$9 Water?! 💸 Diner REFUSES to Pay, LEAVES After Waitress's 'Hydrating' Jabs 😒

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🚨 Buckle up, folks! We've got a juicy tale of a dinner date gone wrong! 🍽️💦 When a couple's night out turns into a bizarre battle over water, things get pretty darn awkward! 😳 Our storyteller and his wife, both seasoned hospitality pros, find themselves in a perplexing situation with a waitress who seems to have a strange obsession with the phrase "It's very hydrating." 🤨 Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of confusion, frustration, and some serious questioning of reality! 🤯 Will our couple make it out of this water fiasco unscathed? Let's dive in and find out! 🏊‍♀️

🍽️ Dinner Date Drama: The Water Fiasco! 💦

rtice001 | rtice001

💧 Still or Sparkling? The Waitress's Weird Response! 😕

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🚰 Tap Water Trouble: "It's Very Hydrating" 🤨

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❓ Questioning the Tap: Is There Something Wrong? 🤔

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🔄 Déjà Vu: The Waitress's Repetitive Response! 😳

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🤐 More Silence, More Confusion! 😶

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😠 Frustration Builds: What's Wrong with the Tap Water? 😤

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🔁 Groundhog Day: "It's Very Hydrating" Strikes Again! 🙄

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🤯 Am I in La-La-Land? The Waitress's Unprofessional Behavior! 😠

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🤷‍♀️ Wife's Perspective: Did I Take It Too Far? 🤔

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⏰ Life's Too Short: Moving On Without a Fuss! 🚶‍♂️

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🤝 Update 1: Wife's Got My Back! 👫

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🗺️ Update 2: Location, Location, Location! 🇺🇸

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💧 Update 3: Water Options Explained! 📝

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🥂 Sparkling or Tap? The Final Verdict! 💦

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The Great Water Debate: To Tap or Not to Tap?

This couple's dinner date took a turn for the bizarre when the waitress started acting all kinds of weird about the tap water! Despite repeatedly asking what was wrong with the good ol' H2O from the faucet, our storyteller was met with the same cryptic response: "It's very hydrating." Talk about a broken record! The situation got so awkward that our guy decided to cut the evening short and make a swift exit, much to his wife's surprise! Now, the internet is left wondering: was he justified in his reaction, or did he make a mountain out of a molehill? Let's see what the online jury has to say about this hydration hullabaloo!

Waitress accused of espionage in hilarious comment thread 😂

neoprenewedgie | neoprenewedgie

Clever response to snarky waitress comment earns NTA's approval 👍

FritosRule | FritosRule

NTA comment calls out bad service in fine dining 😒

stephnetkin | stephnetkin

A possible explanation for the waitress's awkward 'hydrating' comment.

Impossible_Rain_4727 | Impossible_Rain_4727

Legitimate question, rude response - NTA for leaving 😒

General_Relative2838 | General_Relative2838

Waitress's 'hydrating' remark annoys customer, but no one's TA here 🙂

Latter-Shower-9888 | Latter-Shower-9888

Bartender prioritizes Instagram over food quality, relatable experience.

All_the_passports | All_the_passports

Insightful comment from a former waitress on upselling tactics. 👍

obiwantogooutside | obiwantogooutside

NAH - Waitress stuck between a rock and a hard place 😒

BoycottingTrends | BoycottingTrends

NTA for getting frustrated, but could have handled better 💧

_gadget_girl | _gadget_girl

Customer's witty response to snarky waitress about 'hydrating' water.

NuclearFamilyReactor | NuclearFamilyReactor

Diner criticized for leaving over expensive water. Awkward encounter.

ISlicedI | ISlicedI

Letting go is key. YTA for making a big deal 😒

conuly | conuly

👍 Customer stands up for themselves against judgy waitress. NTA.

3vinator | 3vinator

Confused diner questions waitress's claim that tap water is 'too hydrating' 🤔

StAlvis | StAlvis

Not the a**hole for not liking sparkling water 🙄

J3rkoffdonni3 | J3rkoffdonni3

Dehydration drama at the diner! 💦😱 NTA stands his ground.


Diner overreacts to waitress' comment about $9 water 💧. ESH.

Angel_Tsio | Angel_Tsio

Passive-aggressive waitress prompts customer to leave restaurant without paying 💸

hello_farmer | hello_farmer

Tap water tastes bad, waitress hints at issue, customer leaves 🚰💧

SeraphofFlame | SeraphofFlame

NTA leaves restaurant after waitress's 'hydrating' jabs 😒

EmergencyTechnical49 | EmergencyTechnical49

Waitress's comment on water cost gets snarky response

ParsimoniousSalad | ParsimoniousSalad

Diner feels uneasy after overpriced water, leaves without remorse.

UnhappyTemperature18 | UnhappyTemperature18

Waitress in no-win situation dealing with rude customer. 😖

NeedLegalAdvice56 | NeedLegalAdvice56

Hilarious exchange over $9 water leaves customer flustered 😆

Crunchy_Leaves_Slap | Crunchy_Leaves_Slap

Sarcastic response to fake money comment. 😒

BouncyDingo_7112 | BouncyDingo_7112

Upselling tactic backfires and creates awkward situation for waitress.

CohentheBoybarian | CohentheBoybarian

User suggests reason for waitress's 'hydrating' jabs in foreign country.

drunkbettie | drunkbettie

Refusing to pay $9 for water, NTA gets judged by server 😒

Background-Interview | Background-Interview

Don't let awkward wait staff ruin your dining experience! 😊

BullTerrierMomm | BullTerrierMomm

Misunderstood word leads to hilarious situation in diner 😂

MetalChibi | MetalChibi

Waitress's 'hydration' comment leads to speculation about water quality 🤔

Aurekata | Aurekata

Waitress's attempt at positivity backfires, leaves customer unimpressed. 😒

Atarlie | Atarlie

Unusual behavior from the server, not worth the drama.

ajraxen | ajraxen

Waitress caught in a difficult spot selling expensive water 🤷‍♀️

Imnotawerewolf | Imnotawerewolf

Did the waitress malfunction or was she just sassy? 🤖😏

SomeWomanFromEngland | SomeWomanFromEngland

Customer stands up to rude waitress, internet cheers them on 🤘

JadedSticker | JadedSticker

Waitress pressured to sell 'VERY HYDRATING' water, customer refuses payment

MammothHistorical559 | MammothHistorical559

Misunderstood comment leads to awkward exchange at restaurant. 😕

mynameisnotsparta | mynameisnotsparta

Defending the right to tap water 💧💪

Esmer_Tina | Esmer_Tina

Awkward encounter at the diner leads to mutual blame game 😳

[deleted] | [deleted]

User questions customer's reaction to waitress's 'hydrating' comment.

Accept_the_null | Accept_the_null

Avoiding a $9 water scam and potential food tampering. NTA.

MarthaT001 | MarthaT001

Confrontational customer accused of misreading waitress's facial expression. 🤔

suchalittlejoiner | suchalittlejoiner

A strange reaction to 'hydrating' water, but leaving was weirder.

Comprehensive-War743 | Comprehensive-War743

Waitress's concern about tap water causes dispute over bill. 👍

JupiterSkyFalls | JupiterSkyFalls

Beware of pricey drinks! Always ask before you order 🤔

AppUnwrapper1 | AppUnwrapper1

Choosing tap water doesn't reflect spending level. 👍

The1stHorsemanX | The1stHorsemanX

Charging $9 for water at a $30-40 main dish restaurant? A**hole move 💸

wanderingviewfinder | wanderingviewfinder

Standing up to rude behavior - NTA comment section 👏

Repulsive_Sell1885 | Repulsive_Sell1885

Waitress's 'hydrating' comment leads to customer leaving. NTA.

Wars4w | Wars4w

ESH for escalating an uncomfortable situation over water choices 🙄

RoboTaco_ | RoboTaco_

Waitress judged customers and gave bad service, NTA for leaving 👍

transdermalcelebrity | transdermalcelebrity

Debate on tap water safety and entitled customers.

0hip | 0hip

A PNW resident shares their water taste experience and defends the diner.

kragon80 | kragon80

Sarcastic comment on toxic chemicals in water sparks debate.

ArmouredPotato | ArmouredPotato

Redditor calls out diner for having a tantrum over water 💧

internaldilemma | internaldilemma

Server's unsolicited health advice deserves a bad tip. #NTA 🙉

anewlifeandhealth | anewlifeandhealth

NTA. Leave a Google review about the uncomfortable tap water incident.

Typical_View | Typical_View

Waiter agrees with customer, suggests talking to manager and leaving review.

ParkityParkPark | ParkityParkPark

Former restaurant worker empathizes with customer's decision to leave.

bigredplastictuba | bigredplastictuba

No AHs here, just an awkward server trying to upsell.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Overpriced water leads to unnecessary conflict at restaurant. 💦🤷‍♀️

socialjusticecleric7 | socialjusticecleric7

Waitress's 'hydrating' jabs prompts customer to leave. NTA.

lavenderjerboa | lavenderjerboa

Stand up for yourself and your wallet. NTA.

TyrionsRedCoat | TyrionsRedCoat

Expensive water at a steakhouse, NTA refused to pay.

Bedbugsinmybum | Bedbugsinmybum

Customer suggests a funny way to deal with rude waitresses.

SnooCompliments5821 | SnooCompliments5821

Don't be the person who ruins a night out. 💸 YTA.

Reindeer-Street | Reindeer-Street

Lifetime restaurant employee supports customer who left after awkward encounter.

torBlowJays | torBlowJays

Customer questions $9 water charge, criticizes waitress's attitude.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Offering still or sparkling water is fine but insulting tap isn't. NTA

nosuchthingasa_ | nosuchthingasa_

Don't let restaurants manipulate you into buying overpriced water! 👍

Character_Comment572 | Character_Comment572

Avoiding the 'low tipper' label: NTA leaves after server's snarky behavior 😒

thenord321 | thenord321

Customer stands up against overpriced water, internet applauds NTA.

irritatingfarquar | irritatingfarquar

Waitress's upselling attempt backfires, customer leaves without paying 💰

soaringeagle54 | soaringeagle54

Weird vibes from the waiter, but leaving over it? Bizarre behavior. 🤔

SalltyJuicy | SalltyJuicy

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