Sister's DREAMS SHATTERED By Brother's UNTHINKABLE Behavior 💔😱

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🌆 Buckle up, folks! We've got a juicy family drama that's about to unfold! 🍿 Meet our 14-year-old protagonist, a city girl whose world was turned upside down by her brother's big mistake. 😱 She had it all in City X - friends, extracurriculars, and a bright future ahead. 🌟 But when her brother messed up big time, it set off a chain of events that led to a cross-country move and a whole lot of family tension. 😬 Now, she's stuck in a small town with no debate league and a brother she can't stand. 😡 Will she ever adjust to her new life, or will her frustrations boil over? 🌋 Let's dive in and find out! 👀

🌆 City Girl's World Turned Upside Down! 😱

donthateondebate | donthateondebate

😱 Brother's Big Mistake Ruins Everything! 🤦‍♂️

donthateondebate | donthateondebate

🙊 Problematic Actions Lead to Social Media Scandal! 📱

donthateondebate | donthateondebate

🏃‍♂️ Brother Claims He Can't Stay Due to Ruined Reputation! 😒

donthateondebate | donthateondebate

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Parents Get Sympathetic, Want to Protect His Future 🛡️

donthateondebate | donthateondebate

🚚 Family Moves to New City Without Consulting Me! 😠

donthateondebate | donthateondebate

🌇 New City Means Worse Schools and No Debate League! 😢

donthateondebate | donthateondebate

😊 Brother and Parents Happy, But I'm Miserable! 😞

donthateondebate | donthateondebate

🏆 My Promising Future in Extracurriculars Ruined! 💔

donthateondebate | donthateondebate

😡 Brother's Actions Drag Me Down Too! 🔗

donthateondebate | donthateondebate

🏠 Frustrations Build at Home 🌋

donthateondebate | donthateondebate

🍽️ Dinner Table Drama Erupts! 💥

donthateondebate | donthateondebate

😠 Sister Calls Out Brother's Past Actions 🗣️

donthateondebate | donthateondebate

🤬 Heated Exchange Leads to Name-Calling 😈

donthateondebate | donthateondebate

🙊 Dad Thinks College Won't Find Out 🤫

donthateondebate | donthateondebate

😤 Sister Threatens to Expose Brother's Past to Colleges 📧

donthateondebate | donthateondebate

😱 Family Feud Erupts Over Brother's Scandalous Past! 💥

Well, well, well... looks like this family is in for a wild ride! 🎢 Our sassy protagonist is fed up with her brother's past mistakes ruining her life. 😤 She's not afraid to call him out at the dinner table, even threatening to expose his scandalous actions to every college he applies to! 😈 Talk about sibling rivalry! 👊 Her parents are trying to keep the peace, but it seems like this drama is far from over. 🙊 Will they ever see eye to eye, or will this family feud continue to escalate? 🔥 The internet has some thoughts on this juicy situation, so let's see what they have to say! 🗣️

Encouraging advice for a teenager facing a tough situation 👍

r491 | r491

Empathetic commenter supports OP's decision, criticizes brother's behavior and parents' lack of accountability. 👏

lita313 | lita313

Sibling favored over sister by parents in college opportunities 😠

natyei | natyei

NTA, but mature advice for a 14-year-old facing consequences 👍

littlepunkbree | littlepunkbree

The importance of context in judging the situation. 🤔

aita-throwaya- | aita-throwaya-

Recognizing parents' flaws is great college app essay material! 🎓

sick_babe | sick_babe

Internet never forgets, even if ESH. Watch your online behavior! 👍

xanif | xanif

Supportive comment suggests going back to family for help 🙌

italy2986 | italy2986

Spreading rumors to seek revenge? Not the best solution 🤔

Odahviingnorok | Odahviingnorok

Blame on parents for not teaching responsibility. NTA for being upset 🙅

Vinushka23 | Vinushka23

Brother's actions could ruin his future. NTA for sister.

wind-river7 | wind-river7

NTA stands for Not The A-hole, but is he really?

Space_McFish | Space_McFish

Suffering from brother's actions, seeking help and support. 😢

QuitaQuites | QuitaQuites

Former debater calls out OP for entitlement and immaturity 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

A 16-year-old's racism shattered his sister's dreams 💔😱

spriteincan | spriteincan

NTA, parents not helping brother; find a way to thrive 👍

AQualityKoalaTeacher | AQualityKoalaTeacher

ESH. Racism = instant NTA for Reddit. OP sounds selfish.

khag24 | khag24

NTA for being mad, but YTA for threatening blackmail 🤯

BlamoBomb2299 | BlamoBomb2299

NTA, but don't send racist rant to colleges. Your brother sucks 🤢

GeneralFakename | GeneralFakename

Supportive comment, acknowledges mistake, wishes good luck. 👍

GoodGuyScooby | GoodGuyScooby

Brother's racist behavior leads to bullying and relocation. NTA.

pmw1981 | pmw1981

Overcoming adversity for college scholarships 🎓

jamboraai | jamboraai

14-year-old's broken promises cause family turmoil. YTA 😔

simjaang | simjaang

Parents move family without telling active child, punishing them for sibling's mistake. NTA.

ieya404 | ieya404

Revenge is a dish best served cold 😏

obsidian5889 | obsidian5889

Forgiveness is for YOU, not for them 🤔

ifyouonlyknew1 | ifyouonlyknew1

Moving sucks, but blackmail is not the answer. Seek help.

MsBaseball34 | MsBaseball34

Standing up to racism - zero tolerance 👊

IllustriousComplex6 | IllustriousComplex6

Finding a silver lining in a bleak situation. 👍

pntlesdevilsadvocate | pntlesdevilsadvocate

Threatening to sabotage brother's college plans crossed the line. YTA.

Dr_Fumblefingers_PhD | Dr_Fumblefingers_PhD

Don't sweat high school extracurriculars. They won't define you. 💪

Hunterofshadows | Hunterofshadows

Moving can be tough on kids, but NTA. Keep growing 👍

SammiKC | SammiKC

Helpful comment offers debate program resources for devastated sister 👍


14-year-old stands up to entitled brother, NTA 👏

NOLA1987 | NOLA1987

Fighting racism, standing up for family. NTA wins.

liveoutside_ | liveoutside_

Revenge is tempting, but is it worth it? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

ESH for threatening parents, more info needed about brother's behavior.

Rambo1stBlood | Rambo1stBlood

Suggests emancipation and moving back home after family drama. ESH.

USSCofficail | USSCofficail

Standing up against racism and family coddling 👊

Wizard072 | Wizard072

Supportive comment encourages exposing racist brother to schools 👏

btwn_here_n_there | btwn_here_n_there

Don't let hate hinder your own development 💪

manthb | manthb

Brother's wrongdoing unpunished, sister suffers. Parents to blame too. NTA

AussieBelgian | AussieBelgian

Petty but justified: 14 y/o sister wants justice for brother's behavior 😱

fartqueensupreme | fartqueensupreme

Understanding commenter supports OP's decision to leave home after conflict.

Vallhalla_Rising | Vallhalla_Rising

Focus on the positive, start a debate team, and prove him wrong! 💪

WolfKaiserin | WolfKaiserin

Brother's behavior excused by parents, future Republican justice predicted 😒

[deleted] | [deleted]

Encouragement and advice on starting a new team 👍

foreverjules | foreverjules

Threatening to sabotage your brother's future is not cool 😕

DominusLuxic | DominusLuxic

Home schooling could have been a better solution 👍

missbaby23 | missbaby23

Sibling's dreams crushed by brother's actions, parents' inaction 😢

MissionStatistician | MissionStatistician

Sibling rivalry at its finest. ESH in college sabotage feud.

Woogabuttz | Woogabuttz

Sibling solidarity against unfair punishment 👊

Tempest_of_Yiling | Tempest_of_Yiling

Navigating family turmoil and difficult decisions. 🤔

Jayn_Newell | Jayn_Newell

Calling out racist behavior on college applications. NTA 👏

XxhumanguineapigxX | XxhumanguineapigxX

YTA comment says 'grow up and move on' 👍

raginghonesty | raginghonesty

Fair deal for racist brother, and commiserating about canceled debate.

disgraciful | disgraciful

Offering support and solutions for a difficult situation 🙏

ProbablyNotAFrog | ProbablyNotAFrog

Sibling conflict resolved through understanding and communication 👌

wushko_pocoyu | wushko_pocoyu

Brother's racist behavior leads to ESH situation. Emailing colleges won't help.

bmar1050 | bmar1050

Boarding school could have been a solution. 🙏

TradieLady92 | TradieLady92

Take action! Email the colleges and start an activism club 💪

wwhhoovviiaann | wwhhoovviiaann

Life lesson learned: it sucks when dreams get shattered 😔👎

[deleted] | [deleted]

ESH - Lack of communication led to family breakdown. Both siblings selfish.

DoDoyesman | DoDoyesman

Parents fail to hold brother accountable, sister justified in actions 💥

Worgensgowoof | Worgensgowoof

Petty move after brother's bad behavior? ESH, grow up. 🤨

OptimalTrash | OptimalTrash

Parental favoritism breaks sister's dreams. NTA comment agrees.

stayorgo_ | stayorgo_

Brother's bad behavior punished sister, NTA stands up for herself 👏

young-mum2019 | young-mum2019

Parenting done right: Accountability over mercy 💪

lulushcaanteater | lulushcaanteater

Encouraging comment, suggests making the best of the situation 👏

IronFemale | IronFemale

Supportive comment calls out parents for enabling brother's behavior.

Hinataismyhero | Hinataismyhero

Sibling favoritism hurts, learn to be independent and strong 💪

spechtds | spechtds

Sibling rivalry at its finest. Prioritizing one's dreams or family?

HiddenxShadows | HiddenxShadows

Brother's actions have consequences, sister's future is bright 💪

casualLogic | casualLogic

Suggests non-email solution to ensure accountability and justice. NTA.

lionessbutthole | lionessbutthole

Use emotional manipulation to get parents on your side 🤪

insuranceotter | insuranceotter

Sister is NTA, feeling invalidated by parents' favoritism towards brother. 💔

lbbuggin87 | lbbuggin87

NTA receives criticism for threatening to sabotage brother's future prospects 😬

donutmcbonbon | donutmcbonbon

Don't give up on your dreams, explore other options 💪🏻

periwinkle_cupcake | periwinkle_cupcake

Sibling shares personal story to offer advice and hope ❤️

comingtogetyoubabs | comingtogetyoubabs

"I don't know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future". Encouraging words for a shattered dreamer.

waywardsister123 | waywardsister123

Brother favored, sister forced to move, seeks revenge by outing him.

ConfusedlyGirlish | ConfusedlyGirlish

Family behavior questioned and racial bias suspected. NTA.

girnny805 | girnny805

Former forensics/speech&debate kid suggests alternative options for success 👍

bitchthatwaspromised | bitchthatwaspromised

Encouraging reply on making the best of a bad situation 👍

ah00t13 | ah00t13

Expose entitled brother's behavior and spoil his future 📷🚫

[deleted] | [deleted]

Former debate team member sympathizes with NTA commentator

Whenitrainsitpours86 | Whenitrainsitpours86

Family needs counseling! Share thread to open parents' eyes. 👆

Dana07620 | Dana07620

Mixed feelings, but spreading his actions for personal gain is wrong 👎

TheMysticalBaconTree | TheMysticalBaconTree

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