Teen's Joy Over Gifted Car SHATTERED by Mom's Jealous Rage! 😠💔

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Buckle up, folks! 🚗💨 We've got a wild ride of a story for you today. Meet our 19-year-old birthday girl 🎂 who just got the surprise of a lifetime from her dad - a shiny, pre-owned car! 🎉 But wait, there's a plot twist... Mom's not exactly thrilled about this generous gift. 😬 Get ready for some serious family drama, because this story is about to take a sharp turn into petty town. 🌆 Can our young driver navigate this emotional rollercoaster without crashing and burning? 🎢🔥 Let's find out! 👀

🚗 Surprise! Dad Gifts Me a Car... But Mom's Not Happy 😬

amuhnda | amuhnda

🏠 Living with Mom, Who Wanted to Buy the Same Car

amuhnda | amuhnda

💰 Mom Decides Uncle's Car is Too Pricey

amuhnda | amuhnda

🙏 I Beg Mom to Reconsider, But She Won't Budge

amuhnda | amuhnda

🔑 Dad Surprises Me with the Car Keys! 😲

amuhnda | amuhnda

😨 Uh-Oh... Mom Had No Idea About the Car Gift

amuhnda | amuhnda

😡 Mom's Jaw Drops, She's Furious!

amuhnda | amuhnda

🙈 Mom Tells Me to Get Out of Her Sight

amuhnda | amuhnda

🗣️ Mom Accuses Me of Throwing the Car in Her Face

amuhnda | amuhnda

🙏 I Apologize Over and Over, But Mom Gets Petty

amuhnda | amuhnda

😢 I Break Down and Drive Around Crying

amuhnda | amuhnda

📞 I Beg Dad to Take the Car Back

amuhnda | amuhnda

😕 Dad Hangs Up, Talks to Mom, Tells Me to Wait

amuhnda | amuhnda

🚙 Mom Insists on Using My Car Everywhere

amuhnda | amuhnda

🔑 I Have to Hide My Keys from Mom

amuhnda | amuhnda

😠 Mom Laughs When I Say It's My Car

amuhnda | amuhnda

🤷‍♀️ Mom Says I'm Spoiled, She'll Do What She Wants

amuhnda | amuhnda

😔 Am I the A-hole for Keeping the Car?

amuhnda | amuhnda

😞 Feeling Guilty About the Whole Situation

amuhnda | amuhnda

Family Feud: Car Gift Drives a Wedge Between Mom and Daughter

Well, well, well... looks like this car gift has turned into a full-blown family feud! Our birthday girl is caught in the middle of a bitter battle between her parents, with mom going full-on green-eyed monster over the surprise present. Despite countless apologies and attempts to smooth things over, Mom's not letting go of this grudge anytime soon. She's even resorted to commandeering the car for her use, leaving our poor protagonist hiding her keys just to keep mom's hands off the wheel! The internet has spoken, and the verdict is in: this situation is a certified hot mess. Will our young driver be able to steer clear of this family drama, or will she be forced to take a detour and sell the car just to keep the peace? Buckle up, because this story is far from over!

Dad's gift, mom's rage. OP is NTA, mom's abusive. 😠

kiraIsuAlivr | kiraIsuAlivr

Set boundaries and reassert ownership with dad's help. #NTA 🙌

rileygreyy | rileygreyy

Mom tries to take gifted car, hope you keep it! 🚗😎

TheOneLikeNeo | TheOneLikeNeo

Both parents are the AH here. 😠💔

bisforbnaynay | bisforbnaynay

Stand up to her and hide the keys 👍

SammyLoops1 | SammyLoops1

You're not the a**hole for keeping what's rightfully yours 💯

Nithes124 | Nithes124

Take control of the situation and get away from toxicity. 👍

bananahammerredoux | bananahammerredoux

Mother's jealousy shatters teen's joy over gifted car. NTA!

PinkStinkBug | PinkStinkBug

Toxic parents set teen up for failure in a no-win situation 😔

JojoCruz206 | JojoCruz206

Escape the toxic environment and move out for good 🏃

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mom's jealousy ruins daughter's joy over gifted car 😠

PiewacketFire | PiewacketFire

Who really owns the gifted car? NTA if on yours, otherwise, complicated.

QuakeNLD | QuakeNLD

Don't forget to check the car's insurance and ownership details 🤔

CorgiManDan | CorgiManDan

Mom's jealousy over 19-year-old's gifted car leads to conflict. NTA.

Dad_pancakes | Dad_pancakes

Stand your ground! It's your car, not her entitlement! 💪

bdavbdav | bdavbdav

Stand up for yourself, hide the keys, and move out! 👊

snoop_ard | snoop_ard

Important advice on protecting gifted car from mother's jealousy 👍

hoth_mess | hoth_mess

Your car, not your mom's. Toxic situation, move out ASAP. 👍

GraviTeaTime | GraviTeaTime

Mom's jealousy over the gifted car is not OP's problem! 💯

SimonSpooner | SimonSpooner

Keep the car, move out, and get therapy. 💪🏻

Ranned | Ranned

Teen's NTA but parents both suck in gifted car drama 😠

[deleted] | [deleted]

Teen gifted car, mom's jealousy leads to shattered joy. NTA.

emgaila | emgaila

Dad set you up and mom's jealousy is unforgivable 👍

generatedusermeme | generatedusermeme

Dad might be the better parent, Mom sounds like a nightmare 😬

Prof_Toke | Prof_Toke

Teen caught in the middle of parents' toxic game 🤷‍♀️

mahfrogs | mahfrogs

Sensible advice for a tough situation. 🤔💭

wu8c129 | wu8c129

OP's parents are huge AH here, dad should support and take care of them. 💩

Th3Yukio | Th3Yukio

Worried commenter advises on securing car and title to avoid theft 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Protect your escape from toxic mom, save to move out 🙏

UpsetDaddy19 | UpsetDaddy19

Take control of your life and stand up to controlling parents. ✊

TheJuicyGuese | TheJuicyGuese

Teen's car gifted by dad, mom takes it. Victim blames herself.

annoyedpotatolady | annoyedpotatolady

Sibling rivalry over car color? NTA keeps it in perspective 😎

luvquin | luvquin

Take the keys and teach her a lesson! 😈🚘

s4dm0m | s4dm0m

Don't let your mom drive the car, report it stolen if necessary. NTA 👍

asabovesobelow4 | asabovesobelow4

Supportive comment suggests counseling for unfair mom's behavior. 👍

A_Kiss_Of_Cherry | A_Kiss_Of_Cherry

Teen's dad bought her a car to snub her controlling mother.

outerheaven77 | outerheaven77

Take control of your life, get counseling, and set boundaries 💪

gismilf76 | gismilf76

A helpful suggestion for a teen dealing with a jealous mom 🙌

compound515 | compound515

Stand your ground, record the conversation, and report stolen 🚗

krystalfloods | krystalfloods

Teen's mom ruins car gift; NTA suggests selling and investing.

DetectiVentriloquist | DetectiVentriloquist

Gifted car causes family drama and emotional distress. 😠

[deleted] | [deleted]

Dad gifted car to teen, mom got mad. Commenter sympathizes.

Zero132132 | Zero132132

OP's parents are both a**holes, move out ASAP 👋

PandaCommando69 | PandaCommando69

Mom steals gifted car, threatens to kick out - NTA

Kunoichi_Kya | Kunoichi_Kya

Mom's jealous rage over gifted car? NTA's advice: ignore her tantrums 🙌

mfruitfly | mfruitfly

Toxic parenting at its finest. Sell the car and run 👋

Khaiyme | Khaiyme

"Tell her no" - 19-year-old stands up to jealous mom 👊

InfoRedacted1 | InfoRedacted1

You broke the rules, so your mom's reaction was understandable.

excoriator | excoriator

Struggling with toxic parents? You're not alone, OP. 😜

AugustNClementine | AugustNClementine

Teen is called spoiled by hypocritical and jealous mother. NTA.

DosMangos | DosMangos

Mom's jealousy ruins teen's joy over gifted car. NTA.

Djhinnwe | Djhinnwe

Don't let them drive you crazy, hide the keys 🔒

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mom's entitlement ruins teen's joy over gifted car. NTA OP.

venus-lvr | venus-lvr

Whose car is it? Dad might be controlling you. NTA.

send_cats_pls | send_cats_pls

Toxic parents? Escape as soon as you can! 🙋�\dffb‍♀️

Nix85Newton | Nix85Newton

Navigating a difficult situation and finding a hill to die on 👍

whatsthebfor | whatsthebfor

Set boundaries with your mom over YOUR car! 🙌

SquishyNekoi | SquishyNekoi

Toxic mom guilt trips daughter over gifted car from dad 😠

Goober_94 | Goober_94

Confused commenter asks why mom is jealous over gifted car 🤔

TychaBrahe | TychaBrahe

Teen's parents suck so hard! Mom's petty jealousy ruins everything 😠💔

Interesting_Fall767 | Interesting_Fall767

Take back control of your life 🚗🚔 You're NTA

FubakiKimichi | FubakiKimichi

Escape plan needed as mom's jealousy shatters teen's joy 😠

hammocks_ | hammocks_

Receiving a gifted car and selling it: NTA or A-hole? 🤔


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