"Real" NY Pizza Put to SHAME by Seattle Spot 🤯

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🍕 Buckle up, pizza lovers, because we've got a saucy tale straight out of the oven! 🔥 When a New Yorker and a Seattleite clash over the definition of 'authentic' pizza, things are bound to get cheesy. 🧀 Our protagonist, a self-proclaimed pizza non-connoisseur, finds herself in a piping hot debate with her NYC bestie who claims to know the real deal. 🗽 But when a little Italian certification gets thrown into the mix, the tables turn faster than you can say 'Mamma Mia!' 🇮🇹 So grab a slice and let's dive into this deliciously dramatic story! 🍕😋

🍕 The Great Pizza Debate: NYC vs Seattle! 🗽

sharp_cloud4511 | sharp_cloud4511

🍕 OP's Pizza Preferences: Anything Goes! 🙌

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🍕 Costco Slice After a Long Day? Yes Please! 😋

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🍕 Enter the New York Friend... 🗽

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🍕 The NYC Pizza Snob Unleashed! 😤

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🍕 OP Tries to Reason... But to No Avail! 🤦‍♀️

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🍕 OP's Clever Question: Is Italy's Pizza Real? 🇮🇹

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🍕 The Big Reveal: Seattle Pizza is AVPN Certified! 😲

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🍕 OP's Disclaimer: It's Not About the Certification! 🙅‍♀️

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🍕 The Awkward Aftermath: Friend Feels Tricked! 😬

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🍕 OP's Dilemma: Did I Embarrass Her Unnecessarily? 🤔

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🍕 OP's Final Thought: She Dug Her Own Grave! ⚰️

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🍕 The Great Pizza Showdown: NYC Pride vs Italian Authenticity! 🇮🇹🗽

In this spicy pizza tale, our OP finds herself in a saucy situation when her NYC bestie starts throwing shade at a Seattle pizzeria's authenticity. 😒 Despite OP's attempts to explain that it's just a different style, the New Yorker keeps laying it on thick about how only NYC knows 'real' pizza. 🍕 But OP has a secret weapon up her sleeve - the restaurant's AVPN certification, proving its Neapolitan authenticity! 🇮🇹 When confronted with this cheesy evidence, the friend goes quiet... but later accuses OP of trickery! 😲 Now OP's left wondering if she took the pepperoni a bit too far in embarrassing her friend. 🤔 Let's see what the internet thinks of this piping hot drama! 🔥

Italian-American agrees NY pizza snobs can be excessive 😂

NotAHusky18 | NotAHusky18

Pizza gatekeeping brings out the worst in people 🍕

space_dan1345 | space_dan1345

Proving a pizza snob wrong 🍕😏

Snr-88 | Snr-88

Pizza lover shares experience and seeks Seattle spot recommendation 👍

badtouchtiddlywinks | badtouchtiddlywinks

New Yorker stereotypes proven true by Seattle pizza snob 🍕

Titus_Favonius | Titus_Favonius

Pizza snob put in place by pizza connoisseur 🤯

ethereal_aura | ethereal_aura

NTA for exposing the truth about pizza outside New York 🤯

[deleted] | [deleted]

Pizza debate settled with cultural sensitivity 🍕

ToothbrushGames | ToothbrushGames

Understanding the meaning of authenticity in food debates 🤔

Core_Fire | Core_Fire

Portland pizza declared best while NYC pizza coasts on reputation 🍕

bloodfeier | bloodfeier

Portland native defends city's pizza against East Coast snobs 😎

cakeisreallygood | cakeisreallygood

Proving a New Jersey native wrong about Seattle pizza 🍕👌

ladancer22 | ladancer22

Pizza snobs put to shame by non-snobby NTA commenter 😊

kittyBoB2 | kittyBoB2

Pizza debates can get heated. NTA comment calls out hypocrisy.

Montback2376 | Montback2376

Pizza debate sparks discussion on authenticity and marketing tactics 🍕

rootingforthedog | rootingforthedog

Pizza preferences are personal, don't be snobby about it 🍕

Ohcrumbcakes | Ohcrumbcakes

NY native defends Seattle pizza and calls out friend's rudeness 🍕

SimAlienAntFarm | SimAlienAntFarm

NY pizza lover embraces Seattle's Pagliacci's as a decent substitute 👍

NotHisRealName | NotHisRealName

Pizza lovers unite! A fellow fan recommends Via Tribunali and Pagliacci.

seattleque | seattleque

Handling pizza snobs - NTA, but handle with care 🤷‍♂️

bassderek | bassderek

Pizza snob gets put in her place by bar pizza lovers 🍕

RubyRedSunset | RubyRedSunset

Pizza debate settled? NJ and CT pizza outrank NY according to commenter

[deleted] | [deleted]

AVPN pizza certification education and NTA judgement.

Fearless_Act_3698 | Fearless_Act_3698

Calling out a pizza snob: NTA puts her in place 😉

DiTrastevere | DiTrastevere

Pizza snob put in their place. NTA wins.

Esheire | Esheire

NTA defends pizza preferences without snobbery 🥩

KnightofForestsWild | KnightofForestsWild

Pizza preferences cause unnecessary tension. NTA wins 🍕

Bunnyrpger | Bunnyrpger

NY pizza expert's pride gets burnt by Seattle slice 🤯

citronetmiel | citronetmiel

When you prove your friend wrong about pizza certification 🤯🔥

General_Relative2838 | General_Relative2838

NYC pizza superiority challenged by Seattle spot 😱

DukeofJuke1 | DukeofJuke1

Pizza lovers debate the definition of 'normal pizza' 🍕

Tychonoir | Tychonoir

Seattle pizza spot brings commenter back to reality 😂

SkrillaSavinMama | SkrillaSavinMama

Seattle pizza spot not worth the hype, but pizza's pizza 🍕

Ugly4merican | Ugly4merican

Chicagoan shuts down insufferable New Yorker over pizza preference 😎

stunspot | stunspot

Calling out a food snob who got put in their place 🤯

SigSauerPower320 | SigSauerPower320

NTA's hometown pizza is so unique even east coast transplants despair 😂

turbulentdiamonds | turbulentdiamonds

Italian commenter calls out NYC's pizza ownership complex. 😍

Puzzleheaded_Play390 | Puzzleheaded_Play390

Pizza snobbery aside, Via Tribunali is super delicious ❤

vasisboss | vasisboss

Denverites unite! No need to apologize for pizza preferences. NTA 👍

General_Distance | General_Distance

NY pizza purists may not approve of Seattle's filtered water.

girasolgoddess | girasolgoddess

NYC pizza overrated? This New Yorker says NTA. 🍕

20eyesinmyhead78 | 20eyesinmyhead78

New Yorker defends pizza preferences against snobs, Seattle included 🤯

notankforu | notankforu

Seattle pizzeria puts "real" NY pizza to shame 😍

bogeebogee | bogeebogee

Pizza debate settled by Italian: eat what you like 🍕

[deleted] | [deleted]

NYer defends pizza expertise and open-mindedness towards Seattle pizza.

jadethebard | jadethebard

Pizza debate: New York vs Abe's Pizza in Berkeley, CA 🤯

we-are-the-foxes | we-are-the-foxes

Japanese pizzas have some... interesting toppings 🍕🍤😳

Ambitious_Bread | Ambitious_Bread

Choosing a hill to die on: Pizza edition 🍕

esperanzapie | esperanzapie

Pizza lovers unite! No gatekeeping here, all pizza is delicious 🍕

der3009 | der3009

Communication is key. Being straightforward is better than being passive-aggressive. 😐

super_common_name | super_common_name

Scottish pizza preferences stir up comments section 🍕

Worldly-Grapefruit19 | Worldly-Grapefruit19

NYC pizza lover defends Costco slice, calls out rude customer. 😍

maplebacononastick | maplebacononastick

Pizza snob put in place by Seattle pizza, NTA justified 🍕

Allythejelly | Allythejelly

Philly resident calls out New Yorkers' superiority complex over bagels.

bimb0mindset | bimb0mindset

Pizza preferences vary even in Italy 🍕😋

Sheephuddle | Sheephuddle

NYers have a competitive streak about everything, even rats 🐀

Anakerie | Anakerie

Non-New Yorker approves Seattle pizza over "real" NY pizza 👍

sfrugger6 | sfrugger6

Pizza elitism debunked! Other cities have great pizza too 🥩

michelecw | michelecw

NTA friend suggests pizza to rag on Seattle, you respect NYC pizza

Exact_Account9408 | Exact_Account9408

Friend's pizza preference called out for being performative and attention-seeking.

timeactor | timeactor

Pizza snob gets schooled over subjective taste, NTA 👨‍🏫🍕

TrixIx | TrixIx

Boston pizza hater finds authentic Neapolitan pizza in Seattle 🍕

AttilaTheFrog | AttilaTheFrog

Pizza preferences are personal and both styles are good 🥩

[deleted] | [deleted]

Seattle pizza reigns supreme! NTA handles entitled NYer with receipts 🤯


Pizza authenticity debated, but why is she your friend? 🤔

randomizeplz | randomizeplz

NYC native defends pizza and shuts down rude friend.

ralny21 | ralny21

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