Boyfriend Discovers GF's HIDDEN Pregnancy Photos! 🤰📸 Should She Have Told Him About Being a Surrogate? 🤔

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Buckle up, folks! 🚗💨 We've got a juicy story that's sure to get your heart racing and your jaw dropping! 😱 Meet our leading lady, a 28-year-old woman who's been dating her boyfriend for over two and a half years. 💑 She made it clear from the start that kids weren't in the cards for her, and he agreed to live without them. 🙅‍♀️👶 But hold on to your hats, because a shocking discovery from her past is about to turn their relationship upside down! 🙃 Get ready for a wild ride filled with secrets, betrayal, and a whole lot of drama! 🎭

🤰 A Shocking Discovery from the Past! 😱

helicopterno3063 | helicopterno3063

💑 He Wanted Kids, But Decided to Compromise 🤝

helicopterno3063 | helicopterno3063

📸 A Blast from the Past Revealed! 🤯

helicopterno3063 | helicopterno3063

👶 The Truth About My Surrogacy Journey 🤰

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🍳 Just a Handy Oven for That Bun! 😅

helicopterno3063 | helicopterno3063

😠 Boyfriend Feels Betrayed and Upset 😡

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🙏 Apologizing for Not Telling Him Sooner 😔

helicopterno3063 | helicopterno3063

🤔 Did I Do Anything Wrong Here? 🤷‍♀️

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ℹ️ Additional Info: Surrogacy Requirements 📝

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👨‍👩‍👧 A Family Affair: Trusting a Sister 👭

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⚖️ The Legal Side of Surrogacy 👩‍⚖️

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🔥 A Surrogacy Bombshell Rocks Their Relationship! 💣

Well, well, well... looks like our leading lady has been keeping a pretty big secret from her boyfriend! 🤐 When he stumbled upon some old photos of her pregnant at 20, he was shocked and upset, thinking she'd had a child and given them up. 😲 But the truth was even more surprising - she had been a surrogate for her sister who was struggling with fertility issues. 👶 Now, her boyfriend feels betrayed that she was willing to carry a child for her sister but won't consider having one with him. 😠 Talk about a sticky situation! 😅 Let's see what the internet has to say about this juicy drama! 🍿

NTA user stands up for surrogate after boyfriend's unreasonable request.

Flyhro | Flyhro

Partner wants kids, find someone who doesn't 🤷‍♀️

Internal_Set_6564 | Internal_Set_6564

Confusion about surrogacy criteria sparks curiosity in comment section

Ducky818 | Ducky818

ESH for not discussing desire for kids; bf for insensitive reaction 😑

Queen_Sized_Beauty | Queen_Sized_Beauty

Boyfriend in denial about wanting kids, but NTA for surrogacy ❤️

Knittingfairy09113 | Knittingfairy09113

Hiding surrogacy for 2.5 years from SO makes YTA 🤨

TheBreadToYourPigeon | TheBreadToYourPigeon

NTA for being a surrogate. Boyfriend misunderstood situation. 👍

DrippyMagoo | DrippyMagoo

Not sharing such a big thing during a 2,5 year relationship 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA or ESH? Lack of communication and empathy. Relationship in jeopardy. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

The__Riker__Maneuver | The__Riker__Maneuver

ESH. Boyfriend overreacts to surrogate photos, both need communication.

Indusnm | Indusnm

Surrogate girlfriend should have been honest with her boyfriend 🤰

statman007 | statman007

Partner lied about wanting kids, NTA for being a surrogate 👏

Sloppypoopypoppy | Sloppypoopypoppy

Surrogate mom not obligated to tell BF, but he's allowed to be surprised 😳

[deleted] | [deleted]

User thinks GF should have disclosed past as a surrogate.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Body autonomy matters. NTA. His reaction shows incompatibility. ✊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Red flag? 🚩 Partner might want kids despite saying otherwise.

floydfan | floydfan

Sharing big personal details is important in a serious relationship 💑

PurpleOctopuseses | PurpleOctopuseses

Not disclosing surrogacy during parenthood plans - YTA. 🤔

shushupbuttercup | shushupbuttercup

End the relationship. His resentment will only grow over time. 👋

IAmTAAlways | IAmTAAlways

Partner lied about being okay with no kids, NTA.

Sloppypoopypoppy | Sloppypoopypoppy

Stick to your guns, NTA. 👏

DaysOfRoses | DaysOfRoses

Surrogate shuts down boyfriend's baby request with brutal honesty.

Rudoku-dakka | Rudoku-dakka

Dissenting opinion: YTA for hiding surrogate pregnancy photos. 🤔

sirsighsalot1 | sirsighsalot1

NTA for not telling boyfriend about being a surrogate. Potential true colors showing situation. 🤰⚓️

SomeKindofName42 | SomeKindofName42

Woman defends decision to be a surrogate against unsupportive boyfriend.

divingrose77101 | divingrose77101

Be upfront about deal-breakers early on 😌👍

RosesBrain | RosesBrain

Boyfriend an a-hole for thinking surrogacy means wanting kids. ESH.

Writeloves | Writeloves

Trust issues arise over undisclosed surrogate pregnancy photos 🙅🏼

Lord_Sotheary | Lord_Sotheary

NTA. The boyfriend's desire for kids isn't her concern. 🤷

dfjdejulio | dfjdejulio

Hiding surrogate pregnancy photos from partner - YTA.

SurfingDumbledore | SurfingDumbledore

ESH. It's important to communicate big events with partners 👨‍👩‍👧 but maybe it's not meant to be 😔

noccie | noccie

BF agreed to surrogacy despite discomfort, both wronged in situation 👍

Ian-igmatic | Ian-igmatic

Debate on honesty and responsibility in surrogacy. 🤔

cheezeedoodlez | cheezeedoodlez

Gender double standards in surrogacy. Thought-provoking N.T.A comment.

Ok-Acanthaceae5744 | Ok-Acanthaceae5744

Relationship doomed. 💔 Move on, nobody is happy. 😔

DismalDally | DismalDally

NTA for not wanting kids, but YTA for not mentioning surrogacy 🤔

anon384930 | anon384930

Surrogate mom criticized for not telling husband about pregnancy.

sussosus | sussosus

NTA cooks up a kid, but will it change his mind? 🤔

YourMoonWife | YourMoonWife

Communication is key, ESH for not being upfront about surrogacy 📲

cannonballBaloo | cannonballBaloo

Partner upset about hidden surrogacy, ESH for persistent comments.

BootlegJB | BootlegJB

Stand your ground, but reconsider if you're on the same page 🤔

MageVicky | MageVicky

Honesty is the best policy 👍. He should respect her decision. 🙅

Crazyhellga | Crazyhellga

Blindsiding BF with pregnancy pics? EHS for not warning him 😬

RoyIbex | RoyIbex

Partner's lie about wanting kids can lead to relationship problems 🤦‍♂️

Village_Green_Badger | Village_Green_Badger

Miscommunication leads to YTA verdict for not being clear.

Regular-Scallion4266 | Regular-Scallion4266

Brutal honesty: Expecting privacy as a surrogate is unrealistic. 🙈

StilltheoneNY | StilltheoneNY

Time for a serious talk with your baby-hungry boyfriend 👨🏻‍👩🏻

Easy-Concentrate2636 | Easy-Concentrate2636

YTA for not telling him about surrogate pregnancy. Splitting up advised. 👍

Agitated_Cheek4890 | Agitated_Cheek4890

Break up with him! You're more than an incubator. NTA 💯

DontBeHastey | DontBeHastey

Surrogacy bombshell shocks long-term partner, needs time to process 🤷‍♂️

ChipChippersonFan | ChipChippersonFan

Former surrogate warns OP about potential future issues with partner 😡

PsilosirenRose | PsilosirenRose

Surrogacy is like blood donation? NTA, according to comment.

kittylikker_ | kittylikker_

Choosing not to have kids? Let your partner know early. NTA

justanordinarymuggle | justanordinarymuggle

ESH for not being honest about surrogacy. He's an AH for staying.

AmberWaves80 | AmberWaves80

Boyfriend wants surrogate for his own child, red flags abound. 👍

PeanutsLament | PeanutsLament

Father defends surrogate's decision, calls out boyfriend's jealousy. 💪

Pure_Marketing5990 | Pure_Marketing5990

Being a surrogate doesn't mean you owe anyone a kid 👏

chrisrevere2 | chrisrevere2

Harsh advice on relationship, YTA verdict, heartbreak 💔

Decent_Bandicoot122 | Decent_Bandicoot122

Partner's reaction to surrogacy reveals incompatibility. Break up advised. 💔

BlaineTog | BlaineTog

NTA but YTA for not telling him. Reflect on why.

Alarmed-Part4718 | Alarmed-Part4718

Surrogate GF's BF doesn't support children anymore 😔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Surrogate GF didn't disclose info, BF needs time to process 🤔

SceneNational6303 | SceneNational6303

Mixed opinion on boyfriend's concern for surrogate pregnancy. 🤔

Mountain_Somewhere78 | Mountain_Somewhere78

Boyfriend thinks it's unfair but NAH, he needs to understand surrogacy.

Pale_Height_1251 | Pale_Height_1251

Surrogacy is not equivalent to raising a child together. 🚫👶

totalitarianbnarbp | totalitarianbnarbp

Boyfriend not okay with surrogacy, but it's not her fault 🤷‍♀️

Altruistic-Tea7709 | Altruistic-Tea7709

NTA! Your body, your choice. Boyfriend's red flag. End relationship. 🤰🤔

Next-Status8671 | Next-Status8671

User warns OP of potential consequences of staying with conflicted partner.

AlternativeSignal2 | AlternativeSignal2

Not obligated to share as surrogate, his reaction is telling 😑

EmiliusReturns | EmiliusReturns

NTA comment shuts down potential father's ignorance 🙌

booch | booch

Honesty is key in relationships. Listen to partner's needs. NAH.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Surrogate's partner wants kids, she doesn't. Deal breaker? 🤔

Stempy21 | Stempy21

Surrogacy is not parenthood. NTA for not telling him.

Gold-Somewhere1770 | Gold-Somewhere1770

NTA for being a surrogate, but tough situation with bf 💔

witchbrew7 | witchbrew7

"NTA" commenter defends surrogate's choice to not reveal pregnancy photos.

ObjectiveLonely7923 | ObjectiveLonely7923

Advice for discussing surrogacy with partner. 👨‍🍳🤔

OptimalRedditor | OptimalRedditor

Surrogate pregnancy photos upset boyfriend, but not her fault. NTA.

MissTheWire | MissTheWire

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