Friend Eats Mom's Birthday Sweets 😱 But Was She Justified?

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We all know how much love and effort goes into baking special treats for a loved one's birthday. But what happens when those carefully crafted sweets suddenly disappear? One woman found herself in this exact situation when her friend ate her mom's birthday sweets, claiming she was starving. 😲🍩 Let's dive into this sticky situation.

Mom's Birthday Preparations 🎉

throwawaydayruined | throwawaydayruined

The Baked Goods 🍰

throwawaydayruined | throwawaydayruined

Finding a Place to Store 🏠

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The Shocking Discovery 😱

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Friend's Confession 🍽️

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Starving Excuse 🤔

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Uncontrollable Cravings 😩

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Angry Response 😡

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Offer to Pay 💸

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Not About the Money 💔

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Baking with Love ❤️

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Overreaction? 🤷‍♀️

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Time Crunch ⏰

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Location Clarification 🇫🇷

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The Great Sweets Debacle 🍪😢

So, our baking enthusiast prepared a variety of delicious sweets for her mom's birthday, only to find them devoured by her friend who claimed she was starving. While the friend offered to pay for the sweets, our baker is heartbroken because she wanted her mom to enjoy the treats made with love. 💔 With the party just around the corner, she's left in a sticky situation. Let's see what the internet thinks of this conundrum... 🧐

Friend eats Mom's sweets, lies, talks behind back. NTA.

Pleasant_Elevator779 | Pleasant_Elevator779

Don't mess with mom's birthday sweets 😏🎂

amelia_airhart | amelia_airhart

Friend eats mom's birthday sweets, commenter advises dropping 'friend'.

mushdream | mushdream

Friend should have asked for help, not stolen. NTA.

Thranduilien | Thranduilien

Friend's greediness is funny but not justified. NTA.

Miss_Bobbiedoll | Miss_Bobbiedoll

Delicious sounding sweets and a NTA judgement 🍪👍

unknown_928121 | unknown_928121

Betrayed trust over birthday sweets 😱 NTA stands firm.

MrXssteel | MrXssteel

Bake again for mom and surprise her! 🎂

[deleted] | [deleted]

Friend eats mom's birthday sweets, commenter suggests better solution. 🙏

whatsmypassword73 | whatsmypassword73

Friend eats mom's sweets, but commenter says NTA for not sharing.

Cheesypunlord | Cheesypunlord

Friend eats mom's birthday sweets, commenter says NTA.

mdthomas | mdthomas

Tricky Mille-feuilles, sneaky friend, rightful anger 😤🍰

StaleBiscuits_ | StaleBiscuits_

Friend eats mom's birthday sweets and gets called out. NTA.

walkingtalkingdread | walkingtalkingdread

Demand payment for the damage 💰 Don't let her off easy. 👍

seeminglyokay44 | seeminglyokay44

Bake them again when you have time 🤤 Late is better than never

whatsmynameagain55 | whatsmynameagain55

Friend steals mom's birthday sweets, commenter advises remaking them later 😤

sAsAk1 | sAsAk1

Assertive NTA suggests billing friend for stolen birthday sweets 😒

MrsSlutCake | MrsSlutCake

Friend eats mom's birthday sweets and lies about it. NTA.

acegirl1985 | acegirl1985

Concerned comment suggests friend may have an eating disorder 🤔

AModel3Owner | AModel3Owner

User calls out 'asshole' friend for eating mom's sweets 🍬

Celli-Belly | Celli-Belly

Savage social media shaming and a bill for ingredients 🤭

LiLadybug81 | LiLadybug81

Friend eats mom's birthday sweets without permission, commenter suggests ending friendship

Kooky_Protection_334 | Kooky_Protection_334

Friend ate birthday sweets, but commenter is NTA for being upset.

CoconutDuckBaby | CoconutDuckBaby

Bakers unite! NTA for being upset about stolen hard work 😭

No-Lychee8698 | No-Lychee8698

Professional candy maker is NTA for being angry at friend.

faketardis | faketardis

Is the pastry stale or is OP justifying their actions? 🤔

Vastaisku | Vastaisku

Debating French poverty statistics in a dessert dispute �aguette

lilassunflower | lilassunflower

Bake a 'week late birthday assortment' and drop the friend 👋

ThaneOfCawdorrr | ThaneOfCawdorrr

Heartbreaking situation, NTA. Come clean to Dad, make new batch.

JonesinforJonesey | JonesinforJonesey

Friend betrayed trust and gaslit others. NTA. Cut ties. 🚫

[deleted] | [deleted]

Bake your way to success and share the recipe! 🧁 NTA

i_need_vodka_now | i_need_vodka_now

Friend eats mom's birthday sweets, friend is NTA, commenters agree.

Lilitu9Tails | Lilitu9Tails

Friend ate mom's birthday sweets, NTA but make her pay 💰

joyfall | joyfall

Sympathetic comment about difficult French desserts. No drama here 🤓

heyshitwaddup | heyshitwaddup

Friend eats mom's birthday sweets but claims she had no money for food. Commenter calls her a manipulator. #NTA 😱

Slight_Flamingo_7697 | Slight_Flamingo_7697

Food theft justified? French commenter's response sparks debate 🤔

kspicydaddi | kspicydaddi

Pastry chef calls out thief, demands restitution for stolen mille feuille. 😡

Budalido23 | Budalido23

Cutting out a lying friend 👋🏼 and exposing her on social media 📱

sheer_boredom | sheer_boredom

Friend eats mom's birthday sweets, commenter calls her a weirdo.

PhoridayThe13th | PhoridayThe13th

Lack of self-respect and dignity. NTA. Fuming emotions 😠

Alpha_ji | Alpha_ji

NTA, but don't cut her off. Talk to her and evaluate.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Growing up poor doesn't justify eating someone else's birthday sweets 🎂

Coffee_In_Nebula | Coffee_In_Nebula

Friend eats birthday sweets, gets called out for bad behavior 😒

DubiousLake | DubiousLake

Friend eats mom's birthday sweets, commenter validates OP's feelings.

southern_frenchy | southern_frenchy

Friend eats mom's birthday sweets 😱, commenter advises talking to dad and apologizing to mom. 👍

FairyFartDaydreams | FairyFartDaydreams

Humorous reply supports OP's NTA verdict with cake emoji.

bumblebeesanddaisies | bumblebeesanddaisies

Cutting toxic friends out of your life is self-care 👍

Alpacazappa | Alpacazappa

Understanding and empathy for justified anger towards sweet thief.

AlreadyGone77 | AlreadyGone77

Food insecurity or not, eating them all was not okay 😬 NTA

Pretend-Dare-1111 | Pretend-Dare-1111

Friend eats mom's birthday sweets and plays victim, NTA.

Various-Bridge-325 | Various-Bridge-325

Don't take what's not yours 🙅, even if you're hungry. #NTA

Revolutionary-Help68 | Revolutionary-Help68

Champion dessert eater calls out friend for eating mom's sweets 🍰 NTA

slendermanismydad | slendermanismydad

Accept payment and have her help re-bake sweets. NTA.

TheLastFreeDaisy | TheLastFreeDaisy

Friend eats mom's birthday sweets and justifies it. NTA verdict.

DemonKhal | DemonKhal

Honesty is the best policy - NTA for telling mom 🎂

empressdirt | empressdirt

Friend eats mom's birthday sweets, NTA stands up for herself.

disruptionisbliss | disruptionisbliss

Can't trust her 🙄 Make more sweets and ghost that cow 🐎

mingthemaniac | mingthemaniac

Empathetic response to stolen birthday sweets with humorous twist.

the-complicated-wrek | the-complicated-wrek

Justified NTA reaction to friend's birthday sweet theft 😱

RichardFine | RichardFine

Betrayed by a friend over sweets! NTA, cut ties.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Respect boundaries and ask for permission before taking someone's food 👍

wannaspoilme35 | wannaspoilme35

Betrayed by a friend: NTA for calling out her behavior 😠

Old-Cry- | Old-Cry-

Friend eats mom's birthday sweets and OP is NTA.

Inallea | Inallea

Friend eats mom's birthday sweets, but commenter defends OP's reaction.

Gibbon-Face-91 | Gibbon-Face-91

Friend eats mom's birthday sweets 😱 and talks behind back

FallenCandel | FallenCandel

Friend eats mom's birthday sweets 😱, friend gets called out.

sashaopinion | sashaopinion

Friend eats mom's birthday sweets, OP not overreacting. 🎂

SPA_2007 | SPA_2007

Friend eats mom's birthday sweets 😱 but OP is NTA for protecting them.

boba_froppy | boba_froppy

Friend eats mom's birthday sweets, commenter suggests making her pay

[deleted] | [deleted]

No excuses for greediness. Ask before you eat 🙄

MiaOh | MiaOh

Friend eats mom's birthday sweets but commenter says NTA.

flora66 | flora66

When the comment section is just tired of validation seeking.

ApoxyCornishSeagull | ApoxyCornishSeagull

Friend eats mom's birthday sweets 😱 and commenter suggests telling dad.

missgeekette | missgeekette

Empathetic response to friend's potential food issues 😢

Ear_3440 | Ear_3440

Baker empathizes with OP's anger over friend eating her sweets 🤪

emdaawesome | emdaawesome

Friend ate mom's sweets, but OP can remake and enjoy day. NTA 😊

Rohini_rambles | Rohini_rambles

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