Woman DEMANDS Friend Pay FULL PRICE for TV He Accidentally Broke... Even Though It's On Sale! 😱💸

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🚨 Buckle up, folks! We've got a doozy of a story for you today! 🍿 Imagine this: you're at your bestie's housewarming party, having the time of your life, when suddenly... CRASH! 💥 In a drunken stumble, you've managed to destroy their brand spankin' new TV! 📺💔 Yikes! 😱 But wait, it gets even juicier! 👀 Stick around as we dive into this tale of friendship, money, and one heck of an awkward situation! 🙈

🍾 Drunken Disaster at Housewarming Party! 😱

Sea_Depth_6779 | Sea_Depth_6779

🤦‍♀️ Clumsy Catastrophe: TV Totaled! 📺💥

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🔍 Searching for a Solution: Sale Spotted! 🛍️💸

Sea_Depth_6779 | Sea_Depth_6779

💸 Money Matters: Friend Demands Full Price! 😤

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🤨 Fairness in Question: Same TV, Different Price? 🤔

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💪 Standing Her Ground: Pay What You Owe! 😠

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🤝 Resolution Reached: The Borrowed Money Mystery! 💰

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🙌 Friendship First: Paying in Full! 👭💸

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🤷‍♀️ Moving On: Letting It Go for Friendship's Sake! 🤗

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🍿 Internet Weighs In: Who's Right in this TV Drama? 🤔💭

Well, well, well! 👀 Looks like our clumsy protagonist has found themselves in quite the pickle! 🥒 Breaking your bestie's brand new TV? 😱 Talk about a party foul! 🙊 But the real drama starts when it comes to paying for the damage! 💸 Our dear friend tries to be a savvy shopper 🛍️, but the TV owner isn't having it! 😤 She wants the full price, sale be damned! 😠 But wait, there's a twist! 🤯 Turns out, she borrowed the money for the TV and just wants to pay back her debt! 💰 In the end, our protagonist decides to cough up the cash 💸 for the sake of their friendship! 👭 But what does the internet think about this wild ride? 🌐 Let's see what kind of spicy takes people are serving up! 🌶️🔥

Friend demands full price for broken TV, NTA. Friendship over?

Jenny_8675309_69 | Jenny_8675309_69

Friend replaced TV, but woman demands full price?! 🤷🏼‍♀️

CPolland12 | CPolland12

NTA! Friend demanding extra $80 for TV repair is trashy 💯

Immediate_Finger_889 | Immediate_Finger_889

User questions if missing information justifies friend's demand for payment.

Remarkable-World9396 | Remarkable-World9396

Friend demands full price for broken TV, commenter says NTA.

Disastrous-Entry8489 | Disastrous-Entry8489

Friend accidentally broke TV, sale ends today, woman still upset

saberzerqx | saberzerqx

Drunk friend breaks TV, offers to pay, but shouldn't demand replacement. 🤷‍♂️

214forever | 214forever

Friend asks for payment but OP finds lost game, phew!

Tall_Scholar_8597 | Tall_Scholar_8597

When discounts are involved, value the object not the discount 💰🚲

Justicia-Gai | Justicia-Gai

Miscommunication and moral dilemma over TV replacement cost. 🤔

yesnomaybenotso | yesnomaybenotso

Offer to buy new TV and help set it up 📺🍕

ElMachoGrande | ElMachoGrande

Friend breaks TV accidentally, woman demands full price. NTA responds.

Colanasou | Colanasou

Cheap friend demands free upgrade, NTA makes her whole. 👍

titsngiggles69 | titsngiggles69

Friend accidentally breaks TV, woman demands full price, NTA disagrees.

CrazyIslander | CrazyIslander

Breaking someone's brand new TV and not paying full price? YTA 🤬📺

Radiant_Fondant_4097 | Radiant_Fondant_4097

Replacing a broken TV and paying for it are different. YTA 😒

TxngledHeadphones | TxngledHeadphones

Don't drink and break TVs, YTA for trying to save $80 🤦‍♂️

MaddoxGoodwin | MaddoxGoodwin

Presumptuous friend demands TV replacement, but is YTA.

rheasilva | rheasilva

Pay what they paid. Don't be an a-hole for $80 🙄

inmatenumberseven | inmatenumberseven

Direct communication saves friendships! 👍🏻

Venus_Cat_Roars | Venus_Cat_Roars

Woman accused of scamming friend for a new TV 🤔💰

bopeepsheep | bopeepsheep

Friend accidentally breaks TV on sale, woman demands full price. NAH.

bonsaiaphrodite | bonsaiaphrodite

Replacing like for like. Friend shouldn't pay more. NTA 👍

spikefan180 | spikefan180

Pay what they paid originally, YTA. Judge Judy agrees 😒

Y2Flax | Y2Flax

Scammer friend exposed! NTA offers proof and saves drama 😎

NorthernLitUp | NorthernLitUp

Comparing the incident to a relatable scenario 😂👌

Glum-Philosophy-9487 | Glum-Philosophy-9487

Being financially responsible is key 💰

marhouheart | marhouheart

Petty friend demands full price for TV replacement. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Capt_Loko | Capt_Loko

NTA. Friend's stance on payment was inappropriate. What was her plan?

adeelf | adeelf

Borrower demands full price for TV, but NTA stands firm.

GruntledEx | GruntledEx

NTA for replacing TV, friend not TA for wanting full price

overtly-Grrl | overtly-Grrl

Owing money for a TV doesn't change because it's on sale 💸

holds | holds

Friend demands full price for TV even on sale, outrageous 🙄

New-Material-3503 | New-Material-3503

Replacing a broken TV with the same model is fair. 📺

catgirl-doglover | catgirl-doglover

Debate over fairness of friend's demand for full price 🤔

lonesomecowboynando | lonesomecowboynando

Being an honest friend is better than a refund 🤝💰

MerryKat416 | MerryKat416

Friend breaks TV, demands full price. Red flag for friendship 🚫

LevelStatistician270 | LevelStatistician270

Fair point, why should she pay more for the same TV?

Wyshunu | Wyshunu

Replacing the exact same TV is fair, friend's behavior questionable 😕

TatiannaAmari | TatiannaAmari

True friends don't demand payment for accidents 👭👍

CluelessMycoMan | CluelessMycoMan

A thoughtful response on friendship and paying for damages. 👍

borisslovechild | borisslovechild

Fair replacement value, NTA. Everything is fine 👌

Excellent-Count4009 | Excellent-Count4009

Owing a TV, not money. Lucky it wasn't bought full-price! 👍

Dittoheadforever | Dittoheadforever

Friend tries to take advantage, commenter says NTA. 👍

Tuga_Lissabon | Tuga_Lissabon

Morally responsible, legally covered. Friend owes nothing. 👍

squigs | squigs

Friend accidentally breaks TV, NTA offers to buy new one

keesouth | keesouth

Replacing the exact same model is the right thing to do 💪 NTA

JaydedXoX | JaydedXoX

Helpful advice! No a**hole here.

AngeliqueRuss | AngeliqueRuss

User calls out OP as TA for not compensating friend's inconvenience.

ixlovextoxkiss | ixlovextoxkiss

Buy the TV and give it to her. You're NTA. 🤷‍♀️

jello451 | jello451

Helpful friend saves time and money, evensies for TV mishap 👍

KnotARealGreenDress | KnotARealGreenDress

Friend accidentally broke TV. Woman demands full price. NTA says commenter.

BuffaloRedshark | BuffaloRedshark

Buy the TV, return if she refuses. Drop her as friend 👋

bethmack72 | bethmack72

Defending a friend's cheaper replacement TV purchase. 👍

Iphacles | Iphacles

Navigating the tricky terrain of friendship and liability 🤔

Zetavu | Zetavu

Legal advice: Pay for used TV of similar age/condition.

Oompa_Lipa | Oompa_Lipa

Being understanding about settling debts is the way to go! 👍

birthday-caird-pish | birthday-caird-pish

A fair compromise? Friend considers extra $80 inconvenience fee 💰

xcarex | xcarex

Update changes verdict, sensible communication and payment made. Adults adulting 👏

speakingtoidiots | speakingtoidiots

Accusation of friend's dishonesty over broken TV payment. NTA.

handsofglory | handsofglory

Friend might return broken TV after demand to pay full price 🤔

OukewlDave | OukewlDave

Friend questions if TV purchase was staged for return scam.

rush_hours | rush_hours

NTA to NAH: Responsible decision with a happy ending 🙂

threeaxle | threeaxle

User calls out the friend's scammy behavior and advises caution 🤔

Drustan6 | Drustan6

Replacing the TV makes them whole, NTA. 👍

InternationalFan2782 | InternationalFan2782

Replace the TV, but maybe reconsider this friendship. 🤔

South_Front_4589 | South_Front_4589

Fairness questioned over TV price in NTA comment.

jma7400 | jma7400

Replacing same model TV, friend not obligated to pay. NTA 👍

Fit-Profession-1628 | Fit-Profession-1628

Friend accidentally broke TV, now woman demands full price. NTA.

Fit_random | Fit_random

Is Sony involved in this drama? 🤔

Pinkninja11 | Pinkninja11

Replacing exact model: fair offer. Minimal inconvenience. She's icky.

Ladyughsalot1 | Ladyughsalot1

Friend accidentally broke TV, entitled to be made whole. NTA.

Steelrain121 | Steelrain121

Offering to pay for replacement cost is fair and reasonable 😊💰

TheRiddler1976 | TheRiddler1976

Not the a**hole for buying a replacement TV of same brand.

Longjumping_Win4291 | Longjumping_Win4291

Buy her the TV, fix what you broke. NTA 👍

CasWay413 | CasWay413

Friend accidentally breaks TV, pays for it, but entitled woman demands more. NTA.

somecallme_doc | somecallme_doc

Stand your ground and don't let her guilt trip you. NTA 👍

Broad_Respond_2205 | Broad_Respond_2205

NTA suggests buying TV or waiting for sale, and ending friendship. 🤪

bsmiles07 | bsmiles07

Replacing TV like for like is fair. No extra money owed. 👌

Misstish94 | Misstish94

NTA for replacing the same TV model. Friend is TA.

HankThrill69420 | HankThrill69420

Friend demands full price for TV replacement, NTA stands by.

Makingprogress | Makingprogress

Sometimes $80 is all it takes to find out. 🤷‍♂️

MarginalGreatness | MarginalGreatness

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