15-Year-Old PUNISHED for Getting Sick Before Sister's Big Day 🤒

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🎉 Buckle up, folks! We've got a birthday bash gone wrong that'll make you cringe and laugh at the same time! 😬 Our 15-year-old protagonist finds herself in a sticky situation when her little sis turns 4. 👧 With a house full of guests and a duty to entertain the kiddos, things take a turn for the worse when our poor girl falls ill. 🤢 Get ready for some family drama, a ruined party, and a twist that'll leave you gasping! 😱 Let's dive into this rollercoaster of a story! 🎢

🎉 Birthday Bash Gone Wrong! 😱

hanaliketheflower | hanaliketheflower

👧 Little Sis Turns 4, Big Party Planned! 🎂

hanaliketheflower | hanaliketheflower

😷 Safety First: All Guests Tested! ✅

hanaliketheflower | hanaliketheflower

🎈 Big Sis on Kid Duty! 👧

hanaliketheflower | hanaliketheflower

🤢 Disaster Strikes: Sick at School! 🏫

hanaliketheflower | hanaliketheflower

😷 Party Day: Feeling Like Death! 💀

hanaliketheflower | hanaliketheflower

🎉 Trying to Hang with the Kiddos! 👦👧

hanaliketheflower | hanaliketheflower

🛌 Heading to My Room for a Break! 😴

hanaliketheflower | hanaliketheflower

🚪 Mom's Fury: Storming into My Room! 😡

hanaliketheflower | hanaliketheflower

🎂 No Cake, No Presents: Party Over! 😢

hanaliketheflower | hanaliketheflower

🤔 Confused and Guilty: Did I Ruin Everything? 😕

hanaliketheflower | hanaliketheflower

😔 Unintentional Party Pooper: Everyone's Mad at Me! 😞

hanaliketheflower | hanaliketheflower

🏥 Plot Twist: Appendix Explosion! 💥

hanaliketheflower | hanaliketheflower

😅 Survived the Ordeal, Obviously! 🙌

hanaliketheflower | hanaliketheflower

👨 Dad Not in the Picture, Sensitive Subject! 🙅‍♀️

hanaliketheflower | hanaliketheflower

Birthday Disaster: Teen Sis Accused of Ruining Little Sis's Big Day!

Well, well, well... It looks like our birthday girl's big day turned into a big ol' mess! Our poor teenage protagonist found herself in the middle of a family feud after falling ill and being unable to entertain the little ones. Mom's fury knew no bounds, and the party ended abruptly without even a slice of cake! But wait, there's more! Turns out, our girl had a legit reason for her absence... a burst appendix! Talk about a plot twist! Let's see what the internet has to say about this birthday disaster!

15-year-old unfairly punished for not watching 6 kids. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mother's selfishness leads to punishment of innocent child 🤧

lolie973 | lolie973

NTA, the mom ruined the party and put kids at risk 👍

design_dork | design_dork

Parent agrees NTA, questions parents' priorities and lack of empathy 😍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mom's behavior gets called out for sick child punishment 👩‍👧‍👦

CinnyToastie | CinnyToastie

Sympathetic comment hopes for OP's recovery and criticizes parents' behavior.

Crafty-Addition9105 | Crafty-Addition9105

Confusion over sick sibling's impact on family plans 🤔

jennid79 | jennid79

Don't blame yourself for being sick, NTA 🤒

CorpseBrideEmily1612 | CorpseBrideEmily1612

OP got sick at 4-year-old sister's party, parents didn't help. NTA 👍

calling_water | calling_water

Empathetic comment supporting the sick 15-year-old. 💕

Hardhearted_ | Hardhearted_

NTA experiencing parentification, advised to discuss with stepfather 👍

lellyla | lellyla

Concerned commenter asks for more details about stomach ache ❓

SeniorAdvertising808 | SeniorAdvertising808

Skipping sister's event due to illness - NTA gets support

NoProfit7207 | NoProfit7207

Sick teen not responsible for entertaining kids, NTA 👍

Fine_Prune_743 | Fine_Prune_743

Mom screams at sick 15-year-old for missing party duties. NTA.

stoic_prince | stoic_prince

NTA for being sick, commenter suggests petty apology to parents 😷

Avebury1 | Avebury1

NTA. Mom prioritized party over sick daughter. Supportive reply.

lonelyfairie | lonelyfairie

Toxic mom? Leave! 🏃‍♀️ You deserve a better family. NTA.

little_ballof_fur | little_ballof_fur

Mom and step-dad are TA for making it an adult party 🤦

I_The_Prokaryokte | I_The_Prokaryokte

Empathetic response to sick teen's situation and advice for future.

whimsicaluncertainty | whimsicaluncertainty

Concerned commenter offers help and reassurance to sick person.

nbsoprano | nbsoprano

Stand up for yourself! NTA 💪

Majestic-Whereas-689 | Majestic-Whereas-689

NTA and it's not your job to watch over other people's kids 👍

EndNunu | EndNunu

NTA and praised for trying despite parentification. Hope you recover 🤒

QuirkySyrup55947 | QuirkySyrup55947

Forcing a sick child to attend a party? Not cool, parents 😒

walmartgoth | walmartgoth

No need to apologize for being sick, NTA.👍

Inbar253 | Inbar253

Encouraging comment suggests therapy for OP's personal issues. 💛

Gammarae47 | Gammarae47

Being sick on sister's party and NTA. Mother's selfishness. 💯

Rose-color-socks | Rose-color-socks

Mom punishing sick child for sister's big day is outrageous 😡

Altruistic_Cobbler81 | Altruistic_Cobbler81

Step parents use 15yo as free babysitter and blame her. 😒

NobodyPerfect1175 | NobodyPerfect1175

Candid comment about COVID-19 and flu, supporting NTA verdict. 👍

Cyarsonix | Cyarsonix

Mother prioritized sister's big day over sick child. Emotional abuse. 💔

Smiley-Canadian | Smiley-Canadian

Being sick should've excused you from babysitting 😒

Intelligent_Seesaw59 | Intelligent_Seesaw59

Skipping sister's party was the right choice. NTA 👍

withered_love | withered_love

You're NTA, your mom and step-dad are selfish 😡. Your home life is not acceptable. Make a plan to get out.

geogal6969 | geogal6969

NTA for not wanting to expose others to sickness 👍

blakesmate | blakesmate

Cancel the party when someone is super sick. Hope OP feels better soon 🙏

Starlight_Sparrow | Starlight_Sparrow

Skipping party due to illness: NTA. Kid's party drama avoided 😊

peepingtomatoes | peepingtomatoes

Don't be an a-hole parent and force your kid to babysit 🚫

Cherrygrove-elk | Cherrygrove-elk

Mom uses sick 15yo as free babysitter for sister's day 😷👎

HistoryNerd1781 | HistoryNerd1781

Concerned commenter offers medical advice to sick teenager.

AggravatingPatient18 | AggravatingPatient18

Being punished for being sick is unfair and not your fault 😢

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mother exposes kids to illness, commenter says NTA. 🙅

Bowman74 | Bowman74

15-year-old not the a-hole for prioritizing health over sister's event 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. The parents knowingly exposed guests to a sick person 💯. They deserved it.

Outrageous-Program30 | Outrageous-Program30

Being punished for being sick and ruining a party? Not cool 😒

Shanisasha | Shanisasha

Sick teen forced to babysit 6 kids at sister's party - NTA

AggravatingPatient18 | AggravatingPatient18

Criticizing a selfish mother who risks spreading COVID-19. 🤬

Unhappysong-6653 | Unhappysong-6653

NTA and family is TA. Kid did right by isolating.

Cigars-N-Cuddles | Cigars-N-Cuddles

Parenting shaming at its finest. Not the a-hole 🙌

Guiderliterallyrants | Guiderliterallyrants

NTA for getting sick, parents were TA for expecting you to work

Andie787 | Andie787

Mom prioritizes wedding over sick child, commenter calls her irresponsible.

Em4Tango | Em4Tango

NTA had a valid point about getting tested again 👍

mcolt8504 | mcolt8504

Mom prioritized mingling over sick child and ruined party 🤒👎

esymethra | esymethra

NTA. Family prioritizing partying over sick teenager's wellbeing 😠

Charlie_Parkers_Mood | Charlie_Parkers_Mood

OP's mom and stepdad are HUGE TA, hardcore NTA. 💯

icecream-cat | icecream-cat

A commenter sympathizes with the sick teenager and criticizes her mother.

Kahlen-Rahl | Kahlen-Rahl

Feeling sick on big day, but mom prioritizes party over sister?

disconnected2121 | disconnected2121

Mother blames sick kid for canceled party, commenter calls BS. 🙄

Berrysama32 | Berrysama32

Mom and step-dad were entitled parents. NTA for being sick. 👍

ShanG01 | ShanG01

Don't be a parent to your siblings, your mom should. 🚫

ImmunosupS | ImmunosupS

NTA commenter questions the need for 15 adults and calls out entitlement

20boxchicken_nuggets | 20boxchicken_nuggets

Heartfelt support for OP who was punished for being sick.

platypus_monster | platypus_monster

NTA! Unreasonable to expect sick 15yo to handle 6 kids 🤯

bonboncolon | bonboncolon

Adults prioritize partying over sister's big day. NTA wins.

PhantomNiffler | PhantomNiffler

15 adults couldn't handle 6 kids, NTA for not babysitting.

Ja-Lo-Na | Ja-Lo-Na

15-year-old gets punished for getting sick, NTA.

Appropriate-Piglet87 | Appropriate-Piglet87

NTA. Adult party with free babysitter. Hope it's not contagious 😱

ebwoods1 | ebwoods1

Don't blame the sick person for being unable to babysit 👏

cmlobue | cmlobue

Guests and mother's behavior slammed; commenter supports sick 15-year-old. NTA 💯

[deleted] | [deleted]

Parent agrees that 15-year-old is NTA for being sick 👍

ggfangirl85 | ggfangirl85

15 adults let a super-sick kid babysit their children 🤦‍♀️ #NTA

StevesonOfStevesonia | StevesonOfStevesonia

Child isn't free babysitting. NTA deserves care and respect. 👏

Mommashark1104 | Mommashark1104

Sick teenager forced to babysit 6 kids, NTA for getting sick 👍

DaniCapsFan | DaniCapsFan

Supportive comment calling out parents' lack of common sense 🤦‍♀️

Snoo66426 | Snoo66426

OP wasn't the a**hole for getting sick before sister's party.

forest_fae98 | forest_fae98

Concerned commenter urges Hana to seek help and support ❤️

Strict-Hamster5437 | Strict-Hamster5437

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