They Enjoy Their Hot Tub Nude...And It's LEGAL! Neighbor Loses It 😠

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🛀 Imagine finally getting your dream home, complete with a cozy hot tub for those romantic late-night dips! 🌙 Sounds perfect, right? Well, not if you have a nosy neighbor who's hell-bent on ruining your nude soaking sessions! 😱 Buckle up, because this story is about to get steamy, and not just because of the hot tub! 🔥😅

🏡 New Home, New Hot Tub, New Problems! 😅

psychedelicorpsycho | psychedelicorpsycho

🌿 Privacy Precautions: Fences, Plants, and Projectors! 🙈

psychedelicorpsycho | psychedelicorpsycho

🎥 Projector Screen: Blocking Views and Enjoying Nudes! 😜

psychedelicorpsycho | psychedelicorpsycho

🌱 Neighborly Plant Barriers: Perfecting Our Private Paradise! 🍃

psychedelicorpsycho | psychedelicorpsycho

👵 Grumpy Granny Next Door: Screaming About Skinny Dipping! 😱

psychedelicorpsycho | psychedelicorpsycho

🚨 Threats of Cops and HOAs: Nosy Neighbor Won't Back Down! 😠

psychedelicorpsycho | psychedelicorpsycho

🌳 Surprise Visibility: Can They Really See Through the Greenery? 🤔

psychedelicorpsycho | psychedelicorpsycho

🍃 Marijuana Madness: Nosy Neighbor's Ongoing Obsession! 🙄

psychedelicorpsycho | psychedelicorpsycho

🌑 Tinted Screens and Projector Lights: A Revealing Combination? 💡

psychedelicorpsycho | psychedelicorpsycho

🛍️ Amazon to the Rescue: Dividers on the Way! 📦

psychedelicorpsycho | psychedelicorpsycho

🚨 Nude Hot Tub Drama: Nosy Neighbor Threatens to Call the Cops! 😱

So, our hot tub-loving couple thought they had it all figured out with their privacy precautions, but their grumpy granny neighbor just won't let them enjoy their birthday suits in peace! 🙈 Despite the legal backing and all the plants and fences, this nosy neighbor is determined to make their lives miserable. 😤 First, it was the marijuana confrontation, and now she's threatening to sic the cops and HOA on them for their nude soaking sessions! 🚨 Talk about a buzzkill! 😒 Let's see what the internet has to say about this steamy situation... 🌡️💭

Privacy matters: NTA for enjoying hot tub nude on property 😎

[deleted] | [deleted]

Nude in hot tub on own property, neighbor loses it 🤷‍♂️

Imgonnathrowawayy | Imgonnathrowawayy

Neighbor complains about nudity, commenter suggests calling her pervert. 😏

PopularRepublic9 | PopularRepublic9

Neighbor's spying leads to a creative and bold solution 😎

[deleted] | [deleted]

Legal expert explains neighbor's misinterpretation of indecent exposure statute.

justtenofusinhere | justtenofusinhere

Neighbor upset over legal nude hot tubbing, NTA but prepare for trouble 😠

Ciarallola | Ciarallola

Neighbor complains about privacy, suggests privacy screen and curtains.

whoisanyoneanyway | whoisanyoneanyway

Neighbor disputes legality of hot tub nudity 😳

[deleted] | [deleted]

Embrace the freedom! Nudity within your property is legal 👍

JustThisGuyYouKnow84 | JustThisGuyYouKnow84

Don't feed the trolls! Move on to r/rant 🙄

Ivan723 | Ivan723

Enjoy your legal hot tub nudity, don't let her control you 😎

burn_herostratus | burn_herostratus

Neighbor's spying makes NTA's nude hot tub session uncomfortable 😡

MorgainofAvalon | MorgainofAvalon

Hot tubbing in Florida: NTA or just too much heat? 🎶

Superstylin1770 | Superstylin1770

Neighbor complains about nude hot tub, commenter suggests humorous solutions.

SaltMarshGoblin | SaltMarshGoblin

Suggests dimming hot tub lights to avoid angry neighbor 😠

nippitybibble | nippitybibble

Neighbor accidentally sees nude neighbors, tells wife, all laughs. NTA.

Chasmosaur | Chasmosaur

Pregnant woman approves of nudity in hot tub, wants to join 😊

Ladyughsalot1 | Ladyughsalot1

Neighbor spying on nude hot tubbing, seeking advice on privacy

horsendogguy | horsendogguy

Privacy concerns: Commenter questions how neighbors see them nude 😳

jasminel96 | jasminel96

Enjoying nudity in public places: acceptable or not? 🤔

Ruralraan | Ruralraan

Neighbor accuses nude hot tubbers, but commenters defend NTA

AlaskanBiologist | AlaskanBiologist

Creative suggestion for projecting naked self on projector screen.

Turtledonuts | Turtledonuts

Skinny dipping? More like legal dipping! 💦

cchings | cchings

Consulting a lawyer could turn this around. Don't feel bad 🔍

ThatGuy_Gary | ThatGuy_Gary

Privacy concerns arise as neighbors disagree over hot tub nudity

LeviathanAteMyPrawn | LeviathanAteMyPrawn

Enjoy your hot tub naked, it's your property and legal! 🌡️👀

GabboTheCrabbo_ | GabboTheCrabbo_

Play naked badminton? 😏 NTA wins this neighbor feud.

EquivalentTwo1 | EquivalentTwo1

NTA comment shuts down cop-calling neighbor with 😑

Sabarini | Sabarini

Embrace your freedom and stand up to the puritanical bullies! 👊

Alien_with_a_smile | Alien_with_a_smile

Enjoying a hot tub in their birthday suits, legally. 😏

bewildered_tourettic | bewildered_tourettic

Nudity is legal in their hot tub. Threatening to expose peeping neighbor 😠

SheCodesAway | SheCodesAway

Peeping neighbor gets served justice. NTA prevails. 😍

HeapsFine | HeapsFine

Skinny dipping in the hot tub - NTA wins!

LeopardSpotDesign | LeopardSpotDesign

Neighbor complains about legal nude hot tubbing, commenter defends NTA.

Beibergurl69 | Beibergurl69

Mind your own business, take necessary precautions, NTA 👍

iamthenightrn | iamthenightrn

Mind your own business and let people enjoy their freedom 😎

Ski1990 | Ski1990

Naked truth: NTA, your yard, your rules. HOA + police.

bloodrose_80 | bloodrose_80

Florida resident defends nude sunbathing/swimming, calls out nosy neighbor 😎

Han_19 | Han_19

Let her be mad 🤷‍♀️ Your nudity doesn't affect her life.

Dry_Type | Dry_Type

Neighbor lady has too much time on her hands 😂 #NTA

GuidoLessa | GuidoLessa

Neighbor peeps at hot tub, gets called out and reported 😎

nebbles1069 | nebbles1069

Neighbor complains about nude hot tub, commenter says NTA 👀

ladyk1487 | ladyk1487

Encouraging retaliation to peeping Tom neighbor with humor 🤣

[deleted] | [deleted]

Nudists defend their hot tub, clap back at nosy neighbor 😎

martinigirl2004 | martinigirl2004

Neighborly drama over nude hot tubbing predicted on Reddit.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Neighbor caught peeping on nude hot tubbers, gets served justice 😎

deadhoe9 | deadhoe9

Nudity is legal and privacy maintained. NTA wins!

Vicith | Vicith

Neighbor complains about nude hot tub, but owner is NTA 👍

Obibrucekenobi | Obibrucekenobi

Precautions taken, but neighbor invested in binoculars? NTA 😎

TeamChaos17 | TeamChaos17

Neighbor upset over legal nudity in hot tub, NTA prevails 👏

Lucia37 | Lucia37

Neighbor upset about nude hot tubbers, commenter suggests solutions.

KkSquish17 | KkSquish17

Threaten to sue for harassment: A**hole neighbor problem solved 🙈

Theresajanehall | Theresajanehall

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