Friend Exploits Kindness, Ends Up in a Bind with Newborn Baby 😱

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We've all heard of friends taking advantage of each other's kindness, but this story takes it to a whole new level! A young man and his roommate, both 22, decided to help out their pregnant friend (25) who was struggling with homelessness. They offered her a temporary place to stay, but things quickly went south when she tried to exploit their generosity. 😳🏠

Helping a Homeless Friend 🤝

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Temporary Shelter 🏠

wellthissuckssobad | wellthissuckssobad

One Week Turns into One Month 📆

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Confrontation and Confession 😠

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A New Agreement 🤔

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Due Date Approaching ⏳

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A Shocking Revelation 😲

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The Real Plan Unveiled 😡

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Calling the Landlord 📞

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Breaking the News 💣

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Moving Out and Ignoring 🚚

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Landlord's Response 📝

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Facing the Consequences 💸

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Desperate Attempts 🆘

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Refusing to Help 🙅‍♂️

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A Lesson in Trust and Boundaries 🚧

After their friend tried to exploit their kindness, the duo decided to move out, leaving her to face the consequences of her actions. With a newborn baby, mounting medical bills, and a rent she can't afford, she's now desperately trying to reach out to her former roommates for help. But they've had enough and refuse to even talk to her. 🤷‍♂️👶 Let's see how the internet reacts to this intense situation...

NTA and a scheming friend gets what she deserves 😊

sneeky_seer | sneeky_seer

NTA stands up to exploitative friend, hopes landlord sues 💪

NorthernLitUp | NorthernLitUp

Redditor calls out repetitive and biased content in thread.

GamersReisUp | GamersReisUp

Generosity exploited, tenant revealed, NTA. She made her bed 🙄

DukeMaximum | DukeMaximum

Compassionate comment reminds us to consider others' struggles 😢

Christy_Sparkle | Christy_Sparkle

Compassionate comment suggests adoption for baby, worries for its future. 😢

mychickenmyrules543 | mychickenmyrules543

Landlord's crafty response to NTA's exploitative friend 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Compassion vs. obligation: a debate on helping homeless friends with babies. 🤔

mkec363 | mkec363

Double standards on parenting and homelessness. Understandable but shitty move.

natnat87 | natnat87

Friend takes advantage, gets caught, and now wants help 😒

mckinnos | mckinnos

NTA. Helping out doesn't mean funding her entire life. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Empathy for pregnant woman in dire situation, questioning lack of safety net 😢

Feluza | Feluza

Eye-rolling comment about overused plot in baby dramas 🙄

turtledove93 | turtledove93

Friend takes advantage of kindness, but hope karma's kind.

call-me-mama-t | call-me-mama-t

Compassionate comment defends struggling mother. No replies.

m12s | m12s

Cutting ties with an exploitative friend 👋

SammyLoops1 | SammyLoops1

Redditor defends OP's kindness and criticizes lack of compassion on Reddit 😢

Deusnocturne | Deusnocturne

Friend tries to trick OP into permanent care, gets what's deserved 😏

fading__blue | fading__blue

Friend takes advantage of kindness, can't even do chores 😤

tnmcd006 | tnmcd006

Friend takes advantage of kindness, ends up in a bind 😱


Defending pregnant woman at homeless shelter, calling out cold-hearted comments 🔥

[deleted] | [deleted]

ESH, but is petty revenge worth ruining her life? 🤔

Lazlaza | Lazlaza

Friend tries to exploit kindness, gets what she deserves. 😊

ollyator | ollyator

Redditors discuss financial responsibility and unplanned pregnancies.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Desperation doesn't justify manipulation and taking advantage of friends' kindness. 🙅

abrokendefinition | abrokendefinition

Friend takes advantage of kindness, gets consequences. NTA 👍

Justbecauseitcameup | Justbecauseitcameup

Friend takes advantage of kindness, faces consequences with newborn 😱

BisquickNinja | BisquickNinja

NTA stands up to lying friend turned tenant 👏

FloatingPencil | FloatingPencil

Can lack of proof of residency cause legal issues? 🤔

kal_el_diablo | kal_el_diablo

Heartbreaking reality of lack of financial support for vulnerable people 😢

Surfer_wave_dolphin | Surfer_wave_dolphin

Cheers to the landlord for being a true bro 👍

BannerTortoise | BannerTortoise

NTA stands up to manipulative friend, landlord saves the day 👏

seba_make | seba_make

Empathetic commenter suggests social services for struggling friend with baby.

Sus_Ana | Sus_Ana

NTA stands firm against exploitative 'friend' with newborn baby 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Pregnancy struggles dismissed, kindness exploited, desperation ensues 😢

TboneIsaVertebra | TboneIsaVertebra

Acknowledging the situation without blaming the innocent baby 👏

ontherailstoday | ontherailstoday

Don't let fake friends take advantage of your kindness 🙅

Smitty80015 | Smitty80015

Heartbreaking comment highlights lack of resources for struggling mothers 😢

swanny2021 | swanny2021

Heartbreaking situation for an innocent newborn baby 😢

shrber312 | shrber312

NTA suggests friend should have planned better for baby arrival 😞

penelopemorph | penelopemorph

Harsh but true reminder to make responsible decisions 👍


Redditors agree: don't make your problems everyone else's. NTA 👍

stee_stee_ | stee_stee_

Financially unstable friend has baby, not OP's problem. NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Former homeless pregnant woman advises not to feel sorry for friend.

Scareball | Scareball

Redditor calls out OP for mistreating homeless pregnant woman 🔥

FriedrichEngles | FriedrichEngles

Cutting ties with manipulative friend to avoid legal trouble 🚫

Kingalthor | Kingalthor

Friend tried to scam them, NTA. Interesting hotel story too 😉

Unblued | Unblued

NTA calls out friend's legal trickery and laziness with baby 😱

SilverGeekly | SilverGeekly

Don't mess with kindness. NTA takes action against exploiter 🙌

CompetitiveLecture5 | CompetitiveLecture5

Setting boundaries with friends can be tough 🤔

RexIsAMiiCostume | RexIsAMiiCostume

NTA! You were kind, she took advantage. Distance yourself 👍

Nonniemonnie | Nonniemonnie

NTA, commenter suggests adoption and questions woman's efforts to seek aid.

Keladry145 | Keladry145

Being kind doesn't mean tolerating manipulation. NTA 👍

soc1alcult | soc1alcult

Tricked into taking in a desperate single mom with newborn 😱

MrsPandaBear | MrsPandaBear

Questioning the mother's financial stability and choices. 📷

amdaly10 | amdaly10

Deceived by a friend turned tenant, landlord in a bind 😱

Newauntie26 | Newauntie26

Friend exploits kindness, gets rude awakening with newborn baby 😱

justpickoneitssimple | justpickoneitssimple

NTA calls out woman for exploiting kindness and suggests baby-daddy responsibility 👏

KaijuAlert | KaijuAlert

Pushing kindness to the limit, landlord saves the day 👍

lizzourworld8 | lizzourworld8

Landlord saves the day, NTA for not enabling friend's irresponsibility 👍

AlwaysDeviant | AlwaysDeviant

Tenant laws in CA make eviction difficult and costly 😱

axxonn13 | axxonn13

NTA advises on accessing social services and criticizes the woman's manipulation.

youngishwidoe | youngishwidoe

Putting yourself first is important, NTA and good for you! 💪

iuliabraia | iuliabraia

Compassionate response acknowledges desperation, not condoning actions 👍

redamou | redamou

Landlord saves the day! NTA for not falling for scam 👏

Dovahkiinkv1 | Dovahkiinkv1

Legal advice on removing exploitative non-tenant roommate 💪

thedaveCA | thedaveCA

NTA. Don't blame yourself for the baby's situation. Maintain no contact.

Reliant20 | Reliant20

Sleazy friend exploits kindness, commenters hope baby's okay 😱

3Fluffies | 3Fluffies

NTA, friend's behavior was disgusting, glad landlord helped resolve. 😡

Ohcrumbcakes | Ohcrumbcakes

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