Mom Calls Out Boyfriend for Neglecting His Daughter During Family Trip 😮

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Meet our protagonist, a 27-year-old mom of three who's been dating her 28-year-old boyfriend for a little over eight months. He has a 7-year-old daughter, and they're still in the process of blending their families. They decided to spend Christmas week together with all the kids at her family cabin. However, things didn't go as planned, and our protagonist found herself frustrated with her boyfriend's lack of involvement with his daughter. 🙄

A Family Christmas Plan 🎄

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Blending Families Slowly 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

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Christmas at the Cabin 🏠

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Mom's Generous Invitation 💌

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Post-Christmas Reality Check 📆

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Boyfriend's Lack of Interaction 😒

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Frustration Builds Up 😤

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Doing Everything Alone 💔

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Hot Cocoa Incident ☕

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Petty Marshmallow Move 🍬

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Confrontation Time 🗣️

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Fed Up and Frustrated 😠

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Misunderstood Message 😕

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Relationship in Question ❓

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Did She Cross the Line? 🤔

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A Family Trip Turned Sour 😞

Our protagonist had high hopes for a family Christmas at her cabin, but her boyfriend's lack of involvement with his daughter left her feeling like a single parent. 😔 After a petty hot cocoa incident, she confronted him about his behavior, only for him to misunderstand her intentions and accuse her of not wanting his child around. Now, she's left questioning if she crossed a line or if her frustration was justified. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🤷‍♀️

Mom calls out lazy boyfriend during family trip. NTA.

poopnbuttyay | poopnbuttyay

Insightful stepmom warns about boyfriend's mediocre parenting skills. NTA.

greenbean999 | greenbean999

Drop the deadbeat. Find a real man. 👏

benfranklin-katniss | benfranklin-katniss

NTA calls out lazy parent, suggests better phrasing with humor 😂

AloysiusAlgaliarept | AloysiusAlgaliarept

Lazy boyfriend neglects his daughter, expects partner to do everything. NTA 👏

milee30 | milee30

NTA commenter advises to rethink future with neglectful boyfriend 🤔

idk1234455 | idk1234455

Warning to reconsider future with neglectful and entitled boyfriend 🚨

teresajs | teresajs

Boyfriend neglects daughter, mom calls him out for gaslighting behavior 😮

[deleted] | [deleted]

Boyfriend neglects daughter on family trip, commenter supports OP. NTA 😮

madmismka | madmismka

"He showed you how he believes a family thing works" 😱

FlashingAppleby | FlashingAppleby

Neglectful boyfriend gets called out for poor parenting skills. 😡

IcyEmployee5 | IcyEmployee5

Boyfriend neglects daughter, gaslights mom. NTA for calling him out. 😮

Fleegle2212 | Fleegle2212

Dating for 8 months, rushed introducing kids, boyfriend neglectful. ESH.

SubliminationStation | SubliminationStation

Boyfriend neglects daughter on trip, mom called out. NTA. 😮

Sad_Responsibility93 | Sad_Responsibility93

Father neglects daughter on family trip, commenter calls out behavior. NTA.

Musiclovinfox | Musiclovinfox

Dump him! 🚮 This is just a glimpse of his laziness.

MsGinErso | MsGinErso

Passionate comment defends mom's right to expect parenting from boyfriend 💪

SoManyWhippets | SoManyWhippets

Partner or nanny? NTA calls out boyfriend's neglectful behavior 😮

Left_Nectarine_2261 | Left_Nectarine_2261

NTA, parenting should be a shared responsibility. 👍

gotta_love_plato | gotta_love_plato

A neglected daughter, a father who doesn't care. 😢

SilentSiren39 | SilentSiren39

Boyfriend accused girlfriend instead of admitting he's a crap father 🙄

5pinktoes | 5pinktoes

Don't let him manipulate you, trust your instincts. NTA 👍

amjay8 | amjay8

User suggests throwing away neglectful boyfriend, calls him a deadbeat a**hole 😱

OneTwoWee000 | OneTwoWee000

Taking space from neglectful boyfriend, NTA. Relationship advice given. 👍

Khanover7 | Khanover7

Boyfriend accused of sexist neglect during family trip. 🤷‍♀️

Cats-Dramatic | Cats-Dramatic

User advises to reconsider relationship due to boyfriend's neglectful behavior. 🤔

Twirdman | Twirdman

Boyfriend accused of shirking parenting duties by girlfriend 😓

FollowThisNutter | FollowThisNutter

BF accused of manipulating and neglecting daughter. NTA. 😮

[deleted] | [deleted]

User advises to leave neglectful boyfriend, prioritize being a great mom 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Boyfriend unwilling to listen to valid criticism and empathize. 👏

julskrsslr | julskrsslr

User suggests focusing on kids instead of dating an AH 🙅

secondateleventh | secondateleventh

Red flag alert! Trust his actions, not his words. 🚨

Roadgoddess | Roadgoddess

Mom calls out boyfriend for neglecting his daughter, not a keeper 😮

abcwva | abcwva

Dump him and keep the kiddo and her mom ♡

melodicatrident | melodicatrident

Boyfriend twists words, neglects daughter. NTA mom calls him out 😮

dystopianpirate | dystopianpirate

Don't let him deflect the conversation, be firm and clear. NTA 👍

merchillio | merchillio

Encouraging comment about stepmom helping dad become better parent 👍

Sinthyasofia | Sinthyasofia

Red flag raised as boyfriend neglects parenting responsibilities. NTA.

just-peepin-at-u | just-peepin-at-u

NTA, but should you stay with a man who neglects his daughter? 🤔

Neravariine | Neravariine

Boyfriend neglects daughter on trip, commenter advises caution in relationship 😮

ebwoods1 | ebwoods1

User suspects boyfriend wants someone else to parent his child. NTA.

DeshaMustFly | DeshaMustFly

User calls out neglectful boyfriend, questions relationship. 🤔

CopsaLau | CopsaLau

Boyfriend neglects his daughter during family trip, turns it on mom. 😮

ViolaVetch75 | ViolaVetch75

Boyfriend twisting words to avoid parenting responsibilities. NTA 👏

Bangbangsmashsmash | Bangbangsmashsmash

Suggests informing mother if relationship ends due to boyfriend's neglect. 👍

CJsopinion | CJsopinion

Mom sympathizes with boyfriend's ex and predicts single parenthood.

bounce-bounce-run | bounce-bounce-run

Boyfriend neglects daughter, mom questions his parenting. 🤔

ButteredGrits | ButteredGrits

Boyfriend prioritizes his own needs over his daughter's. NTA.

Quicksilver1964 | Quicksilver1964

Sassy comment suggests exchanging neglectful boyfriend at Walmart customer service 😂

Milo_Moray | Milo_Moray

Boyfriend's neglectful behavior raises red flags for future family plans. 🤔

jimbo___21 | jimbo___21

Supportive comment suggests talking to baby girl's mother and moving on 👍

princesspippachops | princesspippachops

Questioning the long-term viability of a neglectful partner 😮

CharlotteGrace17 | CharlotteGrace17

Dump the loser father, keep playdates with the cool ex 👍

recyclopath_ | recyclopath_

Red flag alert! Gaslighting and victim-blaming behavior from boyfriend.

Legitimate-Cat-2833 | Legitimate-Cat-2833

Stepmom rightfully calls out boyfriend for neglecting his daughter 🚩

Damagedbeme | Damagedbeme

NTA. Red flag. Toxic traits. Leave him. 🚨

Latter-Ad-4065 | Latter-Ad-4065

Bored Dad neglects daughter during family trip, Mom calls him out. NTA.

Nicole-Bolas | Nicole-Bolas

Don't settle for a neglectful partner and parent 🚫

Standard_Soup_7210 | Standard_Soup_7210

User calls out boyfriend's neglect of daughter, deemed NTA.

grayblue_grrl | grayblue_grrl

Reconsider your relationship if neglect continues. NTA 😮

kittensjamesandlily | kittensjamesandlily

NTA warns against having kids with neglectful boyfriend 🚫

znhamz | znhamz

NTA commenter advises mom to dump neglectful boyfriend 👋

okurrbish | okurrbish

Boyfriend neglects daughter, commenter advises re-evaluating relationship 🤔

BCHoll | BCHoll

Mom's boyfriend accused her of holding his daughter against him.

Lost_Consideration90 | Lost_Consideration90

NTA. Hope you keep good relationship with them despite man's neglect. 😢

BreathoftheChild | BreathoftheChild

NTA. Commenter questions if OP needs another child to care for.

SpicyMargarita143 | SpicyMargarita143

Red flags! Commenter advises to dodge the narcissistic bullet 🚨

VonAshley | VonAshley

Father neglects daughter on family trip, blames mom. 🙄

[deleted] | [deleted]

User predicts boyfriend's behavior based on past, suggests talking to ex.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Neglectful boyfriend prioritizes himself over his daughter. NTA.

beetshits | beetshits

Boyfriend neglects daughter, ex has more custody. NTA.

ShadeWolf95 | ShadeWolf95

Boyfriend being lazy and neglecting daughter during family trip. NTA.

Blonde2468 | Blonde2468

Relationship red flag: neglecting his daughter on family trip. 🚨

NoApollonia | NoApollonia

NTA commenter advises to leave boyfriend for neglecting daughter 😮

cananurse | cananurse

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