Are They Still Vegan? Couple's RAW MEAT Diet for Sickly Cat Sparks Debate 🍗😿

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🌿🐈 Buckle up, folks! We've got a tale of two vegans and their beloved furbaby that's causing quite the stir. 😱 This couple has been living the plant-based life for years, but their rescue kitty's dental woes have them questioning everything. 🦷 The vet's orders? Raw chicken to keep those pearly whites in check! 🍗 But when friends catch wind of the meaty situation, all hell breaks loose. 🤬 Accusations of being 'fake vegans' fly, and the couple finds themselves in the middle of a friend group fiasco. 🙈 So, are they the a-holes for prioritizing their cat's health over their vegan lifestyle? 🤔 Let's dive in and find out! 👀

🌿 Vegan Couple's Dilemma: Feeding Raw Meat to Furbaby! 😱

edenflicka | edenflicka

😿 Kitty's Painful Past & Dental Woes

edenflicka | edenflicka

🍗 Vet's Orders: Raw Chicken for Optimal Health

edenflicka | edenflicka

🐈 Following Doc's Advice for Furbaby's Sake

edenflicka | edenflicka

😲 Friends Horrified by Raw Meat in Vegan Home!

edenflicka | edenflicka

🤬 Accused of Being 'Fake Vegans' by Friends

edenflicka | edenflicka

♻️ Making Use of Unwanted Animal Parts

edenflicka | edenflicka

🤔 Are We the A-holes Here?

edenflicka | edenflicka

😱 Unexpected Response & Overnight Blowup!

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🙅‍♀️ Not Feeding Meat Was Never an Option

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📈 From 20 to 1000+ Comments Overnight!

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📖 Reading Comments ASAP & Thanking for Awards

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😺 Kitty's Current Dental Status & Food Plan

edenflicka | edenflicka

🥩 Raw Meat Treats, Not Sole Diet

edenflicka | edenflicka

🙅‍♀️ No DMs About Vegan Diet for Cats, Please!

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😿🍗 Vegan Couple's Cat Conundrum: Raw Meat Dilemma Divides Friends! 🤬

Well, well, well... looks like this vegan couple's furbaby is causing quite the commotion! 😹 When the vet prescribes raw chicken for their rescue kitty's dental health, they find themselves in a sticky situation. 🍗 Friends are horrified by the sight of meat in their vegan home, and accusations of being 'fake vegans' start flying. 🤬 But hey, they're just trying to do what's best for their little gremlin, right? 🐈 Using unwanted animal parts that would otherwise go to waste seems like a win-win. 🤷‍♀️ The internet has certainly had a field day with this one, and the comments are pouring in faster than you can say 'tofu'! 📈 So, what do you think? Are they hypocrites or just devoted pet parents? 🤔 One thing's for sure, this couple is sticking to their guns and doing what's best for their furbaby, no matter what anyone says. 💪 Let's see what the internet has to say about this juicy drama! 🍿

Vegan couple feeds cat raw meat, NTA, obligate carnivores.

Femalamalamaloid | Femalamalamaloid

Defending feeding raw meat to cat against vegan criticism 🐱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Caring about animal welfare: a raw meat solution 🥩

Imightbemarzipan | Imightbemarzipan

Defending a vegan's decision to feed sick cat raw meat 🐱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Vegan couple being responsible pet owners by feeding cat meat 🐱🥩

Nakedstar | Nakedstar

Vegan couple under fire for feeding cat raw meat 😡

cantankerouswhale | cantankerouswhale

Feeding raw meat to a cat is NTA according to commenter

ReeKristen | ReeKristen

Vegan couple feeds raw meat to cat, commenter calls out hypocrisy 😡

riningear | riningear

Feeding a cat a meat-based diet is necessary, NTA.

T0b3 | T0b3

Taking care of your fur baby's dental health is important 🐶

FinallyGaveIn2019 | FinallyGaveIn2019

NTA! Vegan couple criticized for feeding sickly cat raw meat.

GSH94 | GSH94

Vegan zoologist defends couple's raw meat diet for cat 🐱

hattie1399 | hattie1399

Vegan hater supports couple's raw meat diet for sickly cat 😍

tacoty | tacoty

Vegetarian defends feeding meat to pets, supports NTA cat owner 🐱

hahaheatherrr | hahaheatherrr

Putting your cat's health first 🐱, not your lifestyle choices 🍽 is crucial. 👍

baekovsky1812 | baekovsky1812

Support for meat diet choice and criticism of judgmental vegans.

WorldlyDrawer | WorldlyDrawer

Vegetarian defends ethical meat feeding for sickly cat 🐾

bigdaddymissy | bigdaddymissy

Raw meat diet for cats debated. NTA for feeding cat.

gabsthenerd | gabsthenerd

Feeding your cat a vegan diet? NTA, but not ideal 🐱. Raw meat is okay, but consult a vet 👤 💚

JArtV | JArtV

NTA for not forcing a vegan diet on your carnivorous cat 🐱

SullenSparrow | SullenSparrow

Vegan couple defends feeding raw meat to sickly cat 🐱

KaijuAlert | KaijuAlert

Choosing to feed their cat raw meat for its health.

BergJatte79 | BergJatte79

Veganism and pet care debated, but NTA says it's okay 🐱

peachyboix | peachyboix

Vegan couple defends feeding their cat meat. NTA. 🐶

Roswulf | Roswulf

Friends gatekeeping veganism, but NTA for feeding sick cat meat.

xxmarzblackxx | xxmarzblackxx

Supportive comment defends feeding cat raw meat. 🐱

reameir | reameir

Stand your ground and feed your cat what's best 🐱

PhoenixRisingToday | PhoenixRisingToday

Feeding a cat meat isn't hypocritical, it's being a responsible owner 🐱


Vegan defends feeding meat to rescue animals, NTA 🐾

mixamatoosh | mixamatoosh

Vegan solidarity! Non-vegans criticize morals of vegans (NTA) 🌱

gracenatomy | gracenatomy

Veganism vs. Carnivores: The never-ending debate 😑

secretivebaby | secretivebaby

NTA for feeding cat meat. Friends are idiots 🙄🐈

alcoholic_lmao | alcoholic_lmao

NTA. Prioritizing your cat's health over friends' vegan opinions 🐱

Mochafrap512 | Mochafrap512

Vegan cat owner defends feeding raw meat, NTA 🐱

thundersass | thundersass

Vegan couple feeding cat raw meat sparks outrage among vegans

ddAndTheca | ddAndTheca

Heartwarming gratitude for taking care of sickly cat with vegan diet 😿

FunctioningDisaster | FunctioningDisaster

NTA cares for animal welfare 🐾

demongroundhog | demongroundhog

Vegan couple feeds cat raw meat, sparks debate - NTA

ImReallyNotNice | ImReallyNotNice

Being vegan is a personal choice, but pets need meat 🐾

[deleted] | [deleted]

Vegan couple prioritizes cat's health over dietary beliefs 🐱🌱

pizzagirilla | pizzagirilla

Vet tech supports vegan cat diet, shuts down criticism 🌱

Fuckmerit | Fuckmerit

Vegan couple's cat on raw meat diet? Commenter says NTA 👍

Baby-love-dove | Baby-love-dove

Removing a cat's teeth may be a viable option 💭

thumb_of_justice | thumb_of_justice

Feeding vegan diet to meat-loving pets: NTA or YTA? 🤔

Horror-mrs | Horror-mrs

Debate over vegan cat food and animal abuse allegations.

JCasarse | JCasarse

Debate on vegan motivations and animal suffering 🤔

spidaminida | spidaminida

Vegan couple feeds cat meat, defends NTA stance. Debate ensues 🌱

River_Song47 | River_Song47

Passionate defense of caring for cats over idiotic friends 🙌

barry_dingl3 | barry_dingl3

Vegan couple faces backlash for feeding cat vegan diet 🐱

FatedDesign | FatedDesign

NTA. Responsible pet ownership should always be a priority 🐾

asdrunkyouare | asdrunkyouare

NTA defends feeding pets correctly, sparks agreement with no replies.

RoanDragonKing | RoanDragonKing

Creative solution for a toothless kitty 🐱❤️

Wienerwrld | Wienerwrld

Compassionate perspective on caring for animals 🐾

dramaandaheadache | dramaandaheadache

Vegan couple called cruel for feeding cat raw meat 🐟🐾

ThatGuy_Gary | ThatGuy_Gary

Let the lion eat, NTA. 🐼

Tangledreeds | Tangledreeds

Stay true to your beliefs, ignore the haters! 🙌

up_your_bass | up_your_bass

Feeding pets species-inappropriate diets is animal abuse. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Defending a raw meat diet for a cat against judgmental friends 🐱

Optimisms_Flames | Optimisms_Flames

Vegan owner feeds cat plant-based food, commenters agree it's cruel 😡

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cats aren't vegans! NTA for feeding them meat.

WITtwit | WITtwit

Being a responsible pet owner means feeding your cat meat 🐱🥩. Don't let others make you feel bad about it! 😼

BayGullGuy | BayGullGuy

Vegan couple defends feeding their cat raw meat. ❤️

kirbykisses | kirbykisses

NTA defends veganism and suggests it doesn't need to be binary.

AnotherLolAnon | AnotherLolAnon

Vegan feeding cat raw meat sparks debate, NTA suggests wet food

[deleted] | [deleted]

Vegan dilemma: NTA if rescue, demand for meat if not 😕

geven87 | geven87

Vegan defends feeding non-vegan kibble to dogs and raw meat to cat 🐾

goblin_sodomy | goblin_sodomy

NTA, Cats are carnivores. Forcing them to be vegan is cruel 🐱

callme_char | callme_char

NTA defends feeding cat meat, calls out vegan cat owners 🐱🍖

NoApollonia | NoApollonia

Caring NTA advises getting a second opinion for cat's dental issues 🐱

spicybananas7 | spicybananas7

Feeding meat to a sickly cat: NTA. Consider treating mouth pain 😮

WigglyGoldFish | WigglyGoldFish

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