Wife Exposes Husband's Lies About His Lateness to Work 😱

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We all know someone who's always late, but what if they're lying about the reason? One woman found out the hard way when her husband tried to impress his coworkers during Thanksgiving dinner. 😮🦃 Little did he know, his wife wasn't going to let him get away with his tall tale. Let's dive into this juicy story!

Hubby's Habitual Lateness 🕗

_thanksgivingaita | _thanksgivingaita

Not a Morning Person 😴

_thanksgivingaita | _thanksgivingaita

Waking Up Nightmare 😫

_thanksgivingaita | _thanksgivingaita

Desperate Measures 🚿

_thanksgivingaita | _thanksgivingaita

Still Late for Work 🙄

_thanksgivingaita | _thanksgivingaita

Thanksgiving Dinner 🦃

_thanksgivingaita | _thanksgivingaita

The Lie Unfolds 😳

_thanksgivingaita | _thanksgivingaita

Wife's Shock 😲

_thanksgivingaita | _thanksgivingaita

Setting the Record Straight 🗣️

_thanksgivingaita | _thanksgivingaita

The Truth Comes Out 🕵️‍♀️

_thanksgivingaita | _thanksgivingaita

Awkward Silence 😶

_thanksgivingaita | _thanksgivingaita

Ruined Thanksgiving? 🤔

_thanksgivingaita | _thanksgivingaita

The Aftermath of the Truth Bomb 💣

So, after the wife exposed her husband's lies, he accused her of ruining his reputation and their Thanksgiving dinner. 🦃😠 But was she really in the wrong for setting the record straight? Or should her husband have been honest from the start? Let's see what people think about this awkward situation...🤔

Stop enabling him and tell him he owes you an apology 😱

Neenknits | Neenknits

User suggests stopping waking up husband to teach him responsibility 😱

oatmilk_baby | oatmilk_baby

Wife exposes husband's lies about morning routine, gets blamed. NTA 😱

Tralfamadorians_go | Tralfamadorians_go

NTA commenter suggests grounding and taking away screen time 😂

littlebeanonwheels | littlebeanonwheels

Wife exposes husband's lies about lateness to work. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Spouse throws partner under the bus for lateness. NTA suggests adjustment.

GreekAmericanDom | GreekAmericanDom

Wife takes on the thankless task of waking up immature husband 😔

RedHeadGeekGrl | RedHeadGeekGrl

Don't apologize for exposing his lies. He owes you one 😤

NinjaBabaMama | NinjaBabaMama

NTA. Commenter calls out enabling behavior and suggests tough love.

Ok-Mode-2038 | Ok-Mode-2038

Breaking the cycle of responsibility for a grown man 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Weaponized incompetence: the ultimate dealbreaker. You deserve better 👏

Salem729606 | Salem729606

Partner gets caught lying to spouse, gets what he deserves 😒

Mayva26 | Mayva26

Husband's lies ruined his reputation, disrespected wife. NTA. 😱

Pandagoatbear | Pandagoatbear

NTA, and stop being his alarm clock. 😱 Sounds like he needs a reality check.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment urges wife to stop mothering her husband.

SeasonPositive6771 | SeasonPositive6771

Spouse lies about lateness and disrespects wife, NTA for leaving. 😱

bloodmage30 | bloodmage30

Wife exposes husband's lies about lateness to work. NTA wins!

Taco_ivore | Taco_ivore

Defending yourself against lies, NTA. Good luck! 💪

QuinGood | QuinGood

Husband lies about work lateness, but could it be medical? 😷

Alternative_Year_340 | Alternative_Year_340

Husband's unnecessary lie puts wife down. NTA for questioning marriage.

ShmamBo88 | ShmamBo88

NTA- Husband's lies exposed, no apologies owed. 🙌

GothPenguin | GothPenguin

Stand your ground! You're not the a**hole in this situation 💪

RedoubtableSouth | RedoubtableSouth

Husband's lie backfires, wife not to blame 👍

GrandHare | GrandHare

Spouse's lies ruined her reputation, but she can't expose him? 😑

Deerpacolyps | Deerpacolyps

Spouse with a sleep disorder throws partner under the bus 😔

peepingtomatoes | peepingtomatoes

When lies catch up: Similar story of a lying spouse.

buckyroo | buckyroo

NTA for standing up against emotional and verbal abuse. 👏

neeksknowsbest | neeksknowsbest

Wife exposes husband's lies about lateness to work, not the a-hole.

Aggravating_Weight83 | Aggravating_Weight83

NTA. Stop enabling his a**hole behavior. He's 37, not 12. 😱

loz589985 | loz589985

Spouse verbally abuses partner for waking them up. Leave ASAP. 😱


Wife refuses to make excuses for husband's chronic lateness 😱

Positive_Mango_2783 | Positive_Mango_2783

Wife exposes husband's lies about lateness to work, NTA wins.

Strange_Dog6483 | Strange_Dog6483

Don't apologize. He threw you under the bus 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

You deserve better 👏 Show him this post! 😱

Juliagoolia96 | Juliagoolia96

Wife called out for being her husband's everything. NTA 👏

blknwhit_3 | blknwhit_3

Spouse's chronic lateness causes trouble and lies, NTA.

Amblonyx | Amblonyx

Husband lies about lateness to work, throws wife under the bus 😱

Kettlewise | Kettlewise

Spurned friend calls NTA wife a hero-NTA wins Thanksgiving 🎉

MrTitius | MrTitius

Empathetic comment supporting OP's decision to expose husband's lies 👏

Revolutionary-Wish28 | Revolutionary-Wish28

Don't enable his behavior, let the 'baby man' wake himself up 🙄

nrskim | nrskim

Frustration with husbands lying about household responsibilities. 😒

EddaValkyrie | EddaValkyrie

Untreated sleep apnea could be the reason for his behavior 🤷‍♂️

FarCut9 | FarCut9

Exposing lies and standing up for oneself. 💪

attabe123 | attabe123

Wake up and smell the coffee ☕! NTA comment.

sfmf87 | sfmf87

Red flags raised as husband lies to coworkers. NTA.

Andie787 | Andie787

Husband lies about lateness to work, wife exposes him. NTA.

pinkandredlingerie | pinkandredlingerie

Useful tip to help husband wake up on time ☕

Queasy-Cherry-11 | Queasy-Cherry-11

👏 Standing up for yourself and setting boundaries. #NTA

No-Victory8473 | No-Victory8473

NTA. Exposing lies and manipulation. Red flag behavior. 😱

Which-Month-3907 | Which-Month-3907

Taking responsibility is part of being a grown-up 🙌. His behavior is abusive.

Chiandra323 | Chiandra323

Marital trust issues and possible sleep disorder discussion. 😴

saralt | saralt

NTA. Husband lied about wife's lateness to work, blamed her for it 😡

IsThatMarcy | IsThatMarcy

Could sleep apnea be the real culprit? 🤔

lovemypennydog | lovemypennydog

Wife exposes husband's lies, but gets criticized? NTA wins!

QuirkySyrup55947 | QuirkySyrup55947

NTA husband lied and threw wife under the bus at work 😱

ForgetfulNarwhal90 | ForgetfulNarwhal90

Don't apologize if you don't genuinely feel the need to 🙏. He lied and threw you under the bus. You are NTA 👍

fr0ggzz | fr0ggzz

Spouse's daily tantrums and projection at work. NTA. 😱

RadioSupply | RadioSupply

Partner lies about wife to coworkers, commenter says NTA 😱

InternetTowers | InternetTowers

Responsibilities come first, husband needs to act like an adult 🙌

LauraZaid11 | LauraZaid11

Blunt comment calls out spouse's lack of respect and accountability 🤨

zykthyr | zykthyr

Partner's morning behavior is disrespectful and needs to change 🚨

Librarycat77 | Librarycat77

Support for OP exposing lying boyfriend. NTA 👏

cheesecakefairies | cheesecakefairies

Wife exposes husband's lies; commenters call out his manipulative behavior 🤯

Appropriate_Dog463 | Appropriate_Dog463

Petty revenge suggestion and questioning the relationship. 😬

aiyana_wolf | aiyana_wolf

Partner's chronic lateness is not an excuse to lie and blame.

throwaway_thursday32 | throwaway_thursday32

Leave him! Calling you names when you try to help? 😱

Walnut_pancake | Walnut_pancake

NTA. Commenter calls out husband's lies and verbal abuse.

RusticTroglodyte | RusticTroglodyte

Husband lies about lateness to work, gets exposed by wife 🤯

Jonsotheraccount79 | Jonsotheraccount79

Hilarious comparison of a husband to an ill-tempered cat 😂

Shufflepants | Shufflepants

Don't mother your husband, he's a grown man with a job 😡

Ellie_Loves_ | Ellie_Loves_

Supportive comment from someone with similar sleep issues. Encourages self-care.

Necessary_Fig2438 | Necessary_Fig2438

Don't let him off the hook, he needs to face consequences 😠

sageberrytree | sageberrytree

Hilarious NTA comment shuts down irresponsible husband with sass 😂

mydoc84 | mydoc84

Husband got caught lying and thrown under the bus 😱

Relevant-Passenger19 | Relevant-Passenger19

Husband lies to co-worker, gets exposed by wife. NTA wins!

Wise_Entertainer_970 | Wise_Entertainer_970

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