Man Skips Family Events to Avoid 'Default Babysitter' Duty - Relatives EXPLODE! 🤯

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🚨 Family drama alert! 🚨 Meet our protagonist, a 29-year-old guy who's been the designated babysitter for his little cousins since forever. 👶 He never minded until his cousin Amy started taking advantage of his kindness. 😠 Now he's caught between a rock and a hard place - attend family gatherings and be forced to watch the kiddos or skip out and face the wrath of his fam. 😱 Buckle up, because this story is about to get wild! 🎢

🙋‍♂️ The Oldest Grandchild's Dilemma 😩

pyrexnorth | pyrexnorth

👶 Cousin Amy's Entitled Expectations 🤦‍♀️

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😷 Pandemic Provides a Temporary Escape 🏃‍♂️

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🕵️‍♀️ Mom Confronts the Truth 🗣️

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🤐 Mom Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands 🙊

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🗣️ Amy Spills the Tea ☕

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🤔 Am I Really the A-hole? 🧐

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🍺 No Drinking to Spite the Fam 🙅‍♂️

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🤢 Hangovers from Hell 😵

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Family Feud: Babysitting Blues Edition

Our poor protagonist has been avoiding family gatherings like the plague just to escape being the designated babysitter for his entitled cousin's kids. When his mom finally confronted him about his absence, he spilled the beans. But instead of keeping it on the DL, Mom went full diplomat mode and stirred up a family feud. Now the whole family is blowing up his phone, calling him selfish, and accusing him of hating the kids. The internet is about to weigh in on this juicy drama, so grab your popcorn! Let's see what they have to say about this babysitting blues situation.

NTA. Family outraged at man for refusing babysitting duty.

ParsimoniousSalad | ParsimoniousSalad

NTA sets boundaries, family wants default babysitter. Stick to it! 👍

_A-Q | _A-Q

Standing up against family's entitlement to free childcare 👏

CauliflowerTall1985 | CauliflowerTall1985

Man refuses default babysitter duty, faces family backlash. NTA.

OverRice2524 | OverRice2524

Family sees him as free babysitter and not family. NTA 😎

perfectpomelo3 | perfectpomelo3

Cousin's entitlement makes family explode, but OP avoids babysitting duty. NTA 👍

Chaos-in-a-CookieJar | Chaos-in-a-CookieJar

NTA commenter defends skipping family events for 'babysitter' duty

SomeRazzmatazz339 | SomeRazzmatazz339

Stop assuming family members are free babysitters. NTA. 💯

Rich-398 | Rich-398

Don't let them take advantage of you! NTA 💪

gromitrules | gromitrules

Sassy NTA comment suggests creative solution for family's entitlement 🤪

ProfPlumDidIt | ProfPlumDidIt

Avoiding babysitter duty causes family explosion, comment defends OP. 🙌

Heraonolympia123 | Heraonolympia123

Deserve to enjoy events without being the family nanny 🚫

Wonderful-Lie-650 | Wonderful-Lie-650

Don't let them guilt trip you, stand your ground! 💪

Dangerous-Emu-7924 | Dangerous-Emu-7924

NTA, refuse childcare. Amy's the problem, not you 🙌

PsiBlaze | PsiBlaze

NTA and the comment suggests a clever comeback for critics 😊

Innerouterself2 | Innerouterself2

Polish your spine and stand up to pushy relatives. NTA 💪

corgihuntress | corgihuntress

NTA, but grow a spine. Can't say no at 30? 🤨

Nova_Lurker | Nova_Lurker

Family dynamics are tough, but standing up for yourself is key 🤝

swillshop | swillshop

NTA for refusing to be the 'default babysitter' 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA suggests other relatives take turn watching kiddos. 👍

nikkesen | nikkesen

Teenage rebellion still works. NTA, blow things up instead. 🤮

[deleted] | [deleted]

👏 Agreed! Parents should take care of their own kids. 👍

treehousebadnap | treehousebadnap

NTA and family needs to respect your boundaries. 👍

mamaleo29 | mamaleo29

NTA for setting boundaries with family who pawn off kids. 👏

ell0lle | ell0lle

Setting boundaries with family is important. 👍

Clean_Cricket4106 | Clean_Cricket4106

NTA skips babysitting duty, relatives explode 😬

needofanap | needofanap

NTA. It's Amy's responsibility to tend to her kids at gatherings. 👍

BasicMycologist7118 | BasicMycologist7118

NTA for refusing to be a default babysitter. 🙅‍♂️

BeeesInTheTrap | BeeesInTheTrap

No reason to be the default babysitter. NTA 👍

diminishingpatience | diminishingpatience

Avoid babysitting duty at family gatherings with humor and boundaries 👍

NotThisAgain234 | NotThisAgain234

NTA stands up for themselves, suggests others babysit 🙌

Ok_Homework8692 | Ok_Homework8692

Take responsibility for your kids, cousin Amy! NTA. 💪🏻

WeirdKittyGirl | WeirdKittyGirl

Family prioritizes babysitting over spending time with loved one. 😡

WifeofBath1984 | WifeofBath1984

NTA skips family events to avoid babysitting, keep skipping 🙌

slendermanismydad | slendermanismydad

Not the a**hole for refusing to be a babysitter 👍

goddessofspite | goddessofspite

Take a stand and let the parents handle their own kids! 🙅‍♂️ #NTA

PinkPrincess61 | PinkPrincess61

Family expects free childcare, calls person selfish for declining. NTA 👍

Dizzy_Emotion7381 | Dizzy_Emotion7381

Cousin's entitlement is unbelievable! Kids are not accessories! NTA 👏

Itsjulybitchhh | Itsjulybitchhh

Choosing child-free doesn't mean default babysitter. 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Skipping family events to avoid babysitting? NTA and savage!

uniquegayle | uniquegayle

Politely decline babysitting and walk away. NTA.

Vigstrkr | Vigstrkr

Dodging family events with work excuse - genius or rude? 🤔

formerlyfromwisco | formerlyfromwisco

NTA! Having kids doesn't make others their free babysitters. 🚫

alijay615 | alijay615

Stand your ground! Don't let them alienate you from family. 💪

alicat777777 | alicat777777

Skipping family events to avoid babysitting? NTA, set boundaries. 👍

SchminksMcGee | SchminksMcGee

NTA: Family servant or member? Dumping kids on you is unfair.

the_RSM | the_RSM

Take charge of your life! NTA. 💪

beminlv | beminlv

Not the a**hole for setting boundaries with entitled family members 😎

Algebralovr | Algebralovr

Don't be a doormat for family. NTA for saying no. 👍

Maximum-Swan-1009 | Maximum-Swan-1009

Don't let entitled relatives guilt you into free babysitting! 👍

No_Stage_6158 | No_Stage_6158

NTA asserts boundaries on babysitting, sparks agreement.

AceofGrayEmotion | AceofGrayEmotion

NTA stands up for parents and calls out entitlement. 💪

ThanosWifeAkima-4848 | ThanosWifeAkima-4848

NTA suggests turning the tables on relatives who expect babysitting.

nopenothappening99 | nopenothappening99

Skipping family events to avoid babysitting? NTA, but attend!

Z-altacct | Z-altacct

No babysitting duty. And petty revenge is best served gossip-y 👀

Top_Bluejay_5323 | Top_Bluejay_5323

NTA, put your foot down and enjoy mingling with adults 😊

KirbyDingo | KirbyDingo

Skip babysitting, attend event, talk to adults. NTA 👍

TalkingCapibara | TalkingCapibara

Setting boundaries with family members who expect free childcare. NTA!

Substantial-Bee122 | Substantial-Bee122

Supportive comment - setting boundaries with entitled family members. 👏

buttamilkbizkits | buttamilkbizkits

Set boundaries and charge for babysitting, NTA wins this round 💰

blodskaal | blodskaal

NTA for not wanting to be the 'default babysitter' 👏

evilcj925 | evilcj925

Empowering advice: 'No is a full sentence.' 💪

No_Guarantee_6756 | No_Guarantee_6756

Don't let family guilt-trip you into babysitting duties! 👍

ILikeLamas678 | ILikeLamas678

How to avoid being the default babysitter 😉

Sawfish1212 | Sawfish1212

Assertive response to family's babysitting demands. NTA! 💯

pandora840 | pandora840

Setting boundaries with family can be tough 😩

LegitimateTeacher355 | LegitimateTeacher355

Setting boundaries with family members who take advantage 👍

PanamaViejo | PanamaViejo

Set boundaries and love yourself 👍. Don't let them bully you 💪.

shinebeat | shinebeat

The burden of 'default babysitters' in families 😔

tototostoi | tototostoi

NTA stands up for themselves against entitled family member 👏

oh_fuck_its_salem | oh_fuck_its_salem

NTA takes a stand against family's babysitting expectations. 💪

JayEll1969 | JayEll1969

Take a stand! 💪 Let your family know you're not a nanny 🙅

AmbitionEven884 | AmbitionEven884

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