Grandson REFUSES to Host Cousin's 2nd Wedding After CHEATING Scandal! 🚫👰

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🏡 Buckle up, folks! We've got a juicy family drama brewing over a coveted property inheritance. 😱 When Grandpa passed away, he left his awesome farm to his only grandson (yours truly 😎), causing quite the stir among the family. 🔥 Now, a scandalous cousin wants to use the property for her second wedding reception, but there's more to this story than meets the eye! 👀 Get ready for a wild ride filled with family feuds, guilt trips, and a whole lot of sass! 💅

🏡 The Family Property Saga Begins! 🌾

thehousecga | thehousecga

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 A House Fit for Family Gatherings 🎉

thehousecga | thehousecga

👴 Grandpa's Passing and a Surprising Inheritance 😲

thehousecga | thehousecga

🔥 Family Drama Ignites Over the Property! 😡

thehousecga | thehousecga

👴 Grandpa's Old-Fashioned Ways Clash with His Daughters 🙅‍♀️

thehousecga | thehousecga

🚜 The Search for a Worthy Heir to the Farm 👨‍🌾

thehousecga | thehousecga

💔 Grandpa's Disdain for His Daughters' Relationships 😤

thehousecga | thehousecga

💒 Cousin's Second Wedding Stirs Up Trouble! 😬

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🤨 Assumptions and Lack of Communication 🗣️

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🙅‍♂️ Putting My Foot Down on the Wedding 😤

thehousecga | thehousecga

🤫 Muted on Social Media and Out of the Loop 📵

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🗳️ Political Differences and Limited Contact 🇺🇸

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💔 A Scandalous Affair and Grandpa's Disapproval 😱

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🙅‍♂️ No Free Labor for This Wedding! 💸

thehousecga | thehousecga

💰 Pay Up or Find Another Venue! 🏰

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😡 Aunt and Cousin Throw a Fit! 🤬

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🎻 Mom Plays the Family Card and Guilt Trip 😢

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🙅‍♂️ Standing Firm Against the Sham Wedding 💍

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😇 Good Cousins Get the Green Light 🚦

thehousecga | thehousecga

🎄 Christmas Invitation Revoked! 😱

thehousecga | thehousecga

🤔 Dad Calls Me an A-hole, But Am I Really? 🧐

thehousecga | thehousecga

🎭 The Sham Wedding Showdown! 💍🔥

Well, well, well... looks like our protagonist is in quite the pickle! 😬 His cousin, who's known for her scandalous affair and messy divorce, wants to use Grandpa's beloved property for her second wedding reception. 💒💔 But our hero isn't having any of it! 🙅‍♂️ He's standing his ground, refusing to let this sham wedding taint the family property. 😤 The aunt and cousin are throwing fits, and even Mom is trying to guilt-trip him with the family card. 🎻 But our guy isn't backing down! 💪 He's ready to revoke Christmas invitations and tell them to find another venue. 🎄😱 The internet is divided on this one! 🗳️ Let's see what the masses have to say about this juicy family drama! 🍿👀

Family drama and bigotry at its finest. 🤷‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

User calls out OP's entitlement and bigotry, deeming them YTA 🚫

Milskidasith | Milskidasith

NTA for not supporting cousin's 2nd marriage after cheating scandal 👍, but watch out for underlying sexism 😐

JegHaderStatistik | JegHaderStatistik

Grandson criticized for refusing to host cousin's 2nd wedding. ESH.

babylonical | babylonical

Judgmental OP, entitled cousin, and misogynistic grandpa. ESH 😠

[deleted] | [deleted]

Hosting a wedding is not an entitlement, but attitude matters 🚫

Cryptographer_Alone | Cryptographer_Alone

Property owner criticized for inheritance and exclusion of cousin's wedding.

WellAckshully | WellAckshully

Family drama over wedding venue leads to Christmas disinvitation. NTA.

He_Who_Is_Right_ | He_Who_Is_Right_

Family drama at Christmas, but not at the wedding? 🤔

Apprehensive-Wait783 | Apprehensive-Wait783

Take charge of your new home and host your own party! #NTA 👏

coloradogrown85 | coloradogrown85

Grandson called a 'giant, creepy asshole' after denying access.

ThreeDogs2022 | ThreeDogs2022

Grandson's property boundaries disrespected in family wedding scandal. ESH.

Healthy-Review-7484 | Healthy-Review-7484

Grandson's controlling behavior gets a YTA judgment

[deleted] | [deleted]

Honesty is the best policy. Don't use grandpa as excuse.

Zafrikan | Zafrikan

Grandson refuses cousin's wedding but hides behind grandfather's morals. NTA?

pnutbuttercups56 | pnutbuttercups56

When mom threatens to ban you from your own house 😂

fragilemagnoliax | fragilemagnoliax

Asserting ownership of the house, NTA refuses cousin's wedding. 👏


A scathing criticism of the OP's outdated beliefs. 🤭

jajbliss | jajbliss

Grandson refuses to host cousin's 2nd wedding after cheating scandal! NTA.

RaRa_Badger | RaRa_Badger

Your house, your decision. NTA for not hosting the wedding. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Grandson is NTA for not hosting wedding, but AH for reasons. 😑

Catscurlsandglasses | Catscurlsandglasses

Setting boundaries is important. NTA for refusing without consent 🙏

Rollingagate | Rollingagate

NTA for not hosting cousin's wedding due to cheating scandal 👏

ndcollector | ndcollector

Respect your values, but be prepared for family fallout. NTA 👍

tacospaghettidad2 | tacospaghettidad2

Cousin can be denied property, but poster's misogyny is apparent. ESH 😠

Primary-Risk-9298 | Primary-Risk-9298

NTA for not hosting cheating cousin's wedding, but watch your biases.

Jcktorrance | Jcktorrance

Boundaries and manners matter, NTA stands firm 🙌

monkeyratmom | monkeyratmom

Debate over honoring grandfather's values turns confrontational. 🤔

ironypoisonedposter | ironypoisonedposter

NTA owns property and makes the rules for its use.

Pervect_Stranger | Pervect_Stranger

Money can't buy morality, even for grandpa's wealthy granddaughter.

LadyAmemyst | LadyAmemyst

Grandson has final say on cousin's wedding at their property. NTA.

rockshow12 | rockshow12

Taking sides and losing Christmas spot 👼

Limp_Row8413 | Limp_Row8413

Moral compass vs. typical Reddit. NTA for not supporting affair.

Perfect-Brain-7367 | Perfect-Brain-7367

Being judgmental and entitled can cause drama and resentment 🤔

MainEgg320 | MainEgg320

Grandfather's sexist will lives on through you, ESH. 🥴

MidnightTL | MidnightTL

NTA, but judgmental and obnoxious. 'Your house, your rules' taken too far. 🚫👰

Ashleynn | Ashleynn

Defending the decision to not host the cheating cousin's wedding.

annoyedredditor2 | annoyedredditor2

Choosing not to host cousin's wedding = NTA. Family entitlement = 😒

blakbear1997 | blakbear1997

Boundaries set for cheating cousin's wedding. NTA.

Xvisionman | Xvisionman

Grandson refuses to host cousin's wedding over political differences. NTA 👍

andreaak88 | andreaak88

Outdated beliefs and family drama make everyone suck here 🤷‍♂️

TheRoadDog87 | TheRoadDog87

ESH, commenter calls out OP's biases and harsh words 🤯

VagueSoul | VagueSoul

Grandson refuses to host cousin's wedding, defends his decision.

Impossible-Peach-985 | Impossible-Peach-985

Hosting a cheating cousin's wedding: NTA, but be honest and upfront.

Ownerofthelonelyhrts | Ownerofthelonelyhrts

NTA for refusing to host cousin's wedding, but judgmental attitude.

squidsquatchnugget | squidsquatchnugget

Torn between ESH and NTA. Grandpa's sexist, cousin's trashy 🤷‍♀️

Relationship_Winter | Relationship_Winter

You're not the a**hole for denying wedding venue usage 🚫

TribalMog | TribalMog

Generational differences and property ownership are understandable reasons. NTA 👍

Last_Thing6569 | Last_Thing6569

Standing up for morals is not selfish or sexist. 💪🏻

FluffyOctoKitten | FluffyOctoKitten

NTA: If it's tradition, did cousin already have a wedding?

WamblingWombat | WamblingWombat

Asserting ownership: NTA for not hosting cousin's wedding 👏

cupcakesz_ | cupcakesz_

Asserting property rights over family drama 🚫

Kmia55 | Kmia55

Taking a stand for family values. NTA 👏

Reyzorblade | Reyzorblade

Family is family. Don't judge, give them space for a day. 🙏

dontwannadoittoday | dontwannadoittoday

Owner has right to refuse, but sounding pretentious makes YTA 😑

checco314 | checco314

Grandson called ESH for refusing to host cousin's wedding.

rgbcarrot | rgbcarrot

OP refuses to host cousin's wedding after cheating scandal. NTA.

_Shybutterfly | _Shybutterfly

Inherited property due to gender, denies cousin's wedding, AH move 😠

Beauty_sandwich | Beauty_sandwich

Respecting boundaries: NTA's property, NTA's rules. 👍

StillConfused0712 | StillConfused0712

NTA for denying venue without payment, but AH for judging 2nd marriage 🤔

ramblintrovert | ramblintrovert

Justified NTA judgement for refusing to host cheating cousin's wedding. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Grandson stands his ground against family pressure. 👊

mjs2214 | mjs2214

Your house, your rules. No obligation to host their wedding. 👍

F0zzysW0rld | F0zzysW0rld

Opinions clash as family drama unfolds over wedding venue 👰

Opposite-Car-3954 | Opposite-Car-3954

Gender-biased grandpa and grandson called out for cousin's wedding debacle 🚫👰

scooter-scoots | scooter-scoots

Grandson takes stand against entitled family and cheaters 👏

Inner-Nothing7779 | Inner-Nothing7779

Host's house, host's rules. NTA but find a compromise for family.

EmbarrassedAttempt90 | EmbarrassedAttempt90

Boundaries are important, even with extended family. 👍

Blas_Wiggans | Blas_Wiggans

Refusing to host a wedding - ESH judgment and AH move

uncoolmathgames | uncoolmathgames

Mother won't invite you to Christmas, but expects annual gathering at your house? NTA

Intrepid-Database-15 | Intrepid-Database-15

NTA for not allowing property use, but an a-hole otherwise 😑

countrybumpkin1969 | countrybumpkin1969

User deleted all their Reddit content, what happened?

quirkyhermit | quirkyhermit

Defending property rights and inheritance preferences amidst falling out.

Doenut55 | Doenut55

Not close with cousin, NTA for refusing to host wedding 👍

blupbloup | blupbloup

Grandson faces backlash for refusing to host cousin's wedding 👎

[deleted] | [deleted]

You're not obligated to host someone you don't like 👍

ADeckOfZero | ADeckOfZero

Legally owning the property means no is a full sentence 👍

Motorgretl | Motorgretl

Family feud over wedding venue ownership. YTA for being judgmental.

Victory_Rider | Victory_Rider

Harsh criticism of OP's refusal to host wedding, defends legality.

[deleted] | [deleted]

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