Mother Cancels Son's Meeting with Absent Father after Threatening Call 😱

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Imagine raising your child alone for 12 years, only to have the absent father suddenly reappear and demand to meet his son. This mother's emotional rollercoaster took a shocking turn when the father threatened her in a late-night phone call. Now, she's left questioning her decision to cancel their meeting and wondering if she's in the wrong. 😔

Father's Absence and Court Ruling 🚫

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Mother's Discretion and Child Support 💰

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Son's Decision and Father's Reaction 😕

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Second Chance and Sudden Attitude Change 😠

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The Threatening Phone Call 📞

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Mother's Response and Son's Reaction 💔

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Son Overhears the Call 😢

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The Emotional Aftermath 🥺

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Friend's Harsh Opinion 😤

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Depriving the Son? 🤔

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Is She Wrong for Protecting Her Son? 🤷

This heart-wrenching story has left everyone questioning the mother's decision to cancel the meeting between her son and his estranged father. With her friend accusing her of depriving her son of the chance to meet his dad, she's left feeling guilty and uncertain. Let's see what the internet thinks of this emotionally charged situation... 💔

Friend defends absent father's kidnapping threat, OP is NTA.

GoingPriceForHome | GoingPriceForHome

Standing up for child safety against ignorant friend 💪

SaboraHoku | SaboraHoku

Friend's suggestion to meet absent father after threatening call is insensitive 😒

anathema_deviced | anathema_deviced

Friend thinks it's okay for son to be kidnapped? NTA.

razzlemcwazzle | razzlemcwazzle

Supportive comment and advice for OP's situation with absent father.

jackswag9 | jackswag9

Parent defends against absent father's child support accusations. 👏

Init4thelaughs | Init4thelaughs

Mother receives support after threatening call from absent father.

Not-Creative-0921 | Not-Creative-0921

Ex shares child support myths, commenter is NTA for canceling visit

angelmakr9 | angelmakr9

NTA mom protects son from absent father's threat, commenter shocked 🤯

bitchy_badger | bitchy_badger

Friend's terrible advice: traumatize son to prove a point? NTA.

alpacaboba | alpacaboba

Protective mother shields son from violent and threatening sperm donor 😱

StitchandReuben | StitchandReuben

Protecting your child from an absent father is NTA 👏

michelecw | michelecw

Cut off toxic friend, let court handle dad's abandonment.

alternativeedge7 | alternativeedge7

Cutting toxic people out of your life is self-care 👍

Toddambrose | Toddambrose

Friend suggests letting unstable father kidnap child, commenter disagrees. NTA 👍

Active_Ad_7691 | Active_Ad_7691

Protective mother cancels meeting with absent father after threat 🚨

evieeeeeeeeeeeeeee | evieeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Friend's kidnapping joke is not funny. NTA for cancelling meeting.

PositiveParticular40 | PositiveParticular40

NTA, friend is an idiot. Father has no rights after 12 yrs 😱

halfwaygonetoo | halfwaygonetoo

A comment defending mother's decision to cancel meeting with father.

TheQuietType84 | TheQuietType84

Father's manipulative behavior justifies mother's decision. 🚩

Far_Quantity_6133 | Far_Quantity_6133

Encouraging words for a mother navigating a difficult situation 👍

FlyingFlipPhone | FlyingFlipPhone

Supportive comment, advising against friend's questionable suggestion. 👍

Wspitsamanda | Wspitsamanda

Protecting her son from a deadbeat dad, NTA 🙌

QueenRinRin | QueenRinRin

Protective mother cancels meeting with absent father after threatening call. 😱

SomeoneYouDontKnow70 | SomeoneYouDontKnow70

Protective mother cancels meeting with manipulative and threatening father 👩‍👦

KarmaRan0verMyDogma | KarmaRan0verMyDogma

Choosing to protect your child from an unstable parent is important. 👍

a-_rose | a-_rose

Friend's nonchalant attitude towards kidnapping is concerning. NTA. 😱

Impossible_Ad_4182 | Impossible_Ad_4182

Friend supports kidnapping child, commenter says NTA. 😱

Inner-Spinach5413 | Inner-Spinach5413

A friend's disturbing comment on child kidnapping is concerning 😱

naughtyzoot | naughtyzoot

Cutting out toxic friends is just as important as family. 👍

dragonmom03 | dragonmom03

Friend and ex suck, NTA for cancelling meeting with father 😠

FistMeQTPie | FistMeQTPie

Protecting your child from a potentially harmful situation isn't wrong 🙏. Your friend needs to understand that.


Defending a friend's decision to cancel meeting with absent father 👍

Repulsive_Vast_5722 | Repulsive_Vast_5722

Putting safety first, NTA for cancelling meeting with threatening father 🙌

TaliesinMerlin | TaliesinMerlin

Friend's suggestion to let son meet absent father is insensitive 😒

bidgeywidgey | bidgeywidgey

Cut toxic friend who defends ex that traumatized your child 😱

Aligirl520 | Aligirl520

Father had 12 years to be a parent. NTA 👍

Munkie29 | Munkie29

Protecting your child from unstable "father". NTA, friend's idiot.

RainbowSequins | RainbowSequins

Protect your son, report the threat to your lawyer immediately! 🚨

bkupisch | bkupisch

Toxic friend and sperm donor are AHs. NTA for cancelling.

enceinte-uno | enceinte-uno

Mother receives support for canceling son's meeting with absent father.

PobreCositaFea_ | PobreCositaFea_

Mother cancels son's meeting with unstable father after warning from friend. NTA 😱

RoxasHughes | RoxasHughes

Get a lawyer and be prepared for potential custody battle. 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Meeting in public place to avoid custody issues. 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Putting a child's well-being first is always the right choice 👍

LinaInverse04 | LinaInverse04

Protecting her son from a threatening father. NTA 👏

Restless__Dreamer | Restless__Dreamer

Friend kidnaps kids, you cancel meeting. NTA, you're safe 😱

ceciliabee | ceciliabee

Friend's insensitive comment shows lack of concern for child's safety 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Father made his bed and can bloody well lie in it 😠

Morganx27 | Morganx27

Document and record all interactions with threatening ex-partner 😱

EatButterflies | EatButterflies

Canceling the meeting with absent father after threatening call 👍

Neither-Copy785 | Neither-Copy785

Friend defends absent father, but commenters side with mother 🤷‍♀️

m_nieto | m_nieto

Protecting her son from a threatening father, NTA wins. 👏

eyore5775 | eyore5775

Single mothers deserve to treat themselves too! 🙌

SKerri13 | SKerri13

Take precautions and trust your discretion. You're NTA. 👍

AuntySocial1964 | AuntySocial1964

Trust your instincts, keep your son safe. You made right choice 👍

RavenValkerie | RavenValkerie

Friend crosses the line, mother protects son from absent father. 🙅

Separate-Yesterday74 | Separate-Yesterday74

Supporting son is top priority. Therapy can help. NTA.

ughwhyusernames | ughwhyusernames

Trust your gut, record conversations if possible. NTA 👍

HPNerd44 | HPNerd44

Protective mother cancels meeting with unstable sperm donor. NTA.

C_Majuscula | C_Majuscula

NTA for protecting your son from an absent sperm donor 👏

Queenxxxxx | Queenxxxxx

Cutting out toxic friends and prioritizing safety for son 🚨

Dammit_Janet5 | Dammit_Janet5

Custodial disputes are never a small deal for children. NTA 👍

HavePlushieWillTalk | HavePlushieWillTalk

Suggests legal mediation with therapist to observe father-child interaction 👨‍⚖️

Hour_Context_99 | Hour_Context_99

Mother receives support and advice after threatening call from absent father 😱

dinosanddais1 | dinosanddais1

Supportive comment, friend criticized for behavior. 🙌

RoseDeadInside | RoseDeadInside

Supportive comment defends parent's decision to cancel meeting with father.

Quicksilver1964 | Quicksilver1964

Supportive comment advises keeping record of interactions with ex 👍

LeReineNoir | LeReineNoir

NTA. It's reasonable to go no contact with your son's father. Consider supervised visitation and recording calls to pre-empt legal issues. 👍

pupperoni42 | pupperoni42

Father's threats make meeting not worth the risk. NTA.

BellaBlue06 | BellaBlue06

A scathing comment with no replies. Ouch. 🤨

Village_Green_Badger | Village_Green_Badger

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