She Threatened To LEAVE Him On The Side Of The Road 😱

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🚗💑 Buckle up, folks! We've got a classic tale of love on the road, but with a few bumps along the way. Meet our college sweethearts, living the long-distance life and making the trek back home to see the fam a few times a year. 🏡 But what happens when one half of this dynamic duo just can't seem to get their act together? 🕰️😴 From aux cord battles to fashionably late departures, this couple's road trips are anything but smooth sailing. 🌊 Will our frustrated protagonist finally put the pedal to the metal and leave her tardy beau in the dust? 🏎️💨 Let's dive into this juicy tale of love, punctuality, and the open road! 🛣️❤️

🚗 The Long-Distance Lovers' Dilemma 😩

spriteislife12 | spriteislife12

🏎️ Beater Benz vs. Kickin' Kia 🚙

spriteislife12 | spriteislife12

🎧 The Aux Cord Wars 🎵

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🎶 Headphones or Headaches? 🤕

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⏰ The Tardy Boyfriend Chronicles 😴

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🕐 Fashionably Late or Just Plain Rude? 🙄

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🍳 Breakfast with the 'Rents While BF Snoozes 😴

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👵 Grandma's House Detour 🏡

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🌑 Driving in the Dark 😨

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🚨 Dangerous Driving Conditions 😱

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😡 A Month of Darkness and Deceit 🌚

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🤔 To Leave or Not to Leave? 🚗💨

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🗣️ The Ultimatum 😠

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🚗💔 Love on the Rocks: Will She Leave Her Late BF in the Dust? 😱

Well, well, well... looks like we've got a classic case of 'I love you, but I can't stand your tardiness' on our hands! 😅 Our poor protagonist has been putting up with her boyfriend's fashionably late antics for far too long, and now she's reached her breaking point. 🤬 From aux cord battles to grandma's house detours, this couple's road trips are more stressful than a rush-hour traffic jam! 🚗🚨 But the real kicker? Mr. Tardy-Pants has been cruising around with busted headlights for a month, putting both of them in danger! 😱💡 Now, our fed-up heroine is ready to put the pedal to the metal and leave her man in the dust if he can't get his act together. 🏎️💨 The question on everyone's mind: is she justified, or is she being too harsh? 🤔 Let's see what the internet has to say about this wild ride! 🌐💬

Don't settle for someone who can't even follow you in traffic 😒

coconutshave | coconutshave

NTA. If he can't be considerate during a road trip, how can he be in the future? 😞


👍Agree, dump the idiotic jerk already and don't look back.

thecatinthemask | thecatinthemask

Setting hardlines is healthy in a relationship 👍

Neko0207 | Neko0207

Setting boundaries in relationships is important. 👍

MinsAino | MinsAino

Partner's disrespect and selfishness causes relationship red flags. NTA.

Dangerfyeld | Dangerfyeld

Is it worth staying with someone who disrespects you? 🤔

BelliAmie | BelliAmie

Set expectations and take the air out of complaints 👌

dave7243 | dave7243

Dating an irresponsible child? NTA for wanting better 😒

offgridlady | offgridlady

Partner's control issues cause fights on road trips. NTA. 🏍🏋

JojoCruz206 | JojoCruz206

Agreeing with NTA and questioning the relationship 🤔

Radiant_University | Radiant_University

A toxic relationship with no compromise. 🤷‍♂️ ESH.

Jemma_2 | Jemma_2

BF's chronic lateness is just the tip of the iceberg... 🤷‍♀️

lisaemc2 | lisaemc2

Road trip troubles: NTA if you leave your late partner 😡

Ambitious-Progress31 | Ambitious-Progress31

Sleepy partner? Hit the road solo 🚗😴

diskebbin | diskebbin

Friend's chronic lateness leads to NTA threatening to leave partner.

Silvalirum | Silvalirum

Boyfriend is a disrespectful moron according to NTA comment.

MsGinErso | MsGinErso

Sibling tough love tactics for punctuality 😎

[deleted] | [deleted]

If he's repeatedly risking your safety, NTA for setting boundaries 👏

introverted_smallfry | introverted_smallfry

Control issues suspected due to procrastination, NTA agrees.

Raggmommy | Raggmommy

Setting boundaries without being an a**hole. 🛣️

Fugly0the0first | Fugly0the0first

Be your own pilot and take off on time. NTA.

Calmandwise | Calmandwise

Why stay with someone who doesn't value your time? 😔

bigtiddygothgf7 | bigtiddygothgf7

Don't baby him, let him make his own decisions 🚗

Invisibleamber | Invisibleamber

Leave when you're ready, NTA. 👍

Darcy-Pennell | Darcy-Pennell

A savage yet valid point on controlling partners 👏

Navybuffalo | Navybuffalo

Advice on evaluating a relationship and setting boundaries. 👍

bambamkablam | bambamkablam

🤔 Commenter points out multiple red flags in relationship behavior

ImFinePleaseThanks | ImFinePleaseThanks

Car trouble and relationship advice, NTA saves the day 👌

PadawanJoone | PadawanJoone

Partner is selfish and immature. You make concessions for him.

evilshenanigan | evilshenanigan

Driving caravan style is weird. NTA, get a new car 👍

rawsugar87 | rawsugar87

Red flags everywhere! Car maintenance, driving without headlights, and toxicity.

kb-g | kb-g

NTA. Leaving him behind might make him realize his thoughtlessness 🙏

bamf1701 | bamf1701

Travel plans with a twist, NTA suggests sneaky solution.

Frankie_M_99 | Frankie_M_99

Dump him! 👋🏻 You deserve better than a selfish boyfriend. 💎

Photophreak281 | Photophreak281

Being chronically late is a red flag in relationships 🚨

He1avis4a | He1avis4a

Sick of your partner's tardiness ruining your trips? 🙄💔

Cuteanimalsmakemecry | Cuteanimalsmakemecry

Supportive comment encourages OP to leave toxic bf. 👏

WetMonkeyTalk | WetMonkeyTalk

Partner's behavior raises concerns about co-parenting. NTA.

dudleymunta | dudleymunta

Separate cars, irresponsible driving, ESH, both acting like kids 🤔

capricorn40 | capricorn40

Advice to move on from childhood relationship. 👍

Shane_Diggity | Shane_Diggity

When he can't handle a threat but can't be on time. NTA 🙄

Senator_Bink | Senator_Bink

Is he worth being an a**hole to yourself? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. The safety concerns are valid, and irresponsible behavior sucks 🚗🎶

cakeisreallygood | cakeisreallygood

The wild thoughts that come with being NTA 🤔

LolthienToo | LolthienToo

A warning of what's to come if you tolerate mistreatment 😡

redditorspaceeditor | redditorspaceeditor

Compromise and communication are key in a healthy relationship ❤

Roguecamog | Roguecamog

Dump him, girl! 🚮 You deserve better than a thoughtless boyfriend.

greeksaladnoonion | greeksaladnoonion

Setting boundaries politely and firmly. NTA 👍

jadepumpkin1984 | jadepumpkin1984

BF doesn't understand the mental load of trip planning. 🤔

AnyConstellation | AnyConstellation

Compassionate reply to rude partner, questioning relationship. 🤔

angry_centipede | angry_centipede

Dating someone you can't stand in a car? 🤔 NTA

ja599 | ja599

Partner won't compromise on road trip schedule, NTA stands up

Idejbfp | Idejbfp

Set a deadline, leave if he's late. He's being disrespectful 😒

Skippy2716 | Skippy2716

Dealing with perpetually late partner: a neuropsychologist's insight. 😱

theflyinghillbilly | theflyinghillbilly

Leave the boy behind 🙅‍♀️ You deserve better 💁‍♀️

Haskap_2010 | Haskap_2010

Leaving a relationship is always valid. 👍

Apprehensive_Ad_2237 | Apprehensive_Ad_2237

Respect is key to a healthy relationship 💖 NTA's advice

RaccoonEnemyNo1 | RaccoonEnemyNo1

Sharing music choices on a 6 hour trip is reasonable 🎶

brigiliz | brigiliz

A couple shares their solution for music and tardiness issues 🎶👍

anotherDutchdude | anotherDutchdude

Run from the man-child before it gets worse! 👋🏼

kingsblendkeefe | kingsblendkeefe

Being constantly late is selfish. NTA for calling it out 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Take separate trips, even separate vacations! Don't tolerate a**holes 👍

cyndre4 | cyndre4

NTA commenter suggests leaving him in the dust 😱

Cardabella | Cardabella

Late and inconsiderate boyfriend causing misery. NTA for leaving.

MotherofCats876 | MotherofCats876

Engaging advice to a young person in a toxic relationship 👍

Ok_Ad_6626 | Ok_Ad_6626

Respect your time! NTA if you leave him 🙏

PrivateEyes2020 | PrivateEyes2020

NTA after 6 years, he still can't keep his shit together 💩

Blackdeek04 | Blackdeek04

Frustrated commenter contemplates leaving partner behind on road trip 😱

StitchedSilver | StitchedSilver

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