He Wants Her SKINNIER...So He Told Her to Do the UNTHINKABLE 😠

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🚨 Buckle up, folks! We've got a juicy tale of love, weight loss, and a boyfriend who might just be a few fries short of a Happy Meal. 🍟 Meet our 19-year-old heroine, who's been battling the bulge since forever. 💪 She's no stranger to the yo-yo dieting game, but this time, her beau's 'helpful' suggestions have left her feeling more than a little hungry for answers. 😋 Is he a caring partner or a calorie-counting creep? 🤔 Let's dive in and find out! 🍿

🚨 Trouble in Paradise: Boyfriend Suggests Starving for Love 😱

Routine_Reporter_390 | Routine_Reporter_390

💪 From Fab to Flab: High School Weight Loss Journey 🍔

Routine_Reporter_390 | Routine_Reporter_390

😰 Stress Eating Strikes Back: Pounds Pile On 🍫

Routine_Reporter_390 | Routine_Reporter_390

🤔 To Eat or Not to Eat: Current Calorie Conundrum 🥗

Routine_Reporter_390 | Routine_Reporter_390

😋 Foodie at Heart: Eating Without Overeating 🍝

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🙅‍♀️ Compliments or Lies? Insecurity Creeps In 😔

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😲 Boyfriend's Shocking Suggestion: Starve Yourself Skinny! 😠

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💔 Love or Starvation? Questioning Boyfriend's Care 🤨

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⚠️ Update: Boyfriend's 500 Calorie Meal Plan 😳

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💧 Hungry? Just Drink Water, He Says! 🙄

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😕 Boyfriend's Apology: Just Trying to Help? 🤷‍♂️

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🤔 Did I Overreact? Second Guessing Myself 😣

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😱 Boyfriend's Starvation Suggestion Leaves Girlfriend Hangry for Answers! 🍔

Well, well, well... looks like our girl's boyfriend has some pretty 'interesting' ideas about weight loss. 🙄 Apparently, the key to shedding those pesky pounds is to just stop eating altogether! 😲 Brilliant, right? 🤦‍♀️ But wait, it gets better! If hunger strikes, just chug some water and you'll be fine. 💧 Hmm... something tells me this guy might not be the sharpest tool in the shed. 🔧 Our heroine poured her heart out, sharing her past struggles with food and body image, but boyfriend dearest just wants her to be 'happy' (read: skinny). 😒 Now, she's left wondering if she overreacted. 🤔 What do you think, internet? Is this a case of tough love or just plain old dumb advice? 🗳️ Let's see what the masses have to say! 🌍

Dump the boyfriend, seek help from a dietitian and therapist 🙏

Odd_Temperature_3248 | Odd_Temperature_3248

Dump the weight, not yourself, you deserve better 💪

Quick_like_a_Bunny | Quick_like_a_Bunny

Dump him now! His behavior is creepy and unhealthy 😠

Trailsya | Trailsya

Body-shaming boyfriend? Dump him, love yourself! 👏

Bleh10290 | Bleh10290

Break it off directly instead of silent treatment. NTA 👏

Inner-Apple9740 | Inner-Apple9740

Body shaming and pressuring to lose weight? 🚩 Get out!

penandpage93 | penandpage93

Former ED sufferer empathizes with OP, calls out BF's behavior 👏

FunEducation5859 | FunEducation5859

Body shaming? Time to dump him! NTA 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Dump him! Your health is more important than his body standards 💪

Kgates1227 | Kgates1227

Don't settle for someone who feeds on your insecurities 🙏

pipistrello_di_bosco | pipistrello_di_bosco

Empowering response to controlling weight comment. 💪🏻

celticmusebooks | celticmusebooks

Don't starve yourself for this jackass 😠

waywardcowboy | waywardcowboy

Encouraging response to unhealthy relationship and potential health concern 🙏

Spirited_Complex_903 | Spirited_Complex_903

Dump him and find someone who appreciates you as you are 👏

Angelbearsmom | Angelbearsmom

Dump the toxic boyfriend and prioritize a healthier lifestyle 💪

jquailJ36 | jquailJ36

Love yourself first! Dump him if he can't accept you. ❤

Hilarious_UserID | Hilarious_UserID

Body-shaming and controlling behavior. NTA, leave him 😠

shybre_22 | shybre_22

Fasting = weight loss. NTA suggests effective, healthy approach. 💪

RedZoneRocks | RedZoneRocks

Defending fasting as a healthy weight-loss option. YTA not clear.

Vlamzee | Vlamzee

Intermittent fasting ≠ starving. First world problems, SMH Americans 🙄

FelineSoLazy | FelineSoLazy

Empathetic comment encourages self-love and respecting boundaries. 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

It's okay to feel insecure about your body, but don't give up on your relationship over this. He probably just wants to help.

Intelligent-Bar2532 | Intelligent-Bar2532

Shaming someone's weight is never okay 😡

Individual-Code5176 | Individual-Code5176

Encouraging reply from someone who's been there, urging to leave him 💪

sonellia | sonellia

OMAD as a reasonable long-term diet strategy 💪

Opposite_Banana_2543 | Opposite_Banana_2543

BMI controversy sparks transatlantic debate in comments 🤔

Veritas_NL | Veritas_NL

Body shaming disguised as preference is a red flag 😠

QueenAlpaca | QueenAlpaca

Body shaming and encouraging disordered behavior is a red flag 😠

Significant_You6221 | Significant_You6221

Self-love is key, seek therapy for a healthy perspective. NTA ❤

Traditional_Zone_913 | Traditional_Zone_913

Don't stick around for someone who wants you unhealthily skinny 😡

PaoloMix09 | PaoloMix09

Body shaming boyfriend - she deserves someone who loves her unconditionally 💕

Recent_Data_305 | Recent_Data_305

Dump the piece of s**t and seek professional help. 😢

vapemustache | vapemustache

Body positivity and self-love over toxic relationship demands 👏

liquorishkiss | liquorishkiss

Dump the trash bf and focus on healthy habits 💪

Momma041923 | Momma041923

Controlling what you eat is a red flag for abuse 👍

AntheaBrainhooke | AntheaBrainhooke

Leave that toxic relationship. You deserve better. 💪

sunsetdreams1013 | sunsetdreams1013

Supportive comment against unhealthy weight loss and toxic behavior.

JadeM785 | JadeM785

Dump him and find someone who loves you for you! 👌

Browneyedgal21 | Browneyedgal21

Empathetic response to toxic behavior, encourage leaving the relationship. 😔💔

lumpy_space_queenie | lumpy_space_queenie

Embrace your body and don't settle for toxic standards 👏

Electronic-Cod-8860 | Electronic-Cod-8860

Body-shaming isn't the answer. Healthy habits and self-love are 🙌

Spookywanluke | Spookywanluke

Dump him! Your worth is not determined by the scale 😠

Outrageous-Echidna58 | Outrageous-Echidna58

Dump him and ghost him! Starvation is dangerous! You're NTA 😠

NearbyDark3737 | NearbyDark3737

Fasting isn't starvation, but watch out for liquid calories 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Fasting can be healthy, but don't let anyone shame you.

YamLatter8489 | YamLatter8489

Educate your ignorant boyfriend or leave the toxic relationship 😠

AccidentalGoddess13 | AccidentalGoddess13

Engaging and informative reply with weight loss tips 👏

Wyerough | Wyerough

NTA, leave the guy. He values aesthetics over your health 😠

FairyFartDaydreams | FairyFartDaydreams

Dump his a** and hit the gym for a happier you 😎💪

still_learning101 | still_learning101

Don't let anyone bring you down. Seek help if needed. 🙏

salty_bae | salty_bae

Dump the loser and have a snack! You deserve better 😏

Aspen9999 | Aspen9999

Stand up for yourself and your health, but consider clarification.

Evil_Angel666 | Evil_Angel666

Don't starve yourself for a guy who wants to change you 😡

sassy-queen-00 | sassy-queen-00

Body-shaming boyfriend is a huge loser, don't starve yourself 👍

socleveroosernayme | socleveroosernayme

Body shaming? Nah. Red flags? Absolutely. 👍

noreenathon | noreenathon

Dump him! He's the a-hole for body-shaming 😡

MovieNightPopcorn | MovieNightPopcorn

Toxic ex pushed her into disordered eating, glad she left 🙏

arrowfly | arrowfly

Don't listen to him! You're perfect just the way you are 👌🏻 ditch the loser 👎🏻

Shadowe666 | Shadowe666

Navigating insecurity and weight loss concerns, with a possible a**hole 🤔

RopelessHomantic11 | RopelessHomantic11

Encouraging response to body-shaming partner with self-care advice 👏

Annabeth_chase037897 | Annabeth_chase037897

Find real love. Let him go and never understand it 💖

amianangel | amianangel

Dump the toxic boyfriend and keep your healthy weight. 👏

LitChickFree | LitChickFree

Body shaming? NTA reminds her to love herself 💕

Ema1983 | Ema1983

Take care of your body and break up with toxic partner 👏

peachyparaiso | peachyparaiso

Supportive comment recommends checking with a doctor for healthy weight.

EmberSolaris | EmberSolaris

Dump him! 🚮 Don't change for someone who can't accept you. 💪

PapaBearDM | PapaBearDM

Dump the BF! 🚮 His behavior is abusive and manipulative.

Spooniejw | Spooniejw

Dump the loser! Doctor warns against eating disorder 🚫

Indigenous_badass | Indigenous_badass

Encouraging comment reminds woman to prioritize self-love ❤️

TumbleweedAntique672 | TumbleweedAntique672

Dump him and find someone who appreciates your healthy weight 👏

dutchessmandy | dutchessmandy

Dump him! 👋 You don't need that negativity in your life. 🙄

LadyGenevieve19 | LadyGenevieve19

Body-shaming is never okay, stand up for yourself 💪

TastyEar3568 | TastyEar3568

Body shaming disguised as a preference 😠

Mysterious-Bee-8906 | Mysterious-Bee-8906

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