Man's Wife Hides His New TV, His Revenge Leaves Her Furious 😲

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We all know that marriage is about compromise, but what happens when one spouse takes things too far? Meet our TV-loving husband and his religious wife. Despite their differences, they've managed to maintain a peaceful household, until the husband's recent raise led to some 'greedy' purchases. His excitement over his new 65" 8K QLED TV and PS5 quickly turned sour when his wife decided to hide the TV. And with the Super Bowl just around the corner, tensions are running high. 😠🏈

The 50-50 Income Split

dred-scott-69 | dred-scott-69

A Raise and a Disagreement

dred-scott-69 | dred-scott-69

His Money, His Choice?

dred-scott-69 | dred-scott-69

Wife's Fury Over TV Purchase

dred-scott-69 | dred-scott-69

The TV Disappears

dred-scott-69 | dred-scott-69

The Search for the Missing TV

dred-scott-69 | dred-scott-69

Four Days of Arguing

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Husband's Revenge: Car Keys and Tires

dred-scott-69 | dred-scott-69

Wife's Fury Intensifies

dred-scott-69 | dred-scott-69

Emergency Car Situation

dred-scott-69 | dred-scott-69

Car on Blocks

dred-scott-69 | dred-scott-69

Wife's Occupation and Income

dred-scott-69 | dred-scott-69

Bill Splitting and Communication

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Car Keys Update

dred-scott-69 | dred-scott-69

Marital Battle: TV vs. Car 🥊

In this marital showdown, our TV-loving husband is determined to watch the Super Bowl on his new 65" 8K QLED TV, while his religious wife stands firm in her decision to hide it. After four days of arguing, the husband retaliates by taking away her car keys and removing the tires. Will she give in and return the TV, or will this standoff continue? With the Super Bowl just days away, the clock is ticking. Let's see what the internet thinks of this high-stakes battle... ⏰🍿

Communication is key! But maybe divorce is the answer 😜

Worth-Juice1188 | Worth-Juice1188

Serious advice: consider separation to prevent bad behavior in kids 😔

battlefield1squaw420 | battlefield1squaw420

Divorce seems like the best option for this toxic relationship 😓

gorwraith | gorwraith

ESH couple's behavior sets bad example for their children 😔

Scrabblement | Scrabblement

NTA for buying TV, wife using religion to control choices.

False-Guess | False-Guess

User calls out immaturity of couple's behavior, suggests breakup.

ChaosNHamHam | ChaosNHamHam

Married couple's feud escalates to extreme measures 😳

Asiatic_Static | Asiatic_Static

Marital problems and communication issues, counseling needed ASAP. 😔

tinny36 | tinny36

Marriage advice with a hint of sass. 😎

Trowawayprincess82 | Trowawayprincess82

Couple's lack of communication leads to toxic behavior and retaliation 😡

little_maggots | little_maggots

Retaliation gone wrong, leaving both parties worse off 🤷‍♂️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Money matters: Is the wife's share for personal use only?

[deleted] | [deleted]

Religious differences and TV theft lead to terrible role models. ESH 😑

Smudgikins | Smudgikins

Warning against escalating domestic violence with controlling behavior 🚨

Familiar_Season8438 | Familiar_Season8438

Both parties need to communicate and seek professional help. 👍

slyest_fox | slyest_fox

Both husband and wife need to communicate and respect each other's roles 🤝

aspermyprevious | aspermyprevious

Discussion on TV purchase turns childish, both at fault. 🤦‍♂️

Kewege | Kewege

Married couple's actions lead to ESH verdict and poor example. 🤷🏻‍♂️

HuntMiserable5351 | HuntMiserable5351

A marriage in chaos and toothpaste off the toothbrushes 🤬

booksandmints | booksandmints

ESH in a toxic relationship, $5000 purchase needs discussion, exhausting.

vvooper | vvooper

Retaliation against abuse warranted, but form of retaliation serious. ESH 50/50.

Exit-No | Exit-No

Standing up to a toxic spouse 👏

the_schnook | the_schnook

Religious differences cause conflict over possessions. Suggests humorous solution. 😂

KhaosDancer | KhaosDancer

Questioning the authenticity of the post, urging maturity from both parties.

Domino3286 | Domino3286

Man seeks revenge after wife steals his TV. NTA.

RecommendsMalazan | RecommendsMalazan

Skeptical commenter doubts the story's authenticity and price points.

mewillia44 | mewillia44

Spending priorities causing marital strife? Time for a serious talk 👍

numtini | numtini

Childish behavior in a family with kids. Split up already!

snarkingintheusa | snarkingintheusa

Debate over whether wife's religion is relevant to TV dispute 🤔

Leading_Avocado_6952 | Leading_Avocado_6952

User questions OP's control over money and criticizes religious reference.

swkoontz | swkoontz

Retaliation or justice? The line is thin 🤔

Ana_jp | Ana_jp

Petty TV dispute leads to car key and wheel revenge 😑

Traditional_Mud_1476 | Traditional_Mud_1476

Marriage in shambles? 💔 Counseling might be the way out

LucyLovesApples | LucyLovesApples

Taking away her transportation was dangerous and ESH behavior.

CerenarianSea | CerenarianSea

Man's wife hides his TV, he seeks advice and support.

KatFrog | KatFrog

Justified or not, petty revenge is always satisfying 😂

Lonestarbricks | Lonestarbricks

A rocky relationship with tit-for-tat revenge. 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA takes revenge on wife for hiding TV, suggests fair solution.

Alternative-Bed2615 | Alternative-Bed2615

User suggests financial punishment for TV-hiding spouse. 🙅

Scarlettgwtw3639 | Scarlettgwtw3639

Redditor sympathizes with poster's revenge on wife over hidden TV

Candy4Evr | Candy4Evr

Will he get to watch the Super Bowl on his big screen? 😂

BigDaddysLady | BigDaddysLady

Communication is key. Taking away her freedom is not okay. 👍

SpicyMargarita143 | SpicyMargarita143

Return her tires and keys with police to report theft. 😊

tsktsktsk23 | tsktsktsk23

Red flags galore in this controlling and abusive relationship. ESH.

makerblue | makerblue

Man questions wife's religion after TV theft, suggests pastor intervention

dodekahedron | dodekahedron

Revenge is not always sweet, but justice should be served 😈

Azoolmao | Azoolmao

Couple's lack of communication leads to dangerous revenge tactics 🤦‍♂️

MomLovesMonsters | MomLovesMonsters

Demanding stolen TV back leads to tire revenge. ESH.

InsertDramaHere | InsertDramaHere

Man seeks revenge after wife hides TV, internet supports him. 😏

bluepvtstorm | bluepvtstorm

Spouse hides TV, husband retaliates, NTA for standing up.

moew4974 | moew4974

Engaging in petty revenge, man may need divorce advice soon 😂

Speedraca | Speedraca

Wife's prank backfires, husband's revenge leaves her speechless 😂

-roswell | -roswell

Man's wife steals his money, he seeks revenge. NTA.

suchfren | suchfren

Man takes revenge on wife who stole his TV. NTA.

Asleep_Village | Asleep_Village

When dealing with an a**hole, sometimes you gotta fight fire with fire 😠

International-Cat123 | International-Cat123

ESH, but retaliation is never a healthy solution 😔

merchillio | merchillio

Man seeks revenge after wife hides TV, internet explodes 🔥

Petapotomus | Petapotomus

Working husband's TV hidden by SAHM wife, NTA for being upset 😠

zakiducky | zakiducky

Protect your assets and give ultimatum, NTA. 👍

idontknowmtname | idontknowmtname

NTA for hiding the TV. Communication is key in marriage.

Mixymuff | Mixymuff

ESH for unhealthy relationship dynamics and petty revenge tactics 🤷‍♂️

Fembosrights | Fembosrights

NTA gets revenge on wife for hiding TV, sparks religious fears.

d0mini0nicco | d0mini0nicco

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