He Chose Champagne & Heart-Shaped Beds Over Family... WTF?! 😠😳

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Buckle up, folks! 🚨 We've got a juicy tale of couples retreat drama that's sure to get your blood boiling! 😠 Meet our 29-year-old heroine, a mom of two, who's been with her 30-year-old boyfriend for four years. 💑 When an exciting invitation to a couples retreat lands in their laps, she's thrilled! 🎉 But wait... there's a catch! 😱 Finding a babysitter proves to be mission impossible, and her boyfriend's family can't come to the rescue either. 😞 So, what happens when she wakes up to find him packing his bags at 5 AM? 😲 Let's dive into this emotional rollercoaster ride and see how it all unfolds! 🎢

🚨 Couples Retreat Drama Alert! 😱

throwaway939411 | throwaway939411

🏖️ Exciting Invitation: Couples Retreat! 💑

throwaway939411 | throwaway939411

🕰️ Countdown to Retreat Day! ⏳

throwaway939411 | throwaway939411

😞 Babysitter Hunt: Mission Impossible? 🔍

throwaway939411 | throwaway939411

🆘 Boyfriend's Family to the Rescue? 🤞

throwaway939411 | throwaway939411

🤔 No Sitter, No Retreat... Right? 🙅‍♀️

throwaway939411 | throwaway939411

😲 Surprise! Boyfriend's Packing at 5 AM! 🧳

throwaway939411 | throwaway939411

😠 Confrontation: Does He Even Want Me There? 🤬

throwaway939411 | throwaway939411

🙄 Boyfriend's Blunt Response: "If you wanted to go..." 😒

throwaway939411 | throwaway939411

📸 Rubbing Salt in the Wound: Suite Pics! 😭

throwaway939411 | throwaway939411

😒 Passive-Aggressive Text Exchange Begins! 📱

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🔥 Heated Texts: "You're being an a**hole!" 😡

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🤔 AITA for Getting Upset? 🙋‍♀️

throwaway939411 | throwaway939411

🔥 Couples Retreat Turns into Heated Text Battle! 📱😡

Our heroine is left reeling when her boyfriend decides to go on the couples retreat without her, despite her inability to find a babysitter for her kids. 😢 Tensions rise as he sends her pics of his lavish suite, complete with flower petals, champagne, and a heart-shaped bed. 😒 A passive-aggressive text exchange ensues, with accusations of being "clipped" and an "a**hole" flying back and forth. 😠 As the drama reaches a boiling point, our protagonist is left wondering: is she the a**hole for getting upset that he went without her? 🤔 The internet is about to weigh in on this emotional rollercoaster ride! 🎢 Get ready for some sizzling hot takes and jaw-dropping reactions! 🔥😲

Partner chose champagne & heart-shaped bed over family, commenter says NTA 😍

brimberly | brimberly

Selfish partner chooses luxury over family, commenter suggests leaving him. 🙌

LittleWinn | LittleWinn

OP expected too much, but partner could have communicated better 🙏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Partner went on retreat for partners and didn't take you? 🚩

Cat_2025 | Cat_2025

Poor communication leads to family drama and heart-shaped beds. 🤦‍♂️

WanderingWedding | WanderingWedding

Respectful YTA comment with advice for both parties 💔

LeaguePillowFighter | LeaguePillowFighter

Partner chooses romance over family, commenter calls out behavior.

alongstrangesomethin | alongstrangesomethin

User calls out OP for expecting too much from partner

RRiverRRising | RRiverRRising

No sitter, no problem? ESH but poor reaction to guilt 😭

shesavillain | shesavillain

Partner chooses luxury over family, comment calls out entitlement 🤔

niteray | niteray

Is he avoiding asking his family for favors? 🤔

wildkat4 | wildkat4

Mom wants grandma to watch kids for four days, calls her deadbeat.

BaoziCheeks | BaoziCheeks

Perception vs reality: When does dating become a family affair?

dane_crane | dane_crane

Responsibility for finding a sitter falls on you, YTA.

ThrowRAsadfriend5 | ThrowRAsadfriend5

User suggests everyone sucks as both sides lack communication 🙄

sumoraiden | sumoraiden

Arranges childcare for kids that aren't his, but ESH for entitlement.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Romantic retreats are for pairs, not a third wheel. NTA.

EmmalouEsq | EmmalouEsq

Partner chooses romantic retreat over family, commenter offers sympathy and self-care tips.

HeartpineFloors | HeartpineFloors

OP's husband prioritizes romance over family, but ESH.

teskeboje | teskeboje

Pre-paid trip, NAH/YTA. He wanted a friend to come. 🤷‍♀️

Soundless_Pr | Soundless_Pr

Savage response to solo couples' retreat. 🤣

juniperberry52 | juniperberry52

Entitled OP receives YTA judgment, commenter suggests boyfriend break up

ThrowRAsadfriend5 | ThrowRAsadfriend5

Partner shirking parental responsibilities, NTA for being upset 😠

[deleted] | [deleted]

Partner chooses romance over family, but who's the real AH?

PrivateNoLlamaDrama | PrivateNoLlamaDrama

Don't be selfish, let him enjoy the trip without you. YTA 🙄

themediumchunk | themediumchunk

Defending a man's weekend away from family sparks debate 🤔

dogmom12589 | dogmom12589

Partner's solo retreat: red flag for valuing 'alone time'.

mdhewitt1978 | mdhewitt1978

When your partner doesn't consider your kids as family 🤷‍♀️

flxwrx | flxwrx

Partner chooses champagne & heart-shaped beds over family, sends passive-aggressive photos. NTA

laurakershaw | laurakershaw

Looking for a partner who wants to go on couples weekend 😍

JeepNaked | JeepNaked

Speak up and clarify assumptions to avoid heartache later 👍

ProudBoomer | ProudBoomer

Don't breakup at the drop of a hat, YTA but not AH 💔

dammahomelihpodep | dammahomelihpodep

Parenting responsibility debated with no a**hole behavior reported 👍

w0mba7 | w0mba7

User calls out OP for prioritizing luxury over family 👎

noleano | noleano

Partner refuses to help find sitter for couples' retreat. Possible affair? 😬

[deleted] | [deleted]

Surprise vacation or rubbing it in? NTA speaks out.

Poplett | Poplett

Going on a solo trip after paying for it: YTA or NAH?

towerofcheeeeza | towerofcheeeeza

Controversial take - commenter thinks OP is the a-hole

GreekACA25 | GreekACA25

ESH. He's being petty and you both need to communicate better.

requiemforpotential | requiemforpotential

Possible cheating and disregard for family. He's moving on.

HambdenRose | HambdenRose

Husband prioritizes vacation over family, faces possible loneliness. 😔

canadiangirl007 | canadiangirl007

User questions OP's story and suggests there's more to it. 🤔

nateatenate | nateatenate

A crucial question about refundable retreat and prior knowledge.

[deleted] | [deleted]

User cancels spa retreat & expects boyfriend to cancel too. YTA.


ESH. Lack of communication and planning; potential deeper issues. 💬

cerskor | cerskor

Taking responsibility for your partner's children - a moral obligation? 🤔

Viener-Schnitzel | Viener-Schnitzel

Partner's resentment towards kids, not cheating, concerning comment 🤷‍♀️

dwinnnnn | dwinnnnn

NTA commenter relates to deadbeat MIL and offers judgment.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Choosing romance over family? YTA, but couple goals 💖

chihuahuaDeChapinha | chihuahuaDeChapinha

Is he purposely trying to make you break up? 🤷‍♀️

ninaa1 | ninaa1

Curious about payment & pattern in this relationship. 🤔

san_souci | san_souci

Debate over childcare responsibilities, both sides at fault. 🤷🏻‍♀️

jessieo387 | jessieo387

Partner's family accepts kids, but clarification of his role needed. ESH.

Bahamut_Neo | Bahamut_Neo

Defending the guy's right to have time with friends 👏

losttraveler95 | losttraveler95

Questions to understand the context of the situation 🤔

redditlurker100 | redditlurker100

Partner's lack of effort and blame on kids shows checked-out behavior 🤷‍♀️

Arbiterofmorals | Arbiterofmorals

Parenting priorities questioned in family babysitting dispute 🙄

xTheatreTechie | xTheatreTechie

BF gives 1 week notice to find sitter for 4 days 😑

sweariemother | sweariemother

Communication is key. YTA for not communicating with boyfriend.

surprise_b1tch | surprise_b1tch

Partner's true colors revealed after 4 years, kids affected 😢

angsumnes | angsumnes

Engage in direct communication. 🗣️

HarbingerDread | HarbingerDread

Petty revenge or justified? YTA called out by ex-spouse. 😕

rockhoundinaround | rockhoundinaround

User claims OP is TA for expecting too much from partner.

brbrbrbr08 | brbrbrbr08

Suspicious story - OP's SO's sudden trip with friends raises questions 🤔

CrazyinLull | CrazyinLull

Partner chooses champagne and heart-shaped beds over family 😡

Urgash54 | Urgash54

Don't jump to conclusions, it's not always a red flag 🚩

koleethan | koleethan

Partner may be checking out of family life 🙅🏻

BooRoWo | BooRoWo

Coordination issues and odd behavior at couples' retreat, possible relationship troubles.

motie | motie

Miscommunication and selfishness led to champagne over family time. 🤔

succulent_baby | succulent_baby

Partner's choice over Valentine's Day plans sparks relationship issues. ESH.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Plan ahead and be responsible with other people's time. YTA.

aoul1 | aoul1

Engaging in communication is key for any relationship. 👨‍👩‍👦💛

08PetitSkye09 | 08PetitSkye09

Reader calls for more information on suspiciously quick couples retreat

Mutiny37 | Mutiny37

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