Pregnant Wife Demands Husband REHOME His Elderly Cat Over Baby Fears! 😿👶

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🐶🐱 Buckle up, folks! We've got a tail of marital strife that's sure to get your whiskers in a twist! 😱 When this newlywed couple moved in together, they thought their furry friends would become one big happy family. But little did they know, their senior kitty had other plans! 🙀 As tensions rise and claws come out, this expecting mama is faced with a heart-wrenching decision. 💔 Will her choice to rehome the feisty feline tear her marriage apart? 😢 Let's dive into this paw-some story and find out! 🐾

🐶🐱 Newlyweds' Pet Predicament: Can This Marriage Survive? 😱

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😼 Kitty vs. Puppy: The Fur-ocious Introduction! 🙀

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🚧 Desperate Times, Desperate Measures: Pet Segregation Begins! 🔒

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🩺 Vet Visit Reveals Shocking Truth: Grumpy Cat is Perfectly Healthy! 😾

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🍼 Baby on Board: Will Kitty's Claws Come Out? 👶😿

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🙏 Sanctuary Solution: Will Hubby Ever Forgive Me? 😢

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😡 Days of Marital Strife: The Great Cat Debate Rages On! 🗣️

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😔 Guilt-Ridden Wife Wonders: Did I Make the Right Choice? 🤔

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😿 Kitty Conundrum: Did This Pregnant Wife Make the Right Call? 🤰🏼

In this tail of marital woe, a pregnant wife finds herself torn between her husband's beloved senior cat and the safety of her dog and unborn child. 🐶👶 Despite their best efforts to create harmony, the feisty feline's relentless attacks on the family pup have left this mom-to-be fearing for her baby's well-being. 😱 With no family willing to take in the grumpy kitty, she suggests a cat sanctuary as a last resort. 🙏 After days of heated arguments, her husband reluctantly agrees, but the guilt is eating her alive. 😔 Did she make the right choice for her growing family, or has she forever damaged her marriage? 💔 The internet has some thoughts on this paw-sitively perplexing situation! 🗣️

Don't abandon an elderly cat for a baby, YTA 🙅‍♂️🐱

Barrel-Of-Tigers | Barrel-Of-Tigers

Don't rehome an 18-year-old cat with aggressive tendencies! YTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't rehome the elderly cat for unfounded baby fears! YTA 😡

Crafty-Addition9105 | Crafty-Addition9105

Heartless demand to rehome elderly cat. YTA. 😿👶

OutlanderWitch | OutlanderWitch

Cat over baby? YTA according to this comment 😓👶

Keepmovinbee | Keepmovinbee

Cat lovers unite! Don't rehome elderly cats for new pets.

Party-Subject-4530 | Party-Subject-4530

Defending the cat, calling out abandonment, and offering solution. 🐱

ripecantaloupe | ripecantaloupe

Heartbreaking comment about the elderly cat's rehoming. 😢

VonShtupp | VonShtupp

User calls out husband's incompetence in caring for pets and baby

Educational_Earth_62 | Educational_Earth_62

Don't sacrifice pets for babies! YTA for weaponizing pregnancy 👎

Rainbow_Pompom_Bird | Rainbow_Pompom_Bird

18-year-old cat vs new baby. YTA. Pets are for life.

Tagna09 | Tagna09

A comment calling out the husband for wanting to rehome an elderly cat over baby fears. The comment highlights the husband's lack of effort in trying to introduce the animals and points out the real issue is the aggressive breed of the dog. 💔🐾

[deleted] | [deleted]

Dog owner demands cat rehoming but YTA according to commenter

[deleted] | [deleted]

Red flag raised on baby's priority over the elderly cat. YTA.

Primary-Criticism929 | Primary-Criticism929

Harsh criticism on pet abandonment, YTA verdict. 💪

Adventurous-Window-5 | Adventurous-Window-5

Pregnant wife wants elderly cat rehomed, YTA comment opposes.

JanusIsBlue | JanusIsBlue

User defends cat, suggests getting rid of wife's dog instead 🐶

iMESSupCOMMONphrases | iMESSupCOMMONphrases

Caring for pets is a lifetime commitment, not an inconvenience. 🐱 YTA.

jenvonlee | jenvonlee

Cat lover defends elderly feline against pregnant wife's demands. ❤️🐈

SassyDivaAunt | SassyDivaAunt

Don't give up on the old baby! Try high value treats 👌

Realistic_Celery_354 | Realistic_Celery_354

User defends elderly cat and questions judgement with 👍

Johoski | Johoski

Cat lover defends husband's choice, calls commenter an a**hole.

maddogg131 | maddogg131

A commenter calls out the wife for being a YTA for demanding to rehome the husband's elderly cat over baby fears, and suggests rehoming her own dog instead. 😿👶

wrencakes | wrencakes

Heartbreaking comment about rehoming elderly cat. YTA confirmed. 😢

DelightfulAbsurdity | DelightfulAbsurdity

Don't rehome an 18-year-old cat, YTA 100%! 😿👶

oilergirl90 | oilergirl90

User calls out pregnant wife's demand to rehome husband's elderly cat

WorsePartOfValor | WorsePartOfValor

Redditor calls out insensitive spouse for forcing husband to rehome cat. 💔

WorsePartOfValor | WorsePartOfValor

Disagreement over a cat ownership leads to a harsh accusation. 😾

viv5566 | viv5566

Cruel to rehome elderly cat, try training methods instead. YTA.

Sloppypoopypoppy | Sloppypoopypoppy

Don't rehome the cat. YTA for even suggesting it. 👹🐱

Radiantlockpick | Radiantlockpick

Don't abandon a senior pet for a baby. YTA.

rapt2right | rapt2right

Passionate comment defends elderly cat and criticizes OP's decision.

TheKatzMeow84 | TheKatzMeow84

Cat won't get adopted at 18, don't blame pets for fear.

Iwilllieawake | Iwilllieawake

Cat lover defends husband's decision to keep elderly feline companion. 🐱

JuniorFix3344 | JuniorFix3344

Pregnant wife wants husband to rehome cat, commenters call her YTA 🤪

babsiegirl70 | babsiegirl70

Give it time and don't be too quick to rehome. YTA.

Raging_Carrot47 | Raging_Carrot47

Redditors slam pregnant wife for demanding husband to abandon cat 😱

btinc | btinc

YTA: Forcing a decision on your husband isn't mutual 🙄

OneMikeNation | OneMikeNation

Defending cat's rights and suggesting alternatives to rehoming. 🐱

psyckalla | psyckalla

A comment calling out OP for abandoning elderly cat, no replies.

kratzicorn | kratzicorn

User calls out OP for wanting to rehome elderly cat. YTA.

ryoko_kusanagi | ryoko_kusanagi

18-year-old cat won't find a new family. YTA for considering.

grouchymonk1517 | grouchymonk1517

Don't rehome an elderly cat over baby fears. YTA. 😿👶

ghostcraft33 | ghostcraft33

The elderly cat was acting out of fear and stress 😿

thinkbilbo | thinkbilbo

Cat lovers unite! Commenter calls out couple for abandoning cat 🐱

Moonkshood | Moonkshood

Compromise and communication are key in resolving pet-related conflicts 🐱

Decent-Text-4687 | Decent-Text-4687

No one likes a bully 🤨

gemini-galaxy21 | gemini-galaxy21

Don't be cold-hearted towards your senior cat. YTA!

areyouokayinthehead | areyouokayinthehead

Cat lovers unite! Commenter defends elderly cat against unreasonable demand 🐾

PrincessPeach817 | PrincessPeach817

Cat lover defends elderly feline against heartless husband's demands 🐾

[deleted] | [deleted]

Heartless commenter shames person considering rehoming elderly cat 🐾

Manuka_Honey_Badger | Manuka_Honey_Badger

Cat lover defends feline friend against unreasonable demands 🐱

Stlhockeygrl | Stlhockeygrl

OP tries to rehome husband's elderly cat over baby fears. YTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't rehome the cat over unfounded baby fears, YTA!

[deleted] | [deleted]

Heartless act of abandoning an elderly pet. YTA. 😾

lildraggies | lildraggies

User calls out OP for cruel treatment of elderly cat 🐱

Effulgencey | Effulgencey

Cat lover calls out pregnant wife for rehoming elderly cat 🐱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't be a bad pet owner - let the elderly cat live out its last days with love. 😿👶

Stace34 | Stace34

A passionate plea to not rehome the elderly cat 🐈

[deleted] | [deleted]

A baby vs an 18-year-old cat? YTA, show some compassion 😢

Adventurous-Window-5 | Adventurous-Window-5

User calls out OP for lack of compassion towards elderly cat.

TechnoRat63 | TechnoRat63

User calls out OP for being a grade A a**hole! 😱

Autumn-Thorne | Autumn-Thorne

Harsh reply to OP, predicts short marriage. 🙈

crmom22 | crmom22

Cat owner points out flaws in husband's baby safety logic 🍁

Iwantaschmoo | Iwantaschmoo

Heartbreaking! Dumping a loyal pet of 2 decades? YTA 😡

DeniWritesSex | DeniWritesSex

A fiery YTA response defending the elderly cat 🐱🔥

gentle_mama | gentle_mama

Heartfelt plea to bring back husband's elderly cat. Possible trolling?

oilergirl90 | oilergirl90

Consider rehoming your dog instead. YTA for being selfish.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't force a 90-year-old cat into a sad end-of-life existence. 😢

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cat lover calls out pregnant wife's unreasonable demand. YTA.

Crafty-Emotion4230 | Crafty-Emotion4230

Let the pets work it out themselves! Don't rehome them! 🐱🐶🐾

hellostale | hellostale

Don't rehome an 18 year old cat over baby fears! 🐱

wise-ish | wise-ish

Don't force your husband to give up his 18 y/o cat over baby fears. Let them figure it out. YTA 😒

Chemy11 | Chemy11

Harsh criticism for a mother's request to rehome a cat 🐈

Skulldetta | Skulldetta

Living separately with pets worked for me and my ex 🐱

TaterTotAttempt23 | TaterTotAttempt23

Heartless demand to rehome elderly cat over baby fears 😢

ObviouslyObsessed18 | ObviouslyObsessed18

Engaging in animal rotation is a better option. YTA.

maroongrad | maroongrad

Critic slams OP for sending elderly cat to sanctuary. YTA. 😡

throwaway_68392A | throwaway_68392A

Bot asks for self-reflection on potential a**hole behavior.

sunfloweries | sunfloweries

Compassionate commenter calls out YTA for rehoming elderly cat. 🐱

Suckerforcats | Suckerforcats

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