🐱 Cat Drama: Woman Can't Stop Showing Up at a House, But Why? 🤔

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Picture this: you have a happy, well-cared-for cat who loves to roam around and chat with people. One day, a well-meaning stranger becomes overly concerned about your cat's welfare and takes her to the vet. After the vet assures her that the cat is fine, she starts showing up at your house every day with your cat in tow. 🙀 This is the situation one cat owner finds themselves in, and they're at their wit's end. Let's dive into this feline fiasco and see what's going on.

The Wanderer Cat 🐾

lavenderacid | lavenderacid

Ex-Stray with a Raggedy Tail

lavenderacid | lavenderacid

The Concerned Woman's First Move

lavenderacid | lavenderacid

Vet Intervention

lavenderacid | lavenderacid

The Woman's Daily Visits

lavenderacid | lavenderacid

Persistent Cat Rescuer

lavenderacid | lavenderacid

Young and Sweet, but Clueless

lavenderacid | lavenderacid

Every. Single. Day.

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Christmas Day Interruptions

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Enough is Enough

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Cat's Happy Life

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Safe Countryside Living

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Not a Debate

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Cat Owner's Dilemma: Telling the Persistent Woman to Stop 🛑

This cat owner has a unique problem on their hands: a young, well-meaning woman who can't seem to stop showing up at their house with their wandering cat. Despite the cat being well-cared-for and happy, this woman is convinced she's saving the feline from a terrible fate. She's even gone as far as interrupting the family's Christmas dinner! 😲 The owner is at their wit's end and wonders if they would be wrong for telling her to stop showing up. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

Neighbor's good intentions turned intrusive, time to set boundaries. 🙏

BitchInBoots66 | BitchInBoots66

Be careful, she might take your cat if you confront her 🐱

MoYeahh | MoYeahh

Concerned woman needs to respect boundaries. NTA.

Kthaeh | Kthaeh

Firmly tell her to leave the cat alone and stop visiting. 🐱


Cat owner gets mixed judgement for keeping crazy person away 🐱

bullgod1964 | bullgod1964

Lonely woman uses cat as an excuse for social interaction 😞

OldMammaSpeaks | OldMammaSpeaks

Suggests buying a collar for the cat, calls woman's actions ridiculous 😼

bishop0408 | bishop0408

Protect your cat! NTA suggests keeping cat indoors to avoid theft.

harlequingirl13 | harlequingirl13

Indoor cats are safer, but is it fair to leash them?

EnemyRainbow | EnemyRainbow

Angry neighbor complains about cat's behavior in the neighborhood. 😾

Golfnpickle | Golfnpickle

Grandma's stray boy won't stay indoors, NTA understands.

Mydogismyson | Mydogismyson

NTA commenter warns about potential cat theft and stalking behavior

cheezitapplepie | cheezitapplepie

Set clear boundaries and communicate them to avoid misunderstandings. NTA.

xtaberry | xtaberry

🐱 Beware of potential cat theft. NTA for feeling uncomfortable.

anniedee82 | anniedee82

Neighbor crosses the line, NTA for considering police involvement 😈

Squirrall | Squirrall

Cat lover shares experience with similar situation, advises to confront woman.

Diligent-Activity-70 | Diligent-Activity-70

🐱 UK commenter defends outdoor cats wearing collars with bells. 🛎️

Old_World_365 | Old_World_365

🐱 Woman gets too attached to stranger's cat, OP not the a**hole for stopping her

Negative-Swordfish-9 | Negative-Swordfish-9

Direct communication and setting boundaries is key in this situation 🗣️

doodleywootson | doodleywootson

Defending outdoor cats and wildlife conservation in a respectful way 🌳🐾

sername12345671 | sername12345671

Feral cats may not want to be house cats. 🐱

Elismom1313 | Elismom1313

Setting boundaries with a persistent visitor 🚫👀

jamesish99 | jamesish99

🐱 Is the woman trying to steal the cat? 🤔

WallyTheWalrus6 | WallyTheWalrus6

Beware of cat thieves in the neighborhood 🚨

Sweet_Deeznuts | Sweet_Deeznuts

Woman fixated on cat, NTA advised to confront or keep inside. 😼

Jaded-Moose983 | Jaded-Moose983

Empathetic comment suggests possible explanation for woman's behavior.

Artistic_Society4969 | Artistic_Society4969

Adopted cat needs freedom, not stress. NTA for ignoring girl.

OnionComprehensive27 | OnionComprehensive27

Tracking a wandering cat with an AirTag and some f-bombs 💣

ManchesterMan84 | ManchesterMan84

Cat adopts couple's house as a shortcut 😼🚪

Fingersmith30 | Fingersmith30

Lonely girl seeks friendship but boundaries are important. NTA.

waffles-n-fries | waffles-n-fries

NTA praises OP for giving cat a home and advocates for indoor cats.

Wishiwashome | Wishiwashome

Compassionate response to a potentially sensitive situation. 👌

Repulsive_Towel_1879 | Repulsive_Towel_1879

🙀 Beware of cat-napping neighbor, keep an eye on feline friend.

Frosty-Mall4727 | Frosty-Mall4727

NTA commenter suggests talking to the family of the cat-lover 🐱

StraightBudget8799 | StraightBudget8799

Heartwarming story of a beloved semi-feral outdoor cat 🐱

SourSkittlezx | SourSkittlezx

Is she neurodivergent? Daughter's peers fixate on cats too. 🐱

herculepoirot4ever | herculepoirot4ever

Keep the cat inside and avoid the drama 🐱🏠

ImSmarted | ImSmarted

🐱 Enclosing the cat is a safer solution for everyone involved.

exotics | exotics

Lonely woman keeps visiting house for cat, try giving company.

darthmom | darthmom

Woman buying things for cat, but doesn't understand animal's situation. NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Suggests getting a tag for the cat to avoid neighbor drama 😼

UpstairsHeavy513 | UpstairsHeavy513

Respectful disagreement on outdoor cats, advice to set boundaries. NTA 👍

ctortan | ctortan

Return the collar and keep the cat inside for safety. 🐱

Training_Internal_42 | Training_Internal_42

Is the cat a pawn in this woman's lonely game? 😔

OkapiEli | OkapiEli

👍 Taking legal action against cat thief is necessary.

rainbow_mak3r | rainbow_mak3r

Suggesting a possible reason for the woman's behavior and a solution.

rTracker_rTracker | rTracker_rTracker

Setting boundaries with a persistent cat lover. 🐾

LadyMageCOH | LadyMageCOH

Set boundaries with the cat lady 🙅‍♀️

journeyintopressure | journeyintopressure

Woman's good intentions turn into harassment. NTA. Threaten authorities.

cal617 | cal617

👍 Taking action against a stalker with empathy and assertiveness.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Semi-feral cats make great mousers and keep homes rodent-free 🐱

AdBeginning8030 | AdBeginning8030

🐱 Beware of cat thief! Commenter suggests removing collar.

Fragrant_Hedgehog540 | Fragrant_Hedgehog540

Handling the cat lady with empathy and boundaries 💚

walkingthrones19 | walkingthrones19

Neighbor's excessive visits over cat require clear boundaries and proof. 💻🐱

Odd-Comfort-1478 | Odd-Comfort-1478

Suggesting a compassionate approach to a potentially sensitive situation. 👨‍🟫

BowlerBig8423 | BowlerBig8423

Landlord's property, your rules. NTA for enforcing boundaries. 👍

hmhtyt | hmhtyt

Compassionate suggestion to deal with a possible autistic woman 🙏

AKA_June_Monroe | AKA_June_Monroe

Suggestion to keep cat indoors to calm neighbor's nerves 🐱

misguidedsadist1 | misguidedsadist1

Options for dealing with cat-obsessed woman: ask to stop/keep cat indoors/move 😼

Ok-Wrangler-8175 | Ok-Wrangler-8175

Keeping cats indoors is a good idea. Beware of obsessive neighbors 😱

mbw70 | mbw70

Compassionate response suggesting help for troubled woman. 👤

Slimlens | Slimlens

Let cats be cats 🐱 Outdoor cats are happy cats 😸

TheLonelyOctober | TheLonelyOctober

NTA suggests getting a restraining order. Cats roam freely.

redflynot28 | redflynot28

Suggesting confronting her or calling the police. 🚔

Specialist-One2772 | Specialist-One2772

Neighborhood cats belong to us joke, but woman has boundary issues 😹 NTA

jeszebella | jeszebella

Set boundaries and document incidents to protect your cat 🐱

darkstarr82 | darkstarr82

Woman picking up things not hers, needs a cat cafe 🐱

StraightBudget8799 | StraightBudget8799

NTA. Throw out the collar she gave you. A catio could help.

Atalant | Atalant

A cat owner shares how their cat Tommy roams around the neighborhood and one summer, a neighbor kept him for the entire season without letting the owner know until Tommy needed a vet. 😾

Battleaxe1959 | Battleaxe1959

Feeding and neutering a feral cat divides opinions. 🐱

DogLady1722 | DogLady1722

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