Man Builds HUGE Fence, Ruins Neighbors' View & Kids' Play Area! 😠🚧

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🏡 Living in a beautiful neighborhood with a big yard sounds like a dream come true, right? 😍 Well, for one homeowner, it turned into a bit of a nightmare when the neighborhood kids started using their yard as a soccer field! 😱⚽ Despite attempts to talk to the neighbors, the kids just wouldn't stop. 🙅‍♂️ So, our determined protagonist decided to take matters into their own hands and build a fence. 🚧 But now, the neighbors are upset, and the kids have nowhere to play. 😢 Did this homeowner go too far, or were they justified in protecting their property? 🤔 Let's dive into this backyard drama! 🍿

🏡 The Perks of Living on the Outskirts 🌄

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🧩 The Unique Shape of My Property 🔍

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🏘️ The Fence-Free Neighborhood 🚫🚧

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☕ Discovering the Joys of Working Outdoors 💻🌿

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⚽ The Neighborhood Kids' Soccer Field 🥅

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🗣️ The Unsuccessful Neighbor Talk 😕

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🙅‍♂️ Putting My Foot Down 🦶

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😡 The Neighbors' Complaints 🗣️🗣️

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🙏 The Kids' Pleas to Play 👦👧

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The Great Fence Debate: Justified or Jerk Move?

Well, well, well... it looks like our fence-building friend has found themselves in quite the pickle! On one hand, they have every right to enjoy their property in peace. But on the other hand, the neighbors' kids are now stuck with a tiny yard and a view of a wooden wall. Talk about a backyard bummer! Some might say the homeowner should have been more understanding, while others argue that the neighbors should have respected their property from the start. It's a classic case of "my yard, my rules" vs. "won't somebody please think of the children?!" Let's see what the internet has to say about this fence fiasco...

Neighbor dispute over fence leads to NTA verdict. 👍

NanaLeonie | NanaLeonie

Man builds fence to protect private property from disruptive neighbors 👍

pr0jektile | pr0jektile

Property rights win over entitled parents. NTA 👏

Aninerd_13 | Aninerd_13

Neighbor builds fence, ruins view and play area. NTA stands firm.

Skippy2716 | Skippy2716

Neighbor defends building fence and setting boundaries. 💪

Glad-Translator-3502 | Glad-Translator-3502

Protecting your property or being a bad neighbor? 🤔

srslyeffedmind | srslyeffedmind

Neighbor takes advantage of polite property owners, forces posted signs. 😤

tnichols14 | tnichols14

Ensuring property boundaries before building a fence 🤔

IllustriousComplex6 | IllustriousComplex6

Neighbor's kids were running wild on their property. NTA. 😎

Amythist35 | Amythist35

Protecting your property or being selfish? #NTA 😜

oksccrlvr | oksccrlvr

Neighbor calls out homeowner for ruining view and being unpopular 😠

ImFinePleaseThanks | ImFinePleaseThanks

Caring for your community can go a long way 🙏

LanguidLacuna | LanguidLacuna

Neighbor builds fence, ruins kids' play area. NTA suggests solution.

v2den | v2den

Boundary respecting neighbor vs entitled condo families 😠

thiedes1 | thiedes1

Lack of outdoor spaces for kids is ruining the sense of community 🌍

Esosorum | Esosorum

Neighbor calls out YTA for ruining view and play area.

turquteress | turquteress

Neighbor builds fence, but is he really not the a**hole?

KatzAKat | KatzAKat

Neighbor dispute over fence and play area ownership resolved. ✌🏻

hotforharissa | hotforharissa

Man builds fence, blocks view & play area, YTA according to comment.

obscenecherry | obscenecherry

Neighbor defends right to build fence, offers compromise with parents 🤝

m_loquacious | m_loquacious

Boundary disputes can be nasty, but NTA for protecting property.

TomokataTomokato | TomokataTomokato

Respect for property is dying. NTA, but a shame.

Permas | Permas

Neighbor disputes over fence and kids, NTA stands firm. 😊

RoseTyler38 | RoseTyler38

Property dispute resolved, but at what cost? NTA wins.

getheran_uber | getheran_uber

Neighbor not the a**hole for building fence, suggests compromise

Sloppypoopypoppy | Sloppypoopypoppy

Neighbor disputes over fence and property boundaries. NTA.

xeyexofxautumnx | xeyexofxautumnx

Neighbor builds fence to protect property and boundaries, not NTA 👍

Narutoisboss | Narutoisboss

Neighbor builds fence, ruins view, and kids' play area. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Neighbors took advantage of yard, faced consequences. NTA 👍

Taleya | Taleya

Enjoy your property how you want, NTA 😎

ExtremeJogging | ExtremeJogging

Neighbor builds fence after being ignored. NTA. 👍

jmn242 | jmn242

Neighbor points out ESH and suggests compromise for peace 👍

morosehuman | morosehuman

Neighbor feels entitled to property, NTA builds fence for safety. 😊

gemma156 | gemma156

Be a good neighbor, but NTA for building on property 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Neighbor defends fence, suggests alternative activities for kids. 👍

Bondo_Wallace | Bondo_Wallace

Your property, your rules. They can reserve a local field 🏃🏻‍♂️

farts_n_darts | farts_n_darts

Protecting private property from trespassers, NTA but it sucks 😕

Willdiealonewithcats | Willdiealonewithcats

Not obligated to build playground, suggest petitioning city council. 🌏

Tidus790 | Tidus790

Defending the right to privacy and protesting against invasive neighbors. NTA 💪

WetMonkeyTalk | WetMonkeyTalk

NTA. Good fences make good neighbors. 👍

MissMurderpants | MissMurderpants

Insurance companies might hold you liable for "attractive nuisances". NTA.

Outofworkflygirl | Outofworkflygirl

Your yard, your rules. Letting kids play is your choice. 👍

Nikki3to | Nikki3to

Neighbor points out legal right but suggests OP acted like a scrooge 🙄

stickmaster_flex | stickmaster_flex

Neighbor builds fence to protect property and kids. NTA.

SnappyCapricorn | SnappyCapricorn

Neighbor builds fence to protect property, called NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Neighbor builds huge fence, loses soccer field and view. 😂

Blood_Soldier | Blood_Soldier

Neighbor defends fence, calls out entitled parents. 💪

Roux_Harbour | Roux_Harbour

Neighbor builds fence, parents complain - NTA response.

MurkyDetective6020 | MurkyDetective6020

Protecting your property and setting boundaries. 🚫👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

teresajs | teresajs

Neighbor expresses annoyance with man's fence, calls him a**hole.

[deleted] | [deleted]

You're NTA for building a fence on your property 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Not responsible for entertaining spoiled kids of obnoxious parents 😒

charminOne | charminOne

Neighbor dispute over fence and kids' play area. NTA wins.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Neighbor builds fence on their property, NTA for protecting it. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Neighbor builds fence for privacy and safety, sparks potential vandalism.

Anon_819 | Anon_819

Defending your property is not being a**hole. 😎

RedHeadedStepDevil | RedHeadedStepDevil

Neighbor builds fence, ruins view and play area. NTA wins.

TheFrogsv2GayUpgrade | TheFrogsv2GayUpgrade

Neighbor's complaints and fence blockage was crappy, ESH. 🤷‍♂️

anybodyseenmypants80 | anybodyseenmypants80

Redditor reminds OP about being the grumpy old neighbor

urruke | urruke

Neighbor puts up fence to protect property, NTA. 📷

jetttward | jetttward

Neighbor's entitled behavior makes them a**holes. NTA stands firm 👍

KnightofForestsWild | KnightofForestsWild

Neighbor builds fence, inconveniences kids, parents demand yard usage. NTA.

NeilDegrasse-PhatAss | NeilDegrasse-PhatAss

Neighbor suggests compromise for fence dispute. 🙏

Squinky75 | Squinky75

Neighbor legally takes kids' play area, commenter deems him TA 😠

thats-not-right | thats-not-right

Neighbor builds fence to protect themselves, kids & avoid liability 😊

Aggressive-Sample612 | Aggressive-Sample612

Protecting your property is paramount. NTA 👍

GrizeldaLovesCats | GrizeldaLovesCats

Friendly neighbors make lasting memories for kids 😊

dog_cow | dog_cow

Balancing property rights and cooperation during a pandemic 🚧

tourabsurd | tourabsurd

Neighbor conflict sparks debate on community vs privacy boundaries. 😔

FairZucchini13 | FairZucchini13

Moving to a rural area might solve the issue, but legal liability and neighborhood harmony should be considered when building fences. 🚧

dwellingintrees | dwellingintrees

Suggests NTA taking down fence, respecting neighbor's use of property 👍

Ugly4merican | Ugly4merican

Enjoy your backyard, not your entitled neighbors' view. NTA 👍

candles_0904 | candles_0904

Building a fence for privacy and safety is NTA move 🔒

Professornightshade | Professornightshade

Neighbor builds fence, refuses to take responsibility for blocked view.

ImpossibleBop | ImpossibleBop

Assertive defense of property rights and consequences of actions. 💪


Respectful comment defends property rights in neighborhood dispute. 💪

RTPNick | RTPNick

Neighbor accuses man of being a Grinch with fence

Jenni-iffer23 | Jenni-iffer23

Neighbor builds huge fence, NTA for protecting own property.

tnscatterbrain | tnscatterbrain

Neighbor defends property rights but lacks empathy 🙄

EstebanGrine | EstebanGrine

Assertive NTA shuts down entitled neighbors, suggests they move 💪

AcanthisittaAVI | AcanthisittaAVI

Neighbor builds fence, NTA says 'It's your yard' 👍

Wissa38 | Wissa38

Safety first! NTA for building fence, suggest petitioning for soccer field ⚠️

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