Husband's UNBELIEVABLE Reaction When Wife Doesn't Remind Him About Her Birthday 🎉🚫

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🎉 Birthdays are supposed to be a time of celebration and joy, but for one woman, it's become a source of stress and disappointment. 😞 Her forgetful fiancé constantly relies on her to remind him of important dates and events, leaving her feeling unappreciated and taken for granted. 💔 As her birthday approaches, she's decided to take a stand and see if he'll remember on his own. 🤔 Will this be the wake-up call he needs, or will it lead to even more heartache? 😱 Let's dive into this birthday drama and see how it unfolds! 🍿

🎂 Forgetful Fiancé Fiasco! 😱

sad_bitch_5 | sad_bitch_5

🤔 Selective Memory or Laziness? 🙄

sad_bitch_5 | sad_bitch_5

😡 Blame Game Begins! 🎯

sad_bitch_5 | sad_bitch_5

💔 Stress and Strain on the Relationship 😞

sad_bitch_5 | sad_bitch_5

🚫 Ultimatum Ignored? 😒

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🎉 Birthday Betrayal Brewing! 😲

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👩‍👦 Mom's Misgivings 🤨

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🍽️ Dinner Date Deception 😏

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🤷‍♀️ Is Remembering Too Much to Ask? 😕

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💔 Feeling Unappreciated and Hurt 😢

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🎁 Gifts Not Required, Just Thoughtfulness! 🙏

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🤔 Mom's Moral Dilemma 🧐

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💖 Craving Care and Consideration 🥺

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🤷‍♀️ AITA for Wanting to Feel Valued? 😔

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🎂 Birthday Blues: Will Forgetful Fiancé Remember? 😬

This woman's fiancé has a habit of forgetting important dates and events, always relying on her to remind him. 🙄 Fed up with the constant stress and feeling unappreciated, she's decided not to remind him about her upcoming birthday. 😲 Her mom thinks she's setting him up for failure, but she feels he should be able to remember on his own. 🤷‍♀️ She's not expecting grand gestures or gifts, just a little thoughtfulness to show she matters. 💖 Will her fiancé step up and make her birthday special, or will this be the final straw in their relationship? 😱 The internet is buzzing with opinions on this birthday betrayal! 🎉 Let's see what they have to say about this forgetful fiancé fiasco! 🍿

Delegated responsibilities and weaponized incompetence. NTA 👍

MissionRevolution306 | MissionRevolution306

Spouse forgets birthday, husband acts like a 5 yo. NTA.

jimmap | jimmap

Don't let him blame you for his forgetfulness. NTA 👏

sr9876 | sr9876

NTA - Adults should handle their own schedules 👍

Necessary_Net_7049 | Necessary_Net_7049

Uncle with severe TBI remembers wife's birthday, husband weaponizing incompetence 🗣

SoftlyElectric | SoftlyElectric

Lazy husband forgets wife's birthday, gets called out for it 😒

BlueRipley | BlueRipley

Stop enabling incompetence. NTA for stepping back. 💯

AModel3Owner | AModel3Owner

Take control of your own happiness 😊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stop being his PA, it's bullying. NTA 👏

the_esjay | the_esjay

Don't enable willful incompetence, NTA. Use your super computer 💻 to remind yourself.

monkeysaurusmom | monkeysaurusmom

Don't settle for a forgetful partner who treats you poorly. You deserve better! 🚫🎉

[deleted] | [deleted]

Emotional labor in a relationship - NTA for feeling resentful. 🚫

Kodiakke | Kodiakke

Take charge of your birthday plans and dump the immature husband 👊

RolexxOnMyWrist | RolexxOnMyWrist

Husband's forgetfulness, wife's reminder, and a solution suggested. NAH 🚫

kepper_ | kepper_

Husband refuses to take responsibility and threatens to leave. 🤷‍♀️

Sad_bitch_5 | Sad_bitch_5

Harsh truth: He does not care about you 🚫

[deleted] | [deleted]

Put your fiancé’s birthday in your calendar, or reconsider 🤔

c_marie_m_ | c_marie_m_

Partner blaming you for forgetting birthday is borderline abusive behavior 🚫

britt_gingee | britt_gingee

Partner forgets everything, sets reminders, OP deserves better. NTA 💯

ErinnShannon | ErinnShannon

Toxic husband forgets wife's birthday, blames and gaslights her. Leave! 🚩

ImFromLath | ImFromLath

Discussion on whether or not to remind fiance of birthday 🎉

larphraulen | larphraulen

Digital calendars exist. NTA for expecting basic effort 👍

ms_write | ms_write

Lazy partner forgets birthday, mom can't fix everything. NTA 👍

BendingCollegeGrad | BendingCollegeGrad

Stop enabling him. He's a grown adult 🚫

8GreenRoses | 8GreenRoses

Couple finds solution for forgetfulness, suggests therapy for uncooperative partners. 👍

Fine_Increase_7999 | Fine_Increase_7999

Wife points out husband's forgetfulness, suggests seeking outside help 👥

ladysusanstohelit | ladysusanstohelit

Friendship advice and humorous suggestion for birthday reminder.

WorldWeary1771 | WorldWeary1771

Forgetting a birthday? No excuse. Setting reminders is easy! 👍

Murderous_Intention7 | Murderous_Intention7

NTA. Reconsider staying with a partner who doesn't value you 🚫

Sea_Opportunity6028 | Sea_Opportunity6028

Husband's lack of effort is a dealbreaker. Time for discussion. NTA

The__Riker__Maneuver | The__Riker__Maneuver

No excuse for forgetting important dates, NTA 💯

Gamble0_0 | Gamble0_0

Don't accept mental load! 💪 NTA, he needs to grow up.

EconomyVoice7358 | EconomyVoice7358

Husband forgets wife's birthday, NTA suggests using a calendar app 📅

SwimmingIndependent8 | SwimmingIndependent8

Setting a reminder for a loved one's birthday is easy ✅

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA for not reminding husband of birthday, but clear communication necessary 💬

R_Mack | R_Mack

Don't enable his incompetence. Meet him where he is. NTA 👍

MissAnthropy_YIKES | MissAnthropy_YIKES

Is forgetfulness a dealbreaker? NTA but... 🤔

piscescircles | piscescircles

Partner's forgetfulness is not an excuse to make it your problem 🤨

cantopenmycoc0nut | cantopenmycoc0nut

Use Google Calendar 📅 to stop enabling forgetful partners 🤔

Coco_Dirichlet | Coco_Dirichlet

"NTA. You're not his assistant. He needs to take initiative 👏"

fancy-kitten | fancy-kitten

Possible ADD or giant jerk? Consider professional help. #NTA

Keirathyl | Keirathyl

Partner can't remember dates but doesn't blame me! 🙌

S3xySouthernB | S3xySouthernB

Partner's forgetfulness - NTA reminds of love, but communication helps. 👍

IllustriousRepair873 | IllustriousRepair873

Set boundaries and stick to them. He'll learn eventually. 🙌

Kirstemis | Kirstemis

Partner forgets birthday, NTA suggests texting reminders & possible breakup.

dheffe01 | dheffe01

Partner forgetting birthdays? NTA suggests a practical solution 👍

CrazyMomof3teens | CrazyMomof3teens

Don't mother him, he's a grown a** man 🤪. NTA.


Take control, make plans with others, he'll figure it out! 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Setting reminders is key to being a good partner ✔️

Elegant-Despair | Elegant-Despair

Partner forgets birthday, NTA says shouldn't remind constantly 🚫

cheyhuff2397 | cheyhuff2397

Ex-boyfriend's forgetfulness frustrates commenter, calls out immaturity.

dudeilikecats | dudeilikecats

Teaching a forgetful husband a lesson on her birthday? NTA but risky 🤔

JustMeLurkingAround- | JustMeLurkingAround-

🤔 Why marry someone who forgets your bday? #NTA

madamsyntax | madamsyntax

Forgetting occasions isn't an excuse to blame someone else 🙄

Anra7777 | Anra7777

Partner should remember birthday. Red flag 🚩. Seek better. 👍

Repulsive_Location | Repulsive_Location

Is forgetfulness a deal-breaker? NTA, but... 🤔

Piemanthe3rd | Piemanthe3rd

Setting alarms and checking Facebook isn't good enough? 🤔

Glittering-Internal5 | Glittering-Internal5

Responsibility shouldn't fall on one spouse. NTA 👍

Miss_Melody_Pond | Miss_Melody_Pond

When your spouse forgets your birthday, it hurts, but is he really worth leaving over it? This NTA comment suggests that if he forgets, it's not worth remembering.

Mysterious_Spare_124 | Mysterious_Spare_124

Google calendar is foolproof, NTA for being upset. 🚫

punky100 | punky100

Think about the mental load before adding kids. 🤔

go-with-the-flo | go-with-the-flo

Gaslighting red flag raised, therapy suggested for probable ADHD. 🚨

magicbong | magicbong

Don't settle for someone who doesn't make an effort for you 🚫

Darkflyer726 | Darkflyer726

Fiancé forgets wife's birthday, expects her to remind him. NTA.

Secret_shopper21 | Secret_shopper21

Reciprocity is key in a relationship, rethink your dynamic 💭

sidTAlmighty | sidTAlmighty

Couple counseling recommended for mental load before marriage. #NTA 🚫

Comprehensive_Dot428 | Comprehensive_Dot428

Being forgetful is one thing, being thoughtful is another. 💭

kimar2z | kimar2z

You deserve better than a partner who can't set reminders 🚫

InterplanetaryJanet | InterplanetaryJanet

Pro tip: Save important dates on your phone calendar 💵

plutoforprez | plutoforprez

Husband forgets wife's birthday, NTA reminds him to grow up 🚫

Accomplished_Boat912 | Accomplished_Boat912

Using ADHD as an excuse for forgetting is unacceptable. 😑

11brance | 11brance

Wife stopped giving presents and husband improved quickly. NTA. 🙌

Ok-Chicken707 | Ok-Chicken707

Expecting basic reciprocity, wife frustrated with husband's forgetfulness. NTA. 🚫

Medievalmoomin | Medievalmoomin

Partner not putting in effort. Either live with it or leave. YTA if you stay. 🚫

solo954 | solo954

Does forgetting a birthday mean lack of love? 🤔

ninaa1 | ninaa1

NTA. Husband acts like a moody teenager. Don't be his secretary.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment offers to take OP out for birthday celebration 🎉

MMorrighan | MMorrighan

Cutting off a forgetful narcissistic partner? Good for you! 💯

Willing-Confusion894 | Willing-Confusion894

Savage but necessary advice for a partner who forgets birthdays 🚫

Leonetta85 | Leonetta85

Empathetic comment advises OP to leave AH fiancé 💔

AcrobaticCollection1 | AcrobaticCollection1

Don't settle for neglectful partners. You deserve someone who tries 👏

Lessa22 | Lessa22

Dumping him won't solve the issue. YTA comment backlash.

manIDKbruh | manIDKbruh

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