Dad Pays for One Son's Wedding but Made the Other Elope 😲💔

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Picture this: two sons, two weddings, and one dad caught in the middle of a family feud. When one son had to elope due to lack of financial support from his father, he never thought he'd see the day when his brother would receive the full wedding treatment. But that's exactly what happened, and now the family is torn apart. Was the dad's decision justified, or is he playing favorites? Let's dive into this drama-filled story and find out. 🎭🍿

Two Sons, Two Weddings 🤵🤵

throwawaywedding267 | throwawaywedding267

Jacob Elopes 💔

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Adoption Dilemma 👶

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Grandma and Dad to the Rescue 🚑

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Carl Steps Up 🙌

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Jade's New Dad 🥰

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Maya, The Perfect Addition 💖

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Wedding Gift 🎁

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Jacob's Outrage 😡

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Accusations of Favoritism 🤨

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Family Feud 🥊

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Edit: Carl's Role 🌟

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Financial Responsibility 💸

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Grandson's Situation 🧒

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Wedding Drama: Fair or Favoritism? 🤔

So, here's the situation: Dad refuses to pay for Jacob's wedding because he's too young, and Jacob ends up eloping. Years later, Carl raises Jacob's daughter Jade, and now Dad is offering to pay for Carl's wedding as a thank you. Jacob is furious, accusing Dad of favoritism. Is Dad in the wrong, or is he just showing gratitude to Carl and his fiancee for stepping up and raising Jade? Let's see what people have to say about this family drama... 👀🍿

NTA calls out entitled couple for abandoning their child 🔥

Legally_Blonde_258 | Legally_Blonde_258

NTA parent raises daughter of son who eloped at young age 👍

MandeeLess | MandeeLess

Generous dad makes amends for eloping son's wedding. 🙌

Pumpkinkra | Pumpkinkra

Parental concerns valid, supportive of son's favorable marriage circumstances. NTA.

TrustedTriangle | TrustedTriangle

A comment calling out a dad for playing favorites with his sons

throwawayshirt | throwawayshirt

Parental favoritism causes resentment. Soft ESH. 😔

wubbly-wump | wubbly-wump

Adopted daughter isn't a pawn to use against your other children. YTA 💔

nisharfa | nisharfa

Father justifies paying for one son's wedding but not the other.

Suspicious_Safety_45 | Suspicious_Safety_45

Dad shamed son for recognizing limitations in parenting and playing favorites 😲

brigiliz | brigiliz

Grandfather's biased opinion raises questions about other grandchild's situation. 🤔

horaceknows | horaceknows

Adoptive parent's actions caused family tension, not the money 💰

Agitated_Duck_129 | Agitated_Duck_129

User calls out father's poor judgement and parenting skills. 💔

Capathy | Capathy

Fairness in spending money and red flags in relationships. NTA 👍

BusyDadGaming | BusyDadGaming

User shares personal experience and defends couple's decision. 👏

ThrowAwayFallOut76 | ThrowAwayFallOut76

Parental favoritism and belittlement of one son, NTA judgment questioned 🤔

interesseret | interesseret

Parenting involves love and guidance, not favoritism. 💕

crazycatlady45325 | crazycatlady45325

A commenter calls out the father's flawed parenting and favoritism 🔥

mwenechanga | mwenechanga

YTA for favoritism and belittling Jacob's decisions. Hope for reconciliation.

joonsgalaxy | joonsgalaxy

User calls out father for unfair treatment and suggests therapy.

wheelerr88 | wheelerr88

Unsupportive father favored one son's wedding over the other, YTA. 😔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Adopted son not entitled to dad's money for wedding. NTA.

Potential_Meaning697 | Potential_Meaning697

User calls out dad for not supporting younger son's marriage. YTA 😡

MrTact_actual | MrTact_actual

NTA. Jacob had options and needs to live with his choices 👍

Serious-Currency108 | Serious-Currency108

Heartbreaking questions about Jade's adoption and family situation. 😢

MotherTeresaOnlyfans | MotherTeresaOnlyfans

NTA for not financing son's wedding, but fostered bad blood.

whoidkwhy | whoidkwhy

Missing info raises questions about favoritism and family dynamics 🤔

Polka_never_dies | Polka_never_dies

User calls out dad for blatant favoritism and secrecy. 👏

LostInHal | LostInHal

Judgmental comment deemed NTA, money = control 💵

Fleurlamie111 | Fleurlamie111

Father accused of favoritism for paying for one son's wedding.

kittylemewmew | kittylemewmew

A scathing comment calling out a father's favoritism and cruelty 🔥

Maala | Maala

Uneven financial treatment of sons leads to perceived favoritism. ESH 😑

N4t3ski | N4t3ski

Father plays favorites and punishes one son for having a family 👎

arisomething | arisomething

Curious commenter questions dad's decision to make son elope 🤔

PanamaViejo | PanamaViejo

Curious if Jade has met her brother before the wedding drama 🤔

mand3rin | mand3rin

NTA. OP warned Jacob but he didn't listen, now complaining.

adeelf | adeelf

Father's favoritism causes emotional pain for older son 😢

delightfulseadragon | delightfulseadragon

Adoptive grandfather faces harsh criticism for favoring one son over another.

TLBizzy | TLBizzy

Father's disapproval of son's marriage leads to unequal treatment. YTA. 💔

KingdomKey10 | KingdomKey10

Intense criticism of OP's manipulation tactics and family dysfunction. Yikes 😱

Icy-Fun253 | Icy-Fun253

YTA for failing your son and daughter-in-law because you don't like your son. You owe everyone an apology, especially your son and his wife.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Curious about Jade's relationship with Carl and her living situation 🤔

IKnowWhatIsWhat | IKnowWhatIsWhat

Adoptive father faces backlash for favoritism and poor parenting decisions 😠

phoenixsaturn | phoenixsaturn

Weddings are a choice, not an obligation. NTA 👍

3heartsattic | 3heartsattic

Family's bias and favoritism towards Carl is hurting Jade. ESH 😔

spite2007 | spite2007

User calls out dad for playing favorites and being unfair. YTA.

ismellpanties93 | ismellpanties93

Unpopular opinion, but YTA for favoring one son over the other 😕

nursewithnolife | nursewithnolife

NTA for paying for one son's wedding but YTA for lack of support and 'I told you so' attitude. Need to reflect on behavior. 😔

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Justified favoritism for responsible son over deadbeat son 👏

Lucylovei | Lucylovei

Family drama and secrets revealed. ESH in this situation.

SpaceAceCase | SpaceAceCase

A scathing reply to a father's blatant favoritism 🔥

Amaterasu_Junia | Amaterasu_Junia

Resentment and favoritism causing unhealthy relationships. Honest conversation needed. 👍

3RescueRabbits | 3RescueRabbits

Delay in revealing adoption hurt Jade, but NTA for wedding choices.

cmlobue | cmlobue

Dad plays favorites but still NTA, money is his decision 💰

merflie | merflie

NTA for not paying, but judgmental and distant from son 😔

familiar_a_gleam | familiar_a_gleam

User questions father's lack of support for son's family.

LemonCucumbers | LemonCucumbers

Cold-hearted dad gets called out for unfair treatment. 😕

SubBearranean | SubBearranean

One son's wedding paid, other eloped: NTA says commenter 👍

Pleasant_Birthday_77 | Pleasant_Birthday_77

Clear favoritism, YTA. Support your son without judgment. 😕

feistymatchstick | feistymatchstick

NTA for son's wedding, but should have been open about adoption 😕

DramaDroid | DramaDroid

Father's unequal treatment of sons' weddings causes family tension. 😔

Ok-Acanthaceae5744 | Ok-Acanthaceae5744

Curious commenter asks about missing boy in adoption story 🤔

Living-Celebration57 | Living-Celebration57

Father justified in his decision to pay for one son's wedding.

islander_guy | islander_guy

Curious about the timing of Jade's adoption 🤔

PlayMST3K4me | PlayMST3K4me

NTA dad faces entitled son who gave up child.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Father praised for rewarding mature behavior and not being the a**hole.

Speakklife | Speakklife

NTA. Commenter calls out Carl and his wife as shady, entitled assholes. 😒

zszal | zszal

Financial support can make a big difference in family stories 👍

Jolly_Quail_2443 | Jolly_Quail_2443

Adoptee calls out YTA for keeping adoption a secret 🔥

Grandmas_Cozy | Grandmas_Cozy

Letting go of control is key to good parenting 🙌

superhotgrumblefire | superhotgrumblefire

Parental interference in love life, YTA according to commenter.

miladyX | miladyX

Suggests putting wedding cost in trust for daughter. NTA!

maat89 | maat89

NTA and a tit for tat mentality years later? Grow up 🙄

jlhubbard1234 | jlhubbard1234

Sibling drama: NTA defends dad's decision, calls out brother's entitlement 👏

Ok_Razzmatazz_7844 | Ok_Razzmatazz_7844

Entitled son? NTA! Focus on your loving family 👍🏻

ria-swiss1970 | ria-swiss1970

Father refuses to pay for son's wedding, suggests petty revenge 🤭

Aggravating-Dare-707 | Aggravating-Dare-707

Parental funding of weddings can be a tricky situation. 💰

nossica | nossica

NTA- Father warns son about early marriage, Carl is praised.

Gamecat93 | Gamecat93

It's their money, NTA. No obligation to pay for weddings👏

JustFiguringIt_Out | JustFiguringIt_Out

Parental responsibility or financial burden? A debate on young marriages.

pub000 | pub000

NTA, father made a fair decision based on sons' readiness 👍

InfiniteCalendar1 | InfiniteCalendar1

20 years later, Jacob still hasn't tried to reconnect 😞

-Lone_Samurai | -Lone_Samurai

Family reunion overshadowed by wedding entitlement 😑

KingOfDarkness_CB | KingOfDarkness_CB

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