I Supported Her For 15 Years...Now THIS? 💔😠

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Buckle up, folks! 🚨 We've got a juicy story of love, art, and financial woes that'll have you on the edge of your seat! 😱 After 15 years of marriage, this couple is facing a shocking divorce request... but with a twist! 🎭 The wife wants to split but keep her soon-to-be ex-wife around to foot the bills! 💸 Is our protagonist being taken for a ride, or is there more to this story? 🤔 Let's dive in and find out! 🏊‍♀️

💔 15 Years and a Shocking Divorce Request 😱

InColour-0331 | InColour-0331

🎨 Supporting Her Dreams... at What Cost? 💸

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🌟 Encouraging Her Passion, Even When Times Got Tough 🙌

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🎉 Finally, a Steady Job in 2021! But Wait... 😬

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🏠 Rent Struggles and a Mountain of Bills 📉

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🌊 Staying Afloat During Tough Times 💪

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👨‍👩‍👦 Raising Twins in a Household of Adults 🏡

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🚪 Is It Fair to Stay After the Divorce Bombshell? 💣

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💔 The Pain of Staying in a House Full of Memories 😢

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🛋️ Her Solution: Sleep on the Couch! 😴

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💸 The Real Reason: Keeping the Gravy Train Going? 🚂

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🏃‍♀️ AITAH for Wanting to Move Out Without Telling Her? 🤐

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Divorce Drama: Should She Stay or Should She Go? 🎶

What a pickle our protagonist finds herself in! 😬 After supporting her wife's artistic dreams for years, she's now facing a divorce and a request to stay put and keep paying the bills! 💸 Is this a case of a freeloader trying to keep the gravy train going, or is there more to the story? 🤔 Our leading lady is torn between the pain of staying in a house full of memories and the fear of leaving her wife high and dry. 😢 It's a classic case of 'damned if you do, damned if you don't'! 🙈 Let's see what the internet has to say about this messy situation! 🌐

NTA for wanting to move out after divorce. 🚚💨

jdz-615 | jdz-615

Document everything and cover your a**. Be careful! 😱

Haunting_North4679 | Haunting_North4679

15 years of support without intimacy, time to move on 💸👋

south3y | south3y

Marriage dissolved, time to cut business ties 👍

Force_WR1 | Force_WR1

Consider staying on good terms for asset splitting or alimony. 💰

tsunamisurfer35 | tsunamisurfer35

NTA. Wife's freeloading and lies insult your intelligence 👏

Aggressive-Peace-698 | Aggressive-Peace-698

Ex-wife wants a divorce but still wants you to pay? NTA 😂

Bizzzzzzzzyyyyy | Bizzzzzzzzyyyyy

Being friends with ex after divorce: To be or not to be? 🤔

OrganicFrost | OrganicFrost

Burn the bridge with her. She's using you as ATM 👍🏻

Zoe2805 | Zoe2805

Divorce advice or petty revenge? 💸🤔

knight9665 | knight9665

Protect yourself and your kids, seek legal advice. Good luck! 🤞

AllTheTakenNames | AllTheTakenNames

Divorce advice from a law professional. Stay organized and methodical. 👍

TangledUpPuppeteer | TangledUpPuppeteer

Consult a lawyer, don't end up in hot water! 👍🏻

Visible-Bicycle4345 | Visible-Bicycle4345

Divorcing for money? Not the a-hole for leaving her.

UnusualPotato1515 | UnusualPotato1515

Don't be fooled by greed, prioritize your happiness 🙏

MansplainBuddha | MansplainBuddha

Divorce advice and support. Get a lawyer and find peace. 💪

Hour-Requirement6489 | Hour-Requirement6489

Divorcing spouse seeks separation; commenter advises seeking legal counsel and space.

Jokester_316 | Jokester_316

Think twice before buying or renting anything after divorce 👍

Squirrelmasta23 | Squirrelmasta23

Outrageous demand, but leaving suddenly would be dickish 😕

Melodic-Lawyer4152 | Melodic-Lawyer4152

Advice on moving on after a betrayal. 👍

jayjaykmm | jayjaykmm

Cut ties and cancel bills: NTA's practical advice 👍

murphy2345678 | murphy2345678

Plan an exit strategy and see a lawyer for divorce.

JustAGirl704 | JustAGirl704

Leave the toxic relationship and go live your best life! 👏

mcmurrml | mcmurrml

Moving out without telling her? NTA, it's your decision 😊

CreditThis9963 | CreditThis9963

Divorce advice for men: NTA, get a lawyer ASAP 👍

Radishspirit01 | Radishspirit01

Disbelief and skepticism towards the post's authenticity. 🤔

en3mi | en3mi

Questioning the productivity of two 22-year-olds 🤔

MysteriousFootball78 | MysteriousFootball78

Protect yourself financially: lawyer up before moving out 💪🏻

gentlemancaller2000 | gentlemancaller2000

Leave her, get a lawyer, and file for custody 👊

tmink0220 | tmink0220

Encouraging words and practical advice for a heartbroken man. ❤️

Glittering-Major-492 | Glittering-Major-492

Moving out without warning: NTA, but friendship over.

Elvaanaomori | Elvaanaomori

Empathetic comment encourages leaving toxic relationship. 👏

countytime69 | countytime69

Protect yourself first! 🛡️ NTA and good advice given.

Squibit314 | Squibit314

Divorce advice: consult lawyer, plan finances, keep quiet. NTA.

mistyweather | mistyweather

Time to find a cute little place for your peace 😊

Blue-Phoenix23 | Blue-Phoenix23

Sugar daddy no more! NTA for moving out and cutting ties.

Curious0597 | Curious0597

Putting yourself first after 15 years. NTA. 👊

Pitmus | Pitmus

Protect yourself with legal help, not emotions. 💪🏻

Cratonis | Cratonis

Moving out without notice: NTA, but do give a heads-up 👍

Gregshead | Gregshead

Protect yourself legally before leaving. Get a good lawyer 💪

Prodigalsunspot | Prodigalsunspot

Abandoned wife gets everything according to the court. 👍

Shooter61 | Shooter61

NTA. Beware of 'best friend' manipulation. Consult lawyer ASAP. 😠

Independent_Low614 | Independent_Low614

Don't be a sucker paying for someone else's living ✌🏽

biggdogg2019 | biggdogg2019

When you almost embarrass yourself with a dumb comment.

GunsnGolf | GunsnGolf

Divorce advice for a hesitant spouse 👌

Dianachick | Dianachick

Get out now. She's using you and not a true friend. 💔

Witchynightstar | Witchynightstar

Escape the web of manipulation of a narcissistic partner. 👏

Friendly-Western-677 | Friendly-Western-677

NTA. Divorce her and find peace without her 👏

ApprehensiveAnt4862 | ApprehensiveAnt4862

Financially stable roommates? NTA, it's time to move out.

Birdie121 | Birdie121

Ex-wife asks for money after divorce, commenter supports her. 👍

Fugglesmcgee | Fugglesmcgee

Get legal advice before leaving for best situation. 👨‍💻📝

Various_Cricket4695 | Various_Cricket4695

Fierce response against supporting a 'parasite' ex-wife. 👊

Walder_Fr3y | Walder_Fr3y

Blunt advice: Leave the selfish partner, save yourself 👍

Panda_official2713 | Panda_official2713

Don't take legal advice from your opponent. Contact a lawyer 👨🏻‍💺

iloveforeverstamps | iloveforeverstamps

NTA: Marriage for money? She can live without joint account 💯

aotimes4 | aotimes4

Divorce means freedom. Move out and gain peace. NTA 👏

Haunting-Traffic-203 | Haunting-Traffic-203

Consider legalities before being left with expenses and no home. 👍

corradizo | corradizo

Advice to move out and communicate like an adult 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Move on, don't let anger consume you. 🙏

SignificantRange2512 | SignificantRange2512

Escape the toxicity and hit the gym 🙌🏻

elucidir | elucidir

Protect yourself legally! Get a lawyer and don't trust her. 💪

Lucky-Individual460 | Lucky-Individual460

Partner suspected of cheating, comment advises to kick her out.

jw00lsey | jw00lsey

Prioritizing mental health and boundaries, NTA chooses freedom.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Money shouldn't be the reason to stay in a broken marriage 💔💸

Cotehill | Cotehill

Seek legal advice ASAP to protect yourself and your assets! 👍🏻

[deleted] | [deleted]

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