Sister STEALS Thousands from Devastated Sibling's Car Fund! 😱💸

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🚨 Buckle up, folks! We've got a wild ride of a story for you today! 😱 Imagine having a little sister who's been struggling with some serious issues, and just when you think she's turning a new leaf, she pulls the rug out from under you in the most shocking way possible! 💔 Our poor protagonist is left reeling after a series of lies, deceit, and outright theft that'll leave you shaking your head in disbelief. 🤯 But the real question is, should they forgive and forget, or stand their ground and cut ties? 🤔 Let's dive in and see how this rollercoaster of a tale unfolds! 🎢

🚨 Sister's Shocking Behavior Spirals Out of Control! 😱

suspicious_gate1258 | suspicious_gate1258

🔥 Things Take a Turn for the Worse! 🔥

suspicious_gate1258 | suspicious_gate1258

🎉 A Glimmer of Hope: Concert Tickets! 🎟️

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💸 Suspicious Spending Spree Raises Eyebrows! 🤨

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🎁 Fake Birthday Gifts and Phony Phone Calls! 📞

suspicious_gate1258 | suspicious_gate1258

🚗 Disaster Strikes: Car Engine Blows! 💥

suspicious_gate1258 | suspicious_gate1258

💔 Devastated and Desperate for Help! 😢

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💰 The Shocking Discovery: Money Goes Missing! 😱

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🏧 Suspicious Bank Deposits and Receipts Uncovered! 🕵️‍♀️

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😡 Confronting the Thief: No Remorse! 😠

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🙅‍♀️ Forgiveness Off the Table: Cutting Ties! ✂️

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🤔 Am I the A**hole for Not Forgiving Her? 🤷‍♀️

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🛍️ Update: Returning What They Could! 🏬

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😱 Shocking Sibling Betrayal: To Forgive or Not to Forgive? 🤔

Well, well, well... what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive! 🕸️ Our protagonist's little sister has been up to no good, lying and stealing her way through life without a care in the world. 😈 But when her sticky fingers dip into the family's car fund, things take a turn for the worse! 💸 Now, the big question is: should our hero forgive and forget, or stand their ground and cut ties with the thieving sibling? 🤔 It's a tough call, especially when dear old dad is pushing for forgiveness. 🙏 But sometimes, tough love is the only way to go. 😤 Let's see what the internet thinks of this juicy drama! 🍿

Sibling steals thousands from car fund, NTA stands firm. 👏

kfnnnp | kfnnnp

Sister steals car fund, NTA seeks repayment plan 💸

wind-river7 | wind-river7

Sibling steals car fund, dad covers for her, NTA stands up

Lotex_Style | Lotex_Style

Hold your sister accountable. Sell her computer 💻🔨

PrisonNurseNC | PrisonNurseNC

Report her to the police. Forgiving her will only encourage.

Sleepy_felines | Sleepy_felines

Family's blind eye leads to sister's theft accusation. 🤔

bizianka | bizianka

Don't forgive her, she knew it was wrong. #NTA 👍

TantamountGusher | TantamountGusher

Cut toxic family members out of your life 👍

brittwithouttheney | brittwithouttheney

Sister steals from car fund, NTA, she needs professional help 👏

MizzyvonMuffling | MizzyvonMuffling

Bipolar disorder or not, she needs help and consequences. 🚨

lkbird8 | lkbird8

Sibling might need therapy as punishment to understand her actions 🤔

Superb-Ad3821 | Superb-Ad3821

NTA. Sister stole car fund. Needs discipline, support and consequences. 🚫

ritablueglitterstar | ritablueglitterstar

Sibling theft is tough, but forgiveness is possible over time 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, but does she have a plan to pay you back? 🤔

holdthytonguecretin | holdthytonguecretin

Secure your money, your sister is a thief! 💰😒

notdeadpool | notdeadpool

Setting boundaries and consequences for theft is important. NTA 👍

atomskeater | atomskeater

Forgiveness can't be demanded, it must come on its own. ✨

MonkeyMagic1968 | MonkeyMagic1968

Forgiving sister who stole car fund without paying back? 🤔

Fun_Grapefruit_7015 | Fun_Grapefruit_7015

Stealing from family is wrong but sister can still learn. 💰

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, sister stole thousands. Call the cops 🚨

PuttingTheRonInWrong | PuttingTheRonInWrong

NTA comment: Sister's mental health is not an excuse for grand theft 💸

LostInIndigo | LostInIndigo

Did the sister return the stolen money? Parents may be TA.

Bestkeptsecretsss | Bestkeptsecretsss

Sibling steals car fund, commenters caution against further theft. 🚨

Serious-Ad-9936 | Serious-Ad-9936

Don't let her use her problems as a crutch 👏

Pony_Express1974 | Pony_Express1974

Curious commenter questions 16-year-old's lucrative income source. 🤔💰

majestic_walrus69 | majestic_walrus69

Sister steals from car fund and parents defend her. NTA.

BellLilly | BellLilly

Lockable storage and no trust - wise advice. 👍

BallantyneR | BallantyneR

NTA, sister stole from you and parents need to impose consequences.

AlleonArts | AlleonArts

Family isn't always blood. Don't forgive or forget theft. 👍

BewareTheSweetcorn | BewareTheSweetcorn

Former thief offers advice to victim of sister's theft. NTA 👍

Graysonation | Graysonation

Enabling sister steals thousands, parent suggests consequences and job repayment.

monagr | monagr

Family enabling sister's theft, NTA demands restitution and accountability. 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Prioritizing mental health is important, but stealing is unacceptable. NTA.

sleepyboihere | sleepyboihere

Warning of potential consequences for sister's actions. 🚨

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stealing from family is never okay. NTA stands firm.

cynicaldoubtfultired | cynicaldoubtfultired

Parents failing both siblings, sister needs help for kleptomania. NTA.

LazyOpia | LazyOpia

Confusion over concert tickets in NTA comment section. 🤔

NovaScrawlers | NovaScrawlers

Sister steals thousands, gets no consequences. NTA, sis needs therapy 😱💸

FdgPgn | FdgPgn

Sister steals car fund for toys, NTA for not forgiving 👎

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA calls out sister's theft and dad's poor parenting skills

SnooAvocados6720 | SnooAvocados6720

Encouraging support for sibling's mental health struggles. ❤

apetr26542 | apetr26542

Advice for OP on dealing with sister's theft 🤔

ripcurrent | ripcurrent

Redemption story: Former thief accepts sister's decision to cut ties ✌️

athenakathleen | athenakathleen

Cut toxic sister out of your life and move on! 🙌🏻

Goddessofallnevery1 | Goddessofallnevery1

Family isn't always loyal 💔 NTA for not forgiving sister.

majasstic | majasstic

Depression doesn't excuse theft from family 🙅💰


Owning up to mistakes means making things right 👍

b2hcy0 | b2hcy0

NTA who had a similar experience advises OP to get sister help.

MotorCity_Hamster | MotorCity_Hamster

Sister steals car fund, NTA suggests owning up and apologizing

ADHDLifer | ADHDLifer

Sister steals thousands, commenters hope justice is served 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't let them gaslight you. 💪 Take care of yourself. ❤

abayifo | abayifo

Justice served! Sell off sister's stuff to pay back money. 💯

Red_Carrot | Red_Carrot

Locking up your stuff is a must. 🚪 NTA

throwaway293874729 | throwaway293874729

Take back what's yours! 🤑 Confiscate and sell her purchases. #NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Consider the possibility of a hidden medical condition. Take precautions. Don't forgive easily.

wallflower_13 | wallflower_13

Mental illness is not an excuse for unhealthy behavior. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sibling steals car fund, NTA for being angry and untrusting. Sister needs help for mental illness.

lemonsharking | lemonsharking

Revenge is a dish best served with a touch of sarcasm 😏

GhoeAguey | GhoeAguey

NTA, mental illness not an excuse for stealing 🔥

XxpandatnashxX | XxpandatnashxX

Encourage sister to seek therapy for stealing. NTA. 🙏

Analyzer2015 | Analyzer2015

Protect yourself from financial harm caused by family members. 👍

AugustNClementine | AugustNClementine

Forgiving for own health is okay, sister needs help 🙌

ccam04 | ccam04

Sister steals from sibling's car fund. NTA holds her accountable.

TeeKaye28 | TeeKaye28

Stealing is disgusting, hold her accountable for her actions 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Forgiving a thief? Nah, she'll steal again. NTA 😭

christmasshopper0109 | christmasshopper0109

Sister steals car fund, apologizes for getting caught. NTA.

Laramila | Laramila

Stealing from devastated sibling is unacceptable, therapy needed. 🤔

elena_dc | elena_dc

Supportive comment calls out sister's selfish behavior. 👏

4B1GAL3 | 4B1GAL3

Sister steals thousands from car fund, NTA demands justice 💰🚘

d1scworld | d1scworld

Sister steals 3k from devastated sibling's car fund. NTA seeks justice.

Vena_Mala | Vena_Mala

Believe Maya Angelou: sister is a liar and a thief 😱💸

hbauman0001 | hbauman0001

Sibling revenge stealing from entitled father 👀💰

StevesonOfStevesonia | StevesonOfStevesonia

Apology without action is meaningless, sell the stolen items 💰

Resident-Embarrassed | Resident-Embarrassed

Mental illness isn't an excuse to be an a**hole 😒. Holding her accountable.

HereTodayIGuess | HereTodayIGuess

Don't let her get away with it! 🚨

Pristine-Revolution5 | Pristine-Revolution5

Sister steals money, NTA demands justice and consequences! 😱💸

Podlingblue | Podlingblue

Demand justice and accountability for sister's theft. 💸👊

Stonedinsolitude | Stonedinsolitude

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