Pregnant Wife Kicked Out MIL for Calling Her a 'Lemon' 🍋😱

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Picture this: you're 18 weeks pregnant, taking care of three kids, and managing a farm full of animals. You're exhausted, and your back is killing you. Your husband offers to help, but then your mother-in-law steps in and calls you a 'lemon.' 😡 What would you do? This woman's story is full of conflict, drama, and emotional impact, as she decides to stand up for herself and kick her mother-in-law out of the house. But was she right to do so? Let's dive into the story and find out. 🍿

Pregnant & Overwhelmed 🤰

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A Day in the Life 🐄🐓

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MIL's Visit 🏠

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Husband's Support 💕

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Grateful Wife 🙏

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The 'Lemon' Comment 🍋

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Confrontation Time! 😠

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Husband's Understanding 🤗

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Additional Info 📝

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Past Relationships & Current Situation 💔

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Living Together & Marriage 💍

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Husband's Reaction 🤷‍♂️

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Relevant Questions? 🧐

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Wife vs. Mother-in-Law: The Lemon Showdown 🍋💥

In a tale of family drama and emotional turmoil, a pregnant wife finds herself at odds with her mother-in-law after being called a 'lemon.' 🍋 Despite being overwhelmed with three kids and a farm to manage, the wife receives support from her loving husband. However, when her MIL makes the hurtful comment, she decides to stand up for herself and kick her out of the house. 😠 Now, the MIL keeps calling and leaving messages, claiming the wife was rude for kicking her out. Was the wife justified in her actions, or did she overreact? Let's see what the internet has to say about this juicy situation... 📣

MIL calls pregnant wife a 'lemon' and claims son's house as hers. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Respect is key in any relationship. NTA for setting boundaries.

thereborndodo | thereborndodo

Supportive comment, encouraging setting boundaries with mother-in-law. 👏

Despayeeto445 | Despayeeto445

Defending pregnant wife from MIL's insults, NTA 👍

weddedcookie | weddedcookie

Standing up for yourself and your family is never rude. 🙌

mandirahman | mandirahman

Advice on Braxton Hicks and NTA judgement. 👍

punkybluellama | punkybluellama

Asserting ownership of shared house, NTA comment shuts down criticism.

OneTwoWee000 | OneTwoWee000

Empathetic comment validates OP's feelings of offense towards MIL's comment.

MustangSallie | MustangSallie

NTA. MIL called pregnant wife 'lemon', husband kicked her out 😱

2percentevil | 2percentevil

Respect is key, NTA for kicking out disrespectful MIL 👏

momandsad | momandsad

Don't blame the offended, be accountable for your words! 👏

Gellyguy | Gellyguy

Respect is key in a shared family home. #NTA 👍

saturnish | saturnish

A humorous comment about seeking validation and upvotes.

Huxeley | Huxeley

Insulting a pregnant woman is never okay, NTA for kicking out MIL 🍋

AnotherDragonborn | AnotherDragonborn

Supportive comment applauds kicking out disrespectful MIL 👏

Laquila | Laquila

Supportive comment and advice for dealing with toxic MIL.

100pc_recycled_words | 100pc_recycled_words

Insulting the host? Invitation disappears. MIL owes apology. NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Husband should have defended his wife against MIL's insult 😠

nyctophobean | nyctophobean

MIL called her a 'lemon', commenter advises strict consequences. 👍

hypnotoad_discip1e | hypnotoad_discip1e

MILs be wilidin 😂. NTA for setting boundaries.

ImAlreadyTracerBoii | ImAlreadyTracerBoii

Pregnant woman commiserates with OP and shares her experience. 😊

imsorrydontyellatme | imsorrydontyellatme

MIL called her a 'lemon', pregnant wife kicked her out 😍

CMSkye | CMSkye

Stand up to your monster-in-law and set boundaries 💪

Desert_Fairy | Desert_Fairy

MIL called her a 'lemon' 🍋😱, NTA kicks her out

iluvcats17 | iluvcats17

A commenter is confused about why 'Lemon' is insulting. NTA.

that_genZ_kid | that_genZ_kid

Setting boundaries and standing up for yourself. 💯

[deleted] | [deleted]

Husband needs to handle his mom's insults. NTA 👍

Pinklily28 | Pinklily28

MIL disrespected OP and needs to learn to let go 👏

tech_GG | tech_GG

MIL called her a 'lemon', commenter says NTA and suggests consequences.

Viperbunny | Viperbunny

Husband needs to step up and confront MIL's disrespectful behavior 👊

aquestionofsunshine | aquestionofsunshine

Cutting off toxic MIL for calling her a 'lemon' 🚫

conuly | conuly

Defending pregnant wife against MIL's insults, NTA wins the day 👏

LxSky90 | LxSky90

Setting boundaries with in-laws in your own home. NTA 👍

trm_90 | trm_90

Stand your ground! MIL's problem if she can't see it 💪

Merigold00 | Merigold00

Savage response to MIL's insult. Lemonade anyone? 🍋🤣

Thatvideogamenerd | Thatvideogamenerd

Supportive husband in spite of MIL's behavior. NTA.

kathatter75 | kathatter75

Standing up to disrespectful MIL. NTA! 🙌

Schazmen | Schazmen

Basic decency is not too much to ask for 👍

Masterspearl | Masterspearl

Supportive comment, wishing well for the pregnant wife 😊

bRoOkLyNn- | bRoOkLyNn-

Supportive comment with a touch of humor and congratulations 🎉

[deleted] | [deleted]

Standing up to MIL, but husband should have helped 🙅🏼

trunkmonkey6 | trunkmonkey6

"Lemon" insult leads to MIL getting kicked out. NTA. 😱

pgp555 | pgp555

Asserting boundaries: NTA kicks out MIL for insulting nickname 🙌

lemon_hearts | lemon_hearts

Supportive comment suggests seeking help on overbearing MIL subreddit 👍

DancinFoo | DancinFoo

Supportive comment on kicking out MIL, happy Father's Day 👍🎉

Sockpuppetsyko | Sockpuppetsyko

Stand your ground and demand respect from your MIL 👊

HellcatPaz | HellcatPaz

MIL insults pregnant wife, husband supports her. NTA 🙌

Gylfie7 | Gylfie7

NTA kicks out MIL for insulting pregnant wife 👏

falalalalaw | falalalalaw

MIL insults pregnant wife, demands apology, and disrespects her home. NTA.

perhapsnew | perhapsnew

A lemon of a comment, but NTA for kicking out MIL 🍋

Mqtty | Mqtty

Setting boundaries with in-laws is crucial. NTA for standing up.

Appropriate_Pressure | Appropriate_Pressure

Supportive comment for pregnant wife handling difficult MIL and responsibilities 👏

DabiIsWhatIGoBy | DabiIsWhatIGoBy

MIL's unrealistic expectations lead to deserved NTA judgement.

underonegoth | underonegoth

NTA! Congrats on pregnancy! MIL should apologize for rude comment 😊

scarlettj94 | scarlettj94

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