Teen's Parents Swipe Her Savings for Name Change 😱💔

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Imagine saving up money to change your name, only to discover that your parents took your hard-earned cash to fund a family trip! 😡 That's exactly what happened to one young girl who was fed up with her uncommon name being mispronounced. After getting her parents' approval to change her name, she diligently saved up $300 for the process. But when it came time to gather her ID and money, she discovered her savings were missing. What happened next left her fuming... 😤

The Struggle with an Uncommon Name 🤦‍♀️

throwaway_stupidname | throwaway_stupidname

Saving Up for the Big Change 💰

throwaway_stupidname | throwaway_stupidname

Parents Proud of Her Money Management 🌟

throwaway_stupidname | throwaway_stupidname

The Missing Money Mystery 🕵️‍♀️

throwaway_stupidname | throwaway_stupidname

Parents' Lack of Help 😒

throwaway_stupidname | throwaway_stupidname

The Shocking Revelation 😲

throwaway_stupidname | throwaway_stupidname

Fury Unleashed 💢

throwaway_stupidname | throwaway_stupidname

Parents' Defense 🛡️

throwaway_stupidname | throwaway_stupidname

Taking a Walk to Cool Off 🚶‍♀️

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Bombarded with Messages 📲

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The Aftermath 😔

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Update: Asking for a Refund 🔄

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Accepting the Situation 🤷‍♀️

throwaway_stupidname | throwaway_stupidname

A Lesson in Trust and Money Management 🎓

After a heated confrontation, our young heroine decided to ask her parents to cancel the trip or at least pay her back. They offered to repay her with gift cards, and she reluctantly accepted, apologizing for her outburst. She's now determined to save up again, but this time, she'll be much more cautious with her money and won't trust her parents with it. 💸😔 Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

Parents steal from daughter's savings for name change. Commenters outraged.

gunnyhunty | gunnyhunty

Parents steal teen's savings for name change, NTA for objecting.

Corkkyy19 | Corkkyy19

Keep saving and don't trust them. Ski trip? They can go alone. 😱

BelloLugosi | BelloLugosi

Teen's parents steal her savings for name change. Commenters side with teen.

Firestone9999 | Firestone9999

Parents steal daughter's savings to stop name change. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

A powerful reminder to not be like your thieving parents 👏

Reddoraptor | Reddoraptor

Parents steal savings for name change, commenter questions ski trip.

Matrixblackhole | Matrixblackhole

Parents take teen's savings for name change, NTA responds

lillsanon | lillsanon

Teen's parents stole her savings for name change, NTA

Sfb208 | Sfb208

Petty but effective? A GoFundMe for name change revenge 😂

FireSafety101 | FireSafety101

Is the teen's name the reason for the parents' actions? 🤔

Smart_Club | Smart_Club

Is this real life? If so, worst family ever. #NTA

becamico | becamico

Questioning skiing and vacation during COVID, condemning bad parenting 😡

poodidle | poodidle

Father sympathizes with name change struggle, ex-wife won't budge 😠

[deleted] | [deleted]

Protect your money and mental health. NTA, open account 💳🙏

AbraCaDarcie | AbraCaDarcie

Parents steal daughter's savings for name change. NTA wins.

KarmaG12 | KarmaG12

Teen's parents steal savings for name change, commenter supports decision. 👍

riarareadthat | riarareadthat

Lesson learned: never trust parents with finances 👍

susan_meyers | susan_meyers

Parents steal from daughter's savings for name change. Commenters outraged. 😡

unabowler | unabowler

Change your name after graduating, consider going no contact. NTA.

Jenny-Greenteeth | Jenny-Greenteeth

Family drama ensues after parents take teen's savings for name change 🤷‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Teen's parents steal savings for name change. NTA, unforgivable.

TransoTheWonderKitty | TransoTheWonderKitty

Spot-on observation of common Reddit post patterns 😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Use your money to have a blast 🎉👏

DenyNowBragLater | DenyNowBragLater

Take back your money and name, NTA! 👏🏼

knariusmell | knariusmell

Reasonable cost for name change in the past, NTA judgement.

horsedivorces | horsedivorces

Family's opinion on parents' behavior determines if OP is NTA.

Grim_Oakheart | Grim_Oakheart

NTA. Every kid should have the right to take their parents to court for ridiculous names and theft. 💰👨‍⚖️

DocSternau | DocSternau

Parents steal teen's savings for name change. NTA. Livid reactions.

Grimmone117 | Grimmone117

NTA, reclaim your name and money 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Teen's parents take her savings without consent. Commenter agrees NTA.

ShiggnessKhan | ShiggnessKhan

Parents steal teen's savings for name change, call her a 'b****' 😡

Semajextah | Semajextah

What's the hidden truth behind the aunts and uncles' reactions? 🤔

ClassicAF23 | ClassicAF23

Parental betrayal and name change. Empathy for the poster.


Empathetic advice on talking with parents about stolen savings 👍

Puppie00 | Puppie00

Parents steal child's savings for vacation, insult child's reaction 😡

tech_GG | tech_GG

Rebuilding trust after betrayal. Take care of yourself 👍

Shereller61 | Shereller61

Unique name struggles and family theft. NTA deserves justice 💯

Quetzacoatyl77 | Quetzacoatyl77

Standing up for oneself against parents stealing savings. #NTA 💪

AMorera | AMorera

Stand up for yourself and take legal action against theft 💪

Theburnedtree | Theburnedtree

Protect your savings from family. NTA. 👍

upstart-crow | upstart-crow

Unique name poses safety risks online, advice on protecting identity 👍

MsVandeau | MsVandeau

Heartwarming offer of financial support for teen's name change 💛

mazokugirl451 | mazokugirl451

Get friends to call you by new name, NTA wins.

BusyBluebird | BusyBluebird

Teen plans to change first and last name to hide savings 💰

[deleted] | [deleted]

Teen's parents steal her savings for vacation. NTA. Start saving secretly.

EarthBelcher | EarthBelcher

Expose parents' actions to relatives for support. NTA 👍

Iammyselfnow | Iammyselfnow

Protect your savings and privacy from narcissistic parents. 💪

Gozo-the-bozo | Gozo-the-bozo

Empathetic commenter supports teen's name change and independence. 👏

ResurrectingSatan | ResurrectingSatan

Changing your name? Consider waiting for a fresh start 👍

InspirationlessHuman | InspirationlessHuman

Never trust family with money 💸 NTA, theft is unacceptable.

EngineerEthan | EngineerEthan

Parents steal teen's savings for name change, NTA advises caution.

blueeyed_bullshitter | blueeyed_bullshitter

Warn family to watch their wallets after parents stole savings 👋

hammocks_ | hammocks_

Secure your savings with a personal bank account 💳

leilaali01 | leilaali01

NTA. Contact the police over the theft of your savings 👏

purpleblossom | purpleblossom

OP questions family dynamic, asserts innocence, condemns theft 👏

Jakemali | Jakemali

Teen's parents take her savings for name change, slight ESH

shawnglade | shawnglade

Teen's parents steal savings for name change. NTA wins.

Poddytat | Poddytat

Lesson learned: don't tell parents about money or plans. 👍

ontherailstoday | ontherailstoday

Parents took money without asking, paid back in small amounts 😡

Aewgliriel | Aewgliriel

Parents steal daughter's savings for holiday, call her ungrateful 😱

shontsu | shontsu

Parenting is a thankless job, but swiping your kid's savings? 😱

lostBoyzLeader | lostBoyzLeader

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