Customer's OUTRAGEOUS Request Makes Plumber WALK OUT! 🚶‍♂️💸

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🚨 Buckle up, folks! We've got a plumbing predicament that'll make your pipes burst with laughter (or frustration, depending on your perspective). 🚽 Our protagonist, a seasoned NYC plumber, finds himself in a late-night dilemma when a sketchy call comes in from a mysterious customer. 🤔 With more red flags than a communist parade, this plumber has to navigate through a maze of missing info, creative pricing, and a whole lot of drama. 😅 So, grab your plungers and let's dive into this drain-clogging tale of haggling, walking away, and questioning one's a**hole status! 🙌

🚨 Sketchy Late-Night Call: A Plumber's Dilemma 🚨

spartan1008 | spartan1008

🤔 Mysterious Caller Can't Give Basic Info 🤔

spartan1008 | spartan1008

🏠 Who Doesn't Know Their Own Address?! 🏠

spartan1008 | spartan1008

📞 Caller ID Please! This Gets Weirder... 📞

spartan1008 | spartan1008

🚗 Rush Hour Teleporter Malfunction 🚗

spartan1008 | spartan1008

🚚 Locked and Loaded: Plumber Prepares for Anything 🚚

spartan1008 | spartan1008

🚽 Backed-Up Sewer Line: A Quick Fix or a Rusty Mess? 🚽

spartan1008 | spartan1008

💰 Flat Rate Fiasco: Customer's Creative Pricing 💰

spartan1008 | spartan1008

🤷‍♂️ Take It or Leave It: Plumber Stands His Ground 🤷‍♂️

spartan1008 | spartan1008

🚶‍♂️ Plumber Walks Away: No Time for Haggling 🚶‍♂️

spartan1008 | spartan1008

🤨 What More Do You Want? Plumber Perplexed 🤨

spartan1008 | spartan1008

💸 No Sob Story, No Discount 💸

spartan1008 | spartan1008

🤔 Am I the A**hole? Plumber Seeks Internet's Judgment 🤔

spartan1008 | spartan1008

🚽 Plumber's Pricing Predicament: Is He the A**hole? 🤔

In this wild plumbing adventure, our protagonist finds himself at odds with a customer who seems to have missed the memo on basic info like addresses and phone numbers. 📞 Despite the sketchy vibes, our plumber arrives on the scene, only to be met with a backed-up sewer line and a customer who wants to haggle like he's at a flea market. 💰 When the plumber stands his ground on pricing, the customer sends him packing, leaving our hero to question his a**hole status. 🤷‍♂️ The internet chimes in with a resounding "Not the A**hole!" 🙌 proving that sometimes, sticking to your guns (or plungers) is the way to go. 😎 So, what do you think? Was our plumber right to walk away, or should he have played the haggling game? 🤔 Let's see what the internet has to say about this plumbing predicament! 💬

Plumber was justified in charging for almost an hour's work 💰

Entadagigas | Entadagigas

Plumber receives outrageous request, stands up for business ethics. NTA.

Odd_Interaction_7419 | Odd_Interaction_7419

Plumber's outrageous request reminds me of a classic tow truck trick 😂

bmass-619 | bmass-619

Don't haggle during a plumbing emergency - NTA comment

LurkerNan | LurkerNan

Plumber stands up for fair pricing, customer tries to guilt-trip. NTA 💪

ratondo | ratondo

Being a plumber is more than just fixing pipes for cheap.

Dookwithanegg | Dookwithanegg

Customer refuses to listen to plumber's professional advice. NTA.

EngineeringOwn2299 | EngineeringOwn2299

Plumber's justified response to entitled customer deserves respect 💪

19pj19 | 19pj19

Customer's outrageous request justified plumber's decision not to return. 💰

Shadsoz | Shadsoz

Respect for plumbers and healthcare workers who deal with poop 💪🏻

Callmepanda83744 | Callmepanda83744

Customer's unrealistic expectations cause frustration despite fair pricing.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Plumber stands up for fair compensation, deemed NTA by commenter 👍

Infamous-Wasabi-9007 | Infamous-Wasabi-9007

Respect for standing up to unreasonable clients! NTA 💯

WelshRareDit | WelshRareDit

Tradespeople deserve to be paid for their experience and expertise. NTA

Thanyared | Thanyared

Don't fall for the "X does it cheaper" bluff! 🙄

Satorikai | Satorikai

Plumber walks out on outrageous request. Commenters agree NTA.

tabbycat4 | tabbycat4

Valuing your work is important to weed out bad clients 💰

leftcoastjazz | leftcoastjazz

Respectful plumber stands up for their worth. NTA 💪

hamsandwichesforall | hamsandwichesforall

Homeowner panics at plumbing issue but grateful for easy fix.

InitialFoot | InitialFoot

Standing up to entitled customers with no money 💸

[deleted] | [deleted]

Skeptical commenter calls out entitled customer during pandemic 😑

TakohamoOlsen2 | TakohamoOlsen2

Bizarre request for plumber leaves commenter's imagination running wild 🤯

vrcraftauthor | vrcraftauthor

Preparation is key for plumber's success, late-night charge justified. 💪

dellaevaine | dellaevaine

A 16-year-old's locksmith experience puts entitled son in his place 🤷‍♂️

mediocredepression | mediocredepression

Service industry workers deserve respect and fair compensation 💰💪

Sad-Hat9925 | Sad-Hat9925

Customer expects free plumbing service, commenter says NTA.

Muncie4 | Muncie4

Don't compare my price to 'the regular guy' and expect me. 😒

Funky-Spunkmeyer | Funky-Spunkmeyer

DIY gone wrong? Pay the piper 💰👨‍🔧

stvince99 | stvince99

Plumber's years of training should be valued, not just minutes. NTA 🙌

Katherine70457 | Katherine70457

Doubting the guy's story and motives, interesting perspective 👀

dean_pierce | dean_pierce

Standing your ground: NTA for walking out on unreasonable customer. 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

A fair plumber charges flat fee for diagnostics and hourly rate.

Peskypoints | Peskypoints

Setting the record straight on getting quotes. 💪

ravenrabit | ravenrabit

Electrician empathizes with plumber's decision to walk out on demanding customer.

trm_90 | trm_90

Self-aware commenter earns props for light-hearted language 🤝

poutymcpouterson | poutymcpouterson

Defending the plumber's decision, but questioning the customer's logic. 🤔

ImAlreadyTracerBoii | ImAlreadyTracerBoii

Plumber stands up to entitled customer's bluff with grace. NTA

Korrin | Korrin

Polite decline of outrageous request earns NTA judgement.

Djhinnwe | Djhinnwe

Setting reasonable prices is fair, NTA. Funny IT story 😂

NolaJen1120 | NolaJen1120

Plumber walks out on customer, Redditor gives perspective on behavior 🤔

HurenFotzenKnecht | HurenFotzenKnecht

Setting boundaries as a service provider is important. 👍

ExperimentNo344 | ExperimentNo344

Plumber not a personal assistant, NTA for leaving 💯

Overall-Cloud-8304 | Overall-Cloud-8304

Mom uses kid to scam plumber, but gets called out. NTA

Strusork | Strusork

Regular plumber may be neglecting to fix the root cause. NTA.

Millerbomb | Millerbomb

Plumber's experience over time: NTA wins the debate

FantasticElastic7 | FantasticElastic7

Plumber refuses free quote request, fellow Aussies relate. 🤷‍♂️

Plus_Discussion4770 | Plus_Discussion4770

Plumber encounters shady, outrageous request - NTA walks out.

catsareouroverlord | catsareouroverlord

Plumber's patience tested with customer's lack of address knowledge 😔

Toastie91 | Toastie91

Bizarre family dynamic leaves plumber puzzled. 🤔

Large-Tip-9433 | Large-Tip-9433

Support for OP's decision to not deal with disrespectful customer 👍

cantthinkofanorginal | cantthinkofanorginal

Plumber stands up for their worth 💰💪

Whooptidooh | Whooptidooh

Valuable knowledge is worth paying for 💰💡

ck425 | ck425

Teaching the value of hard work to entitled youth 👏

Seguefare | Seguefare

Setting reasonable prices is important for businesses. NTA.

plumberchick | plumberchick

Fair pricing for emergency service. Customer had unreasonable expectations.

fatfarko69 | fatfarko69

Charging call-out fees: fair or not? NTA's opinion.

lkm81 | lkm81

Plumber justified in leaving due to customer's refusal of quote.

SamSpayedPI | SamSpayedPI

Respect the hard work and skill of tradespeople. NTA 👏

Heckate666 | Heckate666

Plumber defends his job against undervaluing customers. 💪💰

woodzy224 | woodzy224

Expert plumber receives support for walking out on underpriced job 💪

VitalEcho | VitalEcho

Customer agrees to pay for sewage fix, not haggle. NTA 👍

writerchick88 | writerchick88

Customer's unrealistic expectations and sketchy behavior exposed. NTA.

EquivalentTwo1 | EquivalentTwo1

Running a business means no obligation to unreasonable customers 👍

shinsenna | shinsenna

Plumber's after-hours service call was worth the $175 charge. 💰

Algebralovr | Algebralovr

Sketchy customer refuses quote, NTA for leaving the job. 🙅

Inner-Nothing7779 | Inner-Nothing7779

Supportive spouse of plumber shares relatable experience with entitled customers 👏

orchidee400 | orchidee400

Customer's incompetence leads to justified plumber walkout. NTA 💯

WritPositWrit | WritPositWrit

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