Man Refuses to Help Neighbors AGAIN After Wife Volunteers His Time 🛠️😤

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Picture this: You're a hardworking dad who spends countless hours at work, and when you finally get some precious time at home, you'd rather spend it with your family and friends. But your wife, a stay-at-home mom and neighborhood social butterfly, keeps volunteering your handyman skills to fix the neighbors' houses. What would you do? 🤔 Well, one man finally had enough and told his wife to do it herself! Let's dive into this story of boundaries, nosy neighbors, and one fed-up husband.

The Hardworking Dad 🖥️

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Overtime and Climbing the Ladder 📈

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The Stay-at-Home Mom 🏠

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Nosy Neighbors and Handyman Requests 🔧

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The Reluctant Handyman 🛠️

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Wife Volunteers His Time ⏰

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Going Along with It...Once 🙄

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Opening the Floodgate 🌊

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The Last Straw 🚫

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Family Time vs. Neighbor Requests 🏡

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Wife Volunteers Him AGAIN 😤

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"Good Luck with That" 🍀

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Upset Wife and Angry Neighbors 😠

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Standing His Ground 🛑

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Silent Treatment and Panic 😶

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Is He in the Wrong for Refusing to Help? 🤷‍♂️

So, our IT-working dad is fed up with his wife volunteering his time to fix the neighbors' houses, especially when he wants to spend his limited free time with his family and friends. After repeatedly telling his wife not to volunteer him, he finally refuses to help the neighbors and tells her to do it herself. Now, she's giving him the silent treatment and panicking because the neighbors are mad at her. But is he really in the wrong for standing his ground and wanting to prioritize his family? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

Neighborly disputes escalate as wife volunteers husband's time 😤

Murtlejean | Murtlejean

Setting boundaries with a good heart 💖

christina0001 | christina0001

Neighborly dispute over voluntold time. NTA stands firm. 😜

jmast7115 | jmast7115

Prioritizing family time over pleasing neighbors. NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't be the neighborhood handyman. Your time matters too 🙏

anarchyshift | anarchyshift

When being a handyman becomes a neighborhood expectation 😂🔧

[deleted] | [deleted]

Neighborly dispute resolved with a firm NTA and boundaries set 👍

the_last_basselope | the_last_basselope

Neighborly disputes and spousal boundaries, NTA takes a stand.

jupiter235 | jupiter235

Suggests wife should charge neighbors for husband's handyman services 💰

iNezzzz37 | iNezzzz37

Neighborly disputes and marital boundaries. NTA, but communication is key.

UnsightlyFuzz | UnsightlyFuzz

Neighbor's wife ignored terms, suggest good professionals. NTA. 👍

Sweaty_Pear | Sweaty_Pear

NTA comment calls out people who can't handle confrontation 😱

thiskateuntamed | thiskateuntamed

Charge your wife an insanely high hourly rate 💰 for volunteering you

stuckhans | stuckhans

Prioritizing family over neighbors' demands. Communicate with wife kindly. 🙌

tomdell913 | tomdell913

Volunteering spouse's time without consent is frustrating 😒

saymynamebastien | saymynamebastien

NTA - Boundaries are important, don't let others take advantage. 💪

piedrav | piedrav

Setting boundaries with parents is important. 👍

shannamarie91 | shannamarie91

Neighbor's wife volunteers his time, but NTA suggests a solution 💡

mhinckle20 | mhinckle20

Neighbor's popularity shouldn't be at your expense. NTA 👍

sneeky_seer | sneeky_seer

Volunteering your partner's time without consent is not cool 😒

citizensfund82 | citizensfund82

Wife enabling sexual harassment from creepy neighbors. NTA.

Candid-Ear-4840 | Candid-Ear-4840

Helpful husband with a truck and trailer, lucky neighbors 😊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Setting boundaries with family for professional services. 💪

forceofslugyuk | forceofslugyuk

Boundaries are important, NTA. 👍

willowgrl | willowgrl

Respectful communication is key in relationships 💌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Neighborly disputes and the unpaid labor debate 🚨

leslielaughs | leslielaughs

NTA. Polite excuses exist. Don't volunteer someone else's time. 🙏

venakri | venakri

Creative solution for neighborly exchanges 😎👍

camanorose | camanorose

Politely declining neighbor's request, NTA handled it well 👍

tovarischzukova | tovarischzukova

Neighbor's entitlement to free labor questioned, wife's actions criticized. 🤔

lychigo | lychigo

Pathological people pleaser sacrifices loved ones for acquaintances. NTA.

Revolutionary_Bug_39 | Revolutionary_Bug_39

Setting boundaries is important. NTA for standing up for yourself.

chatondedanger | chatondedanger

Prioritizing spouse's feelings over neighbors' opinions. NTA.

comettheconquerer | comettheconquerer

Setting boundaries and suggesting therapy for spouse's behavior. NTA 👍

friendlily | friendlily

Neighborly disputes over volunteering spouse's time. NTA.

nowhereian | nowhereian

Reader agrees with NTA verdict and recognizes story repetition.

ColorsOfTheCurrents | ColorsOfTheCurrents

NTA comment suggests wife's behavior is unfair and exploitative 😒

DubsAnd49ers | DubsAnd49ers

NTA. Suggests messaging neighbors to set boundaries and teach wife lesson.

Reliant20 | Reliant20

Neighborly dispute: Man stands his ground after wife's mistake.

whenitrainsitpours4 | whenitrainsitpours4

NTA. Overworked husband deserves respect for his time and boundaries. 🙏

snoop_ard | snoop_ard

Neighbor refuses to help again; wife needs to stop volunteering.

koshka42 | koshka42

Setting boundaries with neighbors and spouse. Respect personal time. 👍

iamblamb | iamblamb

Neighborly advice: NTA for setting boundaries and encouraging self-advocacy 🙌

millennialfungus | millennialfungus

Sassy NTA comment suggests creative revenge on volunteering wife 😏

APH83 | APH83

Hens pecking around? NTA neighbor refuses to be henpecked.

dontbreakmystar | dontbreakmystar

Respectful rule for volunteering between partners. NTA 👍

Koskani | Koskani

Wife volunteers husband's time, pouts when confronted. NTA. 🤷‍♂️

Crafty_Tackle | Crafty_Tackle

Setting boundaries and standing firm. 💪🏼

NhuQP | NhuQP

Wife volunteers husband's time, commenter calls her an a**hole.

MsRenee2020 | MsRenee2020

Learning to say no is important. NTA for setting boundaries.

periwinkle_cupcake | periwinkle_cupcake

NTA. A humorous reference to a related post.

grammerenthusiast | grammerenthusiast

Setting boundaries with neighbors. NTA for enforcing them. 👍

whitethrowblanket | whitethrowblanket

Protective wife shuts down entitled mother's request for husband's help 👏

SnooDogs6701 | SnooDogs6701

No sympathy for wife who volunteers husband's time. NTA.

FromVikingToGod | FromVikingToGod

Husband defends himself against wife's volunteer work with politeness. 😊

filthymouthedwife420 | filthymouthedwife420

Man explains why he won't help neighbors due to liability concerns.

b00kkeeper | b00kkeeper

NTA. Wife needs to stop volunteering your time without consent 😒

Holly3x17 | Holly3x17

Advice on dealing with people-pleasing spouse and setting boundaries. 👍

dangerousmushroom | dangerousmushroom

Passive-aggressive comment suggests revenge chore for wife's volunteering.

High5assfuck | High5assfuck

When your spouse volunteers you without asking 🤪

bolitotheruscornutus | bolitotheruscornutus

Woman respects husband's time, suggests professional help for neighbors.

MAZE_ashley93 | MAZE_ashley93

Struggling with saying no? You're not alone. 🤝

elcisitiak | elcisitiak

Counseling can help your wife say no to people 👍

Bollywood_Fan | Bollywood_Fan

Boundaries are important, NTA for not enabling wife's mistake. 👍

angsumnes | angsumnes

Neighborly favors or marital disrespect? NTA comment sparks debate.

Methadras | Methadras

Respectful NTA refuses to help neighbors after wife volunteers him 😜

Brock_Samson987 | Brock_Samson987

Neighborly duties? Not his problem. Wife needs to apologize 🙄

tmchd | tmchd

Software engineer relates to man's struggle with saying no 👍

b1ack1323 | b1ack1323

Setting boundaries with neighbors, communication is key 📢

[deleted] | [deleted]

Learning to say no is important 👍, NTA for setting boundaries 👏

ohmoimarie | ohmoimarie

Neighbor refuses to help and stands up for himself. 💪

SupaTheBaked | SupaTheBaked

Neighbor's wife volunteers husband's time, commenter suggests alternative solution. 👍

smol_pink_cute | smol_pink_cute

Encouraging response to wife's volunteering with a work-life balance suggestion.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA calls out wife's objectification and suggests framing for understanding. 🤔


Partner refuses to help neighbors, comment suggests humorous solution.

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