Pregnant GF FORCES BF to Toss His Beloved Toy Collection! 😱💔

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🚨 Buckle up, folks! We've got a doozy of a story here. 😳 Meet my boyfriend, the self-proclaimed "Kid at Heart" 👦 who's obsessed with his massive toy collection! 🧸 It was cute at first, but now that we've got a baby on the way 👶, things are getting a bit... complicated. 😅 My friends are teasing me, saying I'm dating a 12-year-old 🤭, and I'm starting to wonder if they're right! 🤔 Join me on this wild ride as I navigate the world of adult responsibilities, relationship drama, and the great toy debate! 🎢 Will my boyfriend ever grow up? 🧔 Will our baby have to compete with action figures for attention? 🍼 Let's find out! 😱

🧸 A Kid at Heart: My BF's Toy Obsession! 😱

throwra-wife | throwra-wife

👦 We're in Our 20's... But He Still Plays With Toys! 🤭

throwra-wife | throwra-wife

🤫 I Caught Him Playing When He Thought I Was Asleep! 😴

throwra-wife | throwra-wife

🏠 Our Small Apartment Is Overrun With Toys! 📦

throwra-wife | throwra-wife

🕰️ After Work, Playing With Toys Is His Top Priority! 🤖

throwra-wife | throwra-wife

💑 But Don't Worry, He Still Makes Time For Me! ❤️

throwra-wife | throwra-wife

👶 Baby On The Way... And My Friends Are Laughing At Me! 😢

throwra-wife | throwra-wife

🍼 I Want To Turn The Toy Room Into A Nursery! 👶

throwra-wife | throwra-wife

💸 I Suggested Selling Them For Extra Cash... He Still Said No! 🙅‍♂️

throwra-wife | throwra-wife

🎁 What About Donating To Less Fortunate Kids? Nope! 😔

throwra-wife | throwra-wife

🗣️ My Friends Keep Telling Him To Grow Up! 👨

throwra-wife | throwra-wife

👴 His Dad Gets Involved... And He's MAD! 😠

throwra-wife | throwra-wife

🗑️ I Showed His Dad The Toy Room... And He Started Trashing It! 😱

throwra-wife | throwra-wife

😭 My BF Woke Up To Find His Toys Being Thrown Out! 💔

throwra-wife | throwra-wife

🥺 I Told Him It Was For His Own Good... But He Was Devastated! 😢

throwra-wife | throwra-wife

🙏 He Begged His Dad To Stop... But It Was Too Late! 😓

throwra-wife | throwra-wife

😢 He Broke Down Sobbing... Saying The Toys Were All He Had! 💔

throwra-wife | throwra-wife

👨‍👩‍👦 His Dad Said He Has Us Now... He Doesn't Need The Toys! 🤰

throwra-wife | throwra-wife

🍼 I Told Him To Think Of The Baby... But He Threatened My Stuff! 😲

throwra-wife | throwra-wife

🤔 Was I Wrong To Get Rid Of His Beloved Toy Collection? 😕

throwra-wife | throwra-wife

🚨 Toy Story Gone Wrong: I Trashed My BF's Collection! 😱

Well, well, well... looks like this toy story doesn't have a happy ending! 😢 After constant teasing from my friends 🗣️ and pressure from his dad 👴, I finally convinced my boyfriend's father to help me get rid of his beloved toy collection. 🧸 We waited until he was sleeping 😴, then BAM! 💥 Trash bags were filled, tears were shed 😭, and the toy room was emptied faster than you can say "To infinity and beyond!" 🚀 My boyfriend was devastated 💔, but I thought it was for his own good. 👍 I mean, we've got a baby on the way 👶, and it's time for him to grow up... right? 🤔 But now he's threatening to throw away my stuff 😲, and I'm starting to wonder if I made a huge mistake. 😳 Let's see what the internet has to say about this messy situation! 🌎💬

BF's toy collection brings him joy, but GF throws it away. Commenter calls her out for toxic behavior. 😱

illyth | illyth

Toys are for all ages! YTA for throwing them away! 🤡

McChickenRoyale | McChickenRoyale

GF gets called out for forcing BF to give up hobby 😠

AreYouALavaBeaver | AreYouALavaBeaver

User defends boyfriend's toy collection against girlfriend's demands. 👏

mxidepu | mxidepu

User calls out pregnant GF for forcing BF to give away his toy collection, gets angry at her cowardly behavior and lack of consideration for his feelings. 😠


Forcing your partner to change is wrong. YTA 😑

lotuseater51 | lotuseater51

NTA. The fiancé's attachment to his toys came from his father's control. She should have suggested therapy instead of throwing them away.

askingformybrain | askingformybrain

Internet army defends BF's toy collection against judgmental GF. 😎

goodmorningfuture | goodmorningfuture

Collector sympathizes with BF, calls OP YTA, predicts breakup.

[deleted] | [deleted]

A blunt comment calling out the OP's immaturity and insensitivity.

Present-Number | Present-Number

🤯 YTA receives scathing criticism for stifling boyfriend's creativity.

[deleted] | [deleted]

GF throws away BF's toys, called out for being insensitive 😔

BearBear0110 | BearBear0110

YTA for involving his father and being manipulative 😱

rapheALtoid | rapheALtoid

A collector's perspective on the BF's toy collection dilemma. 😔

LibrarianBarbie | LibrarianBarbie

Harsh YTA comment receives no support.

str8cocksucker2099 | str8cocksucker2099

Don't toss out his toys! YTA. Discuss a storage solution 👍

kayrob97 | kayrob97

BF's GF throws away his toy collection, YTA according to commenters 😖

An_Asexual_Weeb | An_Asexual_Weeb

Don't mess with a man's toys! YTA was in the wrong.

monotonyhere | monotonyhere

GF calls BF's father to toss his toy collection. YTA.

EmpressJainaSolo | EmpressJainaSolo

User calls out original poster for disrespecting their partner.

Wittlewattlebird | Wittlewattlebird

Reposting with a twist doesn't make you less of YTA. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Highclassbadass | Highclassbadass

Forcing him to give up his beloved toys was unfair. YTA. 😠

endlessnanosecond | endlessnanosecond

Controlling GF throws away BF's toy collection. YTA a million times over. 😡

littlehappyfeets | littlehappyfeets

Don't mess with a man's toy collection! YTAH gets called out.

sk8e-g8r-h8r | sk8e-g8r-h8r

Sarcastic YTA comment gets no replies.

stepoffbigfoot | stepoffbigfoot

BF's toy collection helps him de-stress, YTA for throwing them away 😡

[deleted] | [deleted]

YTA comment calls out pregnant GF for insensitive behavior.

HowardProject | HowardProject

Don't judge a hobby by its figurines. YTA, 100%. 😒

Pigalek | Pigalek

A commenter calls out OP for being TA and prioritizing friends over boyfriend's happiness.

BlaketheKing1140 | BlaketheKing1140

🤬 YTA. Don't destroy someone's passion and childhood memories.

RedditKentiar | RedditKentiar

BF's toy collection tossed by pregnant GF YTA - Irreparable damage

higeAkaike | higeAkaike

A passionate comment defending the boyfriend's toy collection. 👏

carlakoala7 | carlakoala7

Pregnant GF throws away BF's beloved toy collection - YTA

Leviison | Leviison

Intense comment calls out pregnant GF's wrong behavior. 😱

Lepineski | Lepineski

Betraying your partner's trust is never okay. YTA 💔

spitefae | spitefae

BF's toy collection forcibly tossed by pregnant GF - YTA

BingandBong123 | BingandBong123

Redditor calls out pregnant GF for tossing BF's toy collection 💔

Idontcheckmyemail | Idontcheckmyemail

A scathing analogy of the woman's unreasonable demand. 🤬

BeautifulWorking6 | BeautifulWorking6

YTA: Commenter calls out OP for being a monster and not valuing her boyfriend's happiness.

Mkins | Mkins

Don't take away something your loved one adores. YTA 👎

TheGodMother007 | TheGodMother007

The sentimental value of toys should never be underestimated 🥳

triviaqueen | triviaqueen

Defending spouse's right to belongings, condemning cruel behavior. 👏

Listette | Listette

Heartless pregnant girlfriend forces boyfriend to throw away toys. YTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't shame hobbies! YTA for forcing BF to toss collection 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

YTA is called out for betraying and crushing boyfriend's heart 🔥

Stormschance | Stormschance

A passionate reply criticizing GF's behavior with profanity. YTA.

HufflepuffKitty15 | HufflepuffKitty15

Embrace fatherhood and play with your kid, YTA.

OneDumbPony | OneDumbPony

User calls out OP for being an AH and ruining relationship

OneTwoWee000 | OneTwoWee000

Passionate gamer defends toy collection from pregnant girlfriend's demand 🎮

lankira | lankira

Harsh but fair judgement with a touch of sarcasm.

pattiofurnitire | pattiofurnitire

Let him enjoy his harmless hobby. YTA for forcing it away. 😒

[deleted] | [deleted]

Savage reply to controlling girlfriend who throws away boyfriend's toys.

blunt_dissect | blunt_dissect

BF's toy collection destroyed by pregnant GF, deemed unforgivable! 😱

Yenfwa | Yenfwa

Let him keep his harmless hobby, YTA. 😒

famousanonamos | famousanonamos

Heartless move! BF deserves an apology and his toys back! 😢

murder-she-yote | murder-she-yote

Collector defends BF's toy collection, condemns GF's cruel actions. 🤯

TehReclaimer2552 | TehReclaimer2552

Harsh comment, but highlights lack of compassion towards BF's hobby 😕

DismalDally | DismalDally

Stealing his toys and emotionally abusing him? YTA BIG time. 😠

villalulaesi | villalulaesi

Partner's toy collection: love it or leave it? 🤔

diagnosedwolf | diagnosedwolf

BF's trust violated, property disrespected, tears shed 😢

[deleted] | [deleted]

Toys can be a source of comfort and stress relief 😔

78486451 | 78486451

Sarcastic commenter calls out poster for obvious answer, defends boyfriend.

thiswillsoonendbadly | thiswillsoonendbadly

🚨YTA ALERT🚨 BF's toy collection is priceless to him.

chillyfeets | chillyfeets

Don't throw away someone else's belongings, YTA. Possible trauma?

bloodrose_80 | bloodrose_80

GF accused of stealing possessions and being the a**hole. 🤭

FranchiseCA | FranchiseCA

Parenting pressure and societal norms in focus. Yikes 😱

princessunplug | princessunplug

Toxic relationship alert! Commenter calls out OP's behavior. YTA.

Devourer_of_felines | Devourer_of_felines

BF's toy collection, his right to keep or toss? YTA.

Hispanic_Viking | Hispanic_Viking

Supportive comment defending BF's hobby and criticizing GF's actions.

sumatrandelight | sumatrandelight

Toy collection brings joy, YTA for forcing him to toss 😡

nocarbleftbehind | nocarbleftbehind

Dating friends over bf? YTA gets called out.

nana7777777 | nana7777777

YTA for judging someone's interests based on age. 🙄

BJMashPotato | BJMashPotato

Mom-to-be criticized for throwing away BF's sentimental toys 🧸

maviecestlamerde | maviecestlamerde

Removing BF's only hobby and embarrassing him is a dick move. YTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

User calls out pregnant girlfriend's controlling behavior with toy collection.

Eelpan2 | Eelpan2

YTA for peer pressure and destroying trust in relationship. 🤯

suzyactiondoll | suzyactiondoll

Pregnant girlfriend throws away boyfriend's treasured toy collection 😡

Riyeko | Riyeko

Spouse's toy collection has sentimental value, YTA for throwing away. 🤦‍♂️

justamom83 | justamom83

Toys or family? Redditors side with boyfriend's toy collection. 🧸

the-successful-loser | the-successful-loser

A scathing comment on a GF's immature behavior. 👎 YTA

Logical_Converse | Logical_Converse

GF throws out BF's toy collection, YTA comment section reacts

Joo34h | Joo34h

User calls out OP for throwing out BF's toy collection.

neobeguine | neobeguine

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