🤰💊 Husband LIVID Over Wife's Plan to Stop Breastfeeding for ADHD Meds

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🤰💊 Buckle up, folks, because we've got a doozy of a dilemma on our hands! Meet our momma-to-be, a total rockstar 🌟 who's been kicking butt and taking names since getting her ADHD diagnosis and starting meds. But now, with a baby on the way, she's facing a tough choice: breastfeed for the recommended time or get back on her life-changing meds ASAP? 🤔 Her hubby's not too thrilled with her plan, but our girl knows what she needs to be the best mom possible. 💪 Let's dive into this wild ride and see if we can help her sort out this sticky situation! 😅

🌟 From Screw-Up to Superstar: My ADHD Journey 🌟

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💡 The Diagnosis That Changed Everything 💡

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🙌 Goodbye Self-Loathing, Hello Success! 🙌

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💑 Meeting My Skeptical Soulmate 💑

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🤰 Pregnancy Means Meds Must Go 🤰

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😱 Life Off Meds: A Total Mess 😱

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🙏 Boss Knows, But Layoffs Loom 🙏

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😢 Failing as a Wife and Homemaker 😢

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💊 Desperate for My Meds After Baby Arrives 💊

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😡 Husband Livid Over Breastfeeding Plans 😡

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😨 Terrified of Thoughtless Mistakes 😨

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👶 Hubby Claims I Was Great with Babies Pre-Meds 👶

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🧠 I Want My Brain Back! 🧠

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🍼 Breastfeeding for a Few Days, Then Formula 🍼

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🤰 I've Already Sacrificed So Much 🤰

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🤱 Boob vs. Brain: The Ultimate Showdown! 🧠

Our momma-to-be is caught between a rock and a hard place. 😫 Her hubby's throwing around words like 'meth addiction' 😱 and demanding equal say in how long she breastfeeds, but our girl knows her own mind. 💪 She's willing to give the baby that liquid gold 🍼 for the first few days, but after that? It's back on the meds, baby! 💊 She's already sacrificed so much, and she's determined to be the best mom she can be - even if it means facing off against her skeptical spouse. 😤 Can this dynamic duo find a compromise, or will this breastfeeding battle tear them apart? 😰 The internet has thoughts, and they're not holding back! 🗣️ Let's see what kind of wisdom (or snark) they have to offer our conflicted couple. 😏

Breastfeeding debate: Commenter supports mother's mental health and calls out husband

[deleted] | [deleted]

Breast or bottle, FED is best. Husband is an AH.

SmartCrazy4 | SmartCrazy4

Husband compares ADHD meds to meth, NTA calls him out 🚫🤨

Waterisfinite | Waterisfinite

Breastfeeding and ADHD meds. NTA's health matters more than husband's opinion 👍

WebbieVanderquack | WebbieVanderquack

Supportive comment encourages mother to protect child from ignorant husband.

AITADramaDramaTA | AITADramaDramaTA

Formula is a valid option. Husband should respect her choice. 👍

PotentialityKnocks | PotentialityKnocks

Take control of your mental health. You're NTA, and your husband's behavior is ignorant and shitty.

SpencerHend | SpencerHend

Breastfeeding decision causing marital strife. Support or control issue? 🤔

gahsbshja | gahsbshja

Breastfeeding shaming? NTA for taking ADHD meds and using formula.

Abie775 | Abie775

Formula feeding is a valid option, prioritize the mother's health 👍

ChemicalParfait | ChemicalParfait

Breastfeeding is a personal choice. FED IS BEST 😊

adart91 | adart91

Formula is a life saver! Involve your doctor to ease pressure 👍

theshebeast2050 | theshebeast2050

Breastfeeding vs formula debate shut down with witty response 👌

gwacemom | gwacemom

Prioritizing mental health as a new mom is okay 👍

Freckled_daywalker | Freckled_daywalker

NTA, but beware of long-term changes to your body and mind 🤔

DinahDrakeLance | DinahDrakeLance

Breastfeeding shaming is outdated. NTA. Self-care is important.

HappilyMistaken | HappilyMistaken

Husband calls wife's ADHD meds 'meth addiction', she's NTA

Devnone | Devnone

New mom with ADHD shares her experience with breastfeeding and medication.

DaisyLovely | DaisyLovely

Support for alternative ADHD meds and respecting parenting decisions. 👍

Age_of_Asylum | Age_of_Asylum

NTA - Husband's stance on breastfeeding is cruel and disrespectful.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Breastfeeding shaming is ridiculous! NTA for taking meds and stopping.


Breastfeeding concerns and marriage issues. 💔 NTA needs counseling.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Breastfeeding shaming? NTA. Fed is best 👍

kkeva_ | kkeva_

Breastfeeding choice defended. NTA - your body, your choice 👏

chopperThehopper | chopperThehopper

Breastfeeding and ADHD medications don't have to be mutually exclusive 👍

wobblyzebra | wobblyzebra

Breastfeeding vs formula debate settled in NTA comment section 👍

ieatbabiessueme | ieatbabiessueme

Breastfeeding should be a choice, NTA for prioritizing mental health 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Breastfeeding vs. ADHD meds: NTA prioritizes her health and child's.

Astralie | Astralie

NTA for prioritizing your health and educating your husband on ADHD meds 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Curious commenter learns about breastfeeding, gets unjustly downvoted 😞

jdawg254 | jdawg254

Supportive comment suggests seeking medical advice for ADHD meds.

bubbsnana | bubbsnana

Safe ADHD meds for breastfeeding exist, prioritize mental health. #NTA 🙌

TragedyPornFamilyVid | TragedyPornFamilyVid

Breastfeeding struggles and mental health. NTA comment supports mother's choice.

TimeandEntropy | TimeandEntropy

Supportive comment advocating for safe medication and feeding choices.

bookworm1421 | bookworm1421

Mental health comes first! Breastfeeding isn't the only option 👍

3mm4l0u1s3 | 3mm4l0u1s3

Supportive comment defends woman's right to make breastfeeding decision

AmethysstFire | AmethysstFire

Self-care is not selfish! NTA for prioritizing your health. 👏

Berns20 | Berns20

Breastfeeding struggle: Wife's choice to use formula sparks husband's anger

LumosFiatLux | LumosFiatLux

Self-care is crucial for a good mother 💜

Agreeable-Asparagus | Agreeable-Asparagus

Breastfeeding is a personal choice. Husband needs a reality check. 👍

wildferalfun | wildferalfun

Husband prioritizes fictional future over wife's health and well-being. 👌

notastepfordwife | notastepfordwife

Breastfeeding and ADHD meds: Consider consulting a doctor/lactation consultant 👨‍🍳

Rtlzsan | Rtlzsan

Breastfeeding vs. mental health - NTA stands up for herself 🙌

ginger_gorgon | ginger_gorgon

Breastfeeding is the mother's choice, seek a specialist if needed 👍

mycatisanudist | mycatisanudist

NTA mom should keep her ADHD meds and lose the husband

Swedish-Butt-Whistle | Swedish-Butt-Whistle

Formula is just as good. NTA for prioritizing safety.

thatyellowishthing | thatyellowishthing

Breastfeeding isn't for everyone, self-care is important for mothers 👍

Right_Ad4509 | Right_Ad4509

Breastfeeding shaming is uncalled for, formula is a valid option 👍

KitchenCellist | KitchenCellist

"Fed is best" - woman with ADHD calls out husband's ignorance 🤰

RadioSupply | RadioSupply

Don't let anyone belittle you for taking care of yourself. 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Breastfeeding shaming? NTA should switch to formula and leave husband 🍼💪

sparklypens2017 | sparklypens2017

Consider medical advice before stopping ADHD meds 🙏

i_tan_easily | i_tan_easily

ADHD meds changed my life. NTA for choosing formula.

Catsindealleyreds | Catsindealleyreds

Breastfeeding isn't the only way. Husband needs to understand that.

Underscore1976 | Underscore1976

Have a professional talk with your doctor and husband 👨‍⚕️

opinionsmatter2me | opinionsmatter2me

NTA. Seek marriage counseling to work on communication and respect. 👏

Ralynne | Ralynne

Supportive comment about switching to formula and doing what's best 👍

relevantinterests | relevantinterests

Father's lack of say in breastfeeding with humorous twist 😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

Get counseling with your husband. Therapy is necessary for both.

motheroftwocuties | motheroftwocuties

Mom's mental health should come first. Formula is a great alternative! 👍

maryjaneplain420 | maryjaneplain420

A helpful resource for those deciding not to breastfeed. 👍

Maddysaid | Maddysaid

Mother's mental health should come first when deciding to breastfeed 👍

unknown_928121 | unknown_928121

Breastfeeding is good, but FED is best. Your mental health matters.

Jenbola | Jenbola

Breastfeeding shaming? Shut it down! 💪

Aloise500 | Aloise500

Feed your baby how you see fit. NTA 🍼

gloreeuhboregeh | gloreeuhboregeh

NTA and men can lactate under the right circumstances 👍

neobeguine | neobeguine

Breastfeeding is a personal choice, husband has no say 😠

LostMarbles207 | LostMarbles207

Breast milk vs formula debate: NTA's sister ate puréed lasagna at 5mo 🤣

Unknowable-thirst | Unknowable-thirst

Breastfeeding isn't the only way to bond with your baby 💗

happytragedy15 | happytragedy15

Breastfeeding vs medication debate, but NTA and husband needs education 😊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment defending mother's decision to stop breastfeeding. 🤱

esmoves | esmoves

Let HIM breastfeed. NTA. 👏

alyaz27 | alyaz27

Breastfeeding shaming is wrong, but husband needs help with ADHD meds 🙄

ThomasJerkofferson | ThomasJerkofferson

Breastfeeding is a personal choice. Fed is best! 👍

Lovely1Valentine | Lovely1Valentine

Breastfeeding vs ADHD meds debate ends with NTA verdict 👍

notreallyanewone | notreallyanewone

Breastfeeding isn't the only option. NTA. 👏

hiskitty110617 | hiskitty110617

Supportive reply to husband's controlling behavior with witty comeback.

gringaellie | gringaellie

Formula feeding and taking meds allows for caring for baby 💊🍼

JippityB | JippityB

Woman with ADHD defends wife's choice to take meds, calls husband TA 🤭

SarenRaeSavesUs | SarenRaeSavesUs

Supportive comment suggesting husband breastfeeds if he's against medication 💪

Nikki3to | Nikki3to

Breastfeeding not mandatory. Formula is a valid and safe option. 👍

moartotems | moartotems

Formula-feeding mom claps back at "breast is best" advocates 👏

derango | derango

Breastfeeding is a personal choice, take care of yourself first 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Perfectly valid reason to not breastfeed and leave husband 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Breastfeeding is tough, you've already sacrificed, NTA 👍

DazzleLove | DazzleLove

Breastfeeding isn't the only way to raise a happy baby 💕👶. Support is key 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Your body, your choice! NTA for setting breastfeeding boundaries 👏

Sometimesasshole | Sometimesasshole

Seeking support from ADHD patient groups can help. NTA.

Sfb208 | Sfb208

Breastfeeding isn't the only option. Formula is just as good! 😊

skybound128 | skybound128

Supportive comment to mother considering stopping breastfeeding for ADHD meds 🤗

healeys23 | healeys23

Breastfeeding and medication is a personal choice. NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't underestimate the power of donor breast milk! 🤑

howellm182 | howellm182

Formula is a valid option, don't let anyone guilt-trip you 👍

YoureNoGoodDuck | YoureNoGoodDuck

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