Is This Husband's Marriage ABUSIVE? Coworker's Reaction Says It All... 😨

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🍻 Happy hour with coworkers can be a great way to bond and let loose after a long day at the office. But what happens when a seemingly harmless joke takes a dark turn? 😳 One young employee found himself in an awkward situation when a new coworker started making some questionable comments about his wife. 😬 Buckle up, because this story is about to get real! 🚨

🍻 Happy Hour Gone Wrong? 😬

throwra-step-sis | throwra-step-sis

😳 Shocking Jokes About the "Ball and Chain" Wife! 😱

throwra-step-sis | throwra-step-sis

🍺 A Couple Drinks In and Things Get Real 😬

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😢 Flashbacks to an Abusive Past 💔

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🤔 Drunk and Worried, I Had to Ask... 😕

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😅 "Oh, You Know What Marriage is Like" 🙄

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😳 "Dude... Are You Okay?" 😰

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🚩 Red Flags Everywhere! 🚨

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🙄 "It is What it is, You Know Women..." 😒

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😳 "Like What the F--k?" 😲

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😬 Did I Embarrass the New Guy? 😳

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🤨 I Don't Get the "Relatable" Bit 🤔

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😒 A Common But Cringy and Sexist Joke 🙄

throwra-step-sis | throwra-step-sis

😳 AITA for Calling Out a Coworker's Concerning "Jokes"? 🤔

So, here's the deal: I'm a 21-year-old single guy who's never been in a long-term relationship. 🤷‍♂️ When my new coworker started making jokes about his wife being a "ball and chain" and not letting him out without lying, I got worried. 😰 Maybe it's because of my own history with an abusive dad, but I felt compelled to ask if he was okay. 😕 Some friends think I embarrassed the guy and misread the room, but I can't help but feel like those "jokes" are a red flag. 🚩 What do you all think? Did I overstep, or was I right to be concerned? 🤔 Let's see what the internet has to say about this tricky situation! 👀

Savage yet logical reply to a sexist joke 😂

lightwoodorchestra | lightwoodorchestra

Middle-aged husband's 'joke' about marriage sparks discussion on toxicity. NTA.

TypicalTeapot | TypicalTeapot

Defending NTA's concern for coworker's 'abusive' relationship accusations. 💪

Substantial_Recipe67 | Substantial_Recipe67

Calling out sexist jokes: NTA coworker shuts it down 💪

mckinnos | mckinnos

Normalizing abusive relationships isn't funny. Good on you for speaking up 💪

mkhorn | mkhorn

Don't normalize toxic relationships and focus on neutral small talk 🙌

Insta_Saddie | Insta_Saddie

Compassionate response to weird vibe, potentially helping someone in need ❤️

Phreno-Logical | Phreno-Logical

Clap back queen shuts down sexist coworker. 💯

hollowstars | hollowstars

Coworker calls out toxic behavior and sexist stereotype. NTA 👏

e-elegia | e-elegia

Spouse-bashing jokes not funny, especially to abuse survivors. NTA.

princess-sauerkraut | princess-sauerkraut

Co-worker thinks husband is a dunce for insensitive jokes 😂

filmkritter | filmkritter

Parenting is tough and this comment highlights the challenges involved 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Coworker shuts down sexist trope and unhealthy relationship complaints 👏

Finchfarmerquilts | Finchfarmerquilts

Breaking the stigma: Marriage isn't a miserable experience. NTA

PurpleDot0 | PurpleDot0

Reacting to a possible abusive relationship with humor 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA calls out toxic "jokes" about abusive relationships 💯

uhno28 | uhno28

Lesson learned: Check in with your spouse/partner before going out. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Pushing someone in an abusive situation: helpful or harmful? 🤔

Final_Commission4160 | Final_Commission4160

Expecting common courtesy from your spouse is not abusive behavior 👍

astrobuckeye | astrobuckeye

Kudos to this alert young man for handling a potentially bad situation 🏆

Decent_Ad6389 | Decent_Ad6389

Fighting against BS culture 🙌

YamaChampion | YamaChampion

Handling unfunny jokes like a pro 😎

bishkebab | bishkebab

Calling out sexist 'jokes' and shifting blame to spouse. 👏

Raevyne | Raevyne

NTA for not finding the sexist joke funny 😒

ConsistentCheesecake | ConsistentCheesecake

Cringey and sexist comment shut down perfectly 👏🏼

JennaLS | JennaLS

Mocking a bad joke about marriage? NTA, shut it down! 😍

CatTaxAuditor | CatTaxAuditor

Married people need social lives too! NTA 😊

Agreeable-Asparagus | Agreeable-Asparagus

Misunderstood joke prompts apology suggestion from comment author. 😊

Nesterminator | Nesterminator

Ex-wife explains the dark truth behind husband's 'jokes' 🤪

joljenni1717 | joljenni1717

Epic takedown of a sexist husband by a coworker! 😂

annaflixion | annaflixion

Not all women are like this, but he might be.

ViolasDIL | ViolasDIL

Don't let cultural context excuse abusive behavior. #NTA 👏

kgberton | kgberton

Toxic jokes, bad idea. NTA for not finding them funny. 🙅

Ace_In_The_Whole1776 | Ace_In_The_Whole1776

Sexist humor in marriage? No thanks, glad coworker agrees! 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Perfect response shuts down sexist joke. NTA wins!

ameinias | ameinias

De-normalizing abusive talk: one ally at a time! 👏

TheCBDiva | TheCBDiva

Misunderstood joke leads to accusations of abuse, commenters weigh in. 😕

shades-of-gray312 | shades-of-gray312

Red flag alert! Making jokes about spouses is not okay. 🚨

sparklesparkle5 | sparklesparkle5

Reacting to a bad joke about abusive marriage with caution 🙈

West-Cook | West-Cook

Confusion is key to taking down offensive jokes! 😜

SereniaKat | SereniaKat

Standing up against unhealthy jokes, NTA takes a stand! 💪

MaddiGenn | MaddiGenn

Wife's demand reasonable? Opinions split, but NTA for checking in 🙂

nagchampachampagne | nagchampachampagne

A heartwarming story about the power of small gestures. ❤️

IcicleRock | IcicleRock

🤣NTA takes down sexist joke, offers support for possible abuse

liamsmum | liamsmum

NTA comment calls out straight relationships with humorous twist 😂

Calvo7992 | Calvo7992

Men can also be trapped in emotionally abusive relationships. NTA.

MotherofJackals | MotherofJackals

Standing up against sexism in the workplace 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Empathy wins! Concerned coworker is not the a**hole 🙌

Dovahkiinkv1 | Dovahkiinkv1

Cringey joke turned into epic response, coworker agrees. NTA! 😂

Grompson | Grompson

A wholesome comment about unintentionally calling out a stale joke ❤️

artzbots | artzbots

Calling out discrimination, the satisfying consequences of tasteless humor ✌🏻

LxSky90 | LxSky90

It's never wrong to ask if someone is okay 🙌

Random_User_81 | Random_User_81

Standing up against sexist jokes and showing concern for abuse victims. NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sexist jokes are not funny and can be abusive. NTA.

River_Song47 | River_Song47

OP gets validation and support for reaching out. 😊

mercyofnod | mercyofnod

Standing up against casual sexism and bad marriages. 💪

ReeveStodgers | ReeveStodgers

Kind suggestion: Could the husband be on the spectrum?

yelloworange5 | yelloworange5

Married man opens up about abusive relationship and controlling spouse.

Garydrgn | Garydrgn

Checking in on a posturing partner - good job! ✌️

arahzel | arahzel

Fighting casual bigotry with witty explanations. You go, NTA! 💯

specialp88 | specialp88

Direct and supportive co-worker confirms NTA's good character 👍

catpiss_backpack | catpiss_backpack

Choosing kindness over laughter in the face of bad jokes 🙌

BogMod | BogMod

Responding to outdated jokes about marriage with concern and awareness 👍

LittlestSlipper55 | LittlestSlipper55

Empathetic reply shuts down sexist 'jokes' and encourages reflection. 💪

elkhandler | elkhandler

NTA empathizes with the husband's spouse's embarrassment 😔

Bdglvr | Bdglvr

Lonely commenter seeks friendship and shares uncertainty about their own situation.

PassoutPierce | PassoutPierce

Expectations of communication in relationships can vary, but trust is key 👍

Belizarius90 | Belizarius90

Calling out inappropriate jokes 👏👏👏

ij1313 | ij1313

Confronting outdated sexist and racist humor is commendable 💪

knifewrenchhh | knifewrenchhh

Coworker's 'joke' was outdated and not funny, NTA for calling out

Hey-Kristine-Kay | Hey-Kristine-Kay

Men's behavior normalization questioned in lighthearted office joke. 🤔

earthtoeveryoneX | earthtoeveryoneX

Empowering response to coworker's poor joke, NTA 👏

Gelkor | Gelkor

Misunderstanding or not, coworkers reaction is priceless 😂

vagrantprodigy07 | vagrantprodigy07

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