerous-Ambition-13

😱 The Bride's Demands Escalate: Hide Your Skin Condition Too! 😠

Numerous-Ambition-13 | Numerous-Ambition-13

🤨 Covering Up Would Only Draw More Attention! 🔍

Numerous-Ambition-13 | Numerous-Ambition-13

🤷‍♀️ What's the Big Deal? Everyone Already Knows Me! 🤗

Numerous-Ambition-13 | Numerous-Ambition-13

💡 The Simple Solution: Can't Steal the Thunder if I'm Not There! 🚫

Numerous-Ambition-13 | Numerous-Ambition-13

😤 The Bride's Ultimatum: Cover Up or Don't Come at All! 😡

Numerous-Ambition-13 | Numerous-Ambition-13

🙅‍♀️ Standing Her Ground: I Won't Be Attending at All! 💪

Numerous-Ambition-13 | Numerous-Ambition-13

🤔 Swallow Your Pride for a Day? The Debate Continues... 🗣️

Numerous-Ambition-13 | Numerous-Ambition-13

😱 Bridesmaid Drops Out of Wedding Over Shocking Cover-Up Demands! 💍🚫

Well, well, well... looks like this bride-to-be has some serious control issues! 🙄 Our fierce protagonist was all set to rock her bridesmaid duties, scars and all, but the bride just couldn't handle her unique look. 😤 First, it was 'cover up the scars,' then it escalated to 'hide your skin condition too!' 😲 Talk about bridezilla much? 👰‍♀️🐉 Our girl stood her ground and said 'thanks, but no thanks' to the whole shebang! 🙅‍♀️ Now, the internet is divided - should she have just sucked it up for one day, or was she right to stand up for herself? 🤔 Let's see what the masses have to say about this juicy drama! 🍿

You do you! Don't let anyone dictate how you look 👏

Ok_Childhood_9774 | Ok_Childhood_9774

Cancel the wedding! NTA for skipping superficial bride's day 🚫

Famous_Specialist_44 | Famous_Specialist_44

Proudly owning your health condition, NTA. No dress code breach.

p9nultimat9 | p9nultimat9

Bridesmaid stands up against discrimination in wedding party 👏

Narkareth | Narkareth

Bridezilla alert! Commenter supports scarred bridesmaid and calls out bride.

neoprenewedgie | neoprenewedgie

Stand up for yourself, girl! 💪 You're NTA!

supremewuster | supremewuster

Victorian ball gown and mask: the perfect response 😂👌

quats555 | quats555

Bridesmaid with vitiligo claps back with petty revenge plans 😂

Pitiful-Solution9067 | Pitiful-Solution9067

NTA. Commenter criticizes bride's elitist attitude towards guests' appearances.

Books-and-a-puppy | Books-and-a-puppy

NTA commenter supports bridesmaid, calls out bride's narcissism and Dan's poor judgement 👍

Diasies_inMyHair | Diasies_inMyHair

Facing adversity: NTA receives support for standing up for herself.

Return_of_the_HoWaT | Return_of_the_HoWaT

Weddings reveal true colors. NTA for standing up for yourself 💪

lenajlch | lenajlch

Stand up for yourself! NTA for not catering to stigma 👏

LurkerByNatureGT | LurkerByNatureGT

Body shaming scars and vitiligo? Not cool, bridezilla. NTA wins.

Dogmother123 | Dogmother123

Bridesmaid is shallow, NTA for standing up to her demands.

FuzzyMom2005 | FuzzyMom2005

Vitiligo solidarity! NTA bride stands up to unreasonable demands 👏

TempusCrystallum | TempusCrystallum

Bride asked her to be a bridesmaid knowing her condition? 🤔

PNL-Maine | PNL-Maine

Empowering response to bridezilla's unreasonable request. Treat yourself 😎

Anxious-Routine-5526 | Anxious-Routine-5526

Bridesmaid excluded from wedding for scars, NTA for not attending 😠

Diligent-Comfort-191 | Diligent-Comfort-191

Sarcastic comment on strict aesthetic standards for wedding guests 😒

Joe_Ronimo | Joe_Ronimo

Supportive comment, refusing to attend wedding with superficial people 🚫

AdBrave5490 | AdBrave5490

Stand up for yourself and your scars, say NO 🚫

Gatodeluna | Gatodeluna

Body positivity wins over toxic beauty standards. NTA.

cheechassad | cheechassad

Stand up for yourself and don't accept mistreatment 💪

MaybeHughes | MaybeHughes

NTA bridesmaid's confidence inspires commenter, Laura needs to modernize 👏


Embrace your uniqueness, never change for someone else ❤️

Acceptable_Bunch_586 | Acceptable_Bunch_586

Defending the scarred bridesmaid, calling out superficial behavior 👏

Dittoheadforever | Dittoheadforever

NTA. Your friend does not respect your journey. Fuck that friend.

throwRA-nonSeq | throwRA-nonSeq

Stand up for yourself and drop out of the wedding party 💪

RebaKitt3n | RebaKitt3n

Supportive comment with inspiring story recommendation 🙌

lmmontes | lmmontes

Supportive spouse defends psoriasis-suffering husband from body-shaming bridezilla 💪

Maleficent-Sport1970 | Maleficent-Sport1970

Celebrate your uniqueness! NTA. 👏

KittKatt7179 | KittKatt7179

NTA stands up to cruel bridezilla and takes the high road 👏

theKinkypeanut | theKinkypeanut

Beautiful support for bridesmaid with vitiligo. 👏

DeatonationgGrenade | DeatonationgGrenade

Embrace who you are! Don't let anyone make you fake 👍

Own_Purchase1388 | Own_Purchase1388

Wedding aesthetic: the latest excuse to be a narcissist 😡

Additional-Gold790 | Additional-Gold790

Embrace your scars and ignore those who can't handle them! 👏

Melodic-Psychology62 | Melodic-Psychology62

Dress code requests should not involve body shaming 🚫

robjohnlechmere | robjohnlechmere

Embrace your uniqueness and drop out if you have to 💪

HogwartsTraveler | HogwartsTraveler

NTA comment predicts short-lived marriage, savage 😂

Moon_whisper | Moon_whisper

Bridezilla demands bridesmaid to hide scars or not come 😠

Ok_Procedure_5853 | Ok_Procedure_5853

Laura's behavior towards the bridesmaid is condemned by commenters.

Emperor-Gropgorp | Emperor-Gropgorp

Supportive comment suggests being petty and skipping wedding altogether 😜

I_love_Hobbes | I_love_Hobbes

Bridezilla alert! Commenter sympathizes with scarred bridesmaid. NTA 👰🤦‍♀️

Imaginary-Run-1717 | Imaginary-Run-1717

Vitiligo is beautiful. Definitely NTA 👏

man_with_3_buttocks | man_with_3_buttocks

Proud bridesmaid stands up for herself and her scars 👏

Lisa_Knows_Best | Lisa_Knows_Best

Supportive comment: Vitiligo husband had makeup-free weddings, NTA OP 👏

sammywhammy67 | sammywhammy67

Embrace yourself! NTA for not covering up your scars.

nickd457 | nickd457

Embrace your scars and differences, be proud of who you are 👏

IllustriousPickle657 | IllustriousPickle657

Support for the bridesmaid, condemnation for the bride and supporters 😡

Akasgotu | Akasgotu

Savage revenge idea for bridezilla, with a touch of humor 😂

ArcanaeumGuardianAWC | ArcanaeumGuardianAWC

Weddings shouldn't be about superficial demands, but celebrating love 💖

MuchAstronaut9932 | MuchAstronaut9932

Insensitive comments mocking disabled people, completely unacceptable 😠

TheWhogg | TheWhogg

Hilarious revenge makeup idea for scar-shamed bridesmaid 😂

AnonymooseVamoose | AnonymooseVamoose

Embrace natural beauty! Makeup isn't necessary to look beautiful 💕

nikaqueen | nikaqueen

Supportive reply to a NTA comment 👏

amandarae1023 | amandarae1023

NTA comment perfectly calls out bride's ableist behavior 🔥

DimSlug | DimSlug

Empowering response to bride's unacceptable behavior 💪

Illustrious_Leg_2537 | Illustrious_Leg_2537

Supportive commenter stands up for scarred bridesmaid. 👏

somewhat-sane-in-NYC | somewhat-sane-in-NYC

Skipping the wedding was the best solution! NTA 👏

Chance-Contract-1290 | Chance-Contract-1290

Empathetic comment supports bride who stood up for herself.

K-Ruhl | K-Ruhl

Basic respect and acceptance should be minimum from family and friends 🚫

dorafloradoodah | dorafloradoodah

Embrace your beauty! NTA stands up for vitiligo friend. 💃

Candyland_83 | Candyland_83

Embrace uniqueness, NTA commenter says 🙌

PuddleLilacAgain | PuddleLilacAgain

Embrace your scars, they make you unique! 👌

brieles | brieles

Empathetic response to bridezilla's demand for bridesmaid to cover up.

Tractorguy69 | Tractorguy69

NTA bridesmaid vs TA bridezilla and groom

Antelope_31 | Antelope_31

Bridesmaid claps back at intolerant bridezilla with savage burn 🔥

gloryhokinetic | gloryhokinetic

Empathetic comment shows support for bridesmaid and denounces discrimination 👏

SuspiciousTea4224 | SuspiciousTea4224

NTA. No one should have to cover up for a wedding 👏

Own_Lack_4526 | Own_Lack_4526

Strong language used to condemn bride's behavior. 👎

Goalie_LAX_21093 | Goalie_LAX_21093

Family should boycott the wedding for disrespect towards bridesmaid. 💪

jackb6ii | jackb6ii

Support for bridesmaid who refused to cover her scars 👏

shaunibauni | shaunibauni

Stand your ground and don't give in to unfair demands 💪

buttercupgrump | buttercupgrump

Demanding a bridesmaid to cover up scars is repugnant. NTA.

bluetinycar | bluetinycar

Bridezilla demands perfect looks from her bridesmaids 🙄. Stand your ground!

MombaHuyomba | MombaHuyomba

Standing up to toxic family is important 👊

NonamesleftUK | NonamesleftUK

Outrageous request to cover up scars; poster is NTA 😠

KimB-booksncats-11 | KimB-booksncats-11

Celebrate differences! 🎉 NTA comment supports bridesmaid's appearance.

gothiclg | gothiclg

Empathetic comment supports bridesmaid against insensitive bride 👏

Dry_Helicopter_2078 | Dry_Helicopter_2078

Wedding dress code shouldn't include scars. 👍

Multifaceted_Learner | Multifaceted_Learner

Wedding drama, but this commenter is living their best life 😎

Fredsundertheblanket | Fredsundertheblanket

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