Flatmate Demands Woman Hide Her Bras After BF's DISTURBING Reaction! 🙅‍♀️

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🚨 Buckle up, ladies and gents, because we've got a juicy tale of laundry room drama that's sure to make your head spin! 🌀 Our protagonist, a well-endowed woman, found herself in a bizarre situation when her flatmate's boyfriend couldn't keep his eyes (and hands!) off her drying bras. 👀 The audacity! 😤 But wait, it gets better... The flatmate had the nerve to ask our girl to hide her "pornstar bras" in her room! 😱 Can you believe it? Let's dive into this scandalous story and see how it all unfolds! 🍿

🚨 Laundry Room Drama Alert! 🚨

brabitchtthrowaway | brabitchtthrowaway

😕 Confusion Sets In... What Laundry Situation? 🤔

brabitchtthrowaway | brabitchtthrowaway

😳 Boyfriend's Bizarre Bra Behavior! 🙈

brabitchtthrowaway | brabitchtthrowaway

😠 My Response: Hands Off My Sh*t! 🙅‍♀️

brabitchtthrowaway | brabitchtthrowaway

😤 Annoyed by the 'Pornstar Bra' Accusation 😡

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🗣️ My Stance: Grow Up and Get Over It! 💁‍♀️

brabitchtthrowaway | brabitchtthrowaway

🤔 Doubting Myself After the Silent Treatment ❓

brabitchtthrowaway | brabitchtthrowaway

🙏 Grateful for the Reassurance 🙌

brabitchtthrowaway | brabitchtthrowaway

😷 Sheltering in Place Concerns 🏠

brabitchtthrowaway | brabitchtthrowaway

🕊️ Extending an Olive Branch 🌿

brabitchtthrowaway | brabitchtthrowaway

📱 Texting a Truce 📝

brabitchtthrowaway | brabitchtthrowaway

🧺 Standing My Ground on the Drying Rack 🧦

brabitchtthrowaway | brabitchtthrowaway

🤞 Hoping for a Positive Outcome 🙏

brabitchtthrowaway | brabitchtthrowaway

🤗 Advice for My Big-Breasted Sisters 👭

brabitchtthrowaway | brabitchtthrowaway

🎭 The Great Bra Debacle: A Tale of Jealousy, Creepiness, and Laundry Room Etiquette 🧺

Well, well, well... It seems our protagonist found herself in quite the predicament when her flatmate's boyfriend couldn't keep his hands off her drying bras! 😱 The nerve of some people, am I right? 🙄 But instead of putting her creepy boyfriend in his place, the flatmate had the audacity to ask our girl to hide her "pornstar bras" in her room! 😤 Naturally, our protagonist stood her ground and told them both to grow up and get over it. 💪 But the drama didn't end there! After days of silent treatment, our girl decided to extend an olive branch 🕊️ and offer some sage advice about body image and respecting boundaries. 🙏 Will the flatmate see the light and ditch her creepy boyfriend? 🤔 Only time will tell! In the meantime, let's see what the internet has to say about this scandalous situation... 🍿

BF needs to grow up 🙄 NTA has every right.

learning2letgo2 | learning2letgo2

Assertive reply to flatmate's jealousy over bra size. NTA 👏

TooTall2Function | TooTall2Function

Don't let your flatmate's BF's perversion ruin your comfort. #NTA 🙅‍♀️

xshortcakes | xshortcakes

Respect boundaries! Flatmate's BF has no right to touch bras. NTA!

castleclear1 | castleclear1

Male defends woman's right to dry bras, calls out abnormal reaction.

Timb0b29 | Timb0b29

Stand up for yourself and your clothes! NTA 👏

phsycoticbunny | phsycoticbunny

Body shaming in the laundry room? NTH and f**k them! 😡

illegalrooftopbar | illegalrooftopbar

Drying clothes is normal. BF's behavior is not. NTA 👍

njbella | njbella

Creepy boyfriend blamed woman for his own issues with bras 😑

CermaitLaphroaig | CermaitLaphroaig

Bra shaming in shared space and creepy behavior by flatmate's bf. NTA.

LilMissOlympus | LilMissOlympus

Leave your bras in the laundry room, wear what you want! 👝

xiamtronx | xiamtronx

NTA for not hiding your bras, but bf's actions were inappropriate 🙅‍♀️

Zenopus | Zenopus

Roommate demands bra-hiding, BF comments. NTA stands up.

ayalseinaj | ayalseinaj

Creepy boyfriend? Move your bras! NTA

synthgender | synthgender

Body shaming, nosy boyfriend, and blame-shifting. NTA! 💯

lin_fangru | lin_fangru

Bras are laundry too 🧺👙 Let them deal with it 💁‍♀️

madsb96 | madsb96

Body shaming is never okay. Stand up for yourself! 💪

DanceFiendStrapS | DanceFiendStrapS

Respect boundaries and privacy, NTA. Keep hands to yourself. 🙅

LimeAF | LimeAF

Creepy boyfriend demands bra-hiding, commenters call him immature.

shiningdialga13 | shiningdialga13

Roommate demands hiding bras after BF's disturbing reaction; misogynistic response.

eveklove | eveklove

Stand your ground against insecure roommate and her BF 💪

OneTwoWee000 | OneTwoWee000

Respect boundaries and don't judge others' underwear choices 🙅‍♀️

FierceKind | FierceKind

Roommate's boyfriend needs a reality check 🙄

[deleted] | [deleted]

Roommate demands bra-hiding, but BF's obsession is the real issue 🤯

LiteUpThaSkye | LiteUpThaSkye

Woman's flatmate demands bra-hiding after BF's disturbing reaction. NTA.

philmcruch | philmcruch

Projection of insecurities: NTA for drying bras in room.

lizahotham | lizahotham

Not your fault, he needs to mind his own business 😒

Unpopular_Pete | Unpopular_Pete

Flatmate's boyfriend crossed boundaries, NTA for drying bras publicly.

LittleManhattan | LittleManhattan

Sharing living spaces means respecting each other's personal belongings. 🏠

Immifish | Immifish

Flatmate blames OP instead of creepy BF for underwear violation 🤯

FlinnyWinny | FlinnyWinny

Flatmate's BF is a creep for being disturbed by bras 🤨

linrinlin | linrinlin

Flatmate's BF handles her bras and invades privacy. NTA stands up.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Bf's creepy reaction to drying bras prompts flatmate's ridiculous demand

amkss | amkss

Don't hide your bras, the boyfriend is the creep 🤨

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sarcastic suggestion to hang more 'indecent' items to appease flatmate 🤨

[deleted] | [deleted]

Flatmate shames woman for BF's creepy behavior. NTA stands up.

CheerilyTerrified | CheerilyTerrified

Roommate jealous of OP's chest, demands no bras in laundry 🤨

ladyp92858 | ladyp92858

Bras made of candy and rainbows, but BF's disturbing reaction

Readingreddit12345 | Readingreddit12345

Laundry room is private space, bf shouldn't touch bras. NTA.

midnightskydream | midnightskydream

Creepy violation of privacy by flatmate's bf. NTA.

wordsbirdsandbones | wordsbirdsandbones

Sensible inquiry about previous discussion on underwear drying rules.

ensalys | ensalys

Fighting sexist demands one bra at a time! 🙊‍♀️

BinaerHexe | BinaerHexe

Respect goes both ways, NTA. 👏

DialsElder | DialsElder

Flatmate's ridiculous demand backfires, commenters side with poster (NTA) 👍

MoonlightAdelaide | MoonlightAdelaide

BF puts bras on his head like a yarmulke. NTA.

DaisyLea59 | DaisyLea59

NTA suggests confronting the boyfriend to stop touching bras. 🙅‍♀️

TheIndigoCircle | TheIndigoCircle

Why was the boyfriend examining bras? NTA for not hiding.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA! Boyfriend disrespected you & his girlfriend. Flatmate should scold him.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Jealous flatmate wants you to hide your bras? Not your problem 😎

emkul | emkul

Woman asked to hide bras after BF's disturbing reaction - NTA

AmandaWilde | AmandaWilde

BF's creepy behavior violates your privacy, not your roommate's bras.

lackofsunshine | lackofsunshine

Roommate's boyfriend is a creep and she's a childish idiot 🤦‍♀️

JaneRenee | JaneRenee

When your BF objectifies another girl and blames you. 🤷‍♀️

Philosopher_1 | Philosopher_1

Flatmate's boyfriend creepily checks out bras; commenter calls him out.

salemonadetea | salemonadetea

Laundry room drama! Support for not letting flatmate decide.

slayee_ | slayee_

Flatmate shames woman for drying bras in laundry room. NTA!

Katescar | Katescar

Big busted women shouldn't hide their bras because of creepy men 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Keep your bras in the laundry room. Boyfriend's inappropriate behaviour.

badwolf1013 | badwolf1013

Respect boundaries and laundry, not the BF's business. NTA 👍

InternationalDivide0 | InternationalDivide0

Washing bras is not the issue here, big ol perv is 🤫

emmyj2605 | emmyj2605

Creepy BF touches roommate's underwear, NTA suggests house meeting to ban.

IamtheHarpy | IamtheHarpy

Stand up for yourself! You don't deserve to be harassed 🙌

Martian_Pudding | Martian_Pudding

Flatmate's BF is creepy. NTA for standing up for yourself

Good3itch | Good3itch

Roommate's misplaced anger towards bra-drying victim is immature behavior. NTA.

WildlifePolicyChick | WildlifePolicyChick

Boyfriend's behavior raises red flags for potential abuse. NTA.

1giantsleep4mankind | 1giantsleep4mankind

Creepy flatmate meets his match: NTA refuses to back down.

caramellattekiss | caramellattekiss

Normalizing women's underwear: NTA for drying bras in laundry room 💕

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stop blaming women for men's inappropriate behavior. Stand up!

[deleted] | [deleted]

Defending against creepy BF & AH roommate. NTA 👏

fuji-no-hana | fuji-no-hana

Laundry room drama: BF's reaction to bras causes flatmate conflict. NTA.

barleyqueen | barleyqueen

Boundary violation by flatmate's boyfriend. NTA for setting limits.

luvingme | luvingme

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