She Expects Me To Cater To Her Every Whim... Enough Is Enough! 😡

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🎉 College parties are all about having a good time, but what happens when not everyone's on the same page? 🤔 Meet our party-throwing protagonist, who's just trying to be a good host by providing both alcoholic 🍹 and non-alcoholic 🥤 options. But when their sober friend Ashley demands a specific drink, things get a little... fizzy. 💥 Buckle up, because this sparkling water drama is about to bubble over! 😬🍾

🎉 Party Time... But Not Everyone's Feeling the Vibe 😬

BitchImLilBaby | BitchImLilBaby

Respect for the Sober Crowd 🙌

BitchImLilBaby | BitchImLilBaby

Providing Non-Alcoholic Options Like a Good Host 👍

BitchImLilBaby | BitchImLilBaby

Sparkling Water? Not My Thing 🤷‍♀️

BitchImLilBaby | BitchImLilBaby

Ashley's Not Thrilled... 😕

BitchImLilBaby | BitchImLilBaby

"Sugary Stuff Isn't My Jam, But Water's Boring!" 😴

BitchImLilBaby | BitchImLilBaby

Not My Job to Cater to Your Every Whim! 😤

BitchImLilBaby | BitchImLilBaby

BYOB Applies to Everyone! 🍾

BitchImLilBaby | BitchImLilBaby

Joshua Thinks I Should Apologize... But Why? 🤔

BitchImLilBaby | BitchImLilBaby

It's the Principle, Not the Price! 💸

BitchImLilBaby | BitchImLilBaby

I Already Provide Options, Bring Your Own If You Want More! 🛍️

BitchImLilBaby | BitchImLilBaby

Why Am I Held to a Higher Standard Than Her BF? 🤨

BitchImLilBaby | BitchImLilBaby

Feeling Taken Advantage Of... 😞

BitchImLilBaby | BitchImLilBaby

Sober Friend Demands Sparkling Water, Host Says BYOB! 💦🍾

Our party-throwing hero is in a bit of a pickle! Despite providing non-alcoholic options like Coke Zero and Dr Pepper, their sober friend Ashley is upset that there's no sparkling water just for her. Ashley even sent a long text saying she deserves a "fun drink" too! But our host isn't having it, clapping back with a reminder that it's BYOB and they're not Ashley's servant. Joshua thinks an apology is in order, but our protagonist stands their ground. It's not about the money, it's the principle! Why should they be held to a higher standard than Ashley's boyfriend? Looks like this sparkling water drama is leaving our host feeling a little flat. Can't we all just raise a glass and get along?

Not running a restaurant, so no fun drinks for you 😒

StAlvis | StAlvis

BYOB is common courtesy, NTA for not catering to entitlement. 👍

glimmerseeker | glimmerseeker

BYOB rule for adult parties. Friend sounds high maintenance. NTA.

Wonderful-Result2036 | Wonderful-Result2036

NTA: Ashley wants too much, time for her to bring her own drink 🤪

YouthNAsia63 | YouthNAsia63

BYOB means BYOB, not cater to entitled friends. NTA 👏

EmbarrassedFroyo4643 | EmbarrassedFroyo4643

BYOB party with soda and she expects sparkling water? NTA.

Familiar_Practice906 | Familiar_Practice906

Polite to bring a gift, you're NTA for BYOB confusion 👍

adventuresofViolet | adventuresofViolet

Hosting a party doesn't mean catering to everyone's preferences 🤔

ZealousidealShake410 | ZealousidealShake410

BYOB: A universally accepted party rule 🍻

No1PoundPup | No1PoundPup

BYOB extends beyond alcohol. Seltzers > coffee, water, soda! 🤔

Reevadare1990 | Reevadare1990

Don't apologize, her entitled text was out of line 🙄

DueCherry2134 | DueCherry2134

Being a picky drinker doesn't mean you can't be polite 👍

Librarycat77 | Librarycat77

Don't let entitled friends ruin your party 🎉

sunflowerpolkadot | sunflowerpolkadot

Dating a princess 🤣 Josh needs to grow up and cater to her.

BSmom | BSmom

Non-drinker praises OP for considerate party planning 👏

spaceylaceygirl | spaceylaceygirl

Ungrateful guests and their complaints 😒

Moss-cle | Moss-cle

BYOB means bring your own beverage, not cater to entitled hosts 🙄

Fun_Comparison4973 | Fun_Comparison4973

Don't apologize for setting boundaries. NTA 👏

CupertinoHouse | CupertinoHouse

Generosity unappreciated: A host's tale 🤣

Zakal74 | Zakal74

Bringing your own drink to a party is basic etiquette 👍

GoldenGoof19 | GoldenGoof19

NTA stands his ground against demanding guest and her boyfriend 😜

stphrd5280 | stphrd5280

Bring your own drinks, sparkling water is party-perfect! NTA 🤩

PurrestedDevelopment | PurrestedDevelopment

Sparkling water is just water that hates you! 😂

Boek22 | Boek22

Polite NTA response to entitled guest's drink demand 👍

69_trash_pandas | 69_trash_pandas

Hosting parties is hard work - let your friends know!

noccie | noccie

Being considerate of non-alcoholic drinkers at parties is important 🙌

Neither-Lynx596 | Neither-Lynx596

Be a good guest, bring your own drinks. 🤖

PassComprehensive425 | PassComprehensive425

Bringing your own drink is the adult thing to do 👍

Carrie_Oakie | Carrie_Oakie

Bringing La Croix to a party: Classy and considerate move 👍

Ok-Yogurtcloset-4378 | Ok-Yogurtcloset-4378

Equal standards and BYOB. NTA wins the party 🎉

WesternTerm7600 | WesternTerm7600

Partygoer demands pony at non-pony event 😂

NinjaZX10R_ABS | NinjaZX10R_ABS

NTA stands up for themselves and decides to stop inviting a rude guest.

geogal6969 | geogal6969

BYOB does not mean bring your own beer! 😡

Remarkable_Sea_1062 | Remarkable_Sea_1062

Don't be a people pleaser, set boundaries and stick to them. 🙅

shontsu | shontsu

Polite guest vs entitled guest at college party 🍻

ambercrayon | ambercrayon

Don't cater to her every whim, be polite and STFU. NTA 😎

TakeshiKovacsSleeve3 | TakeshiKovacsSleeve3

BYOB or STFU - Entitlement and palm leafs not included 🙄

megustaALLthethings | megustaALLthethings

College students can't cater to others' girlfriends. It's Joshua's problem.

Nearly_Pointless | Nearly_Pointless

Stand your ground and demand an apology! 💪

Ya_habibti | Ya_habibti

NTA stands firm on non-alcoholic drink options, guests responsible. 👍

Nice-Yogurt-6741 | Nice-Yogurt-6741

BYOB culture in the UK vs American drink etiquette 🤔

Hot-tea99 | Hot-tea99

NTA, stands for Not The A-hole. No sugar for you!

OrneryWinter8159 | OrneryWinter8159

Entitled behavior called out with a NTA judgment 👏

Pretty-Honest-2269 | Pretty-Honest-2269

Entitled guest at a party expects too much, NTA wins 👏

Positive_Divide8195 | Positive_Divide8195

No more parties because of an entitled guest? 😳

Bruised_Fruit_Band | Bruised_Fruit_Band

Bringing your own drink is like BYOB, not a big deal. 😊

Interesting_Fly5154 | Interesting_Fly5154

No need to apologize, bring your own drinks 🍻

Outside-Ad1720 | Outside-Ad1720

Party drinks? BYO or don't go. NTA 🤩

Wide-Appointment-179 | Wide-Appointment-179

BYOB means bring your own booze, not expect unlimited supply 🤷‍♂️

Ornery-Willow-839 | Ornery-Willow-839

NTA, friends bring own non-alcoholic drinks to parties 🍹

ballbrewing | ballbrewing

Coke vs. Pepsi feud ends with a sparkling compromise. 👌

Katnis85 | Katnis85

Bringing your own drinks to parties: Yay or nay? 🍹

No_Trifle4817 | No_Trifle4817

BYOB: The universal adult acronym for entitlement denied. 🤷‍♂️

SkunkWoodz | SkunkWoodz

BYOB doesn't mean you become a bartender, NTA 😊

Jerseygirl2468 | Jerseygirl2468

Be a gracious host, but don't let entitled guests dictate.

MenchitWolfram | MenchitWolfram

Be a good host, but don't cater to entitled demands 🙄

fizzbangwhiz | fizzbangwhiz

Bringing your own drinks to get-togethers as a sober person 👍

half_a_skeleton | half_a_skeleton

Hosting made easy with this NTA's favorite drink tip! 🥂

Astriafiamante | Astriafiamante

Don't be a mind reader for entitled guests! NTA 😡

YetAnotherNon-Scary | YetAnotherNon-Scary

Don't cater to her every whim at your own party 😡

KnightofForestsWild | KnightofForestsWild

BYOW: Bring Your Own Water. NTA sets boundaries.

redjessa | redjessa

No more free drinks! 🍹 NTA sets drink boundaries.

ijustlikebeingnosy | ijustlikebeingnosy

BYOB doesn't mean cater to every whim, Ashley was rude 😡

uTop-Artichoke5020 | uTop-Artichoke5020

Non-alcoholic options provided, guests can bring own preferences. NTA!

pnut-buttr | pnut-buttr

Bring your own drinks to the party! 🍹

Miserable-Effective2 | Miserable-Effective2

Being considerate at a party but still called out? NTA 👍

effoff333 | effoff333

Choosing not to drink at parties can still be fun! 🤗

Sarcasm_and_Coffee | Sarcasm_and_Coffee

Bringing your own drinks is okay, friend needs maturity 👍

Peculiar_Cat_21 | Peculiar_Cat_21

Guest's entitled demand for specific drinks at party is unreasonable. NTA.

Corey307 | Corey307

BYOB means bring your own bubbles. NTA for expecting it.

DamiesEmm | DamiesEmm

Non-alcoholic drink preference sparks inside joke at gatherings. 🍺

Buffy0943 | Buffy0943

BYOB means bring your own booze, NTA for not buying.

OIWantKenobi | OIWantKenobi

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