Man REFUSES To Help With Cruel Mom's Funeral After YEARS Of Abuse 😱💔

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Buckle up, folks! 🚨 We've got a doozy of a family drama on our hands. 😱 Imagine growing up with a mother who despised your very existence, while showering your siblings with love and affection. 💔 Talk about a recipe for lifelong trauma! 🤕 Well, that's exactly the situation our poor protagonist found themselves in. 😢 Now, with dear old mom six feet under, the siblings are demanding our hero's involvement in the funeral planning. 🪦 But after a lifetime of abuse, is it really fair to expect them to play the dutiful child? 🤔 Let's dive into this messy tale of family dysfunction and see if we can untangle this web of emotions! 🕸️

😢 A Tragic Tale of a Mother's Cruelty

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🤔 The Reasons Behind the Hatred

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😭 The Hurtful Words of a Heartless Mother

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🌈 Secrets Kept from a Hateful Parent

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😌 Relief in the Face of Death

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⚰️ Funeral Planning Fiasco

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💸 The Demand for Shared Expenses

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📰 The Obituary Objection

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🙅‍♂️ The Plea for Exclusion

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🗣️ The Ongoing Family Feud

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Internet Weighs In on Family Funeral Feud!

Well, well, well! It seems our protagonist's heart-wrenching tale of maternal abuse and sibling strife has struck a chord with the internet masses! From cries of support for our hero's stance to admonishments of their seemingly callous behavior, opinions are flying faster than a funeral wreath in a windstorm! Some argue that blood is thicker than water, insisting that our protagonist should put aside their pain for the sake of family unity. Others vehemently defend their right to distance themselves from the toxic legacy of their late mother. It's a moral quandary that would make even Solomon scratch his beard in contemplation! So, what does the court of public opinion have to say about this familial fiasco? Let's take a gander at the top responses and see where the chips fall!

Stand firm and don't let them guilt trip you. 💪

TrayMc666 | TrayMc666

NTA suspects family wants to split funeral cost 💎

DrunkOnRedCordial | DrunkOnRedCordial

Supportive comment, encouraging to move on and enjoy holidays 🎄

KJoD83 | KJoD83

Stand your ground and don't let abusive family guilt trip you. 🙌

Aquarius052 | Aquarius052

Standing up to abusive family, NTA, don't owe them anything 👏

mxster_queen | mxster_queen

The commenter suggests a condition for helping with the funeral. NTA.

knittingneedles321 | knittingneedles321

Polite but firm NTA for refusing to help cruel mom's funeral 🙌

Asaneth | Asaneth

Savage obituaries as revenge for abusive mom? NTA wins again.

Bjnboy | Bjnboy

Celebrating the demise of an abusive parent is normal. Cut off deluded siblings. 🔪

FakinFunk | FakinFunk

NTA takes the high road but suggests singing 'Ding, Dong, the Witch Is Dead' at funeral 🎶

PuttingTheRonInWrong | PuttingTheRonInWrong

Respect your own wishes. Don't let anyone guilt trip you. 💪

klurtin | klurtin

Sibling unawareness: a common issue in abusive family dynamics 🤷‍♂️

Proud_Fisherman_5233 | Proud_Fisherman_5233

Set clear boundaries and don't let them guilt-trip you 💪

outstanding_move_ko | outstanding_move_ko

Ignoring toxic family: NTA, keep your money and peace 👍

BeaArt78 | BeaArt78

Block them! They only want you for funeral expenses. NTA.

dirtywetdreams | dirtywetdreams

Celebrating the death of an abuser is understandable. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sibling's grief may be making them blind to mother's abuse. NTA.

SpaceCommuter | SpaceCommuter

Savage reply to cruel mom's funeral. NTA wins.

Era_or_smth | Era_or_smth

Setting boundaries after abuse: NTA, communicate trauma, avoid triggers 👍

EmYeaItsMe | EmYeaItsMe

NTA. Family turned blind eye to abuse, don't owe them anything 😒

findingmyself37 | findingmyself37

Grieving for the mother you never had is painful enough 😔💔

FarNorthern | FarNorthern

NTA refuses to help with abusive mom's funeral, suggests fireworks 🎆

SPolowiski | SPolowiski

Siblings failed to protect from abusive mother. Don't fall for manipulation. NTA 👍

Tacos_and-tequila | Tacos_and-tequila

NTA for refusing to mourn your abuser 👍

YouFlatterMeBrian | YouFlatterMeBrian

Get revenge by crafting your own obituary. NTA 👌

OneJobToRuleThemAll | OneJobToRuleThemAll

Siblings asking for help after years of abuse? NTA 👏

pinnnsfittts | pinnnsfittts

Survivor's siblings may not understand abuse. Inheritance not mandatory.

AffectionateHand2206 | AffectionateHand2206

Sibling takes charge of abusive father's funeral, brother approves humorously 😂

MBuhnie | MBuhnie

Sibling conflict over abusive mom's funeral. NTA vs siblings

Indy_Anna | Indy_Anna

Choosing not to help with abusive mother's funeral. NTA 💪

embopbopbopdoowop | embopbopbopdoowop

Advice on accepting siblings may also be damaged by abuse.

Cevanne46 | Cevanne46

You're not the a**hole for not helping with cruel mom's funeral 💔

PathA2020MLS2007 | PathA2020MLS2007

No love lost. NTA for not helping with abusive mom's funeral 👍

Aitasuperfan | Aitasuperfan

NTA. Enjoy your freedom 👏🏻 and blessings on you for a great life 🙏🏻

Time-Tie-231 | Time-Tie-231

Siblings want you to forgive abusive mom for their own benefit 👎

Idontlikesoup1 | Idontlikesoup1

No obligation to participate in planning or be active here. 💐

TheNapQueenIsHere | TheNapQueenIsHere

NTA stands up to abusive family with funeral ultimatum 👏

101037633 | 101037633

Choosing not to help with abusive mom's funeral, NTA ✔

i_like_cats_okay | i_like_cats_okay

A revengeful suggestion to expose the cruel mom's true nature 👌

Public-Ad-9827 | Public-Ad-9827

Declining to attend a funeral of an abusive parent is acceptable 💔

mayfeelthis | mayfeelthis

Savage yet NTA - Celebrating the end of a cruel life! 😂

LePingre | LePingre

Sibling's lack of responsibility, NTA's mom's funeral plans. 🙌

twinklingblueeyes | twinklingblueeyes

Petty revenge suggestion for abused commenter at mom's funeral.

Eryzell | Eryzell

Cutting off toxic family: NTA and NC eventually 🙌

user_ERK | user_ERK

NTA. Powerful story of standing up to abusive parents. 👏

GodsGiftToNothing | GodsGiftToNothing

Kudos for standing your ground and protecting your family! NTA 👏

Find_me_at_the_beach | Find_me_at_the_beach

Don't engage with them about the funeral, it won't help 😊

Rilenaveen | Rilenaveen

Family can't force love for abusive mom. NTA 👏

mireagy | mireagy

Financial strain and past abuse justify not helping with funeral 👍

Cookies_2 | Cookies_2

Sibling prioritizes optics and money over abusive mom's funeral. NTA.

Mintyfresh2022 | Mintyfresh2022

Coping with the death of an abusive family member 💔

Findingbalance5454 | Findingbalance5454

Family expects abused son to help with abusive mom's funeral 😡

NowWithMoreChocolate | NowWithMoreChocolate

Validating the OP's decision to stay away from abusive mother's funeral. NTA 👍

gwhiz007 | gwhiz007

Cutting ties with abusive family - NTA, siblings enabling behavior 👍

forkocharles | forkocharles

Savage suggestion shuts down family trying to take advantage. NTA

froggiestfriend | froggiestfriend

Family betrayal and abuse, celebrate in your own way 👏

amaryllisjunebug | amaryllisjunebug

Block them entirely and don't respond to them ever 👍

Ghitit | Ghitit

Not the a**hole for refusing to help abusive mom's funeral 💀

KatMeowxx | KatMeowxx

Humorous response to pandemic paranoia in funeral context.

Fire-Tigeris | Fire-Tigeris

Sibling defends man's decision of not helping abusive mother's funeral 💪

Slow-Company-7711 | Slow-Company-7711

Standing up to family pressure after years of abuse 👏

WhatupSis7773 | WhatupSis7773

Don't give in to toxic family pressure! NTA 👏

RogueLadyCerulean | RogueLadyCerulean

Empathetic NTA commenter validates OP's decision to not help with abusive mom's funeral

Ebechops | Ebechops

Choosing to not contribute to abusive mother's funeral. NTA 👏

Fluffyjockburns | Fluffyjockburns

Choosing not to help with abusive mom's funeral. NTA.

OddTransportation121 | OddTransportation121

Refusing to pay for abusive mom's funeral - NTA 😤👏

AggravatingPatient18 | AggravatingPatient18

NTA takes a stand after years of abuse 🙌

MissNikitaDevan | MissNikitaDevan

Sibling refused to help abusive mom's funeral, NTA 😊

hausccat | hausccat

Write your own obituary and refuse to celebrate her life 👍

corgihuntress | corgihuntress

Breaking free from abuse is incredible. NTA for standing firm.

ididitforcheese | ididitforcheese

Cutting ties with toxic family: NTA, blood doesn't always matter 👍

Shnipi | Shnipi

Write your own obituary for your abusive mom. NTA 👏🤷🏻‍♀️

Super_Reading2048 | Super_Reading2048

Honesty is the best policy, NTA 👍

ConfusionPossible590 | ConfusionPossible590

Brutally honest refusal to whitewash years of abusive treatment. 😡

Impossible-Cattle504 | Impossible-Cattle504

Cash-grabbing family? NTA! Don't feel obligated to help them.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Forgiving cruel mom for funeral? NTA says comment.

gigigalaxy | gigigalaxy

Set boundaries and don't engage. NTA.

Worth-Season3645 | Worth-Season3645

You owe them and her, absolutely nothing. Keep your head high! 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

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