Mother Denied Meeting Grandchild After Insensitive Comment 😱

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Giving birth is a life-changing experience, and every mother deserves support and understanding from her loved ones. But what happens when a family member's insensitive comment pushes a new mom to her limit? This 19-year-old mother faced a tough decision after her own mom made a controversial remark about her traumatic birth experience. 😔

The Struggles of Pregnancy 🤰

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Eating Disorder and Health Issues 😞

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Desire for a Smooth Birth 💪

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Mom's Disapproval 😠

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Judgment and Arguments 👊

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Emergency C-Section 😨

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Traumatic Experience 😢

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Mom's Insensitive Comment 😡

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The Unforgivable Gesture 🤬

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Furious Reaction 🌪️

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The Aftermath ⏳

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Support from Boyfriend 💕

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The Dilemma 🤔

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Is She Right to Keep Her Mom Away? 🤷

After a traumatic birth experience, this young mother was devastated by her mom's insensitive comment. She's now torn between wanting her mom to meet her baby and feeling like she's punishing her for her lack of respect. With her dad urging her to forgive and her boyfriend supporting her decisions, she's unsure if she's making the right choice. Let's see what people think of this emotional situation... 💔

Standing up for yourself and your baby 👏 NTA

SylvanasLeggie | SylvanasLeggie

Supportive comment congratulating OP and encouraging professional help 👏

ExceptionalPerson | ExceptionalPerson

Toxic mom thinks suffering is motherly. NTA for setting distance. 😱

rachelenfleurs | rachelenfleurs

NTA, mother's hateful comment warrants apology and space for healing. 🙏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment validates traumatic C-section experience 🙌

MotherofBuckling3 | MotherofBuckling3

New mother receives support and encouragement after insensitive comment from mother.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mother makes insensitive comment, denied meeting grandchild. NTA comments agree.

avast2006 | avast2006

Mother-in-law's insensitive comment leads to justified NTA response 😱

soullessginger93 | soullessginger93

Mother struggles with traumatic birth and insensitive mother, gets support. ❤

horsemullet | horsemullet

Supportive comment encourages new mother to focus on healing and baby 👨🏻👶🏻

ApatheticEmphasis | ApatheticEmphasis

Daughter's mother-in-law makes insensitive comment, gets what she deserves. 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Proud of OP for standing up to guilt-tripping mother 👏

layla_gamer14 | layla_gamer14

Supportive comment calls out insensitive behavior during pregnancy. 😱

JackMcShane | JackMcShane

Supportive comment advises waiting to cut out insensitive mother-in-law.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment reminds OP to prioritize their own well-being 👍

UrHumbleNarr8or | UrHumbleNarr8or

Supportive comment on insensitive mother's behavior and childbirth choices. 👏

patches0208109 | patches0208109

Empathetic comment about childbirth and mother's entitlement. 🙏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment congratulates OP and calls out insensitive behavior 👍

TheExcitableType | TheExcitableType

Empathetic response to mother's insensitive comment with helpful resources.

bronwen-noodle | bronwen-noodle

Supportive comment validates OP's feelings and recommends therapy for trauma.

shan_diego | shan_diego

Supportive comment acknowledges toxic behavior and encourages self-care 👍

resting_bettcch_face | resting_bettcch_face

Mother's insensitive comment causes family tension. NTA.

vance_mason | vance_mason

Defending motherhood choices against insensitive comment with sass 😎

suzyactiondoll | suzyactiondoll

Mom's insensitive comment leads to grandchild meeting denial 😱

KathAlMyPal | KathAlMyPal

Mother's insensitive comment leads to grandchild meeting denial. NTA.

PrettyOriginalV | PrettyOriginalV

Pregnancy hormones or not, she was disrespectful. Wait for apology 😒

Wssm1206 | Wssm1206

Empowering message to new moms to not feel inferior 💪

pisspot718 | pisspot718

Mother's insensitive comment leads to grandchild ban. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA receives support after insensitive comment from family member 😱

EzraDangerNoodle | EzraDangerNoodle

Mother's insensitive comment leads to denied grandchild meeting. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Breaking the myth of childbirth pain. NTA for sure 👏

anyanka_eg | anyanka_eg

Mother's insensitive comment causes rift, but grandma's help needed. 😔

sailor6c | sailor6c

Setting boundaries with mom after insensitive comment, NTA 👏

Suedeltica | Suedeltica

Stand firm in keeping no contact right now. 💪

tatisane | tatisane

Setting boundaries is self-care, not punishment 🙌

Purdygreen | Purdygreen

NTA stands up to demanding and degrading mother for newborn.

thatonepersoniam | thatonepersoniam

Defending the decision to cut out insensitive mother, demands apology 🚨

iridescent_kitty | iridescent_kitty

Supportive comment validates OP's feelings after insensitive comment from mother.

BarnabusAu | BarnabusAu

Empathetic comment supporting new mother, criticizing insensitive grandmother. 👏

josy89 | josy89

Support for NTA comment on mother's disrespectful behavior 👏

medlilove | medlilove

Toxic grandma denied grandchild visitation. NTA wins parenting battle 🎉

FlippingPossum | FlippingPossum

Supportive comment suggests therapy for postpartum depression and birth trauma 💛

stitchplacingmama | stitchplacingmama

New mom sets boundaries after insensitive comment. NTA 👍

Blubelle85 | Blubelle85

Encouraging support for new mother, condemning toxic grandmother behavior 👏

InAHundredYears | InAHundredYears

NTA defends against toxic commenters and suggests non-apology article.

Good3itch | Good3itch

Empathetic comment suggests book to help resolve family conflict. 👍

JurassicPeriodx | JurassicPeriodx

Encouraging comment supporting a new mother after a traumatic birth 👏

Jade_Echo | Jade_Echo

Supportive comment encourages setting boundaries with insensitive mother. 👍

Viperbunny | Viperbunny

Respect women's birth choices and pain tolerance 💪

ABoredCrow | ABoredCrow

Empathetic reply supports OP's right to comfort and respect. 🙏

sistyc | sistyc

Grown adult pokes stranger, gets upset when stranger retaliates 😒

thekyledavid | thekyledavid

Supportive comment reminding new mother to trust herself and set boundaries.

alwayslovedfrogs | alwayslovedfrogs

NTA commenter compares childbirth to dentistry without anesthesia 😱

JuanTu34 | JuanTu34

Support for woman's traumatic birth, condemnation of insensitive comment 👏

Light_bulbnz | Light_bulbnz

NTA NTA - Commenter supports new mother's decision

AnnaBanana1129 | AnnaBanana1129

Encouraging comment applauds mother's tough decision to protect child 👏

drewbiedoo1296 | drewbiedoo1296

Demanding an apology and boundaries after insensitive comment. NTA 👍

vectron5 | vectron5

Supportive comment on pregnancy and mother's rights, suggests EC benefits 🤰

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cutting off toxic family members for your child's safety 👌

girlpower0823 | girlpower0823

Parent's insensitive comment leads to grandparent's denial. 😱

scarletnightingale | scarletnightingale

NTA stands up for herself against insensitive mother, no regrets 👏

CattleprodTF | CattleprodTF

NTA. Commenter sympathizes with OP's difficult experience and condemns mother's behavior.

Netherborn_Druid | Netherborn_Druid

Mother shames daughter for pregnancy complications, commenter defends daughter. 😱

SugarKyle | SugarKyle

Redditors agree: NTA for wanting respectful relatives 👏

talkandtea | talkandtea

Unconditional love matters more than biology. NTA. 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Mother gatekeeping motherhood and gaslighting. Not safe for children. 😱

bubblegumbop | bubblegumbop

Be cautious of grandparent rights in your area. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA commenter defends C-sections and criticizes insensitive mother.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Natural birth advocate called out for insensitive comment. NTA.

Just-some-peep | Just-some-peep

Supportive comment from someone who went through a similar experience 🙏

eleventyseventyflab | eleventyseventyflab

Supportive comment, agrees with OP's decision to cut off toxic mother 👍

pqrsthrowawayyyyy | pqrsthrowawayyyyy

Cloth diapering advice and NTA judgement in parenting dispute. 👍

Triknitter | Triknitter

NTA commenter defends mother's right to meet grandchild 👏

LarryDavidsCereal | LarryDavidsCereal

Stand your ground and demand a genuine apology! 💪

Probswearingsweats | Probswearingsweats

Supportive comment advises OP to prioritize their own well-being.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Solid advice from r/justnomil on setting boundaries with family 👍

artgala | artgala

Supportive comment defends OP and advises caution after insensitive remark.

Horror-mrs | Horror-mrs

NTA sets boundaries and receives cloth diaper advice 👍

verminiusrex | verminiusrex

Mother shames daughter's childbirth choices, gets cut off. 😱

Roozle42 | Roozle42

NTA shuts down toxic mother's chance to meet grandchild 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Holding someone accountable for their actions is important 👏

pagancatlover | pagancatlover

Supportive comment for struggling mother, stay strong 👏

ilovepancakes134 | ilovepancakes134

Supportive comment advises OP to prioritize own well-being and boundaries.

SansaStorktheDork | SansaStorktheDork

Supportive comment encourages therapy and validates motherhood experience 👍

loki93009 | loki93009

Supportive comments for OP's decision to cut off toxic mother 👏

tapiocatsar | tapiocatsar

Supportive comment, wishing OP well and calling out mother's behavior.

grayhairedqueenbitch | grayhairedqueenbitch

Painless birth is natural, raising a child makes a mother 💛

idrawfloorplan | idrawfloorplan

Supportive comment to new mother who was insulted by her own mother.

selena-red | selena-red

Reflect on your relationship with your mom and prioritize your well-being 👏

RobynHeud | RobynHeud

Universe agrees: NTA mom should punish insensitive grandma 😱

donttouchmycupcake | donttouchmycupcake

Choosing your own family over toxic relatives 👏

Kneita | Kneita

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